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Don't know if you will get this but what about Florence Scovel Shinn and the concept of creating one's reality


Hi jennifer - I have recommended her works to countless people. That said, there are limits to what we can change about karma, or influence larger events in our world. The august Ms. Shinn was speaking of a general principle of how our subconsciousness can sabotage us through unacknowledged residue, and how our expectations do in fact create patterns in time that are bound to manifest.

We are part of a greater field, and it's pure ego to assume that we have the power to re-create things like the interest rate, the price of oil, the banking policies that make sure they own everything and we own little to nothing, and things like that. Also: it is NOT helpful to assume you have created the disease that is killing your body, or that your parents or children have done the same. That's why we must be careful in assuming that we have "created" whatever. We are participants in a reality greater than we assume.

Shell Rae

While I didn't create the world that I came into 57 years ago I do create my own reality today. I can change my view or request a change happen in the present and keep my focus on shifting my perceptions if they are hindering me. There is a hopelessness in thinking that I am not able to create in the present a change in my reality. Perhaps I misunderstood what you were saying but to advance in consciousness I need to affect the world I am in not be just affected by it.


Hi Shell Rae - We create our perception of and belief in the reality we all live within. That's absolutely true. And when we change our thinking to something that is both better and true, then the outer reality does often change to mirror the inner shift. We can create changes in our lives by what we image forth, but only up to a point.

For example, we can affirm for days and weeks that a certain judge will make the right decision, but if that judge is corrupt, our affirmations will not come true. We can affirm that a child molester will change, but that is up to them, not us. You and I and ten million meditators did not create the Iraq war which afflicts our whole world, and unfortunately, it seems that my affirmations were unable to change the decisions at Ford and GM to destroy the hybrids they used to sell.

Though our meditations and affirmations often do contribute to a positive shift in our world and others, we cannot affect the free will of another if they are determined on a course, no matter how destructive. We can affirm that a liar and thief won't lie and steal, even pray they will see the light, and sometimes it seems like there is some shift, which we may have assisted by our affirmations.

We can change the circumstances of our individual life by positive affirmations, as well as our response to things that formerly would have been frustrating or create despair. And we can affirm that a loved one will not die of a disease, but they have their own karma to live through regardless of what we affirm.

That said, I have experienced how directed thoughtforms, prayers, and affirmations can heal cancer when the afflicted were at a great distance, help others open to Spirit when they were closed before, and help us to move in entirely unexpected directions that create a new life for us. And I have seen how beings like Ammachi can heal diseases with a simple hug, so I know when we are truly "enlightened" many things change forever.


Just wondering, is anyone else noticing how recent events in their lives are relating back to the venus transit of 2004?


Hi Caroline - Are you referring to the Venus rx in Gemini early that year closely opposed to the GC and opposite where Pluto is currently transiting? You may want to check out two articles I wrote on the Venus eclipse effect of Summer 2004: How the Venus eclipse of the Sun will affect us - Part 1 as well as Part 2 where I list the effect for each sign in particular. And of course, if you're not referring to this particular Venus effect, my answer is probably a distraction.


my two cents on "creating our own reality" - certainly a trendy theme! In a sense, we get to create our own reality to the extent that it is not woven into anyone else's matrix, and to the extent that our "projective spotlight" isn't clouded by unconscious material. So.... if you're a socially unleashed swami, go for it!

For the rest of us, objective reality exists and is perpetuated by all of us. That said, some of us are experiencing the breakthroughs that create a kind of opening in the fields of possibilities. old patterns are breaking up (and flying around!), so weird stuff happens, previously stuck spots are softening, and the future holds the possibility of greater powers of manifestation. our individual material affects all of these factors too (duh), but i just wanted to chime in, b/c while we are NOT creating our own reality today, even THAT is part of the sea change, IMHO. thanks, robert, for all this great stuff. hope this makes sense. ; )


Hi Kathy - Thanks for your comment. I agree with what you've posted, and certainly, we live in stranger times than we imagine, with both more power and less ego-influence than maybe ever in recorded history. The primary focus must be on the collective rather than the individual, and the greatest cooperative synergistic good for the greatest number. That is the larger wave of the future.

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