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Dear Robert,you amaze me with your exact descriptions of how i am feeling in these extremely weird times...i am dizzy with some of the energies around....i just cant handle some people...irrational overload...but i sense the quickening and the mysteriousness of the energy like never before....i know deep within its momentous....thanks your insights are soooooo like a soothing the madness....hope your doing ok....meditation and a purring cat....merci,,,,jeanette


Hi jeanette - Well, it's a pale description of what we're ALL going through as we quicken to the approach of that which we know is coming but have never before experienced. And of course, a "lapping cat meditation" is the supreme experience, once you learn to accept that they get exponentially heavier with each 5 minute segment of practice!



Your friends and followers who resonate with this superb rendering of the Now, may (or may not) also appreciate the perspectives found on, www., and

Now, everyone gets to be a Piscean -- if only for a blink of Eternity! Nice to have the company...



Hi Rachel - Sure. We are all neurons in the Global Brain, the "OverSoul" and all that is. The internet has enabled more to connect with more than ever before in human history/herstory. We are told life is a Leela, a dream-play of Eternity that always beckons and teases us onward, through endless experience, leading through this and that, always to Love. And when enough of the collective field yearns to be at One with All That Is, miracles and wonder occur in a variety of forms.


thanks rachel ...checked out the quantum awakening site...more food for the soul..have found great company too since discovering this site...many thanks to all who add their pearls of wisdom...Jeanette


hi robert,
so apropos....
"accept the grand mystery" as you put it.

yes, i feel this is what is needed now--to accept-to be open to.

in order to be open, we need to accept.

with each gateway and vibrational shift the veil is lessened, the weight is lessened and more and more light comes in; but not if we can't accept.

it is as if we are all finding our way, feeling, sensing and being guided from a
deep inner knowing, wisdom and memory that explains the truth of who we all are...divine spiritual beings expressing so much more.

this was very thought provoking...expanded thought...higher contemplate that acceptance is key.

surya namaste

michele :)


Thanks so much for your insights. Another one I enjoy in addition to the Quantum Awakening is: 1; very helpful.
I thank all of you for your insights. It is nice to know I am not alone in this. Spend lots of time in nature.


Hi Elaine - Sure. We're all in this together, and you're so right about needing time in nature. Aum.


Allowing...Surrender as an act, not a passivity. Not tieing oneself to results. Being spiritually present.
Love and light, Robert


Thanks Rachel just read 'the power of the Now' & been amazed - 'what's up on planet earth' website been a superb addition. Re nature -Wild animals visiting at a phenomenal rate - pine martin most recent blessing, Love to all H


Hi Anne - Staying within the gentle protection of the Great Mother is better than feeling separate from it. Aum Namah Shivaya!

Hi H - Taking note of and caring for those life forms which are caught in our Grand Irrationality are great forms of awakening, awareness, and service, since we are all truly One Web of Life interdependent with Nature Herself.

chickie farella

Your highness

Tomorrow mars conjuncts my leo sun and this will be a turning point in my life.

Hope i arrive through the stress!
Thanks for being one step ahead of me......xoxoxo


Lisa Kretschmer

see we are gathering


Hi Robert
Following your pearls of wisdom and what you said about my success despite the many T Crosses all over the place.
I have learnt discipline in my work and no matter how weird it gets I stick to my discipline. This makes me feel more happy and content than the end result which I was expecting but did not come due to the Grand Irrationality happening every other day.
A simple anecdote to describe my actions. This morning I had the urge to eat an Omelette for breakfast. The second egg didn't break well and I ended up with lots of pieces of egg shell. Rather than throw it in the bin and start all over, (it took me 5 minutes) I scooped out all the little pieces and ended up with the perfect omelette.
Hope you can understand what this simple exercise revealed to me.

Looking forward to your posts for the rest of my life. Thank you again for everything



Hi Chickie - Well, it's definitely a new cycle of Solar activity. I'm sure you're doing well, despite the occasional feelings of being overwhelmed. I figure when I don't hear from you that you're TCB, which in your case is occasionally overwhelming. Say hi to the desert for me.

Hi Lisa - Yes, many are assembling all over the world. Glad you checked in.

Hi Aditya - Good analogy for being patient in using what we have. Doing one's discipline is often the only sure thing we can do regardless of how things turn out. And I also hope I can continue to post throughout the coming changes, since the entire global network may be stressed from various pressures.


Robert, So pleased I reread this now.Especially in the comment stream."We are told life is a Leela, dream-play of eternity that always beckons and teases us onwards through endless experience, leading through this and that, always to love. And when enough of the collective field yearns to be at one with All ThatIs, miracles and wonder occur in a variety of forms"
Have been crying on and off today after reading the "yucky" poem I wrote down last night. Reading this and the synchronised song I heard on radio as my question on this peaked "all we need is a little devine intervention, just a love resuurection" 90's song I think by Alison ????.Feel released
Now that Saturn is still opposition my Chiron Pisces 9th.... A question and wound in faith here ,I would say. And Saturn going back to Pluto 4* third house. feeling in transition.I will reread Pluto Sat conj/

Thanking you Kindly Aum Shanti Felita

P.S Do not wish to burden your time, I am spurred to spontaneously do and do.Hoping you and all here are feeling light and bright.


Well figured this one. oh pain of self disapointment. When anyone uses disapointment as an issue with me . I am furious . Venus taurus is conj my Mars from 12th squaring natal Chiron pisces 9th while opposition Transiting saturn conj Pluto 3rd,
And how is it Robert That I never saw Mars square Chiron in My chart? A mighty lesson to add to the others. Its expectations and some lack of humility from Leo Mars as well. Oh Saturn is so so hard on oneself.
Compassion for myself is not self pity only if I feel seperate. I will self sufficiently hold on in my heartcentre. Aum Shanti. Felita

I will arrange a chart to be done soon, next painting I sell, soon. My second son's 18th birthday tommorow.And he's a fine lad. Some replay in my emotion.


Hi Felita - It's a deep time for many. Thanks for reminding me of my own words, since occasionally I also fall into strange states, probably due to my Jupiter in Pisces opposed Saturn in Virgo. So much to do, so many possibilities, so much human cruelty, so much needless suffering, so much misunderstanding, so much indifference, and sometimes I just feel all of it at once. And then I remember, and it all recedes into awareness itself. Of course, I must also give joy and bliss their due, since they also are present even in the sorrow, and remain long after the sorrow fades. As for disappointment, I've always felt that others' disappointment with me is their issue of dubious expectations. Chiron can put the brakes on Mars in your life once you recognize the energies. Look to the voids to the square for solutions for balancing and releasing blocked energies. Tell the young man Happy Birthday and Solar Return from the global cantina.


Thanks Robert, Will look more into this.
Blessings for your compassion and understanding.
Mars has done the burn out thing. Think I will do lots of sleep. I forget days are getting shorter down this part of world.Hard to see our own wound when we are in it,I think.
Aum Shanti Felita

p.s The young man is strong on his Solar return... Mars conj his sth node Leo with my sun. He thanks you for his birthday wish. This Mars is also strong and calm today.


Hi Felita - When days are short, it's time to regenerate. Even trees have to allow their life energies to go to the root for a while before re-emerging when the light and heat are right for them. Up here in NorthAm the cats still want to be fed at first light, which gets earlier and earlier. It definitely disrupts sleep patterns when we have dancing cats talking and staring at 4 am true time!


Hi Robert, Yes! cat's don't you love 'em, I have one who likes to jump from the window ledge on to me while I am asleep to get me to open the window, definately keep me warm though in these frosty cold
nights.Maybe we should be more like the animals in our sleep patterns. still this rat likes the night,because it's quite.Siesta after lunch, energy regenerating always, I think.(if possible).Sending your cats lots of calming, they love love.Demanding as they are hey! have a beautiful spring day!

P.S Saw the most awesome horstail clouds supremely white displayed across the sky at sunrise today.
Surely God is present in such beauty!


Hi Felita - Cats, ever vigilant, are always watchful as any Threshold approaches. They take the initiative only when they have a safe scurry-back position. Cats know when to rest, thereby assuring an ample supply of energy should they need it to spring forth or back. Yes, God can be found in all forms of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. Perhaps that's why Bastet, She who is the protector of cats, musicians, and dancers, was considered the Orb of Ra. Her awesome presence is everywhere we behold it.


Hi Robert,
Somehow I got very lucky and found this article. This is what I will keep in my heart and mind during this massive shift and corner turning, doors closing, old ways no longer available as an option, days.
I really love what you write. I think you are a very important channel from the Grander Enlightened Side. I described your website to a friend as "the most intelligent" astrology available.

Many thanks and much appreciation,


Hi Wendy - Yes, I wrote this at a time when a certain "door of perception" was opening for everyone. Glad you appreciate the site and think it intelligent. It is said that "Intelligence in Action" is the 3rd Ray, one of the Divine Aspects. Glad I can deliver in some appropriate way. Blessings be to the Mahachohan.

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