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Pluto in leo started in 1938 and went to June 1958? I was born June 22, I'm trying to sort out your message.

But then you say pluto was in virgo from 1956 ...

Am I missing something?

I love your column...


thanks for this Robert...i have been feeling this so strong lately especially because i have the Pluto septile sun septile moon configuration (Oct 4 1951 7:15 pm Nashua NH), and also Pluto is right on my Chiron (in the 8th house) right now. (I have Pluto in the 4th house)...and of course, Neptune is directly opposite my Pluto does that play into it? i have been alternating between feeling like i am going to die, and feeling better than i have in years. Arrrghhhh!!! ;-) Can you shed any more light on how to deal with all this
thanks SO much for your blog, it is some of the best astrology i have ever read, as you know!


Hi Katy - Pluto often enters a sign, retrogrades back into the previous sign for a while, and then re-enters its new sign for good. In this case, Pluto was in Leo until October 19, 1956, when it entered Virgo. It went stationary retrograde on December 3, 1956 at 1 Virgo. It reentered Leo on January 14, 1957, went stationary direct at 28 Leo on May 10, 1957, and then went direct back into Virgo on August 18, 1957. It went forward to 3 Virgo before going stationary retrograde December 4, 1957, and retrograded back into Leo April 10, 1958. It went stationary direct at 30 Leo on May 13, 1958 and finally re-entered Virgo for the last time on June 10, 1958, where it stayed in Virgo until entering Libra October 4, 1971. You're extremely intuitive, hard to fool, and with Jupiter forming a Grand Fire Trine to your Mars-Uranus, you should be having a blast! This Summer you will also do very well.


I know what a shadow is... it's the person standing beside itself that should be arguing with itself, but instead is usually projecting issues onto other people. At least that's my very recent experience with a Pluto in Leo person (My mother. I have a 12th house Cancer). But not everyone is so out of control are they? I'm hoping to be friends with my shadow, or use it in a positive way, if in fact I even know what my shadow is yet. It'll be my turn next, with Pluto in Virgo. Only the shadow knows...


Hi Robert, Yes, it is just terrible how we are told to believe that Saturn conjunct Pluto will only bring all possible forms of misery. I was trying to remember how it was when I last had this aspect back in 1979 I think, it had a lot to do with getting what I wanted and structuring my power, it was a very busy period, but I remember that at the end I did get what I wanted. Saturn conjunct Pluto strengthens your will I think. I'm still going through a difficult Pluto conjunct Moon, that I agree was total destruction, everything that has ever meant security to me is now gone and it had to. Now I'm so much in need of starting to rebuild and to restructure, but a new life a more meaningful one, and to reassert my will and my values. I was born in Sao Paulo-Brazil, 05/31/61 at 8:55am, with Pluto at 5th of Virgo in the 2nd house, I've seen on the ephemeris that Saturn will stay for a quite long time on my Pluto (from October/07 till July/08) as it will pass three times. I have a friend whose Pluto is at 29th of Leo and he'll only have Saturn passing over his Pluto once, that struck me and I wonder what that could mean. It must make a big difference whether you have a monumental force such as Saturn aspecting your natal planet just once or three times due to retrogradation.
Saturn can bring endings but it also brings order, I'm so much in need of a new foundation in my life at the moment, and I really believe that Saturn will bring the opportunity of rebuilding one. I think it will be a blessing when it joins forces with my Pluto.


Hi robert, what do you make of the comet mcnaught now visible in the skies and is there any astrological significance...which am sure there is ....the world seems more crazy you think this is quetzacotal as the mayans foretold would return in the form of a comet????thanks for your amazing and light jeanette


Hi kit - So Saturn is waning septile your Sun and biseptile your Moon, showing you're at a major turning point in your life's purpose. Neptune is opposition the Pluto of everyone born between 1949-1955 right now, another article in itself. The edge of radical change in our lives often does make us feel better than before, since we know our life is about to be different. And it feels like a death, because we know something is about to end. And the weird feelings of Neptune opposed Pluto can bring dreams to life, or hallucinations of darkness. Jupiter in Sag is trine your Pluto and sextile your Neptune, as well as sextile your Sun moving toward the quintile. Go for the new, the pioneering, the revolutionary, the daring, that which frees your mind to explore wider vistas than you've seen for awhile. Keep it as sane and grounded as possible as you cut loose from familiar moorings. And of course, thanks for your appreciation of the blog.

Hi Christine - Any shadow is the result of light hitting a dense object. Any shadow can be dispelled by lighting the object from multiple light sources. As I learned back when I directed television, four point lighting is essential to eliminate any shadow, since three point lighting won't do it entirely.

A shadow cannot project, only light can project. We don't have to be the screen upon which others project images, or we can be the surface upon which their projections are distorted, depending on our textures. Parents usually project subconscious images on their children, but we do not have to allow the projection to imbed itself in our consciousness. Our shadow in only there because we have a light shining in some part of our life and haven't adequately lighted the object. Or, as a great Master of the Wisdom once put it, "Nothing's impossible if you find the right point of view."

Hi Alix - Yes, there are many doom and gloom stories about Saturn and Pluto, some of which are occasionally right, but mostly the haunted imagery of those who have not acknowledged life is impermanent, we have the ultimate power to be true to ourselves at the core of our being, and what happens to us is less important than our reaction to it and how we handle it.

When it happened to me in the 70s, it was a time of major spiritual breakthrough and tremendously productive group work in the field of arts and cultural event promotions that helped transform literally thousands of lives in playful, educative, cooperative ways. (And I became a dad!) While a tremendously busy time, and in many ways very "successful," at some point it had to end, and when it did, it "crashed" spectacularly, not for me per se, but for those who thought the party could last forever. Yes, it does strengthen the will, as well as the sense of purpose distilled out of the many suppositions of the unfocused mind still trying to live up to rules and standards that have no substantial reality in the life. Pluto conjunct Moon forces you to purify your "up close and personal" responses to everything in the life. Glad you're going for a more meaningful life where you can assert your will and values on your own terms. You'll see how powerful you are by accepting you're here to attract absolute wealth and resources, using them in a form of practical service to transform something in your world.

Your friend is already feeling Saturn on his Pluto, since its stationary point at 26 Leo is close enough to catalyze his Pluto. He's got it nonstop for two years as well, since he'll be feeling it through Saturn's 2 Virgo station in 2008. And as you can see from my own story, it can be a true blessing when Saturn conjuncts Pluto, even if it gets to be a fairly wild ride at times!


Thanks for your response Robert.

As a still photographer, I love your analogy that 4 points of light are needed to eliminate a shadow.

You say - "Our shadow is only there because we have a light shining in some part of our life and haven't adequately lighted the object. Or, as a great Master of the Wisdom once put it, "Nothing's impossible if you find the right point of view."

I do think I need to work on the bravery behind the light. Sometimes, I don't know whether I need astrology or pscyhotherapy. I'd prefer astrology. : )


Hi jeanette - Comets are distant wanderers from other places that bring new materials to whatever gravitational field they enter. There have been other very spectacular comets in the past decade or so, any one of which could be the herald of the return of "the World Teacher," regardless of the local name. And we live at a time when the world is receiving a new global teaching that will affect humanity for centuries, though I suspect the messenger won't be available for crucifixion.


Hi Christine - I have found that courage is the antidote to ten thousand problems, and avert at least ten thousand more before they arise. As the great Sage Sri Yukteswar once put it, "Look fear in the face and it will cease to trouble you." And let's not forget this is the guy who learned how to come back from the dead, at least for a while, to teach his disciple not to be too attached to his form. Not to be disrespectful of psychotherapy and what it can show us, but ultimately the punch line of every therapeutic modality I've experienced is "What are you going to do about it?" That would imply that once we've explored the whys and what ifs, there is a point at which we need to figure out how to act in alignment with our highest intention, highest purpose, and highest integrity, regardless of fear or desire. We overcome fear by generating the courage to do or not do whatever in the moment, and stand on the strength of our Soul's integrity, which only loves, and never fears.


Robert - what a wonderful response. I really appreciate what you're saying about how ultimately we must turn to ourselves.

I have been in a weird situation, where I believe I'm acting to my highest order, and then it appears to be used against me (which is probably a classic problem).

You say - "I have found that courage is the antidote to ten thousand problems, and avert at least ten thousand more before they arise." I shall be thinking a lot about that one... and will be considering what my presence of mind is.


Hi Christine - I suppose I should add that there is nothing in this world that warrants us being a willing punching bag! Sometimes even a Saint must growl, and Sri Yukteswar had to go to court to save his ashram from being stolen by egoic selfish people he was close to. That said, there is also nothing so serious in this world that warrants us being in a non-loving state. There is much we cannot and should not like; we get to "not like it" in our own way, even while generating as much love, wisdom, and goodwill as we can, humans that we are. And one of the hardest lessons I've ever learned is not to allow my kindness and compassion to be mistaken for weakness.


thanks robert, and how we need a 'new world teacher' do you think the students will listen or want to be educated?????our society is sucked into the 'dumbing down' by governments fear mongering campaigns....sometimes i really wonder....i try to strike up some meaningful dialogue with people who just think i am a paranoid conspiracy theorist!!!!so saturn conjunct plutos of everyone on earth sounds like the medicine we have been waiting for......i am soooo glad i have found this outlet ...thanks for being the way i thought the comet may have had some connection to pluto ...god of the underworld stuff....bye x


hi robert just read your response to christine about learning one of your biggest lessons of kindness and compassion being mistaken for weakness and may i add stupidity being a fellow aries it took me so long to learn this and to not keep being the "willing victim"....even saints must stand up for themselves....jesus didnt take crap!!!!!jeanette


Hi jeanette - The students usually don't know the World Teacher until after they're gone! The teachings usually take centuries to take root in collective consciousness, since the Teacher's presence marks the beginning of the new era rather than the culmination of that era. And you're right, in that Saturn will bring a needed dose of restructured reality to our somewhat bizarre and irrational world. As far as I know, NO great "spiritual teacher" EVER took crap from people after a certain point. Patience is patience, but we must never be doormats for another's ignorance, bullying, mocking, or willful egomania. Something about Hexagram 4, "Youthful Folly," comes to mind here.


Dearest robert just wanted to share a beautiful poem which stirs something deep within.....Across the doorsill the breeze at dawn has secrets to tell...dont go back to sleep....people go back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds must ask for what you truly want....dont go back to sleep....Rumi,13th century persian poet and sufi mystic. Here is another inspiring thought provoking verse....A sufi woke one night and said to himself"it seems to me that the world is like a chest in which we are all put and lid is shut down, and we give ourselves up to foolishness. When death lifts the lid, he who has aquired wings, soars away to eternity, but he who has not,stays in the chest a prey to a thousand tribulations. Make sure then that the bird of ambition acquires wings of aspiration, and give to your heart and reason the ecstasy of the soul. Before the lid of the chest is opened become a bird of the spirit, ready to spread your wings" 12th century sufi,farid ud-attar in his 'conference of the birds' thought you might like this....jeanette.xoooxx


dear readers advice if you had nay experience like mine

in my natal charter pluto at 26xx deg leo conjunction
venus on leo at 21 deg and same pluto conjunction mart at 1.xx of virgo all on my seven house , i have moon on sagitarious 28xx deg 10/11 house. as realzie o ben extremtly sensitive many htign affect me more htne ever , i almost never suffer depresion, i am very outgoing positive somehow i still iam but sometimes i cry i feel like i have great pain inside of me, when almost every is OK on my life, i consider my self spiritual person and very psychic at times, and i feel things even before they occur. my natla moon conjuncts transit pluto, and soon would be trine with saturn in leo, and jupiter would conjunct pluto and my natal moon in sagitario how all tis is affecting me or would affect me . it thruth thAT MOON AND PLUTO CONJUNCTION ARE THE MOST DIFFICULTS AND ONE LOSE A DEAR PERSON ? PLEASE ADVICE


Hi jeanette - I do love Rumi and the other Sufi masters across time. Life really IS for living!

Hi rosi - You'll be eternally youthful, if somewhat extreme in your life experience. Don't take anything personally, and try to see the Divine Hand in all you do helping your purify your responses. You're very friendly, free to quest your whole life for greater freedom of understanding and how to live with fewer worries and chains from externals.

Be willing to see the uniqueness of your personality and what you care about, and remember that you may be picking up on the Weltschmertz, or "pain of the world." As I've noted in posts about ending suffering, this directly impacts the human problem of the mind's tendency to "suffer over its own suffering," with generating goodwill and positivity the antidote to this affliction. As for losing a dear person when Pluto conjuncts the Moon, it could happen, or not. Other factors are involved. Two people close to me had it happen, and neither lost anyone close to them, though their lives did change dramatically and they express their feelings more effectively than they used to.


Hi Robert - I've been away for a few days and didn't respond.

You say - "And one of the hardest lessons I've ever learned is not to allow my kindness and compassion to be mistaken for weakness."

Well that just makes me chortle. I'm so with you there, and definately still learning. What I'd like to say to you is 'oh, please, do go on'... perhaps a future column?

And thank you again for your great insight.


Hi Christine - Well, I'll cogitate on what more I could possibly say about that without coming off like Andy Rooney. I believe it's all part of Saturn's mystery. And of course, you're most welcome.


LOL Robert. I think Andy Rooney is funny.... but, I understand. Besides, what you address on your site, of course, covers all kinds of ground.


Hi Robert thank very much for your helpful answer. And I am so sorry to write you this long mail please tell do you think it is karma ? many years back when i was 14 i saw a young guy playing basketball who took my attention i felt so atracted to him as he was older for few years he even probably never saw me. Years later barely I was barely and I was going to leave my city to go abroad . I meet him in a party, he asked me for a dance, then one followed after another to the annoyance of others girls there. he was sort of good looking, by then he was few years studding in the capital and he was there for holidays, despite he never did it before. I was very popular girl with boys and very old fashion, in general some other girls did not like me. he and I saw few times ,I told him I was to go away but did not mention when as we were waiting for answered. Only day before I told him of it . he went to capital to see me off. He drove the whole night for 12 hours so he could see me again. My stayed on the capital was to be for 4 days. we went to stayed with family of my mother . he came to see me to take me for dinner, but unknown to us, my uncle where we stayed [not of blood] was brother of his mother and he had not seen him for years. they went out together ... next day he return to take out. and he told me he was to came next day as I was leaving. He never came . I went away. but I felt something of me was been left there. I promise not to think about him. He did not had my address nor I had his. My sister said that one time he saw him in our city and he was asking about me, but they did wanted to gave any address . Years later before I married I came back to my town and I asked for was him, no news .. as I was leaving abroad it did not matter. I got married stayed abroad despite of it I always asked about him . until a friend told he had return from abroad so I called him, he was selling his flat and I told my husband of it . So we could buy it to use it as a piede terre. when I went back I was to meet his wife somehow something in my I did not wanted it , so i told him lets have lunch the two of us . the chemistry was still there so was the energy/intensite but as I was married, so him. we behave, specially me . I saw him once more but we stop .
i never saw him after , many times i had asked over him one time I was told he went back abroad , next time i was told he had die of cancer. when i heard it not only I was shock but my body ached for days, I cried for days it was like i lost part of me . I even prayed for him .Later I divorce and I never wanted to get marry anymore despite that i had over 5 proposals from men that would had been very suitable for me. Most man were Leo . even my ex-husband Leo and Leo ascendant . somehow I could not do it my daughter who was important for me then the man . Only this year around 7 Jan 07 when I was in an office and pick a magazine to read I saw his name . I went home and search for the company and ot see if it was the same person . And it was, I wrote him an email he answer me .but before he answer me it was like dream my only thoughts were about him . He was polite but somehow my heart was telling he was married for 2 times .and later when he wrote for the 2 time he confirmed what I felt early , but my heart suffer such pain and cried to sleep that I can not take him out of my mind .[he wrote he has small kids and I know me I am old fashion on my way of thinking but it hurts as we have no future ..
His birthday is 25 July 1950 position is 16 S24 71W33 born 8 am he was not sure 100% and my birthday is 16 September 1953 born at 2.30pm 16S24 and & 71W33. he is leo and i am virgo. I had planned a trip to my country for months, for June 07 all before I found he was not death . Please tell me why I feel like this and what can happen if I se again ? Need your help .


robert hi i forget to mention the firts time i saw him i was 14 and en i saw him after inthe party i was barely for 18 .

i thank you so you think were are soulmates or is my side only. as it aches


Hi rosi - You have asked for a lot of answers. I will try to address them within 48 hours. For now, practice viewing the timelessness of relationships, the Divine Love we share on levels no one can hinder or prevent, with infinite compassion, detachment, and dispassion. There may be karmas unfolding that are mysterious but must be fulfilled before things can be untangled and those on the quest find themselves on the other side of the vast unknown, together as always without the lesser karmas getting in the way. And sometimes dreams come true even on this impermanent place we call life.


hi robert !
i wanted to write you early to say thank you for your above email, only now is been possible .

have you had the time to find it out about if it is soultmate issues ?
thank you again



Hi rosi - I have a different take on "soulmates" than most. I believe what we want and need in life is a helpmate, a true friend. We have many "soul mates," those people who bring us to a greater love. Whether we stay together or not is a different matter. They can be male or female. Sometimes soulmates can break our hearts, and we can become stronger for it. Other times they open us to an intense Love, but we may not be in a position to express it.

I always encourage cultivating friendship and dialogue, without being clouded by infatuation. If both want a deep and caring friendship, then it can last a lifetime as long as we keep the karma clean. I believe where there is love and friendship, then we can openly relate to others without bad motive, though some may interpret it otherwise. It takes two to make a relationship, and both must be willing to enter into that. It is much more difficult if one is already in a relationship as then there will be problems. However, I do not believe anyone should be trapped in a non-loving relationship, or made to suffer cruel indifference from their mate. Sometimes we get to be together, other times not. It depends on the individuals and the circumstances.


Hi Robert, I've just noticed that Rosi asks if we loose someone dear to us whenever Pluto conjuncts our Moon. There has been some developments in my family, very illustrative ones that Pluto is redefining, getting rid of the old and planting new seeds in this respect. I was brought up (luckily) mostly by my grandmother who was an exceptionally strong woman, she's just turned 96 years old and she has been decaying now at an amazing speed, the doctors confirm that this is indeed the beginning of the end. She was my role model, all my life, now she is dying and I believe that by the time Pluto retrogrades back to the 27 of sag, she will leave this plane. As for my own mother, with whom I've had a most horrid relationship (same from my sister's end and my daughter's too for that purpose), I've only now started to receive a full acknowledgement that she is indeed insane, which is something that never happened before because she had always managed to convince the other people in the family that she was the ultimate victim of humanity, unfortunately, I don't see herself regenerating her life at this point, if it didn't happen when the Pluto conjuncted her Sun (she is Sagittarius and my father died exactly at that period), it will just not happen anymore, but at least people stopped nagging at me because of her. My daughter has been this spoilt and borderline problem child since the beginning of her adolescence and was a huge burden to me for nearly 12 years, when I had to bring her up practically on my own, dealing with her suicide attempts, taking her to psychiatric hospitals, doctors and psychologists, and still having to listen from her that I was to blame because I'd brought her into this miserable world and family-yeah, take that one!(and what I'm telling here is really just the tip of the iceberg...), refusing to grow up and take her life in her own hands. Until in June/2005, things started to happen (thanks to the great square and Saturn opposition Saturn and probably also the beginning of Pluto conjunct Moon), I had to close the family company which in itself was upsetting but a slap on both my mother's and my daughter's faces that they had to finally start doing something for themselves as I wouldn't be able to support them financially anymore (like they'd been so used to things falling straight on their laps) at least for a long time. I decided that it was also time to renovate my own life, and it was the opportunity for me to try and do something I liked going back to a previous activity that I love but had to abandon 15 years ago due to family duties including the infamous family company. I cut the umbilical cord with my daughter (with an axe this time!), sold my flat, paid debts an moved to the UK where I've been now doing my best to put the ground back under my feet and finding a new meaning for my earthly existence. I think I should also add that the 30th of December, when Pluto was exact conjunct my Moon, my daughter entered the hospital (she lives in Sao Paulo-Brazil), because she attempted to go through the 20 days process of fasting and start to feed just on light!!! well, it didn't work and she nearly died (my friends in Sao Paulo talked to the doctors and confirmed), after this incredible self imposed ordeal, she is not the same anymore, during her near death experience she saw beings reanimating her and she pulled herself back into this life, thus being born from her own hands. After this, she says that she loves life, loves people, loves me and understands that her life on earth has got a higher purpose... wow...
This is Pluto conjunct my Moon!
Now there's something else interesting happening, I attribute this to Pluto conjuncts our Moon but also to resonance between the woman in the family: My grandma is dying, my menstrual period has been very irregular although the doctors say that I'm not even close to menopause (I'm 45) because my hormone levels are excellent, and my daughter has had her period for a few months after her near death experience. There has been a major realignment of our femininity in all levels... more later...


hi robert ,it was so inlightning to read about soulmates I thank you for your thoughful answer.

I sympatizes with Alix who i wish her the best .
robert ! having pluto 26 deg xxx conjucting venus at 21 deg [where saturn is now] both in leo and mars 1.xx deg in virgo conjuncting pluto all in my 7hs this affects my life
my relations so with saturn means change ends is this means all my relations with friends and with my open woes if indeed I have one , are going to end ? is this affecting my partnerships?, i still do not understand how jupiter would affect me when saturn conjucts my natal pluto at same time trinee pluto and jupiter in sagitaruious which are conjuncting my natal moon at 28deg in sagy. is not jupiter positive and love with moon ? can jupiter mitigate any bad eyes pluto and moon conjunction can give me?


Dear Robert, It is truly uplifting and encouraging to know that I do not suffer alone; how many respondees with Pluto conj. their natal moon! I too and also opposite Uranus! I feel at times I will lose someone dear and close and then other times I feel "I'm on my way to find out." (Cat Stevens)I left astrology years ago (thinking it was anti-Christian) only to take interest again and feel it is life affirming. I'm animated when someone asks me an astrological question. I don't know where the information comes from; it just pours out of me. Trans. Pluto just went in to my 6th; T. Uranus in to my 9th; and T. Neptune in to my 8th. I feel something very spiritual is about to take place and I take solace in that. I hope Rosi can find solace too and not fear the future of her Pluto Moon conjunction.
Thanks so much Robert for your site; it is very inspiring; you are very inspiring; it makes me want to find some form of employment that will allow me to raise the vibration of those around me! God willing. Namaste!


Hi Alix - wow! Truly a Plutonic experience in extreme - glad you've moving through the fire. And of course, my heartfelt blessings to your grandmother in her impending transition. Shine the light of higher love on her every moment, and you'll provide the beacon as she navigates the Bardo.

Hi rosi - Jupiter is offering you lessons on freeing yourself from negative interpretations of Pluto! Open to a greater adventure from a higher spiritual angle of seeing it all as a quest for truth. Pluto on the Moon can be as freeing and uplifting as it is difficult, and eventually when it's done, you're a better being for it.

Hi Diane - Glad you made it back to astrology. It's truly a spiritual art/science. And may you find the perfect work at the perfect time for the perfect pay in the perfect situation so you may pursue your higher destiny in peace, prosperity, love, and perfect self-expression.


Thank you Robert,
My daughter and I have been concentrating on sending her all the light of our love, she lives in France, I'm trying to get a flight to see her for the last time but it might be too late according to the doctors, it seems it's just a matter of hours maybe and she is in a deep sleep already. Pluto is ending it's transit through my daughter's first house (I forgot to mention that she is 24 years old), so maybe now there'll just be some final touches here and there, but the building has been completely renovated no doubt. As Pluto is going to retrograde soon and pass over my Moon another two times I can only expect that there's more coming. When Pluto retrogrades to conjunct a planet exact, is it more cruel than the first time or more revelling?


Hi Alix - Blessings be on your Grandmother's Passage. May she be lifted up on the wings of the Angels of Transition, and swiftly reach the blissful dream state as she is pulled toward the Heavenworld. Listen, feel, recognize, and know, since there will be a part of her unconditional Love that will resonate in your heart before, during, and after the point of Transition that will open you to a sense of the Eternal. Both you and your daughter will receive an energy after she releases the form, and its wings are awesome to behold.

Each transit brings new insights into lessons around the Absolute. We see it one way, we see it another way, and then still another way. Sometimes for two or three years (in the case of Pluto!) To me, Pluto is never cruel, merely the Lord of the Underworld that we must make our friend if we are to overcome the fear of annihilation. I find its lessons are so surgically precise that by the time I know something has been severed, there's little else to do but face the purified life, stripped of whatever is done for that season of our life.

steel orr

robert...this forum is great..thanks for creating it...i am having my pluto/moon/midheaven all conjuncted by saturn....19-21-21...respectively...and yes the ending is happening...the cleansing is on...and the good feeling of letting go of extra baggage is definitely being felt...i am a saturn is givin me the shake...yahooo!


Hi steel orr - Welcome to the site. Your ruler is showing you the way to heartfelt enjoyment of your Lunar power over the Peace/Strife duality using the purifying power of exalted Pluto. You're here to do a major public work of some very important sort shown by what house your Sun is in. From now through June, the Grand Fire Trine should offer great inspiration and light up your life bigtime. And you should have a great autumn due to Jupiter's trine and Saturn harmonious to your Sun. Uranus, though forcing adjustments in your views, foundations and self-expression, is also favorable to your Sun, so revolutionary conditions are productive for combining your heart and genius in more satisfying ways.


Hi, Robert!
Your blog is wonderful and I appreciate how sensitive and intuitive your responses are. Thanks for that! In about an hour, transiting Saturn will conjunct my Pluto in Leo in the 8th and square natal Sun and Venus in the 10th. My parents are getting on in age and live 1000 miles away. I fly down as often as I can to see them, but with this transit, I am wondering if one or both will pass on to their greater good, since the 8th house is higlighted. I have Cap rising, with Mars on the ascendent and so far I, as the oldest child have been the only one available to care for them besides the nice ladies who help them through a home health service. Since I am spread pretty thin, (my Aries husband and I own 2 businesses) and I am facing my second saturn return in a couple of years, I truly wonder if I will be able to handle the pressures. My health has been affected by this. Thanks for any ideas!


Hi Cindi - It is possible that the 8th house will bring loss - it is equally probable that it will bring regeneration. Pluto in the 8th has the power to manipulate magnetism to an extraordinary degree, but must beware of going to extremes and over the edge. I think you need to see yourself as a custodian of energy and resources, since whatever leaves in an 8th house experience inevitably leads to a wider life once the 9th is stimulated. Gemini is the ruler of your house of health, so focus on that for healing. Maybe you're just finding your limits about some things, and need to be more about maintaining than expanding and expending. And yes, those of our generation are now getting pushed and pulled between elderly parents and kids and work and play and partnerships and.....


Hi Robert,
I found this site on google, looking for info on the conjunction of Pluto to my natal Saturn. Its dead on conjunct right now, and I know will not move quickly, and will go back and forth over that location for a longer while. Now, I find that Saturn is also going to be transiting my natal Pluto! Is this just a re-inforcement of the same messages, of purification, and change of the status quo? My Saturn is in the 4th house, and my Pluto is conjunct my Asc, which trines my sun. I am an early Pluto in Virgo person, born Dec. 26 1958. Uranus is also transiting my seventh house, and I feel like I'm unhappy with so many things in my life, and want to leave, and start over on my own. I know a little astrology, but can't really see what all this means. Maybe I don't want to! Can you say something to help clarify this?


Hi Tamara - Since the transit can take a year or more, it shows lessons to learn on first conjunction, a new look at the same lessons while RX but from different angles of approach, and at the third passage we implement what we've learned up to then. I also have Pluto rising, and once you realize you ARE the "Lord of the underworld," then you can cut yourself some slack, feel badly from time to time for being so out there and not really understood by a world afraid of "the underworld," and kick back a little.

Saturn in the 4th shows you need to eliminate every negative memory from the past engraved on your subconsciousness, and write off a lot of your difficulties as past life residue showing you how to purify yourself to the core and come out golden. Also, with Pluto rising, I suggest you meditate on Abraham Lincoln's dictum (to paraphrase) that "a person's just about as happy as they make up their mind to be." And yes, it IS that simple if you apply that prescription 24/7 until you see it working. If you don't like something, do something about it, and do something about your experience of it. And try to remember that NOTHING is that important here that it warrants us being in a not-loving state. There is much not to like, but this place is a blast, if our intention is to learn to love, live, and grow into our infinite Eternal Self.


Thank you Robert,
Still curious, can you suggest the nature of the lessons that Pluto transiting Saturn bring? Will the Saturn transit to Pluto that you write about also re-inforce the same thing or should I be looking more toward the natal house that it transits? Actually that would be Saturn transiting my Asc, and trine my Sun! Uh-Oh! When Saturn transited my moon in Cancer a couple years ago, I was miserable. Less so on the retrograde and repeats, but I think of Saturn transits as downers.

When you wrote, "Saturn in the 4th shows you need to eliminate every negative memory from the past engraved on your subconsciousness, and write off a lot of your difficulties as past life residue showing you how to purify yourself to the core and come out golden." Did you mean just Saturn, as it is natally, or is this about the effect of the Pluto transit? This actually really describes a process I went through deeply last year. I am wondering if I felt the Pluto transit as it encroached?

Regarding Pluto ascending, and "being the Lord of the Underworld", I practice Buddhism and prefer to translate this as owning my Buddha nature, but I believe you mean this in the same way. I have Neptune in Scorpio sextile,to, and in between my Pluto Asc and Sun, making me a lot less earthy, more mystical and "out there" than most Capricorn suns!

I appreciate you advice, to DO something, I practice love and compassion and right view, I have been working on my experience of things more than directly on the things themselves. I feel I have more control over my experience, than on outside things. But I get the sense that all these transits will force me to do more.


Hi Tamara - Saturn conj Pluto crystalizes Pluto; Pluto conj Saturn purifies Saturn. Those happen through events symbolized by the house it falls in. You may want to go back and re-read the article about Saturn conjunct planets or the Ascendant. Saturn transits can be downers, but they will show you what you can and cannot live with. The answer to your question is yes and yes. Pluto is not allowing you do ignore anything.

The Underworld is what it is, and requires many types of Buddhas and Devas and other refined sentient beings to show how to be there without the traps of the lower self making a mess of things. And you just don't know who you may meet in the underworld who may be Maitraya, or one of His freightloaders. As for your final musings, I have found that "goal-fitness," as it is termed by a Great One, usually leads to increased demands on the evolved Consciousness, always leading to Love, Wisdom, and Intelligent Action.


Hi again Robert,
I've sent links to this site to a bunch of friends. I got the impression from what you wrote me here that you were into the Western Mystery traditions, Blavatsky, Bailey etc, and your latest posts have confirmed this. I've studied in this tradition for a few years now, but really don't know much about the "underworld" or the "lord of the Underworld" and especially how this relates to Pluto, and how you mention this in relation to my Pluto conj. Ascendent. I'd love to hear more.
Plus, count me in for any thought experiements. Three years training in White Magic (AAB style) might help, though am rather more into Tibetan Buddhism now, but IMHO its all the same, all about being a Bodhisatva.


I found this blog on a search for Saturn conjunct Pluto, which I have going on now - in the 11th on my natal chart and in the 12th on a relocation chart. This appears to be having an effect on my life, but in addition, I'm having Pluto conjunct my mars in the 3rd natal and 4th relo chart while it trines my sun in the 7th. Would anyone care to give me some pointers becasue the way I feel right now, I'd rather die than continue to live with my life in its current circumstances. I sure would appreciate it.


Hi Tamara - Yes, I sponsored a "Wisdom school" many years ago, and many attended the hundreds of classes and talks given over years. Pluto IS "the lord of the underworld," if we are to accept mythology. There isn't much written, since most are scared to death of even thinking of such things, much less exploring them. But it's grist for an article I'll write in the future. As for thoughtform building, I'm about to post something for one I believe is a worthy endeavor.

Hi Rita - Ignore relocation charts. You can't be born anywhere other than where you were. Each place has its own astrological factors which affect us more than speculative "relocation charts." Only ego dies, and is the only part of us that can imaging "dying." Ego is based on attachments to perceptions, assumptions, and desires. Get rid of the perception that creates suffering and you get rid of suffering. Saturn is showing you which ambitions are more burden than blessing, while Pluto is purifying how you do what you do. I would suggest you go back and reread this article to decrease your sense of suffering with your circumstances, and open to signs from Spirit showing you a way to fulfillment.


Hi, Wondering - I have a trip planned 8/9 to 8/19. I just had my astrology chart read (by computer) which said this time is a Saturn Conj. Pluto transit and will be difficult.
My father is dying right now of cancer - maybe he will live until August ?? and then die? Maybe I should postpone the trip.? Can you help. Rosemary


Hi rosemary - Well, you've just stumbled into one of the problems with commercial astrology. Saturn conjunct one's Pluto (it's been conjunct my Pluto for over a year and a half!) can mean many things which I've written about extensively in several articles here. It can be difficult, but a) not necessarily and b) the difficulty can be exactly what we need to grow. My recent grad school rigor was very difficult with everything else on my plate, but great for my overall evolution nonetheless.

As for your dad, let me express my condolences on his impending transition, and my admiration that you want to be there within a few weeks. Postpone? Why? I would think you would want the unique experience of being able to say goodbye to a loved one and cultivate your compassionate heart. Perhaps you're here to help him feel and know some things the dying need to experience, since it's strictly about an exit plan for them. This is a chance to open your heart so wide that you could find yourself in an ocean of love and compassion. Life and death are like that.


Thank you. My dad died 5/6/07 @4:35 pm, I was with him as was my mom and sisters and family. I am glad I was with him.
These past few weeks hve been very stressfull. Where can I read more on the pluto conj saturn as your note states you hve wwritten extensively about it. I am new to this website. I am still concerned about this trip and what I read in the commerical astrology report.
Thank you. Rosemary.


My birthday is 11/26/54 born 9:54 am in New Haven, Connecticut.


Hi rosemary - First, let me congratulate you on doing a brave and compassionate thing. You got to participate in an exchange of subtle energies between beings linked in a Soul field, something that doesn't happen that often and seldom when the participants are conscious. So Aum and blessings.

That said, when you wrote "Pluto conj Saturn" you did something that flips the meaning of what's happening. Pluto is NOT conjunct your Saturn; Saturn is conjunct your Pluto. That's a difference as wide as the Atlantic Ocean! I don't keep a record of where I address specific transits, but if you use the google box on the upper right of the page, you'll find a lot of articles which you can scan for references. Type in Saturn conjunct Pluto and see where you're taken. And forget the commercial report. Saturn is now conjunct the Pluto for billions on this planet and we're not all going to have the same fate. This is a crystalization of our Pluto, and how that manifests is individual. Saturn has been conjunct my Pluto for quite a while, and the results have been most excellent. The recent pandemic stress is due to other factors than Saturn conjunct your Pluto.


Thank you. I am new to astrology... I thought pluto conj. saturn would be the same as saturn conj pluto.. feeling fragile at the moment.. I will google it and follow the links. Any other sites that can help with astrology readings? Can I get one on this site?


Hi rosemary - It's all perfectly understandable once you get it sorted out, no small task! As for readings, I only do personal ones, which you can find out more about by going to the left hand link for appointments. Other than that, I have many articles about some of the basics of astrology throughout the archives which can help you understand more about the craft.

You may want to check out some of the Astrology blog friends of the site listed on the left hand links. And of course there are many commercial sites which will take your money and give you generic interpretations. There are also quite a few sites set up (like Horoscopechat) where you can ask personal questions about elements of chart interpretation, but you have to sign up with the group, get your comments approved, etc., and take your chances with whatever is posted. I've found some okay some of the time, but others I just bail out of since there's a lot of speculation that just doesn't hold up under scrutiny. It is a very big craft, there are lots of opinions, both valid and invalid, and so it's pretty much caveat emptor for reliable Astrology advice. That's one of the reasons I started this site to begin with. You can find a lot between the archives and their comment streams, so happy prospecting! You just never know when you'll strike gold....


Hello. I found your website on a search for "transiting Saturn conjunct Pluto" as this is what is transpiring in my life right now and since it's occurring in my 12th, it taken its toll on me and I would appreciate some "feedback" suggestions or whatever because I'm at a total loss.

For the last decade I've searched for employment and heard every reason in the book why I wasn't hired. I have a degree that hasn't helped. Anyway, to the present, I developed a retail internet site back in 2003 and it was growing and progressing until this last couple of months when the sales started dropping off - high gas prices, etc. I saw the nature of the economy and got a "regular job" because I was falling behind on the rent. Been making small payments with my son's paycheck leaving us not much to live on. Told the landlord several times I would get my 1st paycheck on 5/4/07 (couldn't cash it until the 7th) and then made a payment. He gave me a notice to vacate on the 2nd and on the day of payment, he filed an eviction notice with the court - hearing set for 5/17/07.

If I don't have enough money to pay him, how am I going to move - which involves moving my business, all the stock, our belongings, needing money for new deposits (assuming I could even find a place), cost of truck rental & labor, transfer fees on utilities, etc.???? This brick wall I'm facing has knocked the fight out of me and I can only look forward to a death sentence posed as an eviction order as I'd rather die than be thrown out on the street with nowhere to go with my dogs and cats and son. Everyone says I need to get over the negativity - it's hard to do with "reality" staring me in the face and it ain't pretty. The light I thought I saw at the end of the tunnel when I got a job has turned into a train! What do I do now?


Hi Rita - Welcome to the cantina. Saturn in your 12th is bringing you endings of old limitations, and showing you how to be patient and mature as you re-edit the "movie of your life." More self-confidence born of self-reliance is the usual antidote for troubles. As for past employment things, you sound like you have some unique skills the system doesn't recognize. Welcome to my life.

As for your present troubles, that's more than can be addressed in a comment stream. I suspect there were signposts along the way, as I've also had to deal with suspect landlords in my life. You may have more legal recourse than you suspect, depending on where you live and your circumstances. There are certainly free or low cost legal resources that can advise you of your rights. You may not have to move that quickly.

This is not an easy or compassionate time to be alive, which is why so many are seeking community, since we all know we cannot fight successfully in our separate ways. I suspect there are solutions and resources out there, material and nonmaterial, that you can use to move into whatever transitional zone you must. We are ALWAYS given a way to preserve what matters, if we open to the two boats and helicopter Spirit always sends us. And "negativity" is always hard to "get over." That's why it's the perfect time to generate positive actions, feelings, and thoughts. When it's easy, we learn nothing. When it's hard, we learn to walk our talk. Truly, best of luck in finding the legal resources you need to buy the time to make a suitable transition.


robert - you sure work hard responding to everyone!


Hi dottie - It's a "Cool Hand Luke" situation. I do what I can when I can, and occasionally get an entire road paved in record time. Someday it won't be so, but for now, I hope everyone's enjoying the dialogue!


Hi, I just read your article on Saturn conj. Pluto. I had a commercial chart done as I am new to astrology and it says my saturn conj pluto will be 7/31/07 to 8/16/07. I am becoming anxious for two reasons. I have a trip planned to london and paris 8/9/07 to 8/19/07. Also years ago (when I was about 32 years old) - a psychic told me I was going to die when I turned 52. (I am 52) Maybe I should not go on this trip?
My birthdate is 11/26/54 New Haven Connecticut born 9:54 or 9:56 am.


Hi Rosemary - Saturn has been conjunct the Pluto of those born between 1949 and 1955 for over a year, so don't sweat specific days. And what you say gives me an opportunity to repeat: DO NOT LISTEN TO UNETHICAL PSYCHICS (or anyone else that puts fearful imagery into your consciousness). It is extraordinarily unethical, even a form of black magic, to tell someone they will die at a given point. Only you and your God know that moment, and it is subject to change based in what good you are willing to learn and do. We have several potential points to check out, entirely subject to what we're willing to learn. Focus your heart, mind, body, and Soul into opening to a greater service, and you will not die anytime soon. There's too much service to be done in our suffering world for any of us to check out one minute before we need to. That psychic was a dolt.


Thank you. I agree it was unethical and wrong to say that to me. Thank you. I feel better already.


Hi Rosemary - Sure. Please remember that you are still walking between worlds, and probably need TLC and some protection from the world and its rudeness. Every death is an omen of a form of rebirth to come; be willing to contemplate things as an interconnected whole, and see how your life story is shaping as one chapter closes and another prepares to open. Be gentle with yourself, and avoid those who make you feel depressed or drained. (FYI, we may both be on the continent at the same time, since my trip to Amsterdam looks like it's on for August rather than early June.)


Thank you. I will think of you in August. Thank you for your kindness. My dad died 9 days ago and I do feel vulnerable. I will try to see life as interconnected and will see how my life story goes on and maybe a new chapter will open. I hope so.


Robert: Hi, I have read this website and am very impressed with it and your knowledge. I have emailed you with my info and request for an appointment on the email you requested. Did you get it?
There are a few issues I am dealing with and my dad just died. Not feeling to well about it. It is 2 weeks today and I though I would be feeling better but actually feeling worse.
I also had a consult with the unethical psychic about 20 years ago.
Dealing with many issues. I also have a husband and three children ( two are grown ) and attempting to cope with everything. I would appreciate your help and after reading this website decided I needed a consultation.
My email is [email protected] Thank you.


Hi Rosemary - I've been away from the computer for a few days. Will email you back today.

José Iván Santiago

monday jan 24 1955 9:38 p.m.
Humacao Puerto Rico the exact conjuction makes me think a lot


Hi Jose' - It's also been squaring your Saturn, and I'm sure Jupiter conjunct your Venus sextile your Mercury (soon to be quintile!) is also opening you to very exciting new beginnings.


Hi Robert - This has been an interesting read. I just came to realize that Saturn will be conjuncting my natal Pluto in September, 2007. When looking at my chart, I noticed that transiting Pluto is coming up to my natal Saturn. I'm glad you shared your experience on the transiting Saturn to Pluto transit and that it was a positive one for you. I'm wondering, am I going to experience a double whammy here with Saturn/Pluto and Pluto/Saturn?


Hi Germaine - Yes, you're undergoing major change. One is crystalizing your deepest transformational power, while the other is purifying your security systems. Without a doubt much will be taken away, since Pluto is the principle of "economy of energy" stripping away all we no longer need. I would say it's the most important time of your life to explore knowing your deepest and highest Self. Enjoy the ride! It'll be intense, sometimes not easy, but the fruits of the labor can lead to your purified Self seated in its true authority. Venus is paving the way in late July, so take note.


Thank you for your comments, Robert. I am feeling both excited and a tad apprehensive about what's to come. But, if at the end of it all, I really come to be my purest self, it'll all be worth it. I'll be hanging on for the ride!


Hi again Robert!
I finally had the chance to get back here and REALLY APPRECIATE your feedback! Since I last wrote, I was evicted and moved from a 3 bdrm house w/yard to a 2 bdrm apartment (hardest on the 2 dogs & 5 cats). Of course the move cost more than expected, the landlord has a judgment against me, my vehicle got broken into, and all sorts of "fun" things - I'm trying to roll with the waves the best I can, but wanted to let you know I'm still kickin' and again, THANKS.


Hi Germaine - Apprehension is natural for we humans, but the trick is to live life for all it's worth, and not let fear jam our gears!

Hi Rita - Sorry for the eviction, but some fights aren't worth it. You'll eventually get through the storm, and will have fulfilled a lot of lousy karmas that you'll never have to go through again, so keep on keepin' on. And of course, you're welcome.

Cindy Godwin

Hi Robert,

I don't know if you will even see this, as so much time has past since the last post. I am going through tremendus difficulty emotionally, spiritually, marriage, and job. I was born on Oct. 28th, 1953 at 3:15 pm pst. in Fresno CA. My sun is in 5deg-14'-31'' Scorpio, my moon is 28deg-06'-18'' Cancer, my as ascendant is 23deg-06'-18'' Pisces. I live in a bubble of fear. Yet, I despreatly am screaming to get out of my own way! I also need a direction in regard to employment. I am currently a speech pathologist and can not stand it. Please forgive me if this is inappropriate to ask of you. I would appreciate any of your input as you are truly caring in the way you write. I Ask all this because of the Saturn/Pluto transits. Thank-you, Cindy


Hi Cindy - Please work on overcoming fear, since it's the root of a thousand sufferings. Your Moon is being quincunxed by Pluto, so emotional adjustments and sacrificing old habits is in order. Get a higher vision of the interconnections and learn to enjoy life in its simpler pleasures without allowing your water elements to work your feelings overtime. With Pisces rising, you probably need some "shields" to help you cope with your openness to the collective all the time. Definitely learn to meditate, and allow the fear to flow out of you into the vast unknown. You may need a bridge "job" before you find your way home professionally, so detach from putting too much lumber on what you're to do, and learn to flow with the changes. Saturn has restructured your Divine Power, and Neptune is your friend right now and in the near future. Saturn in Virgo should be great for you to consolidate your life, and when Jupiter goes into Cap later this year, enjoy the adventure! When Mars lower squares your Asc in Sept and enters your 4th house through next Spring, you'll begin to re-explore how your early life encoded your feelings, and I'm sure will shed all kinds of useless fear and insecurities. You're a Warrior-Guardian; just learn not to indulge fear-based feelings.

Cindy G.

Hi Robert, First, thank-you for your response. You have a calming feel to your writing. I probably should not have written my full name for all the world to see; oh well, thats one way to over come fear. I have always felt meditation would benefit me greatly, just haven't had the discipline. When you say Neptune is my friend, could you explain further? I alway though that Neptune ment being "spacey, dreamy, and drunk". My marriage is suffering greatly as we speak. I've been married for 14yrs. to a man 7yrs. my junior, never a problem with the age differance though. He, however, feels like I'm choking his life (I truely give him all the freedom he wants). He is a Taurus, 5/4/61 born in Eureka CA. His mother said he was born early in the morning. I investigated, and just knowing him as I do, I feel he has a Taurus ascendant as well. Am I driving him crazy because we're opposites? I feel we were brought together spiritually if that makes sense. I'm not trying to get weird on you. I can not tell you how I "FEAR" a break-up. We were never able to have children together, and being alone is truely a place I can't go at the moment. I truely want the best for him, and yes I do love him. Thank-you Cindy


Hi Cindy - Well, overexposure is only a problem for some - for most, there's so little there's truly nothing to fear. Neptune can be a vast compassionate awareness that allows much, forgives more, and rests in the lap of Divine Mother like a leaf on the surface of the ocean. Mister Taurus has probably NEVER allowed anyone to "choke his life." Taurus tends to do what they want when they want anyway, and seldom ask for permission (though they do like agreement with their agenda.) While opposites often attract, I doubt he's being driven crazy. He's also born the year of the Ox, so he's NEVER driven by anything other than his own opinion of things. I'm sure there is a spiritual dimension to your relationship. However, I've long maintained that cultivating the friendship is the only basis for a healthy relationship, since if someone is your friend, they'll never do a head or heart trip on you. And if they do, then they're not your friend, which lends itself to problems. Please don't keep giving away your power to fearing what may or may not come, since the more you fear it, the higher the probability of attracting that. BE your Eternal Self, stop fearing whatever, and remember you're never alone, since we are as surrounded by helpers as a fish by water.

Cindy G.

Hi Robert, Thank-you so much for your warm response. I'm not one to ignore advice. I am moved by your response "don't keep giving your power away to fear", and will do all that I can to free myself from these thoughts. This is the time to break out of old habits and things that weigh me down. I may just start living for the first time. Better late than never. I truly send my very best wishes to you and your family in what ever your future holds. Best to you, Cindy G.

Cindy G.

Hi Robert,

I forgot to comment on you perfect discription of my husband! You are more than correct about his overall personality. Thank-you Cindy


Thank you, astonishing as always. Right now Saturn is directly conjunct my natal Pluto in Virgo. Since September I have been facing intense internal challenges.
I have no clue whether it is over yet, or whether there are changes of a more practical level to come. It's been frustrating as the experience has uncovered entrapping situations which I can neither change nor assimilate. But at least your explanation makes sense of the sheer intensity of the situation!


Hi Robert,
Would you have any insight for me, since Saturn is transiting my natal Pluto (9/9/61, 18:25pm Paris, France), and will transit natal Moon and Sun later in the year .(Pluto-Moon-Sun conjunction in 7th). At least it's not the first time, since I already experienced it 29yrs ago.
And now Pluto has entered Capricorn where my Saturn/Jupiter are conjunct. Pluto has been tough for me and particularly since around '98, although it's also made me stronger. So So far the current Saturn transit doesn't seem to have made life much worse, just not any easier! All the stress has cost my health in recent years, though nothing major, yet.


Hi terri - Please check out this article to learn more about Saturn conjunct your Sun and Moon. Pluto won't conjunct your Jupiter and Saturn for many years, though you are having a Jupiter return in the Spring as well as later this year, which should open new long range productive energies that could take you to the top of your profession. Saturn on the Sun often brings the rewards of long term endeavors, but also endings of old chains and other needless limiting factors in our lives. Relax, reshape what you need to, end what's a drag on your line, and honor your experience which can be the foundation for future excellent developments, given where Jupiter is in 2008.


thank you Robert - With all the Pluto hardships, I'd almost forgotten about Jupiter. And I will remember to relax, which is precisely what my boss told me (today) I had earned!


Hi Robert,

I know it has been awhile. I can't believe it has been a year since my first post on Saturn in Leo, conjuncting my Pluto.

What a difference a year makes! In about the past month, I can truly see the light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, the light is so bright, it is almost blinding.

Last year, I went through a winter period in my life, but in the cycle of nature, spring must follow winter.

Spring feeling are getting stronger and and stronger. Details to follow.

Thanks for being such a wonderful guide during this period!




Hi Helen - Spring is on the way for many. Glad you hung in there, and found your way here. You're very welcome. Aum Namah Shivaya.

wild horse running

Hi Robert,

I was interested in Germaines letter, as I to have saturn conj my pluto in the 11th...and pluto conj my saturn in the 3rd...I am noticing alot is changing in my communications...and I am playing these out with "mirrors' of myself...through arguments, people who "turn their back", hidden attacking comments....and the saying...."when you point your finger at someone, you have 3 fingers pointing back at you". I realize these issues are my "shadow"....and even more interesting, that when I admitted that they were me...and made an inner decision to discipline that came pretty easily. It is responded to me recently, that in May there would be endings and liberations that would aquire form....due to the Lunar Eclipse. There is an inner conflict that is loosing strength....the old voices that would chastise, denigrate..are diminishing...and I am feeling more powerful in my own choices, belielf systems, which is causing others to attempt to exert more control. My younger sister and I may be seperated for a while...after a confrontation on the Solar eclipse...that confrontation showing me how I had given my power away to others, and that it is not possible anymore. In the last week after the Lunar Eclipse, my desire to "fight" or deal with compulsive people is shrinking...Im beginning to be able to "see" them...and maybe not have to get pulled in....or is this an ending of Karmas you were speaking I playing out now a "grand finale" with key players in my personal play, to be free of the past? The March full moon falls ontop of my North node 2 Libra...conj my venus 5 Libra...of course opposing my south node...choices/decisions...the new or the past?
11 15 59 3:22am Tarrytown Ny westchester co.


Mr Mark

Robert - What is indicated by Pluto Retro @ birth? (In my case it was in Virgo, 8th house, Koch, Tropical, w/ Saturn in Capricorn -1st.)
please also comment on Pluto being presently @ [not quite] 6 degrees Sagittarius, in the Sidereal Zodiac, rather than having entered (Tropical) Capricorn a month ago.


Hi WHR - It takes a while to turn the boat once we see it's been moving in unhelpful directions. You're reevaluating your friends, goals, and other 11th house stuff, while purifying your perception and how you say what you say. While we all have minds that play "attack and defense," by the same token we should never tolerate those who attack and then make it seem as if our defense is an attack on them. That's manipulation that undermines our ability to chart our own course, trusting our sense of what's right for us. Win, lose, or draw, it's OUR life to live, and there are too many people out there whose lives aren't so great but are still willing to tell us how and where to steer our boat.

It's always good to learn how to disengage from useless accusations and counter accusations, since they're ultimately a waste of time. Either we can do something about something or we cannot, and some dramas are too tiring to participate in. That teaches us discrimination regarding which battles are worth fighting and which ones are just crazymaking on another's part. Glad the old voices are diminishing in intensity and volume, and you're getting clearer in your choices and beliefs.

Of course others will always try to keep the system they're in from disintegrating, since that's where they have power and position arising from comfortable inertias. Any time we step outside a system, or take a role different than we used to have in a system, the system reacts. Oh well. Don't feed the troll, refuse to get involved in obsolete arguments and positions, and you'll confound those who are still fighting "straw men." Truly, this ends old karmas since you're not perpetuating them. Over time the wave forms end, usually "not with a bang but a whimper." BTW - 3rd house rules siblings. How about the coming Full Moon showing a pull to the future and a release of the past simultaneously?

Hi Mr. Mark - Pluto RX has too many manifestations to discuss in a comment stream. One is that your life is about purifying your desire nature so you may benefit future time and space, and transforming your need to split hairs concerning shared or collective values into something that serves as a worthy model of practical discipleship through voluntary assumption of responsibilities that are truly important to your world.

As for Sidereal, I reject the assumption of its accuracy, since NO ONE knows exactly when the divergence between the zodiac and constellations occurred. There are at least 5 or more systems, all purporting to be THE one, that insist we need to subtract anything from 22 to 28 degrees from the computed positions of the Tropical zodiac. Also there are 14 constellations, all of unequal length. I know of no Siderealist who uses a system of signs of unequal length.

Wild Horse running

thank you for the wisdom, Senor Robert....

You have explained why I am cutting people loose, with not much regret....I do not understand "surface" emotions or communication anymore and have a great desire for depth, and emotions and communication, and those around me do not.

Hallaluja!....for the March Full moon and possible help with embracing the new...while letting go of the old.

much appreciation....WHR

Mr Mark

Robert, I sincerely hope that I didn't come accross as "splitting hairs" by bringing the "issue" of Sidereal vs Tropical zodiac into the discussion! You're right in that there are "too many manifestations to discuss in a comment stream" about Pluto Rx, but I was just hoping for something very GENERAL that would be helpful to anyone who may read it here; i.e. anyone who is a Pluto Rx native. I've seen L O N G posts wherein people talk about their "personal problems" here -- and wanted to avoid that. [only used myself as an example] In another post I explained how I personally found the S Z to be more "accurate", but your point here is well-taken. And... believe it or not, it was my INTENT to try and "open up a dialogue" along the lines of "something that serves as... practical [to help individuals in their] responsibilities".
ALSO: I am in no way whatsoever attempting to convince others that this or that "system" is "better" than another. If it seemed that I was insinuating that, sorry, but nothing could be further from the truth. I was really attempting to address the issue of how the "commercial Astrology sites" spew out "pat answers" to such questions as what I've asked you here. There is a certain "bias" that comes from interpreting [as in this case] "Pluto in Capricorn" as compared to "Pluto in Sagittarius". A? If we look at charts for the collective group of souls who incarnated during Pluto's transit of Leo who are now living thru a time when SATURN is conjunct in LEO... the result will certainly be a different interpretation of what that means to those of us who are presently being Affected [not the smae as E-ffected, but a more positive point of view], yes, Aaa-ffected by this Conjunction.

In Archetypes of the Zodiac Mz Burt titled her chapter on Capricorn, "The Search for Dharma". I don't see that part of what is in the title here [Jan 22nd, RE: Dharma]expressed in your writing. Is it a theme you pick up on later, in another Article? I don't see a "part two". I think I have a pretty good handle on the concept of [hindu] dharma - so far as what it means - and I "get it" how it pertains to Saturn too, but I must be missing something here in this Article as the Title would indicate. [?] I really AM trying to contribute something here "for the greater good", so feel free to "set me straight" (again). Were you making a connection with Saturn & Dharma? I don't see it.

_M. ;)


Hi WHR - Sure. You sound like you've hit a transformational zone with your "snake to eagle" phase of Scorpio's process. There is power in you embracing the mystery.

Hi Mr. Mark - Saturn is Dharma. Saturn is the timekeeper of Dharma. Saturn guards the Great Work. Saturn is the Ring-Pass-Not. That's Dharma. As for Pluto RX, I have liberally sprinkled answers to that exact question throughout many comment streams across years. That's why I'm loathe to repeat myself, as each time I do it steals precious time away from composing new material. And though you've seen some long posts, I specifically discourage that in the guidelines, but don't particularly want to be discouraging to those with real problems. Answering some of the more densely packed astrological questions are about to give rise to paid classes where those who are interested in such things can come together to learn, discuss, and perhaps come to insights I can include in articles. Mostly commercial sites must put generic stuff out there. Can't put them down for that. I also have to take a somewhat generalized approach since it's impossible to do detailed analysis related to individual impact in a public forum. That's why people pay for sessions with me and other professional astrologers. While I agree we all have biases, that also is not necessarily a "bad" thing, since we have to have some stable metaphors if we are to understand and communicate anything coherently.

CIndy D

I am going thru the 3rd hit of Saturn to my Natal Pluto in my 12th close to my ascendant. I have had everything taken away. Friends have died, my finacee and I split. I left my job of 22 years. I was performing singing all the time and now cant get a steady gig since saturn transited my 12th.
I am very sad and very tired. What is it I CAN do?.
Oh and my son who in in college and I am helping to support just told me he is moving in with friends(bad idea).
I have surrendered as best as I can.
Things lookded better earlier this year before saturn went retro.I met a wonderful man, but I have not seen him in a month now. But is was short lived. The eclipse hit it this in feb.
I appreciate your advise.

CIndy D

I apologize and stand corrected, cant type or think!
It is my second hit of saturn pluto.
In my previous note I said third.
I am May 29 1960 at 12:20 pm San Antonio.
I do have alot going on! GEEZ!
I cant get out of bed yet! TIRED!


Hi Cindy D. - It would seem as though you're being liberated from an old karma, and learning more self-reliant self-sufficiency that can yield more self confidence once you are done letting go of the chains. Usually the outer world affairs suffer when there's deep inner work that needs to be done. Saturn in the 12th near the Asc shows what's done is done, and it's time to reconsider reasonable and unreasonable limitations based in your age and experience. The past 10 months have forced you inward to seek and demonstrate compassion and understanding. This year will be the culmination of what began in 2002, and open the door to triumphs and endings. You've already begun your long term transition into a phase where theoretical truths will give way to practicalities about whether things work or not. And at least through this year, slow down. You have no vitality to waste with Saturn square your Sun, but you do have new obligations and duties coming this Summer.


Wow, Robert - incredible blog! Blessings to you for answering so many people so patiently. Like many others, I found you via a web search for Saturn conj. Pluto - which mine is doing almost exactly in the 9th house...Squaring venus in scorpio in the 12th. (10/4/1957 @1030 hrs in Cincinnati, OH).

I have a friend who is a very kind astrologer, but as a Pisces sun doesn't always explain things very clearly...thinking, I'm sure..that I just 'get' it ..which I don't. (LOL)

Would you be so kind as to say a few words about Saturn meandering over Pluto in that house? Also how that might be affecting Venus in that Square? I feel like my life has been one giant Pluto transit - but of course that might be exaggerating just a little.

I'm medium Astro-savvy, definitely think it's an incredible life tool, but am still kind of fuzzy about some things.

Again, thank you for helping so many people - you have answered quite a few questions already, just by answering other people's troubles.

P.S. My new favorite quote is the remark you said about 5 pages back:

"There may be karmas unfolding that are mysterious but must be fulfilled before things can be untangled and those on the quest find themselves on the other side of the vast unknown, together as always without the lesser karmas getting in the way. And sometimes dreams come true even on this impermanent place we call life."

Thank you :)


Hi Martha - Saturn on Pluto in the 9th can mean 10,000 things, from finding universal seed ideas to crystalizing future potentials, preparing for a new career to purifying old extreme views of truth, etc. Square Venus shows it's time to let go of difficult relationships that are fear or control based, as well as old value systems that no longer serve the higher Truth you're now glimpsing. But you've really already gone through the square when Saturn was in Leo, so this is a last look back at relationships that were extreme or dysfunctional and prevented you from getting the results you want from life. It should have taught you dispassion, impersonality, non-possessiveness, and how to enjoy yourself more simply and gently.


Hmmm...true, very true. :) Thank you for taking the time to comment. You have given me much to think about.


born 10.30am 12th of april 1959, currently have pluto conj saturn while it is stationed, and pluto is opposing my mars, such a strange time, very powerful, Im finally growing up somehow!


Hi David - This year is solidifying the radical openings of last year. Keep searching for your higher purpose and role of greatest service throughout the current purifications, keep the initiatives going, secure what you need, stay balanced, and find new ways of self expression. You are learning how and when not to push beyond reasonable limits and redirect as needed so you don't get lost in struggles you don't need to be involved in.


Dear Robert, my final Saturn conjunct natal Pluto was exact yesterday -- the total transit will be about nine months, I guess, by the time Saturn has really moved past the conjunction. I feel exhausted and pretty fragmented. It's been very intense energy. Confronting the shadow, indeed, as well as new seeds of healing presenting themselves. Thank you for all the wise words along the way.


Hi Lainie - You're welcome. Glad you made it through the ordeal. You're definitely purified! I had to deal with it for two years, and I changed many things about many things. Forever.


I have a friend who was born January 24, 1950 (Central Standard Time) and is now 58. When will or has his Saturn return started? When will it end? Is there a way of calculating it (the start and end) by the month?


Hi Robin - Last September and Yes. Not for a long time. Yes and no. Saturn will be impacting your friend for a loooooong time, so s/he needs to get used to it being a marathon. In the craft, the entry of any planet into any sign signals its beginning. Even when Saturn goes into Libra and RXs back into Virgo, it will still be in effect.

Your friend should read my article on the Saturn return and take it to heart. And from one who shares their larger vintage, congratulate them on being a major league survivor, and finishing a long cycle. They need to prepare for major new liberating opportunities in 2009.


Hi Robert
This is all fascinating stuff. I love this website and come here whenever I want/need some soulful observation.
Forgive me if this has already been addresssed - I couldn't see that it has but I am wondering about the impact of saturn conjuncting both pluto and uranus at the same time.
I was born in 1966 and have pluto and uranus at 16 of virgo. I know saturn will pass over this point in october....just wondering what having uranus also in the mix is likely to throw up.
Strangely enough, not long after, I will also have uranus passing over my saturn and chiron (in pisces)!
Sounds like some kind of double whammy and am wondering what on earth it is all about.
Anyone else born in July 1966 wondering about this?
It just seems quite a big thing!

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