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Dear Robert,

Thanks for these insights. I am curious to understand the meaning of the "chart ruler" as this relates to these teachings. For example, my chart ruler is Venus at 27 Capricorn of my 4th house. How does this relate to other aspects in the natal chart?

Best to you,


Hi Roberta - It can mean the proverbial "10,000 things." This post is primarily about monitoring what sign the planets are transiting to understand how our natal planets are being influenced by on-going events. It's mostly about seeing the changing shades of our natal planets. As for the much more extensive subject of the "chart ruler," not to overly complicate things, how do you know your chart ruler is Venus? Even if our Sun is in Taurus or Libra, the ruler of our Ascendant may be our true chart ruler, or (to give an example) if we have Cancer rising, Moon in Aries, then Mars is as much our ruler as the Moon, especially if the Sun is in a weak part of the map in a sign in which it's not particularly powerful. Much depends on the concept of "final dispositor" or lacking that, "mutual reception" between "final dispositors." Even if Venus in Capricorn rules something like the Sun, Moon, or Asc, you still have a strong Saturn factor, itself ruled by the planet governing the sign it's in. So while the ruler of the Sun in a chart is important, there are other factors that may be even more important than the ruler of our Sun sign. Then there's also the somewhat obscure concept of the "hyleg" which is said to determine all major events in a life. I know I've just covered a lifetime's worth of exploration, but it's one of the most important elements in understanding what really moves us completely, rather than just pieces of our lives. And of course, I may try to figure out a post from this.


This has been a doozy of a year so far! On the first of february I found out I am pregnant! transiting Uranus/Ceres/mercury/venus/N.node were all in my 5th house.[I have the Sun-Venus-Mercury all in Pisces in the 5th] WOW!!! I can't stop smiling!
March 11th 1973
New York, NY


Hi Nicole - Your "gift from Spirit," eh? Congrats on your impending Scorpio with Jupiter conjunct Pluto at the Galactic Center!


Hello Robert,
Do you know of any resources that list the upcoming transit of Jupiter? We are planning on having children in the next 5 years or so, and wanted to attempt the best timing possible. Thank you for providing such insightful articles and advice.


Hi Suzanne - Not sure what you mean by listing the upcoming transits of Jupiter. Any ephemeris can show you its position at any given point in time. As for aspects, well, those are quickly seen by noting planetary positions. Much in childbearing relates directly to one's natal Moon, ruler of the 5th house, and any planets in that house more than Jupiter, unless that planet is one of the significators of childbearing in your chart. Also look to see what's up 41 weeks down the road from whenever you want to conceive, or vise-versa, as that helps with timing. Knowing when ovulation occurs in your monthly cycle through checking out the basal temperature fluxes helps pinpoint things even more.


Thank you for your kind words Robert. I am curious about your "Gift from Spirit" comment. Can you go into detail about this?


Hi Nicole - I've written several times that due to Neptune's stationary RX point last year, and the coming Sun-Neptune conjunction on the same degree, important things are afoot! That degree is "the large white dove descends, bearing a message," and we are told it portends gifts from Spirit for resolutely and courageously rising to whatever exaggerated "crisis" or problems up to now that have "revealed our real stature and expanded us." The Sun-Neptune conjunction sets off a year cycle between Sun and Neptune that promises us all gifts from Spirit if we met the challenges of the recent past.



Robert, that was amazing! I suppose this little one is a "gift" for all the trials I have been through. I am really blessed. It's amazing how life works!


Hi Nicole - You'll also find that there will be unexpected means of assistance and opportunities open that you could not have anticipated before the arrival of this being. "Group work" is like that.


Hi Robert,
I'm a Gemini, with Mercury in Cancer in the 12th, Cancer ascendant, the moon in Sagitarius conjunct the Galactic Center and Pluto is now conjuncting my moon. I've noticed that I've been attracting some Sagitarius people, quite inadvertently, the attraction has been intense and difficult to explain. Why do you think this is happening?


Hi Alix - Well, Jupiter is in Sag, opening many doors for those with that sign prominent. They represent openings, adventures, teachings, personality expansions, or at the very least, since it's stimulating your Moon, they show you how you are or are not taking care of your needs and how that's impacting your self image, since the Moon rules your Asc. Suns in Sag on your Moon illuminate your feelings, habits, needs, and self image. Your Moon on their Suns helps you give emotional form to their light. Some of them may be vibrating to your maternal instincts, or finding something their light needs in your self-image. And of course, Gemini's natural mate is Sag.


Hi Robert, Thank you for your insight, what caught my attention was that there are some compulsive elements to that attraction, particularly from a person who has this: sun at 13th (opposing my sun)in Sag, venus at 20th (trining my venus in Aries)in Sag, mercury at 22nd (trining my Uranus in Leo)in Sag and saturn at 26th (conjunting my moon)in Sag! Can you tell me something about that person having his Saturn conjuncting my moon?


Hi Alix - Well, in my experience any relationship involving a Pluto contact is pretty intense, and you're both having a heavy one! It's usually a challenge not to go overboard, or get coerced into or out of whatever, but it can also be the Divine Hand precipitating a major life event, since we work things out through our experiences, especially with people. A person with that stellium could be a great educator, jokesmith, or grumpy wanderer. ;-)

Your Moon is also conjunct his Mercury, Venus, and Sun, so no wonder there's a great atrraction! Your Moon on his Saturn will nurture his maturity and power in the world, but he could also see your Lunar function to be confining. It all depends on his relationship to his Saturn whether your Moon is experienced as lovingly free as I know you can be. Moon in Sag is usually a good sport, genuinely friendly, and more than up for lots of "dancing" through life with others.


Hi Robert, Thanks again. It can only be the Divine Hand indeed. Let me tell you that I don't generally like Sagittarius people (my mum is a Sag too, and of course you can imagine all the internal issues I've been dealing with regarding this relationship, which has always been exceedingly difficult), so I've avoided Sag people all my life, thinking they are too much of everything I don't appreciate in a person: too boisterous, too conceited and self-righteous and so on. I had all the reasons in the world to believe that this person was Aquarius and felt very happy in welcoming this friendship as four of the people I care the most in this life are Aquarius too, my three closest friends and my godmother. And it turns out that I find out that this person is actually a Sag! I felt so cheated by destiny at first, you have no idea. And yes, he shows a propensity to be all of that: a great educator, jokesmith (hilarious), and also of course a grumpy wanderer. Now it is too late not to accept this friendship, on the basis that he is a Sag ;) God help me...


Hello Robert,

This is the first time i visit your site and the reason is that i started with some research about Mercury Retrograde.. One thing to another i found out that since 2003 two important events occurred at a period of Mercury Retrograde. The first was in september 13, 2003 when i met my boyfriend, we are both virgo, my birthday is on the 15 his on the 17 and we are both cancer ascendants..
things didn't move the way they sould have done.. i was living the end of a divorce with a painfull experiance of unfaithful relationship lies and cheating. My boyfriend was very understanding all the time but i couldn't put things on the right track..
On october 14 2006, another Mercury Retrograde he completely closed up. He decided to take a break without any explanation of why.. It seemed like what you explained as being controlled by powers above us..
He moved out on February 4 2007.. He still needs to take a decision about us, and i still didn't have any explanation of why this happened, since he says it's not my fault and doesn't know himself why he suddenly took this decision.
Now through this past months i took time for reflection understanding of the situation getting rid of whatever bad was there in my mind like possessiveness, jealousy, fears and lack of confidence. He knows that i changed and that i'm a better person today.
There's another Mercury Retrograde starting tomorrow. Do you think there's an explanation why things happen to us in these periods and maybe there are chances that our relationship re-starts during this coming retrograde :)


Hi Alix - Sure. Pluto visiting your life is like that. Take my word on it, since I have it in the first house. Sometimes, you take what life dishes out and you do the best you can with what you've got. Even though we have free will and affirmations and meditation and so on, every so often life compels us to respond to unknowns, since that's how we grow and find the loving wisdom of our heart's truth. And sometimes it's a blast!

Interesting that I've heard the descriptions of boisterous or conceited more directed toward Leo over the years than Sag. While Sag can be boisterous, always up for a good romp, and can also be grim (as can we all!) on the whole they're open to a joke, an adventure, and imaginative things, in one form or another. They certainly do their own thing, as do the Fire signs in us all, to a greater or lesser degree. It sounds like you do well with Aquarius energy. That's very good. Sagittarians, like Aquarians, always grant you freedom. And they're good sports. Gotta love that!

Hi sunshine - Welcome to the site. Since you're both under Mercury, and retrogrades tend to bring things from the past up, one way or another, it's a great time for reviewing and understanding things from a different angle of vision. If your relationship started under a RX, then it will usually show significant shifts in one or both of you, inwardly or outwardly, during retrogrades.

Sorry that you had a rough time figuring out some relationship things. It happens to everyone in many different ways. If we choose, we can learn to heal from our experiences relative to others and get beyond habits that lead to suffering.

It sounds like the two of you had some heavy traveling. I'm sure he needed to re-think some things, as have you. RX is a time to explore, see things from different angles before making any major decisions. It's a great time to get new information and see how subconsciousness drove your boat into some tree roots in the past. Many things to figure out there. And I would say you ARE in a relationship with each other, and are now needing to figure out where your mutual vision and friendship could go from here. It'll certainly never look like it used to again. Consciousness is a one-way street.


Hi Robert, yes it's been a blast after the other with Pluto conjunct my Moon, and nothing at all is making sense, so I've stopped to despair, and I'm trying to follow the Saturn in Leo lessons: to look more deeply into those things that can really bring joy to my soul, or in other words to have some serious fun. But that's true, I can't just take all Sag people and put them in the same basket just because a few I've met were like that, and my mum as well... so you can imagine my impressions would have been coloured with rather preconceived ideas :)


Hi Alix - Well, we all have "preconceived ideas," so that's no crime. I do too, but I'm also open to exceptions to the rule, so that I'm often surprised. All it takes is openness and willingness to examine the contradictions, whether they agree with what we think or not.

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