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Hello Robert,

I've been reading all your posts with avid interest and I had a quick question. With all the activity in the upper spheres, is it possible that the physical body can be adversely affected? My sister and I are both Sagittarians and appear to be sharing some type of effect on the head that began for both of us this past Sunday. Since we are both on different coasts (west vs. east) I cannnot find any similarity in environment or situation that could explain the exactness of the symptoms. Any thoughts on this?


PS I am what some would call a sensitive so it could be a case of my "tuning in" to her as it has happened before, but usually not this exact or strong...


Hi Juliet - Yes, the body always follows the dictates and movements of Spirit. You're right in that it could be you tuning in to her, but it could also be synchronicity between kindred Souls. It may also be a similar transit, but you would have to examine that to see any possible correlations.


just read comment by Juliet and interestly i have felt a strange head sensation and lots of static noise in my ears...which have been told is downloading of information from the cosmos....but the head thing is something new....a bit like how you feel after sailing for hours or days on the ocean....maybe some sort of realignment of physical body perhaps????tuning into something....would be interested to hear what exactly you felt a sensitive too....get lots of visions in dreams 911 before it happened....and the tsunami,,,Jeanette


I too had a similiar experience on Sunday and found that my thoughts were very clouded and my sense of balance was off. As I start to recognize the sensitive nature of my being, the shifts in energy become more frequent these days. 8/22/63


Hi jeanette and Tina - Occasionally I get subtle sensations in my head, including feeling VERY high at times, almost like I'm disconnecting from being in a dense body. I figure it could be any number of things, from my own internal fluxes to tuning into a very high meditational plane to picking up on something that perhaps only dogs and a minority of humans can "hear," high pitched tones, etc. Of course, I have read that about 10% of humans have synesthesia, or the ability to get different sensory inputs from normal stimuli, like seeing notes, or hearing colors. This could provide its own sense of disconnect.

We are told from reliable "spiritual" sources that our awareness of the subtle world is all important, since once we die, our gross senses will no longer be available to us as points of reference. Then, in our innermost/outermost consciousness, we will become aware of "the 10,000 things," as it is put in Taoism. That's why it's good to be aware of subtleties here, as practice for what our "eternal" state will continue to show us after we leave the body.

All of this aside, there are no doubt points in time and space that allow us to sense other things, unfamiliar to our usual frames of reference. As the timestream quickens, I'm sure these will present themselves to various individuals according to their "aptitude." And of course, since there's ultimately no separation except through perception, we all occasionally pick up on what's happening at a distance, or what will happen in the near future, once that pattern of "inevitability" is set and other probable manifestations are no longer an option. We have the potential "power," or siddha to know distant things in space and time, but the problem is always how to recognize it, interpret it correctly, and if necessary, do what we must do, if only to send prayers to those who are on their way through the Bardo.

donna many

what is Bardo?


Hi donna many - It's a frequency zone, or state of consciousness, after life on earth while on our way to "Nirvana," aka "Heaven" or "Devachan." It's the inbetweens when our Eternal Self is still disoriented from losing all its familiar frames of reference.

You may also want to check out wikipedia, since it has some very good comments on what this state is. Here's part: "For the spiritually advanced the bardo offers a state of great opportunity for liberation, since transcendental insight may arise with the direct experience of reality, while for others it can become a place of danger as the karmically created hallucinations can impel one into a less than desirable rebirth." That's why we serve the departed through detached loving thoughts consciously sent to them, helping give them a signal that leads only to good, as well as a boost toward the Heaven frequency they're approaching.


Hi all,
This is so strange, last week it happened a similar thing to me, it was around Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday I felt it too but it was not so strong. I felt light headed and thought it was because of these very special dark amethyst earrings that I was wearing, it was at once comforting and strange because it felt like I was floating and out of time and space. Would that be because I've got the moon conjunct to the Galactic Center at 27 of Sag, and Pluto is now there too by transit?


Hi Alix - Well, Pluto conjunct the Moon certainly can make it seem like one is floating in distant space! I'm sure it was a transit triggering your sensory expansion. You experienced what you did with Moon in Cancer approaching the Full, so your fluxes were up, as were everyone else's which makes me wonder whether it was a generic or specific influence. BTW - Amythysts are ruled by Jupiter, specifically its Piscean side. And I believe we're ALL learning how to disconnect, with grace and ease, from too much identification with our apparent material reality. It's part of the evolution of our human race, which has become way too hypnotized with trying to control material things and somewhat lost its larger frame of reference.


Hello Robert: Sorry I did not respond sooner - had to be offline for some mundane tasks these past few days. Thanks for the response, I'll be checking our charts; she is a Nov Sag and I'm in Dec.

Hello Jeannette: To elaborate a bit more on the head feels like being in an airplane or up on a mountain at very high altitude. The air is so "rare" that there is almost a burning sensation (as if the sinuses were having a hard time adjusting). The description of being out on the ocean for a while also hits the mark - like swimming for hours in the Caribbean sea on a beautiful sunny day and feeling mentally refreshed but spent.

The influence began on Sunday, abated Monday, increased on Tuesday and had me at the doctor on Wednesday because it was just so strong. My BP was 150/110 and I was sent for a CAT scan because I almost never have anything medically wrong in the area of the head. In addition, apart from the high-pitched sound in my ears, they also feel blocked. Naturally I thought I was coming down with some type of sinus problem but this is so odd for me that I had to have everything checked out.

They found nothing on the CAT (not surprising) and nothing sinus related. It subsided late Wednesday and Thursday was not as strong. By Friday my BP was 118/80 and heading back to normal. The feeling comes and goes and isn't really painful, just disconcerting.

With regard to the dreams and visions; they have been a part of me since childhood. I "dream" almost nightly and can tell the visions from the dreams by the quality. Naturally, the other confirmation is having it happen in my mundane world or finding out about it in the media (news, radio, internet, etc). Early in life I was very distressed because I could never prevent the things from happening, but I finally learned to accept the fact that unless I was meant to do something (and sometimes I've been able to...) it was not my fault and the dreams were just a window to a different timeline.

If you would like to communicate some more about the dreams/visions, feel free to e-mail me.

Just out of curiousity...this may sound out there, but does anyone see what I call "the sparkles" or the other thing I call "the dark particle stream"? The sparkles have been there all my life and look like microscopic bursts of light in random motion; the dark stream appeared to me about 2 years ago and looks like lots of dark particles flowing very closely together - it flows west to east, almost linear in direction - like a river without the twists and turns.

The dark stream appears to be a specific height above the ground, just about the top of a second story building, but I have no idea how high the band goes to the sky. The sparkles are everywhere from earth to sky as far as my eye can see.

I realize this may sound odd to some folks but it's all perspective isn't it? If they can put a person on the moon who knows what the future may hold for the human race...

I'd be interested to know what you think about that.

Juliet :-)


Hi Juliet - It sounds like you're moving between subplanes within and maybe between planes of consciousness. I also get the high pitched tones, but don't get concerned these days. I'm sure it is somewhat disconcerting, if your BP is yoyoing. It seems like you have a natural aptitude for "tuning in at a distance" that has enabled you to be of some service to others in prescient ways.

The stream of dark particle sparks is intriguing. Wind flows from West to East, so perhaps this is at the very least some of the accompanying prana. The height is also interesting, in that the second story is above the usual soup of thoughtforms that exist on ground level. It sounds like the densest part of the stream of magnetic particles that is a part of our magnetic field here on Earth.


Hello Robert,
What an interesting thought regarding the magnetic particles. Around the same time I began to see the stream it became uncomfortable to wear metallic jewelery in any form. Some kind of "shift" definitely occurred in Feb 2005 for me - I remember I felt as if I had just woken up from a very long nap.

Just to clarify, the sparks are different from the dark particle stream. The sparks are like bright white pinpoints of light that move in very random motion and are all around me no matter where I look. They appear even more energetic when viewed in sunlight.

The dark particle stream is always above me and starts at the top of that 2nd floor level.

I wish I could do more with my gifts; I've got a lot of imagination that could use some real world interaction...entire theatre productions, books, movies, stage shows, and soul enriching products are constantly rolling around in my head, I just need to figure out a way to get them out of there and into the physical realm.

Anyway, thanks for the insight on the head/BP and tuning in at a distance. It's always helpful to have a reference for things.

Juliet :-)


Hi Juliet - Well, prana is everywhere, and yes, are particles vitalized by light. And as for your gifts, why not concentrate on what you might want to do here and now, one step at a time? Write down everything you have upstairs, then order the list in terms of what is fun that is able to be accomplished in a relatively short time, at least in draft form. Then you'll have a sense of progress in producing a material creation. Thoughtforms are like that.


Hello Robert,

It's amazing what an objective point of view can do! Here I am, a former engineer and one would think that I would have process down pat...I just never applied it to the creative arena - I guess I thought it must just flow and evolve on its own - but then that would be too easy wouldn't it? :-)

I've got the logical mind, now all I've got to do is apply the same rules to the creative side in order to get it on "paper".

Thanks for the tip, especially the part about the fun. I guess I never thought of it that way, always putting everything in work mode, instead of remembering the soul play.

Wish me luck and thanks again.
Juliet :-)


Hi amazing!!!just read your response thanks so much for sharing that with me as i was ready to go to the doctor which i NEVER do!!!i am sure my blood pressure was affected also and the floating in space feeling has subsided but not completely but have had very high pitched ringing in my ears ....have had that for years now so that become normal for me and know that its tuning in telepathically to people thinking about me or messages from the today i knew my friend was going to call and this friend in particular who doesnt ring much well its a deep karmic connection...other lives and all that....the sparkles sounds fascinating....i get a similar thing at different times....but it is when i close my eyes and its like another galaxy of sparkling lights very fine small sparkles....really is strongest after i have been skywatching at night i do this a lot...i love the night and the stars just me and the lights in the firmament....i saw an amazing meteorite blazing throught the sky about 7 weeks ago...i too need to write things down as robert suggested i have movies going on in my head that need to come out...yes i too have distinct visions and they differ from dreams...they too show up in the newspapers on tv and confirm much to me...i tell few people as...well you know why...truly the most amazing and vivid was 911...which i told my sister about she's the same as me....and it was the exact replay we say over and over again on the tv...i have never been to the it shocked me when i saw it....when all of the souls passed over at that exact time i did not yet know of the event but remember i felt that night in australia really sick fors ages and my whole body ached it was truly bizzare and then i saw the news the next day and it all became clear....much more we could talk about i am sure....i have felt overwhelmed by fatigue at strange times lately with the head thing and had to lay down and rest when i can....please talk anytime and thank you Juliet and Robert it great to have found and light Jeanette


Juliet just wanted to ask if you get the glimpses of other lives in your dreamworld??I have been having that for a while too really of my friends calls me Dr Spock...anyway talk soon.


Hi Robert,would like to talk more on the subject of premonitions or dreams which involve others...and where to go with it all...i have helped people in the past when i have had a dream or bad feeling about something involving them...and sometimes i wish maybe i had said more...then we get into the whole karma thing....always more questions...what do you thing???


Hi jeanette - Well, I believe we can say what we can while remembering that Spirit is the ultimate fulfiller, and each has their karma to resolve. When I see difficulty coming in a chart, I try to offer helpful suggestions so the client can deal with what's coming the best they're able. Scaring them is not part of my job description, and if I can't say anything without scaring them, I merely point their mind and feelings in directions they can become stronger embracing. Some still go into fear, but I'm very much on record that fear is not only useless, but a very dangerous disease.


Hello Jeanette,
I've seen shooting stars and sometimes star showers. It's truly a wondrous sight. I spent many years stargazing and often felt as if I were floating up there in space - too much alone time perhaps...

With regard to the dreams, I mentioned them in response to your question but they generally remain a silent part of my existence unless I'm guided instinctively to say something to the subject of the dream.

It is really interesting to me that you are in Australia; I've always felt a strong inexplicable tie to that country and I've even got a couple of uncles who migrated there a long time ago (North Queensland area I believe).

While on vacation in the Caribbean some years back, I met some members of the New Zealand and Australian cricket teams and their descriptions of their countries always made me want to visit.

In terms of other lives do you mean parallel lives of my own soul or other people's lives? Either way, how about sending me an e-mail if you have other questions, that way we don't tie up the forum with individual communication.

Juliet :-)

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