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Hi Robert,

Here's another from Einstein:

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.

And I would like to ask you if you know anything about July 25. I hear that it is significant on the ancient Mayans' calendar as "a day out of time" or something like that.

Peace, Sara


Hi Sara - This is an important subject about two different "Mayan" calendars, the actual Mayan time system and Jose Arguelles' Dreamspell Mayan Calendar system. From one source: "To much of the world a calendar system invented by José and Lloydine Argüelles in the early nineties: The Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon Calendar has come to be known as “the Mayan Calendar”. Despite the fact that this is a calendar system that has never been used by the Maya. In the words of Adam Rubel of Saq Be, an organization reflecting indigenous and especially Mayan views: “Regarding the dreamspell and work of Arguelles: It has been made clear, I think everybody here understands, the need to distinguish this system from any relation to the Mayan tradition. […] This is the wish of the elders, that the confusion and misrepresentation cease.” Despite this wish of the Mayan elders, many of its protagonists have however been falsely presenting it as Mayan.. Mostly this is because of a lack of knowledge about the true Mayan calendar, but also because those teaching the Dreamspell calendar do not provide adequate information about the origin of this and why it was invented.

The structure of the calendar system known as the Thirteen Moon calendar/Dreamspell is basically as follows: It proposes that we use a calendar of Thirteen different Moons of 28 days – presented as the feminine cycle – to which a “day out of time” on July 25 is added to account for the 365 days of a solar year (13 x 28 +1 = 365 days). Linked to this is a count of the 20 glyphs and 13 numbers that have been borrowed from the Sacred Mayan Calendar of 260 days. Yet, in the Dreamspell calendar the symbols are associated to the days in an entirely different way compared to in the true calendar meaning that when people are given their purported Mayan tzolkin day of birth in this system, called the “Galactic Signature”, this is invariably different from the Sacred Calendar symbols that the Maya have been and are using for that particular day. Thousands have been misled into thinking that this is their true Mayan day-sign.

How Mayan is then this system? Except for the signs and symbols used in the tzolkin count (260-day count) it is not Mayan at all. To begin with the ancient Maya followed a moon cycle alternating between 29 and 30 days, as did many other peoples, creating a mean of 29.5 days. This is consistent with the female cycle. Yet, many women have, partly because of the perturbations of their cycles due to the artificial lights and artificial hormones present everywhere in the modern world, come to believe that a “normal” period is 28 days. This idea is really a construct of patriarchal medicine that for ages has been frightened by what it has perceived as a magical link between the woman and the full moon cycle of about 29.5 days. Still today many women, as well as also many men, have special feelings linked to their hormones on days of full moon. The Thirteen Moon calendar thus ignores the female natural cycle and seeks to replace it with a mathematical construct of 28 days, that does not correspond to any natural cycle.

In this Thirteen Moon Calendar the day July 26 has been chosen as a “New Year’s day” and you sometimes hear it being called “the Mayan New Year”. In reality this fixed first day of the so-called Thirteen Moon calendar reflects the very opposite of the Mayan Calendar system. Fixing it on this date was really what sealed the end of the traditional Mayan calendar in the Yucatan. In ancient times, and among the living Quiché-Maya still, the Mayan calendar had no fixed “New Year’s date” that could now be directly translated into a Gregorian such. This distinction of the traditional Mayan calendar of not having a fixed new year’s date is of very great importance today. It means that unlike most other calendars of the world the prophetic Mayan calendar is not subordinated to mechanical time or astronomical cycles. The Thirteen Moon calendar, in contrast is based on the physical year."



Thanks so much for the clarification. Now I understand why it was difficult for me to remember this calendar. It always felt odd, and I was not able to resonate with it. Does the true Mayan Calendar have a major change in the year 2012? I never believed that it would end, I only assumed it would go to a new level.



Hi Susan - I was turned on to Dreamspell as a "game" many years ago, and it seemed very abstruse at the time. I do not know if the "true" Mayan calendar singles out 2012 as special, but there are other prophesies that declare 2012 as the end of something. Of course, I take ALL of them with a grain of salt, since the whole business is somewhat like a game of telephone, where rumors become magnified with each re-telling of the garbled message.

All forms of time-telling eventually hit an end point. Not time itself, since that's merely the medium by which we measure our experiences in space. But the way we note time must hit an end at some point, unless it's a universal calendar.

I do believe that 2012 is a very important year, due to astrological aspects I've written about that are in play. I do know we have drastic environmental upheaval coming in our future, due to the destabilization of the Earth, as has been reported in this story and others at that site. I expect widespread upheaval given what's been set into motion already. And there are other possibilities, from discovering things we've never known before that will change our view of history to actual contact with forms of higher intelligences.

I know that after 2020-2025, the future of humanity is very, very bright. There will be a greater community consciousness than we've known in many millennia and a radically changed view of the world, freed of the current delusions presently destroying civilization as we've known it.

Felipe Gonzales


Monday July 17, 2006 of the Gregorian calendar corresponds to WAXAKIB' BATZ = 8 Batz, which according to Mayan Aj K'ij (time keepers) is the Mayan new year, that starts the Tzolkin count for a new 9 month period. According to our Mayan friend and Tzolkin practitioner, Juan, this day represents the celebration of the creation of the world, as well as the creation of human life through the human cycle of fecundation.

I totally concur with Robert regarding the confusion regarding the July 26 date. The true tzolkin date for the "Mayan New Year" WWAXAKIB' BATZ, as Juan reminds us, never corresponds to a constant Gregorian date. It is always changing within the greater cycles of the Mayan systems of computing time.

Regarding the 2012 date, according to some Mayan scholars, December 21st, 2012 A.D. corresponds to the end of the Mayan Long Count (13-baktun cycle) calendar. Juan says that this date portends environmental changes on the earth, similiar to the sinking of Atlantis. It would be interesting to talk with other Mayan Aj K'ij to get their point of view.




Robert and Felipe,

Thanks for answering this for me. There's so much bogus info. out there it's difficult to sort it all out sometimes.



This past week has shown some of the most 'looney-tunes' beings come out of the cracks. The difference on this one was that most of it was directed at me.

I learned to be outwardly gentle and mild, detached within extranious circumstances, as they occured. My emotions in private however, had me at a loss of all understanding. At one point Robert I nearly called you to ask for help. But I stahled myself. I went over some A-papers articles and emails; I listened to my chart-tape that we did and, the solutions presented themselves. With help from Natural Law and learning how to be gentle but firm, learning how to use "the right tools at the right time and in the right way"...things are lifting up.

So I must write to you Robert, on a personal level, that the reading we had and the tape of it?... is the most valuable tool I have ever learned to use. 'Use' being the keyword.

From the bottom of my heart, thank your brother.



Hi Don - Thanks for your praise. As you've noted, my tapes continue to yield valuable insights with each listen, and if you use them wisely you grow beyond old frustrations. And you're very welcome. Keep dodging bullets, stay cool in this overheated inflamed summer, and I'm sure we'll be communicating again soon.

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