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Lori L

Robert, I don't know alot about Astrology but i am very Intrigued by it and i love your site - i was curious if you could give me any insite to my situation - I have been going through a very rough time since 8/04 - mainly the loss of relationships and was just curious if you could tell me when i may get a break or see some light at the end of the tunnel - My birthdate 8/30/66 and i was born at 12:32pm in Chambersburg,Pennsylvania. Thanks for any help.

crawl or fly

That is one of the best and purest explanations I have read.


Lori- I'm over in Millersville Pa, it is a small world and "the same world" so to speak. I've been asking myself that same question you know, when will my highest self lead me to a more peaceful setting in the mundane world? I have found that the more I ask myself that question in meditation the more I project that inner question- outward. What goes along with my meditational question is my offering back to humanity and the celestial. Returns from spirit come to me when I give quality attention, effort, and time to the most important pieces in "the 10,000 things" relevent to my own life. I will send you some good meditational vibes out, Lori.

Robert- thank you so much for all of the correct information, good advice, and of course, inspiration!

This question may be one of the most important Astrological questions I've ever asked you; what is the final dispositor of all of my planets?

What "sets into motion the focus on the entire span of all of my planets?" my "lunar line of greatest development" secondary to the final planetary dispositor of my bundle?

This post is long winded but here is some appreciation to you Robert, from "The Astrologer's Handbook"

"The Sun is exalted in Aries. Highly evolved Aries people will be far more subject to the creative solar influences than to the combative Mars tendencies//"

"The solar-influenced Arian knows that the power of the Eternal Creator is within him as his own "I am" principle or pure faculty of attention. He is not compelled to prove himself through aggressive Mars action but can allow the solar divine energy to be expressed through him. Arians of the more developed type often demonstrate powerful Mercurial mental tendences, since all new things have their birth in the world of thought, the direct creative manifestation of solar energy."

Thank you for being you Robert, working hard, doing your part, and helping me and so many people.



Together/alongside with the deserved thanks-a few bits of info,smth like linguistic comment:)
In the Belarusian language the root prana is found in "a-prana-nne",or the process of putting smth on for wearing like clothes,and the word "ruh"is close to Ruach-which means movement,and the language itself is called "mova".The word for the "World" is "svet",which is LIght in Russian,and our word for the light is "sviatlo",which is close to "sviatY",or saint.And if you change the stress,you get "sviAty", or holidays,id est Holy Days.
Yes,in the beginning there was a Word.In Belarusian it is "slova",which sounds close to "slava",or "glory".It must be Glory to God,who had/has/will have the Word...and the WorLd.With Heavens and Earth;and heavenly earthlings:)


Hi Lori L - You've had Uranus opposed your Sun, thus in the solar 7th house of relationships, for several years. This makes for disruptions creating freer, more autonomous relationships. And you've also had Saturn on your Mercury and Venus for about a year and a half, deepening your thinking and valuing but also putting stress on all your relationships. The good ones last, but 4 times every 30 years we have to clear out the people that no longer are an accurate reflection of what we value and like. You'll be dealing with a whole new maturity, new responsibilities, and new relationships by Dec 07-Jan 08.

Hi COF - Thanks.

Hi Don - This world is not really about "peaceful settings" if you're entrusted with bringing in a future idea. We find the peaceful setting within ourselves, and may even occasionally find it in some temporary form. We are the ones who bring the peaceful setting to wherever we are if we attune.

Your Sun and Mars are in mutual reception, as are your Mercury and Jupiter. All the other planets are ruled by these two mutual receptions. Your Mars is the entry point to your span, your Neptune the exit point. And no, the Nodal line of greatest development has nothing to do with the mutual receptions. And thanks for the insights from the Handbook. A great work by great authors.

Hi Svetlana - Thanks for cutting us in on the amazing similarities in the meaning of sounds from different linguistic families. And it's true we can experience a transcendent glory of Oneness when we harmonize the "word" within us. Someday there will be a global compendium of the meaning of sounds everywhere, and then we will begin to recover the original language lost when Senzar became characters.


Robert,as your remarks are too thought-provoking and the Babel problem becomes more and more magnifying and magnetising:),I would like to continue this comparison line with some more quants of info. If we take "divine' in English we can feel "divo"-great,fairytale wonder-resonate in Russian."Dieva" is a grown-up girl,maiden,used in a very respectful,godlike way. "Devy" was the status of godly creatures in the ancient Russian-Vedic pantheon. And if you define Deva-chan as frequency of existence we call Heaven, then i can't but mention that the lost(and, hope,would-be-found one day:)telepathic language of creation(!)and communication within the Universe was called Deva-na-gary. This is what I can share with you all from the books I read myself about the traces of Hyperborea etc. Only God knows how close they are to the Truth:)


Hi Svetlana - For those readers who have never heard of Hyperborea, if we are to accept the ancient chronicles it was one of the lands of early humanity, and so would be the repository of all the pre-Atlantean languages. It was said to be a place where the Sun rose and set only once a year. The Greeks thought it was north of their latitudes, with some placing it as far west as around the British isles and others placing it around the Ural Mountains in central Asia. We do know that Scandinavia used to be a semi-tropical land, based in fossil evidence, and that during a part of the year the Sun does in fact only rise and set once, since it's the "land of the midnight Sun." We could see such radical changes occurring again within our lifetimes making other areas on our Earth a new "Arctic circle."


thank you so much for this post i'm very grateful for you and everyone who's looked beyond and outside and tried to see it all in a sense I think you are doing such a wonderful job with carrying on the load of being a human being and what you create opens new worlds for anyone with a slight crease of interest and openess of their minds YOu continue to fill me with hope and things have been much clearer since i abandoned my doubts and i can't think of anything to say but thank you so much.


Hi Alison - Sure. Once we surrender to the fact that there is only one game in town, then the rest is somewhat easy, even when it's difficult. There's really no need to try to convince, since it's all out there for our perusal, evaluation, and hopefully, acceptance. Definitely, thank you for choosing to overcome doubt, since it's corrosive, and one of the 10 great "fetters" preventing liberation. Your effort will also help others, since you're "turning the prayer wheel" with your every effort to overcome the human affliction of doubt. And of course, you are most welcome.

J. Sue Gagliardi

You bring me up when I'm down
and upper when I'm up. :o)

Every time I read your spiritual words, I am hopeful, expectant, and motivated. You are a wonderful teacher and I am so grateful that I found your site.



Hi J. Sue - You're welcome. Glad I can provide some light in a very confusing time in history. To quote Saint John the Beatle, those who make it to this cantina seem to all be going for "the toppermost of the poppermost..."


um, maybe stick to the astrology dude..

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