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god bless you robert for your wisdom, generosity and abilities that you share so freely and which ripple out into the world helping people more than you might ever know.



Just what I needed to read, thankyou robert :)

Wild Horse Running

Driving home last night, it came into my awareness how behaviors of past, had shifted...(through alot of struggle, and time)...and then this morning I find this article....sort of a validation. Several months ago I wrote to you in a panic...desperate for things to change....and then when there was nothing more to do but accept the "self-imposed prison".....and "change my attitude".....slowly things are shifting/emotional attitudes/behaviors..and Im noticing a shifting of those I am in close contact with.
Your work is much appreciated.


Hi Annie and Sarah - Thank you for your praise of the column. I almost set it to post about a week from now, but decided it probably needed to go out now. Thanks for validating my decision.

Hi Wild Horse Running - Yes, often our lives move on in ways that take us a while to figure out. And certainly when we truly move on, after a period of time we get perspective on how we've grown beyond the old forms, and occasionally get a glimpse of how others have shifted as well. I've found meditation on one's highest potential often yields positive movement in others who are close to us whether anyone notices it or not.


Hello Robert,

In honour of Valentine's Day...a gift for you to thank you for all your wonderful insight and countless hours of counsel. Hope you like it! Have a wonderful day celebrating love with your family. (I know it's a bit early but I knew I would not be online Wed...)
Juliet :-)

Your words burst forth in a state of grace
But it's only love wearing a different face
That of joy, and hope, and peace, and faith
Timeless spirit, wander no more, you've found your place

The journey's been long, from now on clear blue skies
Great comfort be yours, never more demise
And what of those no longer in your eyes
Rejoice dear teacher, for true love never dies


Robert, thank you very much for shedding and sharing your light and wisdom on knowledge which clarifies so much for me.


Hi Juliet - Thanks so much for your poetry. It's a truly loving gift for Valentine's Day!

Hi Luz - Sure. You're very welcome. Thanks for your kind words. May you and all my readers go on to become the lights in your world!


Dear Robert,
It was just 2 days ago that I
had negatively reacted to a request by my supervisor to go
out into one horrific storm to
do someone elses job.
Of course I climbed out of it
but in 15 minutes the storm pushed its way out and I felt
badly for reacting like that.
I made a promise to myself that
I must sincerely consider a different approach.
Walla! And now you have placed
that very sort of info in black and white. Must be spirit message. Thank you kindly~Pat


Hi Pat - Yes, well, it's easy to lose one's cool in the face of what seems an outrageous demand. I still deal with that, being an Aries with Sun conjunct Mars! ;-) However, it helps me know how to get beyond being annoyed or aggravated by things, which we're told is one of the fetters we must overcome to find ultimate consciousness. Glad you got beyond the negatives, and have a touchstone for future reference. Detachment is a verrrrrry good thang. And of course, you're most welcome.


Hey Robert!

In the interest of love, i want to affirm you for taking a nice look at what get in the way of our being more loving.

One observation i'll make from personal experience is that i had to dig deep into the subconscious, due to serious crud in the childhood software, with accompanying generalizations: grownups are mean, and they are liars who use you to get their needs met (says a feisty, ill-parented kid). So... only to say that some of our resistances are not easy to trace. So... today, on valentine's day, i bless the shovel!


Hi kathy - Yes, we are blessed to have shovels - and brains, and hearts, and courage, and occasionally a friendly Wizard.... ;-) And of course, friends who can help us "bucket the pond."


Hi Robert, Well it's no longer Valentine's Day, but this article is till timely :) I am wondering, if we have someone who was once a friend in our life whom we loved, but causes us repeated unhappiness because they don't or can't meet our needs, or don't feel the same way about us as we do about them, do we just walk away, or is it more evolved to stay and work on ourselves so we get rid of all our own expectations and needs and learn to accept that person as they are?


Hi toni - Well, I once wrote a song "Respect is a two way street." What you ask is more complex than can be answered in a brief comment, but I'll try. I suppose the answer is each circumstance is unique and fluid. Sometimes we walk away, sometimes we hang in there, but never should we lose our self respect. I'd like to think I'm tolerant, patient, understanding, forgiving, and all the other virtues we're told we're supposed to practice. But one of the hardest lessons I've learned is not to allow my kindness to be mistaken for weakness. Being a doormat for someone else's unenlightened behavior will never bring us peace of mind. It's one thing to know "you take yourself wherever you go" and knowing what's done is done.

All relationships are a negotiation and communion to some extent, and each must find it in their continued interest to be in the exchange. The highest form of friendship is where each finds what they want and need offered spontaneously by the other and there is no element of coercion or exploitation. Anything other than that is out of balance or forced to a greater or lesser degree. And there are points when if they don't adapt to who we have become, then there's no commonality left where we can find a mutual bond. Memories alone are not enough. If we've grown in positive ways, while another has not grown or has begun to manifest negative or destructive behavior, then it's up to them to change, not us to endure inappropriate behavior. Otherwise we give the lesser Hitlers and Stalins permission to hurt us while we gaze at our navels trying to figure out how to teach a pig to sing.


thank you

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