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robert, thanx for this and thanx for the CLEAR interpretation for we are not suppose to sign contracts during a merc retro.
some astrologers hedge on this to our detriment!!!
every time i do i have looked back at the long line of maladjusted situations, whether computer/tech issues, or contracts, communications, etc.
so, thanx for firm viewpoint on this.

i agree, it seems like a clearing of old misunderstandings with ourselves and others. i find i am "waiting" this retro out a bit, even tho it just started. i don't feel so quick to respond, initiate or 'do'.... feel a bit more inward and watching/observing.

thanx for insight and input.



Hi michele - Yes, well, as they say, "you can't fight city hall," and Merc RX IS city hall! The front end of RX is always more unclear than the back end, so it's a great time for hanging out a bit before committing to a course of action.


hi robert,
hope all goes well with you. definately noticing the dropping into that universal sorrow space, watching the inner world self-deceit and the outer world/societal denial as well. But the quietness seems to be allowing exactly that personal compasssion and dropping away...waiting to find the same compassion for the outerworld deceit and denial. thanks for your words..


Hi gaye - Sure. It's a natural time of endings, deepening our compassion and offering chances to bless the passages. And of course, practice dispassion and detachment from the Weltschmertz as we go deeper into the mystery. Glad the article helps.


Hi Robert.

I was born with ME RX (conj SU ME JU MH 4/28/64), so I must ask the eternal question: what is ME RX like for persons born ME RX natally? For me it has always felt like a blessing; when everyone else is moving backwards (it looks like it's happening in slow motion)I feel like am fleeting forward -- with understandings, ideas, projects. Of course, none of the obvious no-no's like contract signing - but a deeper, more mystic for lack of a better word, propulsion. What sayeth thou?

Blessings on your infinitely cool self,



Hi Kat - What you describe is also what I've heard from the many with Merc RX I've been close to. These are times when your own life and affairs should actually move forward amidst the general chaos. It's a time when people with natal Merc RX get clear about things, or events come together, or old stuff that was problematic gets taken care of in brilliant fashion. And yes, it does seem that these are times when Merc RX people feel more comfortable in their own skin with the outer pace of things.


hi robert,
quick question on merc retro-
i know you are not to sign docs during this time, better to review, etc.
also you mention also not good to get electronics; however if it is something you have been planning or researching for awhile is it ok to get??? or, is it better to wait to purchase after the retro?

also, a client of mine wanted to know about surgeries....well, 2 questions :)
anyway, is it a bad time for operations/surgeries?




Hi michele - I would NEVER buy any electronics during at least the first two weeks of the retrograde! I've tried to beat it every way I could figure, and always wound up taking them back, or having them repaired (sometimes more than once!) and generally frustrated from not taking my own advice! (Plus right now we have an exact Saturn opposed Neptune.) I would recommend buying what you need to on March 6, early in the day, since the Moon is favorable to Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, and Pluto, and Mercury is almost out of RX.

As for surgeries, maybe or maybe not, depending on the type of surgery and whether it's correcting something that was out of whack to begin with. The primary indicator of timing surgeries is the Moon, since it controls the body fluxes. There are better and worse times for various parts of the body, depending on a lot of factors. Email me, since bungled surgeries can lead to disasters.


thank you..thank you..thank you...
you are the first astrologer that has been emphatic on this re: the electronics...
i too, "should" know from experience as i have in the past purchased stuff during a retro, even worse have bought and signed cell phone contracts during this time to horror story results!!
i have been told b-4 "if you were contemplating or researched the product/s"
and, each time i did purchase or sign during this time, was not great experience, and unfortuntely sometimes the issue didn't come up until months to a year or so later, when the bungle was revealed. so, i wasn't sure.
so, this really helps me. i will wait, it is not so long.
really glad i asked....saves me some frustration and good learning. :))

have a great one


Hi michele - Well, I'm only as emphatic as my experience dictates! I tried to "image the best possible whatever" only to be confronted with a Merc RX reality too many times with too many types of machines. I bow to the wisdom of the cosmos in its timing, whether I know why or why not something is or is not the way it is. I think we're either in synch with the moment or not, and not all moments are equally good to fulfill certain desires. Then we learn the virtue of patience.

Lynnette Grande

I am having an endometrial ablation done on Friday right smack dab in the center of Mercury Retrograde. This procedure is to try and help my problematic menstrual cycle. Should I go for it?


Lynette, sorry to hear you've been having menstrual problems - I'm sure the females here will sympathise! Without a lot more information and in such a short time it is impossible to give you any personal advice but bear this in mind; hospitals don't stop procedures whenever Mercury goes retro. Hundreds of thousands of people receive treatment perfectly safely at these times.Just be sure you understand what will happen, read carefully anything you are asked to sign and concentrate on your recovery and better times ahead. Wishing you the very best of health,

Lynnette Grande


Thank you for your response. I will let you know how I make out.


Lynette, lighting a candle for you this morning, Morvah

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