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May I be the first to post my greetings on this day. I wish you every blessing as you have been blessing in the short time you have been in my life.

Your wisdom has enlightened me to no end to keep traveling on this road that has been chosen by the universe for me.

As the last line of CASABLANCA goes: "Louie, this a start of a great friendship!"



Felipe Gonzales


May this day bring you utmost joy and happiness. May the Divine Mother continue to bless you, as you have blessed us with your teachings and may your dreams be fulfilled to accomplish what is to come.

With your permission, I'm posting an edited version of my invitation to visitors of your site to support your work on this special day, your Soular return. Que Dios te bendiga a ti y su familia.

Since I met Robert about 25 years ago, I've been deeply inspired by his teachings; his profound wisdom that encourages us to seek the light within; his uncanny astrological interpretations that compel us to meet our true dharma; his selfless and tireless efforts to prolifically share, day after day, diverse facets of the ancient wisdom; and his gratitude and respect to all who participate in comment streams by faithfully answering everyone's question, comment or inquiry.

These inspirations lead me to make an appeal to all past, current and future visitors of this site. I've chosen to honor Robert and the spiritual work that he represents on this special day through a commitment to tithe a percentage of my income to once a month.

I also invite you apply the natural law of "tithing" to support Robert's work: Tithing is the ancient practice of invoking Divine Abundance through giving a portion of your income to a place that spiritually inspires you. Tithing is a channel to demonstrate your confidence in Divine Abundance, your birth rite as a spiritual being. It begets the promise of security, protection, and guidance through a high form of philanthropy. Certainly deserves this consideration.

There's not a more appropriate time than today, Robert's birthday, to show our support. I wholeheartedly invite everyone visiting this site to make a donation to today to support Robert and his unequivocal spiritual work which he contributes to this planet. The amount doesn’t matter, whether large or small, what matters is your benevolent gratitude to our dear friend and teacher Robert.

As Robert revealed earlier this week, there's a dream of having “a comprehensive media center more real, where astrology will be but one of several gateways to things outside of mainstream thinking. Sort of a one stop shop for those seeking info and connections into everything from meditation to holistic health, as well as other media in such areas as stop nukes and pro-peace efforts". He also said in a previous post, "There is much to do these next few years, and it's going to take time, energy, and money".

By making a committment to support Robert, we can ensure the work is accomplished and make these dreams a reality. Surely and the global community deserve this consideration.

So dear brothers and sisters, I leave you with my inspiration to give back to Robert, as he’s so generously given to us. Please help make this a birthday he’ll never forget! For those of you who have already supported Robert, muchas gracias. And for those you already read my earlier version, please forgive the double post.

In ending my appeal I’d like to share with you a timeless message for you to ponder: “All wealth belongs to the Divine and those who hold it are trustees, not possessors. It is with them today, tomorrow it may be elsewhere. All depends on the way they discharge their trust while it is with them, in what spirit, with what consciousness in their use of it, to what purpose”.
Sri Aurobindo. The Mother. 1928


Happy Birthday Robert...
your wisdom informs and inspires me and my journey with astrology...
thank you so much! i soon hope to be able to do a reading with you,
but until then i read your articles with much appreciation...
thank you..happy day!


Celebration (Uni:)Verse for/to Rob Ray,the Celebrity

To celebrate the renewal
of the Light in your Life
be ready to view,
to sail and dive.
Be sure to catch the moment of Time
when it is possible "to turn on a dime".
If "this is where the world congregates",
be lucky to open "The Heavenly Gates":).
Be healthy! Be happy! Be flying like Bee!
In every return/ahgle/aspect-just Be!!!


Hi all - Back from the beach, now making pizza from scratch! Enjoying myself immensely!


Hi our favorite Aries man, I am happy that you are enjoying your day! I am having Cabernet now for you and all of us. It is my Sunday glass of wine for relaxation. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. Well, Robert, it is unbelievable you can cook too! Pizza from scratch! Can I have a slice? ;-)


Robert, I'll light up the evening sky with fireworks tonight. I am not sure you will be able to see it from CA, but still, maybe the stars will reflect it. I have one more bottle of Veuve Clicquot left from my B-day, so it needs to be finished before boring week begins tomorrow morning. Enjoy your evening and Solar return.

Brian A

Hi Robert, et al,

I'm a newbie to this site, but I love it so much I just donated $20. Happy Birthday Robert. :)

Astro question: the moment of my Solar Return will happen around 8:30pm on April 3rd. Charting this moment reveals that the Moon will be at 28 degrees Libra, in exact alignment with the Ascendant.

Perfect balance of Moon and Ascendant in Libra -- sounds interesting, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to understand what it might mean. Any thoughts?

BTW, my Ascendant is Gemini, Moon in Saggitarius. My chart is chock full of Fire...almost too much *sigh*. Lots and lots and lots and lots of explosive ... errrRRRrrrrBLAH!!

Felipe, I love the Sri Aurobindo quotes. I have Life Divine on my list, near the top of my book queue.

Best to everyone,


happy birthday to you Robert, karma's gonna' get you, and for you that is a good thing.....have a wonderful year.



Robert, you have made me very happy.




Robert - good Monday morning. What happened to your pizza? I guess you had a big party since we still haven't heard from you. Everyone - have a great week!


Hi Larissa - As you now know, the pizzas were most excellent. Homemade dough and sauce - kalamata olives, fresh basil, fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh garlic, green onions, and a healthy dose of mozzarella added at the last 4-5 minutes. The evening with friends featured BV Napa Cab, Bell Wine cellars 2003 Napa Cab, and an old vine Zin with enough friends so none of us drank too much on our own! And of course, if I could I'd make pizza for everyone! Maybe someday I'll decide to open another pizzaria...

Hi Brian - Welcome to the site, and thanks so much for your generous contribution. Very much appreciated! As for your question, it shows you will be doing some needed self-nurture to care for yourself this year. You will be searching for a more ideal world, and need a lot of harmony, beautiful sounds and smells and so forth to do your best. It will be a year where karmic accounts will be balanced, and put the focus on whatever natal house has Cancer on it. Thus your 2nd house will be the big focus this coming year. Expect to see the light around many things this October.

Hi gaye - Just love "Instant Karma," since we are all in fact superstars! Thanks for the good wishes, and I definitely plan on having a great year.

Hi Helen - Thanks for saying so. My pleasure.


Hi Robert,

I have a bucket pattern in this year's solar return, with saturn acting as the nozzle in the 7th. This struck a chord with me because my girlfriend is going through her saturn return this year. I feel like I may be going through a second saturn return with the 'capricorn asendant' providing the path to greet her capricorn descendant (natal). I know you've mentioned bucket patterns before, but I'm still not too clear about its 'significance'. It's a nice bucket for a storybook. I just hope I don't drop it while going up the hill this year:)


Hi Mike - The Bucket takes all the energies of the planets and focuses them through the singleton. You sound like you have a fair grip on its significance. The Capricorn sectors are primarily affected in your natal and SR charts, and of course, in the 7th would show your girlfriend's got major Saturn lessons this year. Great mirroring effect between two charts!

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