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Ondrea Delio

Rob, thx for this. I've always been concerned that - when factoring in only the traditional 5 aspects - I technically was born during a VOC moon...


Robert, thanks for this clarification.


Hi Ondrea - Thanks for checking in. Yes, one of the most common questions is when a person's Moon is 28-30 of a sign, they usually want to know if they're "cursed" by a VOC Moon. I'm glad I can write my impressions of my experience with this, since ALL things in the chart have a higher expression and are good for something. We just have to figure out what.

Also, I once read from a fairly respectable source that the later in a sign any planet is, it is, the more "spiritualized" that energy has become. It's personal in the first part, socialized in the second, and elevated to a higher level in the third. Of course I've also noted that the third part of sign is also the end of whatever manifested in that sign and sets the stage for the next level. So your Moon came in mature in its sign, ready to leap almost instantly as an infant into a totally different Moon, or form of nurture. It also shows your Mom went through major changes within weeks after your were born.


Hi Robert,
What if you have natal ascendant or MC at the last degree of a sign? How would a "void" moon affect those points as opposed to actual planets? Speaking of degrees, could you clarify something for me please? When looking at a planet's placement, how do you discern what "degree" it really is. For example, if there is an eclipse at 12 degrees 37 minutes Aries, which degree would that be considered? 12 or 13? I am confused because some round up and others just chop off the minutes. This has a big impact on sabian symbol correlation. Any ideas on this one? : ) Thanks!


Thanks for debunking the VOC moon. I have long felt that this was a needless scare tactic used by astrologers with suspicious motives and too have seen no correlation between these times and negative events. Encouraging clients to be afraid of the ephemeris is not a positive use of astrology in my book! Glad to see you feel the same. :)


Hi Wendy - I would think that it would mean the VOC Moon would make an aspect to the Asc or MC, certainly an important point in (fill in the appropriate aspect interpretation) how that part of you is coming to focus. The Moon IS "an actual planet" from our Earthly point of view.

To clarify, Rudhyar specified (as did Marc Jones) that from 0 degrees 01 minutes through 1 degree 0 minutes is 1 degree of a sign. It becomes 2 degrees the minute it moves from 1 degree 0 minutes to 1 degree 1 minute in longitude (or 1 degree + anything!) Some of the other degree symbols from non-Sabian sources do round down, so I use those interpretations, but it makes sense to go from 1 through 30 degrees, rather than 0 to 29 degrees of the signs. (You're never zero years old - you're one year old after you've done your first year, and turn two after you've completed two years.)

Hi Lynn - Yes, it doesn't surprise me that we share the same general attitude about astrological superstitions. So much of our craft is a game of "telephone," so that what was reputedly said or written whenever becomes a distorted "gospel" that people work from to everyone's disadvantage. Your spot-on comment about the "needless scare tactic" biz was EXACTLY why I wrote "A New Look At Mercury Retrograde," since way back when there was a lot of freaking out and chicken little stuff going around about this natural phenomenon. For anyone stumbling across this sector of reality, you really should check out Lynn's site, since it contains a lot of great material. Thanks for checking in, Lynn. Keep up the good work!


If astrology studies and interpretes so called Heavenly Scriptures, then not in vain a lot of terms it uses coinside:)with the ones used by lingustics. Have you ever analysed this phenomenon? If yes-where to find info? if no-it would be great if you help humankind to find the common language,id est its celestial sources."It's high time to reassess Babel".


Hi Svetlana - I believe you are describing the symbolic language that was known by all before we were split in diverse directions 12000 years ago. Then local linguistics took its course while the common language was forgotten by all except those who took the time to study and practice the Spiritual Way with its common symbols.

On this site I try to use words, phrases, and nuances of a common language describing the process of unfoldment, personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal. Though not a linguist, Dane Rudhyar also wrote some things about symbolic language, as did Jung.

The study of sounds, also known as mantras, was extensively explored in the Vedas, and it's interesting how the different names have been given to the different sounds of our Earth, each describing a form. Nama (name) and rupa (form) are the basis of all we can describe. This also is extensively explored in the Kabbalah as Gematria, where all forms have a numerical value based in what sounds comprise the name of that form, thereby relating to all other forms with that numerical value.

And then there's the language of the heart with its profound knowledge and wisdom, that whether spoken or unspoken conveys an entire experience beyond language. That sort of knowing transcends time, space, culture, and words.


The way you,Robert, give answers to the quest-ions of "common people" is worthwhile...
But I meant a more practical thing dealing with terminology which illuminates the celestial spring of the human language ,id.est how it is illuminated via coincidence of astrological and linguistic
Aspectology is the most vivid example, to my mind. The Table of Tenses (or Dances:) of the English verb(word) can be called the moving and changeable configuration of interrelations and interdependence of lexical\verbal units(dense and tense:) in time and space,can't it? It means, it is high time to think about the appearanc of a new profession - astrologer-linguist, for instance... No doubt, the transcendental Language of Heart would play the first violin, as usual.
In-tuition is primary wisdom,all other tuitions are secondary teachings, as Ralph Emerson wisely noticed.


Hi Svetlana - This is turning into an interesting focus with potential for development. That said, linguistics is not my specialty, though I do know something about the meaning of sounds. It seems that tenses, as per their specific usage, would correspond to forming, exact, and separating aspects, since both tenses and aspects describe the fluid movement of process. Your phrase "No doubt, the transcendental Language of Heart would play the first violin, as usual," deserves applause. Bravo!


Being a singer of the choir(an amateur one, which mostly performs spiritual/church/folk music of Belarus, my Motherland)I add my voice to the chorus of the participants of this Forum who admit constant coinciding "fortuities" between your descriptions,predictions,warnings,admonishments and the events in personal life, both inner and outer...
The finding of the language of mutual understanding as the basis/foundation of any education/edusystem has always been to me smth like a fairy-tale motive.Though I became a teacher of English, my childish dream was to become an nterpreter/translator. Now more and more I understand what the terms TRANS-lating and INTER-preting can really mean. It is great:) to find/feel yourself among those who try to look for new(old) ways for peacemaking on our planet-Mother Earth. On different planes.
different planes



What effect does VOC have on the horary when giving judgement ?



Hi sue - Well, I'm sure you know the usual horary rules: Asc in last or first few degrees of a sign makes it unable to be judged, Saturn in 7th supposedly isn't good for the astrologer, Moon VOC shows it's too far gone to matter and things have to change before the situation will be clear, etc. I have found the first or last degrees on the Asc still make it readable, and Saturn in the 7th isn't necessarily bad.

As for VOC Moon, I suppose it depends on if it touches an important position in the querent's or astrologer's natal or progressed charts. Then the Moon of the horary indicates the planetary or angle function of the being involved, or it could show something connected to the planet of the querent by what houses the Moon or that planet rules. If a VOC Moon touches a planet or angle of the astrologer, then it could show either a sensitivity on the part of the astrologer or some element of their past experience or family relations that would bear a direct relationship to the question posed. There are other variations on this as well.

Also my bottom line is a VOC Moon may still make minor aspects to other planets, and so may not really be VOC in a traditional sense. If it makes a quintile, or novile, or biseptile or whatever, it's not VOC. And that matters in a big way.


How reliable is the judgement if astrologer did not follow the horary rule?


Hi Robert,

Again your wisdom blows me away. Is there such a thing as V/C moon when the moon is in an earlier degee of the sign say 2 degrees?




Hi sue - Sorry to take so long to answer, but your comment obviously dropped off the sidebar before I saw it. It could still be accurate depending on other factors, but it depends on individual charts.

Hi Helen - No. VOC is only at the end of a sign.

Andrés Leguizamón

Hi Robert,

Nice Site! I've been studying astrology while working in the financial markets, so I've had the chance to follow-up on the VoC moon and it works, at least in the markets... I ask myself, though, what effect could a VoC moon have on a solar return? My sun is at 10º38' aquarius and in '09 it gets there under a VoC, considering only main aspects, which I know is not strictly VoC for you. I have no planets in final degrees though, only True Node at 29º leo, but Mean Node at 0º 17 virgo... Would love to know your thoughts... Thanks.


Hi Andres - Thanks for your praise of the site. My Solar Return Moon for 2008 could be considered VOC, since it's at 29 Capricorn 57 minutes. After 8 months I've had a very important and productive year so far. If some things continue to develop, it could very well turn into one of the most important years of my life. Perhaps we need to reconsider the potential meanings of VOC Moons? In your chart, I'd use the True Node, since the Mean Node is an average. And congratulations in advance for the coming Mars conjunct Jupiter exactly on your Sun. That will prove to be an exceptionally powerful influence on your life through 2011 and even beyond.

Andrés Leguizamón

Thanks much for taking the time to look into it and reply, and certainly thanks for sharing your uplifting personal experience. Glad to know the VoC moon during SR won't mess up potential good developments, 'cause certainly it happens amid a crescendo of awesome transits starting with the Jan 26 eclipse conjunct jupiter right before my 2nd house cusp, which conjuncts natal sun by roughly 4º and opposes natal moon by the same width. The next day, Mars starts showing up when mercury reaches him at 23º capricorn in a 3º wide trine to natal saturn. A few days later a very interesting birthday celebration under the VoC u already know about, but also with venus conj moon trine mars in a tight angle. Saturn opposing the venus/moon point though... And then, on feb 17th, the Mars/Jupiter conjunction you mention, just a few minutes too early before my sun, only for Jupiter to go conjunct natal sun two days later when transiting is in a nice angle to moon conj. Pluto making me wanna look for ways to switch gears in my life during those days. Anxious to go through all this! Hope next year I can use words like yours to describe my VoC moon year.


Hi Andres - Just remember that a conjunction starts forming its influence well in advance of the exact contact, and there are planetary "heralds" that trigger effects in advance of the exact angle. In your case, for example, the Mars-Jupiter is not really "too early," since they are camping out so close that any distance distinctions are of quality rather than quantity. I'm sure your next year will be one that opens many doors.


My 2010 Solar return Moon will be void-of-course. I've discovered several times after the fact that items I've purchased during normal moon VOC periods turn out to be defective. I was planning on purchasing some important business equipment later this year and now am unsure if that is wise and also whether I should avoid starting any new ventures. My Solar return Moon is also less than 2 degrees sinister trine my Natal Mercury (which is in my 2nd house.) I've often thought that a VOC Moon should also be considered in relation to Natal planets, as Robert has suggested here. Still, I may just take a year off and meditate.


Hi AZ - Why not activate and meditate at the same time?;-) I doubt I'll get a year off until I'm dead....

I've had 2 VOC SR Moons in the past 10 years. Still, even though VOC in the SR chart (a snapshot of the transits in the moment) those Moons still made an aspect to my Mercury and MC at 30 Aries, and those not exactly at 30 degrees of their sign also aspected my natal Saturn at 29 Virgo. Since transits show circumstances, perhaps a VOC SR Moon is only influential relative to external circumstances, while still triggering internal activity due to that point aspecting the natal planets.

Also, for benefit of those who haven't studied the ancients, "sinister" v. "dexter" aspects deal with which planet is above the other when aspects are made taking into account which one is aspecting the other and whether the distance between them is increasing or decreasing. According to a noted modern authority, this has some interesting manifestations in spectroscopy related to the Red v Violet ends of the spectrum.

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