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thanks! Last night I was doing some research on transiting pluto opposing my jupiter/moon/midhaven in 2008 and most of what I came up with was "violent religious fanatacism" and pluto "killing" my optimism. I knew they were missing something!

If other readers think the interps of outer planets are harsh they should look at fixed stars! talk about a downer. Algol conjunct natal sun? -DEATH BY DECAPITATION!

I wonder if anyone knows of any other good internet resources that give insightful non-pedestrian interps of outer planetary aspects? Something that helped people come to greater understanding of these elements on their own, rather than simple answers from experts.


Jesus is Lord!


Hi GOP - The man, or the Boddhisattva? And what do you mean by "Lord?" Forgive my need to define terms, but you know how it is in this peculiar world.


thanks for this...yes i have Neptune conjunct Sun (wide) and Uranus Square Sun, and Pluto septile Sun...(10/4/51)
and lately life has been feeling like an acid trip, without the acid...
sometimes intense and unbearable, and but also incredibly blissful, one Consciousness beyond all difference..
lately this Oneness has been the overriding View...what a blessing to be alive now!

thanks Robert...


Hi Robert,

I've got Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in my 4,5,6 natal houses and Aquarius in my 10th. I tried to start an energetic healing business in 2003-2004 and, while it didn't tank, it didn't pay the bills so my kids are the only benefactors now. You mentioned healing in our consultation so is it time for me to branch out into the world again or do I find a practical job?
11/5/59, 18:08, Milbank, SD

Thanks, Sonja


Hi Sonja - Well, Merc RX in your 6th shows it's time to reconsider your ways of doing service to self and others, as well as possible temporary ways of working that could lead to other options. I believe you could do well in "a practical job," and it would lead to a real revolution in your life. Be receptive to many different possible ways of moving short term into something that could lead you to other things.

I don't know if I told you, but once upon a time I was temporarily a temp using my word processing skills, and in accepting a job at $5/hr for an 8 hour gig I wound up working at a television station, got trained in production, directing, set design, lighting, sound, and editing, which led me to several very productive years at the local access provider. You can never know where a job could lead, so during this RX, do research, take an unusual view, and try something different, or familiar but with a new twist.


I have Uranus conjunct my Asc[funny, my son who's 8 has Uranus trine his asc]With Uranus transiting my asc. ruler[venus] I feel like i'm all over the place!
March 11th 1973
New York, NY


Hello Robert,

I started reading your site since I first found it quite by "accident" in February of this year and have been following through with interest, particularly the impact of the Grand Irrationality and the Fixed T-Square on the reader's charts. My life has changed completely in the past year and a half, in ways that I'd have never expected it to happen: End of a very long term relationship with a person I thought I would be with for ever, end of a business partnerships and closure of my business (family business to be more exact), selling my house where I've lived for a long time, cutting the umbilical cord with my daughter who stayed behind when I had to relocate to another country where I find myself now after 5 months (exact today) still completely lost as if I've had the ground swept from under my feet... just to mention a few of the most recent developments.
Pluto is very close to my moon (27 of Sag.), there is of course a deep sense of loss, of being unrooted and of loosing all my references. I feel that I have lost everything that once gave me some sense of security and comfort, without having yet found and/or created a new life.
It seems obvious enough to me that this Pluto visit to my moon is way beyond any commercial negativity. I was born in Sao Paulo-Brazil, 31/05/61 at 8:55am. And have recently relocated to London-UK, where Pluto on my relocation chart falls exactly in my 4th house!
Can you tell me if this conjunction will bring some much needed regeneration, after so much destruction?
Thank you,


Hi Alix - Pluto can take away, but also give back enormous rewards if you see the sprouting seeds as the promise of future fruits once the season of growth is fulfilled. Saturn is trine your Moon, offering stability and understanding between those areas of your chart. You've also been dealing with Uranus square your Sun, always a revolutionary time. 45 is a year of change, and if you do what needs to be done, you'll find rewards, completion, and forms of power and enlightenment when you're 46. Until then, find friends and allies, focus on your true long term ambitions, and adjust to circumstances the best you're able. You're probably stronger than you feel, all insecurity aside. Work with the oppositions in December, and by February you should be doing quite well, seeing the future path clearly.


Hi Robert,
Thank you for your insight. I have started picking up the pieces, at least those that are still worth trying to salvage amongst the rubble. Any aspect of my life, related to the moon and the 4th house has severely been affected, the very foundation of my existence. All in all it's been a cleansing process as I'm feeling that these changes are affecting me physically as well.


Hi Robert.

Having talked about the "Outer Triad", its collective effects, and the transpersonal implicationss affecting the individual as whole generations of people simultaneously -concepts you cleared me finely-, I formulate in the more simplified way a question, being actually impossible for me to book a personal appointment.

I consider of great importance a planetary position in my chart, because conjuncts my NN (orb 6º) and possibly my Rising (10º), merged in a lot of aspects, and this position is:

URANUS in 12th HOUSE (Scorpio). Uranus is in its exaltation sign, but in a weird house, althought it's a "water" house, ruling my 4th Aquarian house.

Simplifying more and more: I will be glad to read how do you describe simbollically the combination/effects of this planet (Uranus) in this house (12th)?. I've got already a lot of "comercial" visions: accidents, illnesses, etc. But I expect to read something more constructive, although simple, as you give always to us.

Thanks global anti-toxic'n commercial astrology teacher.


Hi Henry - Well, in my research I have found Uranus exalted in Virgo, not Scorpio, but that's beyond this comment stream. As an aside, people tend to take things at face value because someone speculated on something and it actually made it into print, regardless of how it doesn't manifest or work within a larger scheme. That's the flaw in most "new age" writings.

Uranus in 12th means an infinite number of things. Think synthesis at the end of cycles, helping you see what you attracted or repelled, and why. It can also show too much relentless willful behavior that can only bring sorrow, or the study of Astrology revealing the world of the subconscious. Meditation is good for you. Learn to put all the pieces together from an impersonal view. With Scorpio rising, learn when to back off and stop perpetuating internal or external power struggles (whether they look that way to you or not). Do self-purification exercises, but find a reasonable balance so you go to the edge and back off rather than tumble over.


OK Robert.
Thanks for your answer, in most places I had always read Uranus exalts in Scorpio, interesting comment about being in Virgo.


Hi Henry - I know most sources assert Uranus' exaltation in Scorpio. Looking at the grand scheme of exaltation, that always seemed incongruous. Exaltation is a planet's "grounds for greatest growth." Not its "best" natural manifestation, but where that planetary energy could develop its best and highest function. Inventiveness, synthesis, and unusual or eccentric approaches work best through the distributive practicality of Virgo, not the fixed intensity of Scorpio. All inventions must be subjected to practical application and usefulness to achieve their most effective practical function. I believe Neptune finds its exaltation in Scorpio, not sharing the exaltation with Jupiter in Cancer.


Dear Robert Please help I am seeming to argue with everyone. Born feb 1st 1965 at 245 am and I am moving to a new place soon. Any advice


Hi cindyfrances - Stop arguing. Relax into the transition. Detachment and going with the natural flow will prove more enjoyable than getting stuck in places you don't need to be.


Here is more of my transit experience for you:

Pluto transits:
Pluto was conjunting sun last year and was a dense insightful year. I though a lot about my life goals and certainly after the plutonic pressure, I am was a rather different person after one year!
Pluto was squaring my moon three years ago. A dense regenerating year for my emotions and relationships with women.
Pluto is now squaring my mars (rather strong force on persuing force goals) and mercury (strong use of mind, I am goind my PhD, and is being rather dense time)

Neptune transits:
Neptune conjunted Venus five years ago: very poetic although emotional time. Make sure your beautiful love atractions can be realistic and not illusory. A spiritual awakening period for me.

Uranus transits:
Uranus conjunted already my Asc: a revolutionary time of awakening and discovering the world.
Uranus conjuting Dcs: means a rather dramatic awakening on relaitonships and strong changes
Uranus in MC means the same but for carreer and making use of latest off-the-beat trends
Uranus transiting Moon: swinging emotions and wanting to break or speed up the emotions relating to belonging somewhere, to a house, family or relationships (job or personal). Uranus sun I guess turns the thing more into the overall life and our personal goals with erratic, inventing, changing, moving period.

Saturn transits:
Saturn in acs means increased maturity and responsability due to important life events
Saturn in dcs means the same for personal and job relationships or otherwise thinking seriously on those.

Jupiter transits:
jupiter means expansion and optimistic atitude to whatever it aspects. I had Jupiter conjunting moon (novel relationships or house ideas), asc (overall personal expansion), ic (expansion of domestic issues or house) and mc (good time for your carreer, with more oportunities)

For more check my blog


These reports from the previous post are from either my personal transits which I had on my 25 year old life and from other close friends which had other important transits.
catch the oportunity by the positive side!


Thanks for your interesting experienced-transits description, Popp. I'll try to make a personal review like this for all to know too.

This brings to mind a question for Robert: Uranus OPP Ascendant by transit (conj. 7th cuspid), as your experience in personal consulting suggests, is ALWAYS a harmful aspect to marriages?. Can it bring something really good to marriages and love relationships, although they seem to be functionig well before this transit?.

Because, for example, Pluto is one who can bring regeneration out of a bit of conflict, but Uranus is like a bit more "radically evident" and sudden.



Hi Robert,

Pop Astrology really cracks me up as I have Neptune in my first house conjunct Asc. (Libra) The way I interpret it is people think I'm easygoing which is partly true, but I have Mars in Scorpio and a whole lot of Leo underneath. I'm not as easygoing as people think.

As per Pop Astrology, I have Saturn in the 12th which means I will spend some time in jail!




Patricia H

Hi Robert & All:

When Pluto transits to 8 degrees Capricorn, it will conjunct my AC and oppose my Sun/Mercury conjunction. Since I have been on a spiritual path and gaining tools along the way, I will just need to ride this one out and see what transpires.

My N Neptune is in an angular house, 10th house in Scorpio. I have found that I do not take my spiritual experiences as seriously as I would like too, and others find me a bit flighty as well.

However, having said that, I have experienced some spectacular "cosmic" events. And I live my life between worlds. Shamanism and music hold endless fascination for me. And I am attracted to other shamanic types.

Another aspect of my life, is that the fairy tales that I was told as a child, seem more real than so'called "reality," portrayed by the media and society. That which seems practical to the average person, seems shallow to me at times. There are more worlds than most of us cannot imagine, and I guess Neptune is the gateway to those worlds.



Patricia H

Hi Helen,

Yes, I have seen commercial astrology's grim view of the 12th house too often.

However, how are these astrologers defining jail?

Sometimes we imprison ourselves through self-imposed isolation or not allowing ourselves to enjoy life because of some deep unconscious wound or belief.

And these too are 12th House issues. I think of this house as The Hermit from the Tarot.




I agree with you, Patricia.
I have never practiced reality in "uncommon" ways like you, but I feel the same as you performing "socially accepted" ways or functions. It's, in the end, the same.

Society sleeps as it struggles for vain materialistic goals, being Neptune the ultimate gateway to recognize what's true in spiritual terms and what's pure (though apparently sure-footed actually in all social levels)total dellusion.

And yes, I've got a powerful Scorpio in 12th and Asc., all these leading me in very past years to purify from lots of inherited psychic trash (familiar trouble, parents' heavy divorce in early childhood, power-struggles among your loved ones, ..., Pluto transiting my 12th then, that leaves you exhausted).

I mean here than 12th brings trash you can not avoid to deal with -in negative interpretation, but real for me- and you're unconcious of this presence as you grow up. I think there's a deep need for a helpmate to make you aware of this trash you carry unknowledged on your back.

For my own sake, Scorpio is extremely powerful and I have smashed my past to a very higher and cleaner view.
But without experiencing the troubles in 12th, perhaps you never achieve that "Eagle" perspective (being this my experience in Scorpio, as it can take a life of its own in another sign/symbol).

Thanks then to past sorrows. They're all gone. New life, new wisdom, Scorpio-Fenix rebirthed from its ashes.

So Helen, I don't believe there's worst jail than our own unrevealed "traumas", if you agree to call it this way, when dealing with 12th.



Adding: And if, as Robert said to me once, 12th is the place were we prepare to be our "manifestation" as an individual through our Ascendant, there's no more clear example than my own life for this.
Robert made me aware of the larger view of this significance of the "passing process" from 12th to 1st, that I never understood before by means of commercial astrology topics.

For sure, hard regeneration and work on 12th issues is a path to fulfillment and betterment before your Rising manifestation can be at its best.
The way is BRING TO SURFACE YOUR INNER TRASH, FACE IT, SOLVE IT the best wat you can, for sure there are helpers outside if you don't give up though experiencing discouragement at times.

Hi Robert, I am very verbose today but this issue really touched me.

Blessings anew.

Patricia H

Thanks Henry.

12th house stuff has that ability to ignite our inner passions and clean out the unconsious trash bin.

I hope more helpmates show up soon and that I am also a helpmate to others.




Henry: Uranus is not bad for marriages or relationships, it just has the purpose of making you more awake on those.
One of my best friends, she had a life of changing relationships and now that uranus hit her 7th cuspid, she get pregnant, which came as a surprise but she liked anyway.

As another possibility, it could mean a radical event such as for example going abroad to live with our girlfriend, or if you are single meet someone who is really different from the people you had before.
Or a whole new way of living your old relationship (for example, you were in a normal relationship with different jobs, and now you are with the same relationship but having a business with your mate, life turns different, which strongly changes the relationship!) It is not bad per si!
Uranus is certainly exciting. I have Uranus on my first house oposing my natal 7th house moon. Its been splendid on relationships. I am full of ideas, uranian ideas, on how to project a life with my love mate!

Helen: My perspective in astrology is not fated. Maybe I oversimplified my descriptions of some important transits, it was for giving the idea of these could work, but of course they work in unique ways for different people
Saturn in 12th may also mean for example, a tendence for being solitary, or a very realistic mature (saturn) approach to spirituality or transcendence issues
Henry and Patricia have add a lot of interesting ideas about the 12th house!

I have Venus on the twelth and I am with a normal serious relationship. I do not suffer, although I feel on my the strong compassion potential from 12th house effect and in my love life I idealize much and now with my mate we seek to live in future a self-suficient life on a house built by us on a rural village. Isnt this also the epitome of 12th house field?

I could observe 12th-house saturn, a very serious and transcendental structuring saturn. A structure that could be based on service to others, transcending our egoic needs, our self needs, and build really something worth and realistic (even social or secular) with it!

Patricia: splendid neptunian descriptions. I have also sun conjunct with neptune in tenth house, in sag. And my main seeking quest is how to make my neptune into the carreer business?
What do you do on life, your job, by the way?
I work in biology field, but have also much of spiritual experiences too.
Pluto approaching Asc should empower you much and bring you forwards, so to speak. I had Pluto conjunting my natal Sun and the Neptune I've told you, last year ;-)
I have also transiting Neptune just a few degrees from AC as well!

Peace for all


Thanks Popp!.


Hi Popplagid - Thanks for sharing what you felt when the outers transited your planets and sectors. Even though I usually remind people not to take Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto transits personally, they always work effects on the personal level (usually involving others as well!) Right now Pluto is square my Jupiter and Saturn and trine my Mercury. Great time, but lots of pressure of radical transformation. (4000 mile drive in 3 weeks!) Pluto challenges are great for academic striving. When Uranus entered my 7th and conjuncted my Moon, it led me to end an impossible long term relationship, and by the following year I was with an old and trusted friend of many years and very happy. Strange and revolutionized my daily life and habits, but ultimately healthy and happy. Saturn in my first put me under several rigors that have left me in great shape in multiple ways for the next 20 years. Enjoy Neptune on your Asc. With your Sun conjunct Neptune natally, Neptune on your Asc should bring you illumination and a global perspective on whatever profession that could symbolize. You'd do well in the movies, or any mass media.

Hi Helen - I've known Neptune rising people who were space cadets, and also those who were among the most intuitive, compassionate, and globally aware I've ever known once they got grounded. And yes, 12th house jail predictions are a leftover from ancient times. 12th house Saturn is about taking responsibility for closing old chapters while claiming the abilities that came with those experiences in ways that yield self-confidence through self-reliance. Saturn in 12th definitely shows this is the last life where you have to deal with certain karmas.

Hi Patricia - You'll start feeling Pluto the instant it hits Cap. When someone is practicing their spiritual path, the outers usually show breakthroughs into transcendent and transpersonal realms, and guide us into being those forces in the mundane world. Scorpio NN in 10th shows concentration is great for you. Never let yourself stay on cruise control for very long. All three outers are gateways to worlds we cannot imagine, though I will say that few want to go where Pluto will take them.

Hi Henry - Neptune is the great dream machine which brings our wildest dreams into reality, as well as some fairly weird nightmares. Pluto in 12th is protective against all except one's own dysfunctions. 12th is the compost heap, as well as the movie of one's life and the rewards for taking the trip that began in the 1st. The 12th can be the repository of sorrows, but also payoffs. And yes, there are many help mates here. So far, a great thread full of lots of very helpful insights.

Patricia H

Hi Robert,

I certainly don't want to hop over to Pluto Land.

Neptune Land with all of its fairies might be a place to visit. There is no place like Neptune's Oz.



Hi to All,

What I love about my natal chart is my Mercury in Leo sextiles my Neptune in Libra. And my Saturn in Libra also sextiles my Mercury.

My take on this is that Neptune gives my Mercury the vision to create while Saturn gives Mercury the willpower to create.

Blessings to you all.



Patricia H

Hi Helen,

That is a good observation with Neptune, Mercury, and Saturn.

I have a Grand Water Trine with Saturn conjunct Moon, Sun conjunct Mercury and Neptune at the top of the chart. It is a loose trine, but I had often wondered about the Saturn-Mercury-Neptune connection.

I do find myself trying to communicate my spiritual (Neptune) discipline (Saturn) to others and usually through writing (Mercury). Although I do get caught up in the Neptune fog at times.




Hi Patricia, Hi Helen.

Neptune is always difficult to put in practice, isn't it?.
I've got a conjunction Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Venus (Leo)in trine with Neptune (Sagittarius) and still wonder the best way to express in practical life this Neptune, though I have abilities in writing and music, for example.
Well, most of Neptunian expressions doesn't give "cash income" in our capitalism, but it certainly gives a great degree of inner peace, relax, inspiration and access to "other" foggy beautiful places that the materialistic toxine-overruled will never experience.

For me, a good gift!.
So for you, isn't it?. Dreaming is for free...Will be always this way? (laughs).

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