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And some of your copy got ripped off last week...Mercury Rx indeed! At least I know why I couldn't access you...I thought it was something I said. Good to have you back.


I almost DIED Robert I don't know what I would do without this site!

crawl or fly

Glad you are back up and running-- Hard to believe a vindictive person like that would have any clients left...
All of us in your online community felt the void while you were gone--Glad to see this amazing site again.


Felipe Gonzales


Gracias a Dios, you're back online. It's a shame that someone would actually put effort into destroying your site; one that unselfishly raditates wisdom, light and love into the universe.

The servers where our site is hosted was hacked just after Mercury went Rx. We'll be glad when this retrograde is over...

Keep up the good work, hermano.

Paz, Felipe



Happy you found a way of movement in a difficult situation.

Thanks for the heads up concerning those sites.

I assume the administrator is a lower-minded individual, which is unfortunate. However I must say that the situation is unsettling. It is my sincerest hope that you really put your best foot forward with the administrator; in the same way that you do with us.

If you did it is simply very difficult for me to understand or comprehend such degenerative actions by that man. Can you see my view? I hope you can.

I am filled with some really great questions concerning our Mercury trine the Uranus. Especially that if I can practice it with excellance- I could really have some great things to offer this year!

Glad your getting things in to gear- we have much work!



Glad you made it out of that MERCURY RETRO twilight zone! Had a similar experience past Monday that left me frustrated!!! And then, I said Ah ha, Mercury Retro got me, so I immediately calmed down.

Larissa Pond

Robert! I am so happy your site re-appeared! I was sleepless last night and could not find your site and started to worry. I thought something is going on and it seemed strange. I am glad you are back to us. I will be accessing your site from time to time and will keep you posted; you are a good friend and I need good people in my life now. Always. Keep teaching. I guess that Leo rising gives us a teaching talent. People do listen, undeed. We need you.

Larissa Pond

Whoever that person is who tried to stop our communication, he is not only mean-spirited, but he is "not there yet". I will pray for him, right now...

He needs to wake up and grow up. Robert, you can't disappear, we are your students and friends. I am in a deep emotional intensity right now because of my mom's deteriorating condition, and I need whatever I need to breath, although the sky is black for me now.


Hi Robert,
Glad to have you back - missed you!! When I couldn't get on, I figured it was Mercury Rx altho I thought it was some political hacks. This has been one of the WORST retrogrades I've experienced in a loongg time. (Or best, depending on your perspective!) It has certainly been one where I check everything twice or 3 times. It can only go up from here, right??

Take Care, Sonja


Thanks all, for your kindness and generous support in a situation that gave me heartburn. We owe it all to the magnificent Mike Miles, who besides being an A-number one spiritual being, is also a webmaster who restored the health of the site in record time, given the extreme negativity and hostility of the villain who bombed the site.

Hi Jenni - Ripoffs are a drag, but this affected everyone, which was unacceptable. Glad to be back.

Thanks, Colleen. Glad you find inspiration here.

Thanks, COF - he doesn't have many clients to begin with, and what he pulled just flushed him down the karmic toilet. Thanks for your support.

Hola Felipe - thanks for your words of support. The guy that hacked your site may be guilty of several state crimes and at least one Federal crime, so you may have recourse by consulting an attorney. CA has very strict laws about this kind of thing, and I've notified the hacker that if he ever thinks of hassling me again, the DA will find out pdq.

Thanks, Don. He's a person who couldn't live up to a spiritual way of life, and took a road that will no doubt lead to suffering for him for a long time to come. I did try to put my best foot forward, but his arrogance was so insufferable that I had to threaten legal action under CA hacking statutes so he wouldn't perpetuate the conflict. I hope that's enough to get him to go away peacefully. Some people learn the easy way, others the hard way. I prefer the easy way.

Yes, Lucia, the Mercury RX zone is often peculiar and a strange navigational exercise. Thanks for checking in. It's been weird indeed!

Larissa, you were one of the people I was most concerned about, since you are in the difficult position of being the caretaker of one who walks between worlds. I tried to plead with the villain to please restore some ability to communicate, but his arrogant dismissal of your plight left me with no option but to do whatever I had to do on my own. I agree he needs to grow up.

Thanks for checking in, and my heart and thoughts are with you and your mom. Breathe and love, breathe and love, breathe and love, and remember that from an Eternal point of view, the time we seem to be apart from our loved ones is relatively short compared to the time we are with them.

Thanks, Sonja. I've actually had a great retrograde, except for this, which was the result of someone's misguided "free will." And of course, Mercury is speeding up as we speak, so it all gets better from here (he says hopefully ;-)

Vicki Evans

Hi Robert,

So happy you got back online. Missed you being in cyberspace. There are more constructive ways to resolve a personal conflict than block someone's good work and this metaphysical learning community. Too bad that had to happen here. I am most appreciative of this site.

Best wishes and blessings,

Larissa Pond

Thank you, Robert. You are warm. I am having a bad internet connection here, so I am not sure when I will be able to reconnect, maybe December or even January. My mom does walk between worlds, you are right. Her intuition is so high now, although she can't move or talk much. When I am thinking about something or somehting I have done several days ago, she knows somehow and then she tells me! I always have had an enormous connection with her since I was little. My mom is Leo sun, Aries moon. I am Aries sun, Leo rising. We love same people, we think alike. That's why it is hard to accept what's coming.


Hi Robert
Aside from my empathy, your site being hacked poses a question ; does merc retro in scorp cause theft? YOu are the second astrologer i know of who has been 'robbed' of their astro stuff in this merc rX (other one was Mystic Medusa in Australia)...
I have been taking extra care with my laptop since it's been retro...
Glad you're back online, and named the offender! One question: when is merc back direct in Australia (Perth)? I' ve been hearing mixed reports. Thank you!


Hi Louisa - Don't know that theft is specific to one sign, as people get hacked when Mercury is not in Scorpio. Sorry to hear about Mystic Medusa. May she be back up asap. I like her site. I believe you are 16 hours later than us on the West coast of the US. That would mean Mercury, while already speeding up, will officially go stationary direct 8:25 am November 18. I've checked it against two different world clocks. If for some reason you're on daylight saving time, then I suppose it would be 9:25 am. But all I can find is you're on standard time.

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