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Robert: The womyns' new moon circle for this month would normally be considered the new moon of Libra. They did Virgo last month. So given that the moon ingresses into Libra one hour and fifteen minutes after the lunation and also that the Autumnal Equinox is later that day I advised my wife to go ahead and consider it the new moon of Libra. Obviously the fact that Hermes Trismigestus still rules the lunation makes him very prominent. You did note that Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception. What thinkist thou? Is it permissible to consider this the new moon of Libra? Or maybe Virgo. No wait, it is Libra. No, maybe it's Virgo. Please help we confused two Librans make up our minds. Muchas Gracias por todo, Amigo!
dcu and meu


11:45:04 UT - New Moon (29 vi 20' 6") - Annular Solar Eclipse :-)


Hi dcu - A "Blue Moon" is considered the second Full Moon of a month, or a given sign. This could be considered a "Blue New Moon" in that it's the second New Moon in the sign of Virgo. The first was at 1 Virgo, this one's at 30 Virgo. The next New Moon is at 29 Libra at 10:14 pm, October 21.

So I would call this (for the purposes of the womyn's New Moon circle) the "Autumnal Equinoctial Blue New Moon circle," an extraordinarily special and rare event welcoming in the coming season. This is also the New Moon preceding the "Harvest Moon" to come in two weeks, which as you know will be a HUGE Full Moon as it first shows on the eastern horizon. The Libra New Moon circle should be held around October 21. How's that for a reasonable accomodation?



I have this new moon jus a degree and a half away from my midheaven.. what does that mean?


Hi Sonia - It probably indicates an old way of presenting yourself publicly will end due to events that will open you to a wider destiny. If in the 9th house, it will shut down an old philosophy or view of your future and open new ones; if in the 10th, your profession will shift, and you'll have a new function or an entirely new professional direction.


The eclipse is in the 10th house. I'll let you know what happens! Thanks!


Robert -
I have the solar eclipse in the first degree of my natal fifth house, 3 degrees from my progressed Mars. any insight?



I have Pluto in Virgo in 11th house along with true node 6 Virgo 45' 39" I have had a wierd and devastating experience with a boyfriend and sister. Any insight?


Hi virginia - well, it could mean many things. It probably falls in the zone connecting your 4th and 5th houses, thus affecting how you have related to children and creativity in the past. The Mars contact would mean that whatever hassled you back when your P Mars was at 30 degrees is about to leave your life, or that in some way you will understand its function differently in the future. For ex, if you're a Taurus Asc, then Mars rules your 7th and 12. It could show that your prog. way of regarding the things of these houses will be shut down, such as ending old pleasures with your partner or old motives/self-undoing behavior.


Hi MBOSTON - Sorry, not enough info to hazard much of a guess. What you describe could be any number of factors.


My birthdate is 6/22/48 8:08pm Seattle. I'm in Saturn return and in a crisis regarding a job... or the lack thereof. So basic survival is an issue although spirtually I'm in good shape. Any comments?


OK I was born Jan 24 1961 94w55, 39n19 at 12:58 am Can you comment on the above? Thanks


Hi Rafael - Since June you should be seeing a greater vision which involves traveling, learning something wider, or moving to somewhere else. Jupiter can bring you "unexpected good fortune," so follow that now with Mercury and Mars in Libra and you should be getting major results by December. The Lunar Eclipse Sun was right on your Mars, so focus on your "will to wholeness" to break up old complexes. Pluto opposed your Uranus conjunct your Jupiter shows you must allow the old to give way and let go of taking anything for granted, and since Saturn is trine your Jupiter and sextile Uranus, see the big picture, detach, and try to radiate friendliness. Get a larger perspective, and use the next few weeks to adjust and focus to attract what you need. It all starts with an idea. You may want to read (or re-read this article I posted on this subject, as well as the one on the same subject the next day addressing astrological factors.) Good luck on targeting the next professional chapter in your life.


Hi mboston - Visionary hearler with Neptune on your Mercury, your Moon (closest relations) has been the focus of the Grand Fixed T-squares and Crosses I've been speaking of these past many months. Uranus the revolutionizer is favorable to your Capricorn planets and Venus, though transiting Saturn will be making a Yod for the next few weeks with your Saturn sextile Venus, triggering your Uranus. Expect many expansions through sacrifice, along with gifts being revealed in Nov-Dec this year. Right now Jupiter is your friend, so decrease temperamentalism, get focused, and remember that as long as Saturn is in your solar 7th house, you're getting lessons in how to be wiser in all your relational matters. Your sibling relations are growing more explosive, due to Pluto opposing your Mars down the road. Of course, Saturn on your Uranus is crystalizing your genuis, uniqueness, and sense of the larger light.


Dear Robert,

Like Sonia, the new moon is very near my mid-heaven (Libra 3.30) in the 9th house, and even nearer my Pluto (Libra 1.15) also in the 9th house.

My Pluto trines with my Neptune (Saggitarius 2.39) in the 12th house and on the ascendant (Saggittarius 5.34), and trines also with Venus (Cancer 29.33) in the 8th house.

Additionally, Pluto squares with my Jupiter (Saggitarius 28.46) in the first house which, in turn, is in quintile to to Venus - I think.

The above are the bunch of planets which are in very early or very late degrees of signs in my chart -is this the constellation that the solar eclipse will trigger? With what effect?

My birth data is Oxford, UK, 7 September 1972 14.11 (British Summer Time) - just in case a chart makes for easier reading than the list of planets I've provided above.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lianmeng - Actually, you have Venus trine Neptune and Ascendant, with Pluto and MC throwing sextiles to Venus, Neptune, and Asc. You have a Venus quincunx (150 degrees) to Jupiter. Though you have Jupiter square Pluto in natal chart, Pluto is conjunct your Jupiter right now, purifying and intensifying that part of your life. Pluto has also been biquintile your Venus, though it will quincunx your Venus in a few months.

Yes, the Solar eclipse will be sextile your Venus, form a wide sextile (close bielftile) to your Neptune and Asc, square your Jupiter, and of course conjunct your Pluto. All of these will be impacted, for the most part harmoniously. I believe that the eclipse square transiting Pluto on your Jupiter will bring new adventures, openings, opportunities.

It is also very important that the Lunar Eclipse Sun conjuncted your Sun, since you will be letting go of old work, worries and ways of seeing the light while embracing newer, wider, more universal ones (eclipse Moon in Pisces). No doubt you have some things leaving, and in their place will come other illuminations. FYI, you have the potential to attain high honors and recognition this life in some form of public service. Follow your intuition and imagination, and your willingness to take care of details efficiently should bring you Light, Truth, and a very abundant life.


Hi Robert

I realise you could spend your whole time answering posts, so I will be brief. I like your site, and notice a Buddhist touch?

My natal sun is 29 degrees 28 minutes Virgo (UK 23 September 1955; 10th house). I'm in a period of intense turmoil - a bit lost; relationship and family issues. Seems pretty big, this eclipse (with the lunar standstills) and blue new moon and opposite Aries point etc etc... Any insights/advice?

With thanks



Natal Venus close by natal Sun... Ro


This new moon solar eclipse is an out of sign conjunction with my natal Pluto (1 degree Libra) in my 6th house. This is also conjunct my "point of death" (2 degrees Libra) and in opposition to my natal Mars(6 degrees Aries in the 12th). Taking extra safety precautions is a priority right now for me...any insights?


p.s. it might be important to note i have cancer sun and moon and was born during a new moon solar eclipse.


A stainless steel spoon is usefull and brilliant. The soon faced up-side-down appears useless and dull. However, witness a "Kato" construction truck.

From a man with nothing below the to you all. I havn't a choice but to announce publically...I begin my diggers desent.

Robert- thanks for being my friend and my helper. When I get down I know "the helper will come" from the warrior-man with love in his heart.


Dearest Robert,

The solar eclipse will be on my South node 0 libra. It will also square my venus in cancer. I have an x whose is a Lion with saturn in 29 pisces with venus, mars at 7,11 cancer, first house. Dell says on 9/23 an ex may return. Should I possibly think about losing a few lbs. in case the lion should decide to return so that I may finally get to sing my Leonine version of "It's Too Late" with Italian Hutzpah? Cut to chase, will this affect my 7th house relationship issues?

Any wisdom to spare, my friend?


Hi Robert,

Loved the articles I found here. My natal Mars is 29 degrees Virgo - right smack where the eclipse will be happening. Birth was October 12, 1955 2:03PM Akron Ohio. I see Jupiter entering my tenth house soon and my business definitely could use a shot in the arm and fast! It definitely went into the toilet about 18 months ago. So I would appreciate some insight into the next couple of months.



Hi ro - Well, it's important to remember Buddha was a Taoist. Anyone who spends time searching for truth will inevitably be led to some of Siddhartha's points of view! Seems like that's what life on this Earth is about. I believe this eclipse will cast light upon your Sun and Venus, and all areas ruled by them. Could be that whatever is taken away will help your light to shine brighter. And Saturn's influence of the past year will give way to Jupiter's wide vision and learning for the next 12 months. Should be a very productive time ahead.

Hi Laurie - The eclipse Sun will stimulate your Pluto, not necessarily a bad thing, but it clearly will remove elements of your life you no longer need while opening you to deeper seeds. Much depends on the others aspects made. Part of Death involves all kinds of "deaths," not merely one's own. And of course, take care with Mercury, Mars, then Sun opposing your Mars. The opposition to Mars can be difficult, but also a point of correction and a time to measure the effectiveness of how you apply your very powerful Aries energies. And of course, this happens every year! The coming Sagittarius transits will be very good for/to you.


Thank you, Robert, for taking the time to answer. Has been seeming like many things might come to endings with an eclipse right on my natal sun; am remembering that also means beginnings! Your insight was very positive - much needed!



Incredible post! I have three planets in Pisces[Sun/Venus/Mercury]In the 5th house! I've been feeling all of this big time! Progressed Moon is @ 19 deg Virgo.I spend alot of time in fear. Hopefully things will be looking up. Thank you for the info!
March 11th 1973
New York, NY


Hi again chickie - Eclipse on S Node shows old karmas fading forever, gives a new potential Venus manifestation. I would not look to anyone or anything in the past as having substantial reality. Also look at your line of least resistance, or defaults, and use Divine discrimination to clean out or adjust old ideals resulting from you deferring to others. Even if an ex shows up in our lives, they aren't anyone we know, nor we anyone they know. A lot of grief comes from echos of memories of perceptions of memories of perceptions of memories of.... As things transit the South Node, look at patterns that can help you demonstrate whatever has been built or you have learned since late March, when the Solar Eclipse conjuncted your North Node. Definitely check out the articles I wrote about that eclipse, as it may explain events since then and offer insights into how this South Node stimulation will manifest for you.


Hi Richard - Thanks for your praise. Saturn on your Jupiter and Pluto should bring you long term rewards for your patience. With Mercury RX, your life usually moves forward when transiting Mercury is RX, so I fully expect that you'll see a major shift within the next 8 weeks. You're a visionary with very unique gifts here to release ideas for the future that can inspire others, probably worry too much and are often too hesitant and measured. Use times of "quarantine" to play, be creative, and look at "inconveniences" as giving you time and opportunity to take a different point of view. And if you find the right point of view, nothing is impossible. Think in the future, be flexible, and see what people will need down the road.


Hi again Ro - You're welcome. Every ending creates space that life WILL fill. Our job is to know when to say no, and when to say yes!

Hi Nicole - North Node on your Pisces planets is probably developing you toward your best evolution, even if there are polarizations and revolutions thanx to the Uranus conjunction. Fear is useless. Just be practical and ordered in how you learn what you need to adjust yourself to the world, or adjust the world to your progressed needs. Your prog. Full Moon has no doubt brought you major illuminations, and the recent Lunar eclipse should prove very favorable for you. Try to frame things as "both-and" rather than "either-or," and appreciate that you are a compassionate visionary Witness who has great healing potential once the Moon-Saturn conjunction tendency to pessimism is under a firm, gentle, self-control that still allows freedom to explore many points of view. The coming eclipse will shake some interesting and unique things loose via your very capable Mars in Capricorn.


Robert: Fabulous insights and discussion. Would love to know a bit about how this New Moon/Blue Moon Solar Eclipse might be affecting me. Everything seems to be stuck and I can't wait for some forward motion.
7:54 PM
Washington D.C.
Thank you for your time and consideration.




bithdate is 27/1/1964 at 1915hrs indian standard time.want to know effects of solar eclipse and my new creative career.thnx.seema


Thank you so much for the encouragement! That moon/saturn aspect has been tough on me. i'm finding it difficult to concentrate. I have alot of restlessness, weird dreams; visions; and creative energy going on. There has been some difficulty with my creative expression too. I feel so much creatively, yet i feel blocked at the same time. Also a strong soul/need to be involved in humanitarian interests'. I do volunteer work at the Library helping adults who never got the opportunity to learn to read. It's very rewarding!


I enjoy & appreciate your insight. Thank you!
It is not often that my inner guidance will allow me to ask for answers outside of myself, but today I seem to have the go ahead. Is there anything you can tell me about the coming events as it relates to me? Thank you so much for your time and your expertise.
I was born
12:18 PM
Highland Park (Wayne County), MI


Hi Shell - First, let me thank you for your donation to the site. Maintaining it is a full time job in itself, apart from everything else I'm trying to accomplish! Age 45 is a year of dynamic change with the need to mobilize your actions to fulfill the vision you glimpsed at 44. You're moving into a 4 month period when self-revelation is up, as well as leaving behind things no longer true for you. This year puts the focus on friends, goals, work, and preparation for big changes by Spring 2007.

Saturn conjunct Uranus trine your Venus shows your life and genius will stabilize over the next year, freed from the restrictions of the past year when Saturn conjuncted your Mars. Saturn is septile your ruler, Mercury, showing you're at a big fork in the road of your life in the next few weeks, and since transiting Saturn is so favorable in your chart, it should be an obvious choice, especially since Jupiter will conjunct your Moon Nov-Dec, restoring a sense of wide open adventure.

You'll be linking up with other Spirits who share your larger destiny through next Summer, with Spring 2007 the turning point. On a final note, your Saturn degree is one of "executive power," so by all means, go for the highest position of social responsibility you can imagine.




Hi 8th - You may want to take the cap lock off. Writing in all caps makes it seem like you're yelling at us. This is an illumination year for you. Pluto is conjunct your Neptune and opposed your Mercury and Mars, so there is definitely major change in your future. Please stop fearing the eclipse, since it falls favorable to your Mom's Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. I'm sure your mother will go through her changes, with many old things taken away making space for other things to come. Late degrees of a sign often show high spiritual awareness, so your mom is no doubt evolved.


Hi seema - You are a true progressive and global being, a child of Hiranyagharba, born at one of the most special times in history. This eclipse will take away old desires, but more importantly Jupiter is very favorable for you at present. You will have to cut back on some things the next few months to get clear about what you should and should not be doing, so show patience, discipline, and maturity. November through January brings unique and highly specialized favorable circumstances, and by Spring you should be doing excellently if you open to dharma and know what to leave behind.


Truly insightful site, Robert, thank you for such thorough and in depth information, so appreciated, learning loads!
The up coming eclipse is looking a bit mad to my eyes, and it feels like a coming wave requiring what feels like a surrender...but to what? It sits directly opposite my sun in Pisces--and near enough everything else, with mercury and mars right next to it. I would really appreciate any insights on the effects of this configuration for me if you wouldnt mind.
Blessings and thanks for a great site and an astounding mass of knowledge for us plebs in any case.
Mar 12 1964
10:34 AM
Wurzburg Germany


Hi very interesting read I must add.
My husband and my mother both have a 29 degrees ascendant in Sagitarius. I am a little concerned of the changes. My mother is currently moving house and I dont beleive my mariage is exactly stable. Could my husband being doing the same thing behind my back.
Husband 25 April 62.
Mother 25th November 1948.
Me 28 th January 1970 -4 degree capricorn ascendant. Please help.


Hi Robert,

The Virgo eclipse will fall on my True Node.. I wonder what that will bring? Some sort of karmic turn probably. After months of confusion ( no doubt caused by Neptune in my sun sign), I have finally gathered the strength to let go.
I have several planets in Fixed signs.. Sun in Aquarius, Jupiter in Leo, Moon in Taurus and Scorpio rising, feels like I've been through the wringer this past year or so...
When Saturn moved into Leo last year in July, I began a online relationship on 17th July. Exactly 5 months later, on 17th Dec 2005 I met the man. And now, 10 months on, I feel like I've learnt the lessons.
My details are 4th Feb 79 00:20 Am Calcutta India
and my ex partner's are 6th Oct 1977 06:30 Am London UK. I'd love to hear your thoughts on if this lesson is my last or will the eclipses and the grand cross bring more in coming months for my heart ?

With the deepest reverence,


Oops..forgot to mention the birth times are local standard times.. Indian Standard time for me and GMT for the ex



Hi Alexsandra - The Solar Eclipse is quincunx your Saturn, forcing adjustments as a result of you graduating into a new realm of being. Listen the the greater harmony in which your voice is unique, and weigh alternatives as you stand on the threshold of new relationships, new creative self expression, and new ways of having fun.

The recent Lunar Eclipse will probably more directly affect your chart, since the Moon was on your Mars while Sun conjuncted your Pluto, these harmonized by your Neptune and transiting Jupiter. The North Node very close to your Sun and Mercury promises great growth into compassion, intuition, self-awareness, and sensitivity to your own rhythms rather than be driven by forces outside you. This year move slowly in your new realm, take advantage of opportunities to bargain and trade, and rally to some joyous task to be done. Your transfiguration will happen beginning February 2007, taking off in early April.


Hi amantha - You're asking for more than can be answered in a comment stream. That said, your mom is about to begin a new 12 year adventure beginning Nov-Dec 2006. Your husband is seeing a larger vision based in whatever began April 2004, which is directly related to choices he made in 1998-1999. You are in a year of shifting values and relationships, and must strive for balance and seeing the bigger picture. Your will power is stronger than you suspect.


Hi Sophie - Well, your fixity has certainly been challenged this past year! Eclipse on your Node shows you will grow through adjustment toward a new line of practical development. The trick to fixed sign energy is to know when to give way, and when to hold your ground. You are a very strong person, and can accurately mirror those you're with. You're very unique and independent, and always searching for a way to express your genius without the emotional energies spilling out in excess. The recent Lunar Eclipse on your Saturn shows you'll be letting go of old fears, limitations, and things that hold you back, especially now that Saturn is no longer opposed your Mars. December should be great for you.


Thank you so much for your comments Robert. Your words have given me some hope.. I am looking forward to December...
Saturn seems to be everywhere .. even in my last relatioships..Saturn contacts in the synastry and composite charts showed up.. along with Uranus... I guess its all interconnected...


Hello Robert. I'm having MAJOR transits going on all at once right now. My birth data is 2/27/65 4:04pm Des Moines, Iowa. I'm not sure if I should hide in my closet or dance in the streets! LOL... any insight would be appreciated.


Thanks for the feedback Robert, precise, thorough and interesting, much appreciated.
Be well


I would like any feedback. I was born 9/17/66. Started new career at new place of business...looking very successful. Romantic relationship been very troubled Labor day weekend and full moon. Solar eclipse is a big day for me...I can feel it.


Hi Robert:

I was born Sep 6 1969 in Redwood City, CA at 4:38 am. The past two years have been very intense for me with respect to working out issues from my childhood. Relations with my family of origin have been intense. I feel as though I have some higher purpose, but can't seem to discern how to have it manifest, while still offering my children the security I craved as a child. Can you offer some insight into how the imminent eclipse may affect me in these areas? Thank you very much for your insight and assistance.


I've only just started exploring your site - thank you for sharing your insights and all the time you must spend . . .

I'm, of course, wondering if had any thoughts on how the eclipse might affect me - The saturn/Neptune opp makes a grand cross(I think) with my natal neptune in the 5th(scorpio) and a stellium in the 11th with the moon/mars/sun/mercury. dob 5/19/66
Thank you.


I was born September 22, 1955 in Woodstock, Illinois at 11:56 p.m. CST. I now live in Phoenix, AZ. This year, on my birthday there is a New Moon, Autumnal Equinox, and a Solar Eclipse. My ascendant is Leo on the cusp of Cancer. How do you think that these aspects will affect my life?



Hi Kim - Since so much is above the horizon in your solar chart, and Jupiter is bringing you blessings, I'd dance in the street! Let go of worrying needlessly, since you're at a culmination point in your journey, and get ready for new things to come next February, activated next April. In 2007 you'll understand much of 2006 from a different angle of understanding.

Hi T - You now see the light of the past 5 years, and should have renewed confidence.The eclipse falls on your Mercury and is favorable to your Jupiter while opposing your Saturn. Listen to your muse, and repel fear, ambivalence, or those who are controlling or rigid while planning carefully, and put on the show!

Hi StacyMc - Uranus opposing your Sun is demanding your individualize and express your genius without being temperamental, confused, or moody. Finding your unique purpose is a lifelong journey, so relax. Your children have their own destinies, which at this point in human history is not conducive to security. Teach them adaptability, perseverence, self-sufficiency, cooperation, and openness to new ideas. You're in a vision year, so learn, teach, and quest, as you should find relief by this time next year, knowing you've made it through the rapids.

Hi dmy - You're welcome. Learn how not to be pessimistic, and be efficient and organized in how you spend your time, energy, and wealth. You're on the verge of a new home and family life, and over the next year will take on greater responsibilities while letting go of lesser ones that only create fear and a sense of bondage. Let go of anger, get focused and penetrate quickly to the heart of any matter, which is your natal gift. 2007 Jupiter trines your ruler Venus for months, so many things of your heart strength should stabilize quite nicely.

Hi M - Expect new values to predominate. You're now beginning a new two year cycle, and by December should be much more creative, natural in your self-expression, and reorienting out of the restrictions and limits of the past year. I think this eclipse will free you in ways you don't suspect, but will clearly see by the end of December. Enjoy the adventure Jupiter on your Moon will bring.


Thanks Robert! My intuition was telling me that all is well, but I sometimes trip over my human-ness.

I just recently quit a job of 10 years to start my own company. Today, the day of the New Moon eclipse (which falls in my Virgo 2nd house) I got my first order!!! I also have someone signing up to market my jewelry in a large metro area and they should be signed up by this weekend! So, it is good. Busy, but good.

I feel like this is a very "fated" time. In a good way.

Thanks again,


Dear Robert,

Really appreciate your comments -

"No doubt you have some things leaving, and in their place will come other illuminations. FYI, you have the potential to attain high honors and recognition this life in some form of public service. Follow your intuition and imagination, and your willingness to take care of details efficiently should bring you Light, Truth, and a very abundant life."

Amazed by your energy and generous insights!

Thanks again,


Hi kim - Yes, many of us are on overdrive, finishing up some training and moving into new realms. Congrats on your new business. May you have great success.

Hi Lianmeng - You're welcome. Enjoy the adventure!


Robert, Am in deep trouble with business. Birthdate july 12, 1951 @ 5.30am,rajkot,india. Please throw some light on my situation.


10-02-1972 when iwas 33-1-2
3-29-2006 second total solar eclipse scince christ
my whole life iv been told lucifer is christ jesus
not yeshua
what do you know


Hi prabodh - I just noticed this comment. It had dropped off the listing before I could respond. Sorry. I would think many things are better by now, with Jupiter having made very auspicious aspects to your Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Hi james - If we are to believe scientific records and observations dating back many centuries, there have been more than two total Solar Eclipses in the past 2000 years. Actually, your question deserves a post in itself. For now, in brief, from what I have read in esoteric philosophy, Lucifer = Lightbringer. Christ = Gr. Kristos (the anointed) = Sanskrit Kriya (Light) thus Krishna (another "Christ" of an ancient time in India). There were other "Christs" before Yeshua, a.k.a. St. Issa. This Earth will always have its World Teacher and Master of All That Is, an embodiment of the Divine in Human form whose name is Light. I may post more on this if I can figure out what to say.

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