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Hi Robert,

I recently came across a concept called “Saturn chasing the moon”. I have never heard about it before, but some people speak about it as one of the most powerful Saturnian conditions and one of the most unfortunate aspects. What are your views about it?

Regards, God bless,



Hi Patricia - It's when the progressed Moon and transiting Saturn are in some kind of aspect, usually a heavy one. I'll explain in a moment, but first, any aspect is only as "unfortunate" as you choose to accept. Yes, there are people who must live with this for years, but it still shows the way to liberate our experience of the moment while doing what we must. When we get or on-going Lunar sense functioning properly with our transiting Saturn function working as well as it can, even an affliction is a blessing, since it becomes our means of service to lessen that type of suffering in the world. More on this later.

Saturn takes about 28 1/2 to 29 1/2years to make its cycle. The Prog. Moon usually takes about 27 1/2 days, so they have a rough equivalent to make a complete cycle of the zodiac. Depending on where they are at birth, they form various aspects, some harmonious, some frictional.

For example, I've had Saturn in wide opposition to close opposition my Progressed Moon for some time. Sometimes it's wider, like now, them being about 10 degrees apart. Even when the gap closes this Autumn, it'll never be exact, as Saturn RX moves back into early Virgo while my P Moon moves through Pisces. They'll be close again by Autumn 2008, as Saturn moves through a major part of Virgo.

In any case, I don't accept it as an affliction that can upset my spiritual equilibrium. And even if something in this world does, I try not to attach, avoid, fall into illusion, or drift into useless suffering for its own sake. Any aspect merely reveals a relationship between those two functions of our inner and outer life. When the Higher Self is directing the show, an affliction is good for antidoting the problems of this world once we've worked through our own stuff.

crwal or fly

Might they be referrring to Sade-Sati of Saturn, from jyotish?


Hi crawl or fly - Actually, the Sade-Sati of Saturn, most dreaded thing it is reputed to be, is the period of Saturn one sign before and after along with its conjunction with the natal Moon. Thus with my Moon in Aquarius this period would start when Saturn enters Capricorn, lasts through the time it's in Aquarius, and continues through Saturn in Pisces.

So it happens to everyone 7 years out of every 28, which seems a rather long time to be stuck in the "doom and gloom" attributed to this period by most Vedic astrologers. Of course, the 10,000 pound gorilla in the proverbial corner of this assertion not acknowledged by Vedic astrologers is that during this period Saturn will be in a Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable sign, regardless of which one comes first and so forth. That means during any 7 year period Saturn will square, oppose, or otherwise "afflict" every planet in the map. No wonder there are some "hard lessons" in this period. It is reasonable to assert that some of the supposed difficulty of this period may have little or nothing to do with one's Moon (though the conjunction certainly will have its effect.)


Though i have no time and possibility to read through the Forum regularly i can,t stop wondering how its chief manages to cohere spiritual equilibrum with verbal equilibristics -in the best meaning of the words...


Hi Robert,

Once again, I have no words to say how much I appreciated you answering my question! Your insights are quite valuable, especially when I think about heavy Saturnian times.

Although we know that most things in the universe usually happen for a good purpose, sometimes when we are going through heavy karmic periods with Saturn as the culprit, we feel like throwing the towel!



Hi Robert,

Oh no you are probably going to say another Leo complaining about Saturn in Leo (My chart: Female, 8-18-52, Port Huron, MI, 10:15 am). With Saturn in Leo in my 10th house and being retrograde, I feel that my new career is stalled. This is the most challeging part of the Saturn in Leo transit for me. But I have noticed an interesting development. A number of Leo men have come into my life to pull into my new career. Care to comment?

Thanks, I really enjoy your blog, and I feel you have a message for me.

Best regards,



Hi Svetlana - Well, Spiritual equilibrium, aka Equipoise, is something we all have, once we reference the higher inner and not the dense outer. As for "verbal equilibristics," not all things can be expressed in perfectly balanced ways, since not all concepts are or need to be perfectly balanced. I strive for precision, not balance, though both involve "the razor's edge." Much I suppose is in the eye of the beholder, as well as the level of comprehension. For example, most think the force to balance with love is hate, when in fact it is fear. And truly, love IS letting go of fear.

Hi Patricia - Sure. These times are very heavy, with Saturn the nozzle for all our experience, whether we want it or not. The funny thing is, that when I've "thrown in the towel," it made no difference whatsoever. I've still been dealing with whatever, just without a towel! That's why perseverence furthers, as our old friend the I Ching sez. It's also helpful to remember that the reasons angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly! ;-)

Hi Helen - Oh no -- another Leo grumbling about Saturn in Leo! ;-) To defer is not to abandon, and any skills you're learning with Saturn RX will no doubt help you in the future. If Leo men are showing up, they represent Saturn. Saturn shows us our ability to structure what we need how we need to, and reminds us that our experience is valuable. These men represent something inside you or you couldn't attract them in any way. The trick is for you to see how they can provide structure, discipline, maturity, organization, or any of the other useful Saturn keywords. Just don't let them enslave you into systems and rules that don't work for you in the long haul. And of course they're teaching you about love, creativity, perseverence, and heart strength, so if you're being fed "crushed stone," dump whoever. If you can be patient with the process, you'll find by this Summer that there are many ways to make magic, and some take a little longer and are more elaborate in execution than others, but it's all magic in the end, Water Dragon Woman.

crawl or fly


Thanks so much for the insights about Sade-Sati. With natal moon in Cancer, 10th house, I am finishing my Sade-Sati. It has been very traumatic, also spiritually awakening, and out of it I have gotten a new career. I am a musician, and after many years of working at it, I finally had a song cut by a major artist--and then it went nowhere. That, plus a big personal relationship heartbreak, sent me deeper into yoga, something I love and have practiced for years. Last May, I was asked to teach yoga, and my teaching and my classes have grown enormously and totally without any effort on my part--The first time anything has ever been so effortless. I use a lot of healing visualization in the group meditation.

It's been hard for me to find my career path through the years--I have always thought it was about music and art (I was an art major, and also work as a graphic designer to support myself between music publishing deals.) Because of the way things have unfolded, I am wondering if our charts show an indication of true career path. Any insights appreciated.
11/11/57 Oak Park IL, Asc. 28 deg. Virgo


Hi COF - With that Moon, you're bound to get some kind of public recognition this life! You have a universal touch, and able to translate emotions we've all had into forms everyone can recognize. Glad you're doing and teaching yoga since it sounds like you were called, much the same as I was 31 years ago to teach astrology, metaphysics, meditation, etc. I assume you've read Louise Hay's "You can heal your life" since it has some very creative healing affirmations. And yes, our charts do show indicators of "true career path" though it often is a roundabout road to get there, since we need to learn to play both the white keys AND the dark keys on our piano. You have a very strong will and magnetism, and with that Asc you'll have two or more "careers" at the same time. Jupiter on your Venus later this year should be good for music, while Saturn square your Mercury cautions you not to get too narrow in view or pessimistic on the basis of past blockages. Allow Jupiter to expand your Saturn while productively building your Jupiter in Libra, and by the time Summer's done you should be doing quite well.

crawl or fly


I am so glad you were called to teach-- And this site is like no other. Many, many thanks. It's been a strange 6 years. I have not read Louise Hay's book--Now I will.



Thanks for the cosmic boost! The universe is pushing me into the direction of my new life, new job, new friends, a new love perhaps. My old way of life is coming to a close. Since this transit in Leo I have learned to trust where my heart is. That is writing. The thing I love most about writing stories? It is a very humbling experience for me. The story tells itself. I am just the scribe. Hum, imagine that! A Leo (and a Dragon to boot)being humble.

Take Care. I will keep you posted.

Best regards,



Hi Helen - Now if we writers could just find an income stream to support the dream, or those with money would wake up to their responsibility to keep a culture of "arts and letters" alive rather than their stockbrokers, investment bankers, or real estate agents...


Hi Robert,

Thank you again for being that beacon of light for me. You are one of my sources of inspiration as I am being pulled into my new life.

Yes, I was sad when I saw on Countdown with Keith O that Molly Ivins had passed away. She was a woman of great strength and wit.

I had been interested in politics all my life. The interest led me to work for what the right calls the Great Satan i.e. Bill Clinton in the Michgian Press office in the 92 election.

But now I am working on my calling. With a Mercury @ 15 degrees Leo in the 10th house and a Neptune in 19 degrees Libra in the 1st house, would you like to guess what kind of writing I do?

Warmest Regards,



Hi Helen - Funny. In Election 92 I was the only Jerry Brown delegate in the Texas State Democratic Party convention, if not the only one in (literally) a million square miles! I saw such overtly disgusting behavior I quit politics for 10 years, retiring to a consultant role, and only re-emerged to do political blogging beginning 2002.

Kids, fantasy, loving relationships, sports, theater? You may want to write something about kids, whales, dolphins, and the deep blue sea.


Hey Robert,

It's funny-I got the same reaction. They offered me a job in Washington, but I turned it down. There were many reasons why but the basic reason was that in order for a person to succeed in politics, you must destory the other guy. I felt it wouldn't help my karma.

Actually, I write about love. But it is more than just romance or love. I write about soul mates.

Take care. Remember you are one of the people pulled me along the path.

Warmest regards,



Hi Helen - Well, from one point of view, "loving relationships" + "fantasy" = soul mates. So you're obviously doing the right thing in the right place!

As for political karma, I recently stopped political blogging since a) I was tired of delivering the bad news, b) I saw the corruption I had bulldogged for over two years come down in indictments for Tom DeLay, Scooter Libby, Bob Ney, and others, c) I already called election 2006 in December 2005, and d) I felt I needed a new voice to focus on more hopeful, progressive areas of technological and social breakthroughs for the better. I'm still "gathering my medicine" on that aspiration while enjoying my Aquarius Papers dharma. And of course, I'm happy that I helped you further along in your higher destiny, since we're all one community here.


I am wondering what doing the positive aspects of one's Saturn means? All-in-all it is difficult for me to understand what doing one's Saturn means at all, and then to divide it into positive and negative confuses me that much more.

Thanks for any insight!


Hi ellen - Saturn's duality is Dominion and Slavery. Saturn's energetics rightly applied offers us the maturity and experience to steer the ship of our purpose to its highest manifestation. Alternatively, Saturn's rigidity and inertia can also keep us trapped by fear, obsolete rules and/or obligations that deaden our life force. Either we choose our disciplines and grow into more perfect manifestations of our Dharma, or are fed the crushed stone of that which dominates our landscape and keeps us confined in mental slavery. Here's a little more about Saturn's function as the Ring Pass Not.

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