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The yugas are said to succeed each other almost endlessly. After the perfect Satya Yuga, a decline marks the Treta Yuga. Further decline brings about the Dwapara Yuga, and after it comes the final and dark Kali Yuga, a time of wickedness, when man kills man. At the end of the cycle a Divine Being is said to take birth and reestablish righteousness, thus beginning a new Satya Yuga.
You know alot about hindu. I am trying to learn since going for 3 weeks to explore. I hope we are mooving into Satya. Love Z


Maybe an other helpful view, the so called 25.800 year North Star Cycle, scientifically this is known as the wobbling precession. Ancient people new about this as the Polaris - Vega Cycle. Many ancient mythologies talk about the change between Polaris time and Vega time. Vega is always associated with a fall from paradise. In this cycle of 25.800 years, approx. 13000 years Polaris is our pole star and the other half of the cycle Vega is our pole star. When Vega is our pole star, the north of our planet is facing away from the Milky Way Galaxy, recieving a weak charge from the celestial world, this is called the Age of Darkness. When our planet faces Polaris, then north faces towards the Milky Way Galaxy and the night sky becomes very bright and our planet becomes highly charged. This is called the Age of Brightness / Golden Age or Paradise.
So each age lasts about 13000 years, one being dominated more by yang energy, the other more by yin energy. When yang dominates, our society values are more materialistic, we judge by our senses, science rules & men have the advantage. In the cycle when yin energy rules (Golden Age) our society operates more by intuition and there is more of a natural understanding on how to guide our life, also women have more power.
The Golden Age is ruled by Natual Agriculture, Natural Technology & World Government - focused on education and information guided by the principles of health and happiness.
During the middle of each cycle a spiritual leader is born who will predict the future destruction or future Golden Age to give hope to humanity, or to prepare them for the darker times.
In 1984 the last 120 year period of the dark age began, at the same time, it was when the New Age started to become more fully into being. The crossing time is somewhere between the years 2030 - 2040. On one hand we have the new coming in, on the other we have the old - our modern civilisation - which continues its path of decline. We are in the last 30 year period when really the future life of our life, of the planet will be decided. We are now entering the most crucial period in history.
The old is like a closing spiral (Yang) going down and contracting, while the new is an opening spiral (Yin) going up and expanding. Energetically the old has more momentum and power, this shows up in the speed of our modern civilisation, which increases year by year. Because modern life is becoming more and more artificial, and although peoples awareness and consciousness of natural things, natural foods, natural healing, natural lifestyles are becoming more and more well known, it is still relatively small. (The movement towards an artificial life and artificial society goes back to the time of Greece when the idea of dualism developed, separating us from nature. Once we separate from nature and we carry that to an extreme we end up with a life that is completely artificial).
Moving from one cycle to the other there is always some kind of destruction, the last one was by water, that was when Atlantis and Mu went down. This one is supposed to be by fire. Fire means an artificial destruction created by technology, heating up the planet, the over use of modern technology etc. At the same time the earth magnetic field is decreasing year by year, this makes it more and more difficult for people to mantain their heatlth and their own direction.
So, a long story cramped up shortly!! We are here at the most exciting time in history, when more things are happening, we have more opportunities than ever. We can make more personal and social change than ever before !!!


Hi Robert,

I see you go deeper than i do in historical research.

It is for sure that the cycles of GC/pluto have punctuated the history of the evolution of conscienceness, even if hiddenly.

The point is that as pluto was deeply hidden in the dark far beyond saturn, collective acceptance of some truth has been rejected collectively (Christian inquisition for instance, secret societies, etc.), generating bloody wars, percecutions, etc.

I found an interesting information:

- In 1750 (previous GC/Pluton conjunction), Thomas Wright wrote in his book that he perceived the galaxy as a sphere with a center, which is not the earth, not our sun, not a star, but the "house of God"

Strange, isn'it, the kind of revealation he could have at the time of the previous conjunction. He, of course, had no credibility from the scientific collectivity.



Hi Lionwood - Well, History was one of my two majors in college, as I have always been fascinated by historical cycles and recurring themes across space and time. Perhaps some of the seeds awakened by Pluto conjunctions to the Galactic Center can be examined by looking at the squares and oppositions to those conjunctions, since they are the natural turning points in the larger cycles set into motion by the conjunction. It may be useful in getting a bigger picture of these "footprints of God" to see when they shift direction into emergence, or come to surface, or indicate a fulfillment. That's a huge project in itself. Thanks for coming by.


Sure Robert, I agree with you. My article is just a beginning of such a study. It proposes to study the cyclicity as Rudhyar proposes it in his book "Astrological aspects". I just propose some few keys in my article and wrote I would expect someone with better historical knowledge could go farer so I could read his/her final study. It is indeed a hard and long work, a team work indeed. But I can't be part of that team, only an eager reader.

My article should be interesting for you, i don't know if the translator translate far enough in my article.

What I mention is this:
- Previous conjunction, 1750 : Thomas Wright and the "house of God"

- opening/increasing square(in english: waxing? waning?): Spiritism. The planes were compressed and the astral entities could manifest in the physical plane)

- opening/increasing quincunx (in english: waxing? waning?): Helena Blavastky

- opposition, 1908: Alice Bailey

-Closing square: Rudhyar

- last applicant conjunction, 1998-2006: the plutonian rendering of our soul to God, resynchronisation with the divine soul we lost during the 12th and last phase, or at least we rejected all that was useless creating a serious crisis and a feeling of lost.

- exact conjunction: reception of a new seed.

What is important is that what we have done during the previous cycle has been initiated by the previous conjunction, and thus it looks very important to understand it.

What i mention also in my article is that as pluto and the GC were hidden to the conscienceness, it created serious problems, a rivality between pluto/GC and the collectively accepted saturn.

This last cycle has thus been a hard evolution from darkness (fears of the divine which started 2000 years ago) to light (love of the divine) as it is the first time in history the conjunction can appear to light and conscienceness.

What I suggest in my article is a historical study considering the 12th phases of the cycle, not only the opposition and squares and maybe considering the cycle neptune/GC within.

You see the difficulty and seriousness. A long research which would deserve the publication of a book.

I am just putting forward ideas, but won't be able to entertake such an interesting study.


I also found an article of Rob Hand ( ), perhayps a source of information between others for historical research


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