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Hi Robert,
It's me again, Wendy! Seasons Greetings from NJ! I really enjoyed your article above. I had quite a 2005. Looking back at my solar return, I can see why. I have a question about returns. What is the meaning of the natal MC as the solar return ascendent? I notice that you do not mention Chiron or the other asteroids in your writings here. Do you know of any reputable sites that discuss Chiron and others? Do you find that they (the asteroids) are powerful energies or do you feel they are overstated? I ask this because I have Chiron in the 7th opposing several planets in the 1st for this years solar return but I'm having a tough time interpretting the meaning. One last question if I may. I had previously asked about degrees and how to interpret them. I have a new nephew with ascendent and MC both at 29 and some odd degrees. Would this be interpretted as the next sign> For example if the MC is at 29 14 Cancer, would I look to the sun in Leo as the ruler of the 10th house? As always, thanks for all your gifts that you continue to give your readers...during this holiday season and each day! You enrich the lives of many!


Your last paragraph - that Saturn opposed Saturn around 43-44 doesn't have to be so difficult - is very reassuring... especially when I've read things that cite examples of many people launching a bomb in the center of their lives at this point. I'm planning on marching through (We'll see how much that gets tested).

Thanks again Robert.


Hi Robert
I would highly recommend 'Planetary Cycles' by Betty Lundsted to work with the planet's return.
Especially how to use and plan the Mars cycle.
I take it into account while delineating a chart and have helped many people by showing them how to use the engery to their advatage. It takes a few cycles to learn how to integrate it and by awareness it can be used effectively.
Merry Christmas


Hi Wendy - Glad you enjoyed the article. As for your question, it would mean your self-image the coming year will be closely identified with your natal sense of your public self, honor, and professional flowering, and you will embrace as an instinct your sense of public purpose. I did write about Chiron in the article Chiron, the Wounded Healer and Metaphysician. I believe its influence is very strong, but usually narrowly interpreted. It definitely seems to throw people into wandering, searching for solutions to what will heal them somehow, or a wound that demands healing through accepting "the quest."

As for asteroids, I haven't really used them that much over the years, though I know a fair amount about what they mean. I believe they are important influences, but do not rule signs. They also seem to have taken on a lot of feminine mythological assumptions, and are very broadly interpreted almost to a point of meaninglessness, since when anything could mean whatever its meaning is diluted.

In your case Chiron in the 7th shows your wound and wandering will be associated with relationships this year, and you will attract people to you who symbolize Chiron's energies. I suppose you will tie up with a centaur or two this year. ;-) The oppositions show realizations through polarizations and awareness. The solar return chart is interpreted differently than natal charts. I've also written about the Solar Return, as you know, so check out that article to learn more. As for degrees, 29 degrees and change is 30 degrees. Zero degrees and change is 1 degree. 29 degrees 14 minutes Cancer is 30 Cancer. And of course, you are most welcome. Happy and Merry and enjoy!


Hi Christine - Glad I can offer something here to demystify Saturn's fear factor. While dysfunctional people often do have a hard time at Saturn junctions, it's only because they've tried to prop something up that is no longer true for them, and that's what's crashing. Or if they're trying to avoid their Dharma, well, there's no escape from that. It can also be a time when you move into a greater effectiveness with a knowledge of appropriate limits, duties, and responsibilities, throwing off chains that have shackled you too long. And of course, you're most welcome.

Hi aya - Betty Lundsted was my editor at Weiser when I wrote "A New Look At Mercury Retrograde." Glad her work has helped you to show others how to use Mars energy advantageously. I try to do that each month in my Mars articles where I point out the various beginnings and changes for the signs based in what Mars is doing for each.

As for cycles, I believe Grant Lewi's "Astrology for the Millions" is the gold standard for anyone wanting basic knowledge of how they work, as is "Cycles of Becoming" by Alexander Ruperti, the first work that integrated the various planetary cycles. From your description it sounds like Betty's work elaborated on Ruperti's. And of course, a very Merry Christmas to you and all!


Hi Robert,
As usual, your response was insightful and thorough. Thank you so much. I read your articles daily, often times going back and rereading to gain clarity. Today I heard news that sorta threw me into a tail spin, although I felt it for some time. A great love from my past has married. He wrote me a "Dear John" email then...POOF...vanished, and I never heard from him again. I've been trying to make sense of it all. Many of your articles have been helpful in gaining a wider perspective on the situation. I wonder though, what does one do when they have a wounded soul? I keep a grateful heart and release negativity as best I can. I harbor no ill-will and continue to spead love and light to others, as well as my students. It is very theraputic and healing. Yet I still wonder...any suggestions?


Hi Wendy - Your Soul is not wounded. Only the ego is wounded. There are "Mythological wounds" aka sacred wounds, but these show us our strength in overcoming attachments to suffering around these. We all get at least one, so we may learn to serve others who suffer the same wounds. I suggest you go to this article and read it from the angle that you are still grieving a death, just of a relationship (which means a person you hoped would be a better partner than they were.) I would also suggest you find a copy of "The Game of Life" by Florence Scovel Shinn, since it has the antidote for what ails you. Or get a copy of "The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn" for that work as well as the other pearls she wrote so many decades ago. Your tailspin is the effect of withdrawing the last held projection connected to the other, since when the projection is broken we feel a sense of lack, or disequilibrium. It's all part of grieving so you can take back the power you gave away, for whatever reason. Please cut yourself some slack, love yourself all the more, and affirm that if not the one you hoped for, then someone perfect for you at this evolved point in your life. Your twin flame is out there; you just need to open to that one. That can only be done when you let go of wanting one who isn't to be that.


Wow! Thank you!

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