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Thank you again for yet another awesome and inspiring post. As the teens that I work with would say-"You Rock!"

Apropo of this time of 30 Pisces I intend and affirm that we are not "anti" anything or anyone, but rather "for" visualizing and creating this new era based on peace, justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity. I intend that these United States again truly becomes the land of the free and the home of the brave. I intend that everyone everywhere is brave enough to stop the killing and realize that there is only one of us here. I intend that everyone everywhere remembers that all sentient beings are our relatives. As my Native American friends here in the Black Hills of South Dakota say- "I don't pray TO the trees, rivers, and wild animals. I pray WITH them.
Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations)


LOVE THIS POST ! thanks for reminding us of our POWER and our ability to collectively change daughter is singing a song called 'everybody's FREE' in the bath in the background as I type this! we certainly need to remember that NOW! and not feel limited to change things starting with thoughtforms to manifest our visions...THANKS Robert i am feeling empowered by your and light


Hi dcu - I figured you and some others would groove on this particular "intersection between fate and free will." I second your emotion - may it take flight and land in the hearts of all who care for the One Life we ALL are together. We are the dreamers who will witness the end of the old ways that have been so destructive, and witnesses to the goodness that this One Life IS.

Hi giverny - Expect more to come. "Come on people now, smile on your brothers everybody get together and try to love one another right now..." Matter follows thought to the degree the wave form is true. May your light shine in your section of the world, and yield many good things.


Hello Robert,
During the last full moon/eclipse a wonderful event occured. An aniversary and cd release party for a favorite band took place. People came from all over the U.S. to dance, hug, laugh and make merry. Many of us felt we had reunited with our spiritual core. While many of us are unwilling to give up political involvement, an emerging realization that "we can't fix what's broken with something still broken" (credit to the band leader) informs us to become more spiritually involved with our lives and use that to inform our actions. I could write so much more on this but in essence I feel that within that group would be my core "Ray Group". Thanks for the impetus to act further and confirmation that the time is right.


Robert, thank you for giving me a succinct reason why many of the new-age “positive thinking” lectures do not work for everyone. Not everyone is on the particular path of creating just by wishing something into being. Some people need the "mysteries", the magic, or a communion with higher beings. This is not to say that the positive thinking "gurus" are wrong. Positive thinking does work, but a thirty-second technique or an affirmation alone is not the only way for everyone. I've tried to understand this, and you have helped.

Your statement "as long as, it is true for us" is so important. I’ve watched people struggling to demonstrate or manifest something, and they become very frustrated when it doesn’t appear in a short time. The principles of teachings such as “The Secret” make people feel guilty for not manifesting everything they want. Don’t you think the natal chart gives a clue as to why they aren’t demonstrating easily? Maybe they aren’t supposed to have something, or at least manifest it without the proper focus or work. Do the transits “in the sky” make a difference as well?

You say, "Thoughtforms must be crafted with great precision if we are to bring forth the desired effect with a minimum of unintended consequences." I guess it is easy to forget that when attempting to create or manifest.

Please continue your thoughts on creation, manifestation. It's more than Cosmic Ordering a parking place, a car or a home (although those things are important). You have great things to say, and I look forward to more insights.

One thing I don't understand in many of the New Age teachings is the separation from others. I know we each have our own purpose, but to ignore what's going on in the world is puzzling to me. Should I forget that children are starving in Africa because they have their own purpose or search for joy? Am I supposed to mind my own business, concentrate on my own life, and forget about them? What does turn the other cheek truly mean in regards to war?

Sorry, I'm just rambling now, but you've made me believe we do make a difference.

Thanks Again


Thanks for this, Robert. Is Pisces 30 the same as Aries 0 (Aries Point)?

Thank you for providing some hope that all may not be lost for the world after all!


Sounds like a recipe for the future survival of planet earth.


Hey Robert,
I've been reading on this site for awhile now, and I just want to say that I love it. I think it's one of the best sites on the internet, certainly that I've ever found. I think your articles are really insightful and I've been trying to teach myself astrology so this site has helped a lot. I believe strongly in the vast power of the mind. Just simple things like how two people can be thinking the exact same thing at the same time when it is on a completly unrelated subject. So if that's the power of the mind when you are not actively training it.. it's truley amazing. I think that everybody is capable of so much more than they realize. But what I'm wondering: Are they any books you can recommend on this subject and also on astrology? I am reading some of Robert Hand's books and I think they're amazing. I also have neptune sextile uranus in my chart right now, so I think it's an excellent time to start studying this.


Hi Kristin - Sounds like you have found some members of your group; look for synergistic energies that assist and uplift each other while opening new opportunities to learn and make the true, good, and beautiful manifest. I have a similar group of friends and allies spread out all over the world, and the group dynamics are the same. And of course, the best way to fight evil is to make progress in the good, and celebrate that we are Spirits in the material world, to quote another enlightened musician.

Hi Susan - Yes, it seems that the 10,000 pound elephant in the corner requires us to remember we cannot simply wish something into existence that has nothing to do with our existence. That said, the entire process deals with "goal fitness," or becoming fit to manifest some goal that is true for our potential, individually and collectively. And of course, with persistence we may even succeed in manifesting some version of our affirmation, but the consequences could be disastrous if we haven't taken into account a larger view of cause and effect. I've seen it happen too many times not to mention that we better be ready to deal with whatever shows up that we may not have anticipated.

The natal chart shows our potential, so if it's not in our hologram, it probably won't manifest, no matter how hard we try. Yes, transits matter big time, since everything has its season of manifestation, objective and subjective. And of course, you hit on what is probably the greatest obstacle to human progress, what The Tibetan calls "the heresy of separateness." It's the source of all war, all frustration, all alienation, all fear, all hatred, and every other ill that plagues humankind.

We turn away from human suffering at our own risk, as we become less than human when we do, regardless of what press releases we choose to believe about ourselves and any supposed "spirituality." And of course, there are departments of labor, and we're not necessarily fit to do all of them, but we can find our zone of effectiveness in lessening human suffering if we but look. And "turning the other cheek" does not mean powerlessness and indifference. It means being our higher Self regardless of the barbaric behaviors confronting us.

Hi hitchhiker72 - Yes, but there is no symbol for zero. That's why 0 degrees + any minutes = One degree of whatever, like our first year of life isn't when we're one, it's before we're one. One marks the end of the year. One marks the end of the degree. I hope this explains it. As for hope, "Something's lost, and something's gained, in living every day...." Whether a glass is half full or half empty is in the eye of the beholder.

Hi Juliet - Well, we have powers latent within that most have never dreamed of, and if any number of us all created a thoughtform together, there's no telling how powerful the effects would be! Aum Namah Shivaya!!

Hi Kristina - I love Robert Hand's work, even if sometimes he's a bit grim on his interpretations of "frictional" transits. I always recommend Grant Lewi's "Astrology for the Millions" as well as Dane Rudhyar's "Astrology of Personality" if you want to enter the world of non-fatalistic, humanistic astrology. I can also recommend some venerable and legit metaphysical books as starting points to greater awareness if you're interested. Email me via the contact link on the left side.

As far as I know, there isn't much out there that combines what we're speaking of here with astrology. Some of the other blogs listed on my sidebar may address some of it from time to time, but this is practical metaphysics, something I've studied and practiced for over 30 years. That's why you get it here. Thanks for your praise of my site and the articles. The mind is capable of things waaaay outside of most people's conception, and we are less separate and powerless than most imagine. Training is everything. And yes, it is a great time for you to be studying this.



ONE Love......... D. } -----*


Hi Robert,

I have to agree with you in regards to Robert Hand. I have used my Planets in Transit that it has split in two. Have you read what he says about Saturn conjunct Pluto? This is a major aspect I am dealing with now with Saturn squaring both my Jupiter and Mars.

In July, Saturn will finally conjunct my Sun. I have heard different opinions from a sneeze to full-blown pneumonia.

The last time Saturn conjuncted my Sun in the exact degree, I left my husband.

Care to comment?




Hello Robert,

How about a Thoughtform Experiment?

You suggest something positive and good for the planet, and anyone interested will try to focus on and manifest it on a particular day and time (most conducive to this) that you designate.

What do you think?

Juliet :-)


Hi DianatheHuntress - Thanks. One life, one light, one love indeed.

Hi Helen - Well, I would never put down a great astrologer, as his work is excellent. We all have our issues with how we express things (spoken as a true Aries with Sun, Mars, and Mercury conjunct!) Even if they are awesomely not afflicted, it still isn't easy to express myself in ways that everyone likes and understands. ;-) But then again, in the words of the old gospel, "You can't please everyone so you better please yourself..."

Yes, I've read everything Hand has said about negative aspects, and I prefer to regard Saturn conj Pluto as crystalizing one's absolute power of self-purification according to Shivaic principles. Having it rising trine my Sun and Mars I understand that it can be one of the most powerful forces for good in our lives, and with Saturn, indicator of Dharma, coming to visit the "Lord of the Underworld" in us, it could mean massive wreckage or the perfection of our ability to be our innermost and outermost Divinity in a form the world WILL recognize (whether it wants to or not!) Saturn square your Mars and Jupiter forces you to cut back on some things, expand others thoughtfully, not hold antagonisms under too tight a leash, and be Aquarian.

Saturn on the Sun transit is best described by Grant Lewi in "Astrology for the Millions." It is a time when you get the results of what you've worked for. Saturn on my Sun brought major endings and beginnings, which as I look back these 10 years brought me nothing but good. And I truly mean that. The changes of that time have led me to a greater life and love than I could have ever imagined before then. What it took away was a struggle and burden, including a marriage that had ended years before, and left me free to be my light. It's really a great transit, even if it brings hard realities into focus.

Hi Juliet - Wellwellwell. It seems as though you win the prize for sussing out my hidden agenda. We definitely can do a "Thoughtform Experiment." I believe we can brainstorm for something perfectly appropriate, something that could be accomplished, definitely measurable, and not in violation of the Prime Directive. I'm open to suggestions, and am considering some things that haven't quite taken shape yet. And yes, I can pick a time astrologically when we can focus, in whatever time zone we're in, on the objective. I believe we should start with something "non grandiose" since that sort of glamour either a) fails (and therefore discourages) or b) succeeds (and therefore encourages a false sense of ego). Pride is one of the final fetters to liberation, if we are to believe some venerable works of antiquity. So let's consider this an open forum to discuss possible experiments, open the imagination to making it playful and effective, and we'll do the first one when the Moon is well aspected during one of the coming Grand Fire Trines. Thanks for picking up on a possibility.

Vicki Evans

The possibility sounds unlimited. I really like the idea of this positive thoughtform within our global community here with the right focus and intent.
I remind myself often that we are all just "hangling". All of us get to hang out on this beautiful planet while we are really just hanging by a thread.

Happy Vernal Equinox!



Hello again,

One more time I get to explain "hangling"; in my previous post I typed too fast. Hangling is a word I said by accident and it made sense when talking about our existence in this lifetime with a dear friend.
"hangling" - 'hanging' out on this planet earth while we are really just 'dangling' by a thread.
We need to remind ourselves that we are all the same and all are one and our egos don't even matter and at the same time, we should enjoy the ride.

And Juliet, I really liked what you wrote in your posts.


el BB

Hello Robert,
I'm one of the folks who visit here most everyday.Always appreciate your take on current happenings though I cant say I always understand the astrology. Feels like reading it helps just to let your words flow thru my brain.I am writing,painting, sculpting,working,playing & growing with high fire.
Doing my being indeed.Loved this post xspecially,thanx for the reminder that we are powerful to affect positive change! PLS consider me "on the boat" for any thought form adventures. Would love to talk,hangle around,get a reading maybe this summer in LA.figure you wont come anywhere near TX whilst stuff is blooming.Howdies to Vicki & dcu. Love, el BB


Hi Vicki - "Hangling" indeed! I gather our entire beautiful world looks like a jewel hanging by a thread in all-space when seen from a space shuttle. And you're right about a lot not mattering, and enjoying the ride, since we never know what today will bring, even less tomorrow, except the results of well-crafted thoughtforms.

Hi el BB - Though a long time visitor, consider this a formal welcome to Professor Robert's cantina. Glad you can let the images slip through the mindstream without clutching at unfamiliar terms. As one of the greatest Libras of all time wrote, "Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream, It is not dying, It is not dying... Lay down all thought Surrender to the void, It is shining, It is shining..." Will definitely be at one in the ether when it's time to play with constructive thoughtforms. Actually, I love Texas in the Spring with the wildflowers, and may actually have the time to get there in future years, but for now, other things and places beckon. As for coming to LA, we'll need to coordinate, since my schedule is stacking up like planes over LAX. And it would be good to see you. Tell Captain Cap and the twirlybirds hi for me.


Ok Robert she is a Pisces and I can't detach!! She looked at me in that...hypnotic-sleepy...Pisces woman I can barely concentrate on anything else. I dated one Pisces years ago and my heart still aches in thought of her. I have been smart about this area of my life for years. Now I can't think intellectually at all. And it isn't fun being me right now.

So I don't know what to do. I have to live and work!

Please my friends, I need good vibes, I'll owe ya. And Robert I need simple advice. She is like taking up all of my time and I barely know her so...oh my goodness I don't know.

And Pisces people you are truly beautiful sweethearts.



Hi Robert,
This is a great post. Thanks. I'm trying to write a young adult sci fi story right now and been struggling to imagineer a positive future without falling into old cliches or being overwhelmed by the 'destructive thought forms that pervade our psychic atmosphere.' The idea that we can build a better world by collectively imagining it and putting energy into our mental creation is wonderful. I'll think on this long and hard and try and figure out ways to represent it in fiction.
Thanks so much for the inspiration.


Hi Don - Good to hear from you. You would be attracted to a Pisces, but as a Scorpio you'll be learning how to attach and detach with greater self control this entire lifetime so your energies don't run away with you. You probably need time with her AND time alone, not obsessing on things, people, what you want, what you don't have, etc., etc., etc. In any case, glad you're around. Find the balance between self and non-self, work and play, introspection and extroversion, and back off from wanting to "fire all of your guns at once and explode into space." You may have been "Born to be Wild," but it's not a sustainable lifestyle - I know, since when younger I tried! ;-) And of course you have the good vibes and affection of everyone here. I believe I can say that, given past comments directed your way.

Hi sue - You're welcome. Why not have each know a piece of the puzzle, but have to quest to find it before they use it together. That's not a cliche - that's life (and something Dickens used most effectively)! Wend it separately, weave it together, or some such thing.


Hi Robert,
Can you tell anything about (my) natal sun being 29,46 pisces? I've only found some articles about 'anaretic degrees' on the net - not very helpfull, since i'm an amateur in astrology...
Also have mercury, mars, chiron on 7th degree pisces opp pluto and scorpio ascendant conjunct neptune...
Thx, Tom


Hi Tom - The Sun is the Illumination principle within and without. It is the Light we respond to and radiate from our Heart, the vitality of our Spiritual Core. What sign we have it in shows the types of ways we are Illuminated. For example, you are illuminated and illuminating when you do closure rituals, or use forgiveness and compassion in all-encompassing ways. You also "see the light" through the consequences of overstaying your welcome, procrastination, and mastering the finesse, among many other Pisces traits.

The entire article is about 30 Pisces. It's the final degree of the 360 span we call "reality" from pure raw emergent "be-ness" (Aries) to final, all-encompassing "all-ness" (Pisces). Your Sun is at the end of the end, the point before the launch of a new world. Though you have inherent Pisces traits, most of your life you've been an Aries by progression, and since you're over 30 your progressed Sun is already well into Taurus. And Taurus is good for your Pisces-Virgo opposition with Scorpio rising, as it makes a rectangle. You can turn every challenge into multiple productivities, understandings, and awarenesses if you don't get suckered into power struggles you don't need. Be aware of how much energy you're devoting to any given thing at any time, and don't exhaust yourself trying to march to another's drumbeat.


An idea for your thoughtform experiment -- a modified tonglen technique:

"Everyone imagines peace as they think others would experience it.

So for as long as you can, you imagine what it feels like like be a starving child, a grieving parent, the road rager in front of them, a bird flying by, a person walking by the window. And you then imagine what peace for that person would feel like. For the starving child - a full belly, for the road rager -- someone to offer a smile or shoulder to cry on."

In most of our day-to-day world, we are so involved in our own little troubles that we take everything personally when, in fact, the perpertrator is probably just as involved in their own little world and cosmically bumped up against us.

Similar to the "pay-it-forwrad" principle, if we are nice to the road-rager in front of us then maybe they won't be so angry and make that nasty phone call which will save a person's job which puts food on the table so the child doesn't starve. That's why I like to do the tonglen technique. Sitting quietly and contemplating other beings and their troubles in the quiet of my home makes it easier to "act" instead of "react" when out in the thick of living. And if I can be more peaceful and compassionate in more areas of my own life, then maybe the world will be more peaceful and compassionate.


Beautiful, Sonja!

I love it.... what if we all just simply 'imagined'................

what effect could be produced?

Way Cool!


Hello Robert,

How about something for Earth Day 2007? The thoughts are still forming (tee hee). I'll get back to the forum this weekend.

Juliet :-)


"Explode into space" lol...I have been laughing to myself for five minutes...can't detach! That was funny.

Hey I'm glad I'm around too, I am a survivor.

Sonja I can relate to your post, my problem is that I need to learn to not dwell in thought of others suffering. I focus on myself and begin to believe I'm being selfish!

Oh boy she is truly a gorgeous soul Robert. However I have managed to relax about it. I had one other experience with a Pisces gal and my heart hurts still and that was about seven years ago.

I'll try to stay in the lower stratisphere for now, lol.



Hi all - Excellent exercise in empathy, Sonja! Great for our recent Pisces eclipse. I've gotten several good ideas so far, and will post something soon on three I believe have merit and whose results could be measured. Diana, that's why I am trying to find things that are good and relevant that could lead to further works locally and globally. There is no idea too small or too large for what I'm imagining here. I'll probably start with a few that have been suggested, create a link on the left hand column for those who come in later and want to participate, and over time I'll create an ongoing list of thoughtforms to participate in. This will be more or less an ongoing experiment, with certain times where I believe we can all focus in our local time zones to create "pulses."

Hi Don - Glad "Born to be Wild" can bring a smile to you. Well, "enlightened self-interest," wisely applied, can bring wonderful results to millions! Like this blog. It started as one man's offering of a few astro articles to the world, and now many thousands each week check in for astro and non-astro info, community, and an alternative view of our ever evolving world.

I have never shared my larger media vision that I hope this site will ultimately become. I probably need to do an article at some point, just to clarify that this is not supposed to be just one more astrology site, as worthy as that is. There is a larger global connectedness I am trying to achieve, to unite a community that I believe already exists and wants to help create a better world, locally and globally. Though my own needs for resources to expand the effectiveness of what I want to do here could seem selfish from one point of view, there are many other things to do. It all involves time, energy, and money if it is to become what I ultimately envision, sort of a "one stop shop" utilizing integrated media for anyone in the world to check in and find what they need to improve their lives and the lives of others, wherever in the world they live. An ambitious project, definitely a "self interest" of mine, but selfish? Perhaps we need to redefine our notion of selfish. For example, I hope you will become a multimillionaire and create wonderful works with your resources. Selfish? From one point of view, maybe, but with a worthy intention? Priceless selfless service. And of course, this also is grist for the mill of discussion.


Robert,how do you think if the expression "wisely -crafted thoughtform" can be equal (especially in the times of equinox:) to "wisely-coined thoughtform"?
Or the notions of "Coinage" cluster are only applicable to the world of sound\vibrating words?


I'm really excited about this. I think if it could start anywhere, it is through this site. Sometimes technology really is wonderful... let's get this started. I'll help in any way possible.


'from tiny acorns, mighty oaks do grow'...... you ARE an amazing soul, Robert......

I saw an antique painting that depicted a cloaked Druid with arms reached to the sky... he was catching lightening bolts through his fingertips, but it was hard to tell if the lightening was coming FROM the sky, or through his hands...... before him , and unnoticed, was a little rabbit with a seed pod in it's mouth.

Which was the greater power?

It's all within us......

I am looking forward to the "experiment"...........

With Love..... Diana :-} -----


(PRANAYAMA is a wonderful way to free self) :-)


"I see trees of green... red roses too................."

(Keep breathing......)

With Love, D. :-} -----


I wrote it for you, D.

I keep praying. When I pray, breathing comes naturally.

But breathing is naturally healthy, especially during exercise.


Hi Svetlana - "to coin" means to make, invent, or fabricate, when not used in the sense of "to stamp something out of metal." I do not believe thoughtforms are "stamped" but crafted, as they require more than one "punching out of a blank" and "stamping with an insignia" to acquire precise form. More like a wood or clay carving though both require a certain type of intensity. Also, a blank piece of metal is not exactly the same as "chitta." Chitta are the cosmic atomic "particles" that are non-specific, malleable, and thus re-shapable even after taking on some measure of precision.

Hi Kristina - I'll post some thoughts on this within the next few days.

Hi Diana - Yes, the power was not in Odin's scepter, much to Loki's disillusionment, but within the one-eyed All-Father of Wisdom, who knew both the lightning and the rabbit as symbols of the Creation. And Louie was the best!

Hi Larissa - Yes, Pranayama is one of the methods by which prana (ruach, pneuma, Spirit) is brought in to regenerate our eternal power. And thanks for reminding me that from time to time I too must focus on breathing, since often in LA "You know it don't come easy..."


Lolll..... ".....and I say to myself, what a wonderful world, what a wonderful world....oh, yeahhhhhh..."

Gotta love it........... :-}----*


Robert, I actually was telling dianathehuntress about the breathing after I saw her posted comment. sorry.


Hi Diana and Larissa - With so many different streams and substreams going on, it's great. And I still have to remember to breathe sometimes, since when I don't.... Though you may not have meant it, I welcomed the cosmic reminder to pay attention to my breathing.

carrie anne

Hi, Robert! Thanks for this!

Question (from an ignoramus): if my Venus is in Pisces at 29°42'26, how does this apply (if at all :))

Thanks so much!!!


Hi All. What an awesome comment stream. I also had been wishing for some time that this site would expand to include a more broad based discussion of metaphysical principles and how they can apply to our daily commute to the office. Earlier today our intenders' circle had a very powerful meeting out in the beautiful Black Hills. We went out to an incredible canyon, sat on a point, and made our intentions. We are all connected through this stream. All of you who are reading this were there with us. It was beautiful. It truly was serene, blue sky overhead, red tailed hawk singing to us....
Welcome to your awesome week.
"Goodwill is Love in Action." -


Hi carrie anne - It shows that your Venus IS the embodiment of a way of manifesting this "dreaming" quality. You can use that energy to follow your visualization power toward Venusian manifestations. A very powerful and favorable position, in my opinion.

Hi dcu - Well, it is "The Aquarius Papers." I am still mulling over how to continue the theme of reporting on the astrological weather while creating a safe space for those who want to launch into other realms of effectiveness. It may eventually entail making my dream of having a comprehensive media center more real, where astrology will be but one of several gateways to things outside of mainstream thinking. Sort of a one stop shop for those seeking info and connections into everything from meditation to holistic health, as well as other media in such areas as stop nukes and pro-peace efforts. That of course will take time and money and people who can assist with such intensive computer-based tasking. For now, though, I have found that even basic metaphysics is a foreign language to most people, and astrology of much more universal interest. Thus the current focus. But I'm sure greater and larger connections can be launched from here at the right time, and this is the first exploratory effort.


Well, hey, I'll visit! The best thing about this Saturn/Neptune thing for me is that I found metaphysics.
I realized that I had been studying for years without even knowing. Now I can't even remember how I found your site, even though it was only a couple of months ago.

I just stumbled upon a book in the bookstore. The picture of the man on the cover looked the splitting image of the man who hosts a local comedy night near me. Who was this man?
Rudolf Weiner.

The student is ready, and the teacher appears. Aum!


Robert,a few more thought(form:)s about to coin and coinage,if YOU are not against.You see,the dictionary gives the meanings of these on at least 2 levels:not only making monetary units "with some measure of precision" but inventing new words with coinage meaning neologism. So I think that the process of melting metal etc is adequate to Chitta interplay on the other-higher/est plane.The process of interrelation between thin and thick(or virtual and real ) world can be defined via the chain Thin-Think-Thought(v)-Thought(n)-Thing etc. And different states the primary brainwave or thoughtform aqu(a:)ires in course of time can be compared with the 3 states of water-steam(haze),liquid and solid(ice),which happen ONLY under definite conditions,for ex. temperature. So, conditional mood becomes a serious thing here:)
And the role of Astrology as Heavenly Scriptures of Wisdom is intuitively felt here-but I cant articulate it yet:(


Hi chrispito - Yes, it's the only game in town. If more people realized that, there would be less fear, loathing, and clutching at random non-fulfilling forms. Sometimes our faith, coupled with our preparations and aspirations, actually will lead us into the perfect view fairly quick. Gotta love it! Sometimes the student and the teacher just show up, and magnetism coupled with chemistry produces vectors of realization that could even spread to other actors, those in the audience, and even those who aren't physically present.


Hi Svetlana - Well, I went back to another dictionary (after the first two!) and found that the 9th meaning is "to make; invent; fabricate: to coin an expression. and then third listing of verbs, transitive, "To devise (a new word or phrase)." So it seems that it was devised from the literal coinage, rather than linguistics, which apparently is the lesser use of the term. Of course I'm not against exploring words, but I use them VERY precisely, as you know. And I've learned that some are not as schooled in linguistics as others, so I try to be very precise as well as accessible.

That said, yes, the "process of melting metal etc is adequate to Chitta interplay on the other-higher/est plane" is an apt metaphor. And yes, your analogy of the mind assuming a variety of states as a result of conditions is also apt. That's why some thought forms are more effective than others. I suspect you may be reaching for something that is beyond expression, but could be a lifelong subject of research.

Felipe Gonzales

Greetings Robert and all those who visit this wonderful site.

Although I visit several times daily, I don't always participate in the comment streams. However, I do have to admit it's akin to my daily cup of cafe, which I fondly call the “spiritual blend”.

Since I met Robert about 25 years ago, I've been deeply inspired by his teachings; his profound wisdom that encourages us to seek the light within; his uncanny astrological interpretations that compel us to meet our true dharma; his selfless and tireless efforts to prolifically share, day after day, diverse facets of the ancient wisdom; and his gratitude and respect to all who participate in comment streams by faithfully answering everyone's question, comment or inquiry.

These inspirations lead me to make an appeal to all past, current and future visitors of this site. I've chosen to honor Robert, and the spiritual work that he represents, by making a personal commitment to financially support (You've sent a secure payment of $100.00 USD to Aquarius Papers through PayPal. You'll receive an email receipt shortly)

As many of you may already know, Robert's birthday is on April 1st, just a few days away. I wholeheartedly invite everyone visiting this site to make a donation to to support Robert and his unequivocal spiritual work which he contributes to this planet. The amount doesn’t matter, whether large or small, what matters is your benevolent gratitude to our dear friend and teacher Robert. Happy Birthday Dear Brother - Que Dios le Bendiga!

As Robert revealed yesterday, there's a dream of having “a comprehensive media center more real, where astrology will be but one of several gateways to things outside of mainstream thinking. Sort of a one stop shop for those seeking info and connections into everything from meditation to holistic health, as well as other media in such areas as stop nukes and pro-peace efforts". Our support can make this dream a reality.

Working together we can manifest this dream by combining our decisive commitment and unabashed generosity to support We can even apply the natural law of "tithing": Tithing is the ancient practice of invoking Divine Abundance through giving a portion of your income to a place that spiritually inspires you. Tithing is a channel to demonstrate your confidence in Divine Abundance, your birth rite as a spiritual being. It begets the promise of security, protection, and guidance through a high form of philanthropy. Certainly deserves this consideration.

So dear brothers and sisters, I leave you with my inspiration to give back to Robert, as he’s so generously given to us. Please help make this a birthday he’ll never forget! For those of you who have already supported Robert, muchas gracias.

In ending my appeal I’d like to share with you a timeless message for you to ponder: “All wealth belongs to the Divine and those who hold it are trustees, not possessors. It is with them today, tomorrow it may be elsewhere. All depends on the way they discharge their trust while it is with them, in what spirit, with what consciousness in their use of it, to what purpose”.
Sri Aurobindo. The Mother. 1928

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Paz y luz,


Felipe,they say if you want to have a friend-be him .You have just demonstrated to all of us what means to live "in the Ray of Devotedness" and what real and reliable friends are able to do.They can ,for example,launch the processes of the deserved reward and make/turn harvest time for the worthy ones into the acts and actions of celebration and revelation. thank you for the noble lesson!


Robert, you B-day is coming! You are two days away from me! Mine is 3/30. Let's celebrate! I will raise a glass of champagne for us, Aries! Just in case, if I will be busy later this week, I wanted to tell you that you are a wonderful human being, a teacher, a friend and my kind mentor! You were there for me when I was in the middle of hard times with my mom and you are still there now to help me to recover. Thank you for being there for us and your miraculous site! It is a good idea if each of us can contribute to your work and writings, because we need you.

Felipe Gonzales

Hi Svetlana:

Thank you for your kind words.

I must admit, my inspiration also came from you and all others who so dutifully engage Robert and inspire him on to the next post.


Hi Felipe - This is truly a mind-blower. I am in awe of your offering to support the work. If even a thousand did this, whether for me or other worthy works, it would change the world in short order! Thank you for the post. It's more than I could have imagined.

Hi Svetlana - Yes, friends, a.k.a. the community, are the most valuable resource of all. We are one, we are global, we will survive and prosper, and most of all, we will live to see better days and ways among our fellow humans.

Hi Larissa - Yes, I am "the Fool." I cannot raise a glass of champagne, as (believe it or not!) I am allergic to it. But I will raise a glass of the finest Cabernet I can find, and toast all my friends and community world wide. You are truly the best any man could want. Thanks for your kind words about who I am and what I do. Being unafraid to "walk between the worlds" is a help to our suffering world, though I paid a terrible price to know how to do that. And of course, we're all in this together, so thank you for your support however it comes forth. I'm here until the last sentient being gets the bigger picture, or until my Master calls me to other work. Truly, thanks for your outpouring of love, all of you.


Robert, thank you too for your kind words. We will send a message to the Master, that we must have you with us longer. Other work can wait, since there is a lot of unfinished busines still here, many confused minds and searching souls and we need your noble advice.
Not that my suggestion will mean anything, but can I recommend Cabernet Chateau St Michel, CA 2003. Good satisfying wine, perfect taste to it. Or French ones are not bad too. Please email me your address or PO Box address, and I will send it to you. Spring is here!!! Let's celebrate with a smile.

Felipe Gonzales

Muchas gracias Robert. It's a pleasure to serve and support the work you promote. You truely deserve it!


Hi Larissa - Well, it is said that "no good deed goes unpunished," so I figure I have some punishment yet to take! ;-) All kidding aside, we're all here together on Earth at this time for a reason. It takes strong Souls to live in a time of upheaval and transition, especially when barbarians rule the world's governments and (for the most part) religions. So I figure I'm here for awhile. As for Chateau St. Michele, I am familiar with it, and like it very much. Also BV Napa, BV Rutherford, Clos du Bois green label, and some others on the high end, like Silver Oak, Stags Leap, and of course the most excellent French Bordeaux, such as Figeac, Margaux, St. Emilion, and others from that area. And I'll email you when I can find your address again in my records.

Hi Felipe - Again, very heartfelt thanks for your initiative.


Robert -- I totally agree that many barbarians are out there ruling the world. But now since you mentioned best French wines, I started to be nostalgic of France again. I had many happy moments in France. I love their castles, especially up north. Anyway, some wine tasting is on its way. :-)


The vote in the House and the Senate shows that collective intentions do work. Of course it is not perfect. But it does reflect a shift in public consciousness in the right direction. Robert has hinted more than once that these series of fire trines with the recent eclipses bode well for a more positive direction for our country. The barbarians are at the gate, and we are showing them the way out. There was a showing Monday night in Rapid City of the movie "Why We Fight." It did an excellent job of giving the historical context of our involvment in the Mideast since 1953 and the corporate interests tied to the Pentagon and Congress. I highly recommend it. Kudos to all people everywhere that continue to make positive intentions for Peace. "War is over if you want it." -Saint John


Hello Robert,

It's been a bit crazy and I did not get a chance to get back to the forum this weekend. I just popped in today and read this series of posts.

What a fantastic birthday tribute...more good things are coming your way (take it from one who sees more than meets the eye).

On a separate note - you're the only other person I know allergic to champagne. Is it all alcohol or just that beverage (if you don't mind me asking)?

Juliet :-)
(Still working on the thoughtform but I had a dream the other night and it had to do with this project)


Hi Larissa - Well, my family loves France, for all kinds of reasons. And yes, I think wine tasting is one of our human treats!

Hi dcu - The day is coming when we won't have to qualify our progress, and will eventually heave a sign of relief once this time of the barbarians is past. Will check out the movie.

Hi Juliet - Yes, many are being quite wonderful re: my birthday. Keep up the good thoughtforms. As for your question, just champagne, though I also cannot drink white wines, as it makes my jaw muscles clench and seize up, creating sharp pain.


Robert,a few words as for the fantastic birthday tribute etc As Character is a component of Destiny, you were destined to have such attention after the Transfigurational Lunations and eclipses:):):) Destiny takes us to the Place of Destination...


Dear Larisa! Happy Birthday to you and many happy returns of the day! By the way thanks to Astrology I grasped the true meaning of this expression.And how many are standing in a line,queuing for being understood\becoming understandible by humans:)
best wishes


Svetlana -- thank you!


Happy birthday Robert,

I'm a pisces 28', virgo moon, scorpio rising, and recently Uranus has formed an opposition with the moon and conjunct mercury. Needless to say, I have been feeling more amped up, and more intense than usual lately. I've been doing my tai chi, meditation, and staying positive as much as I can, but there came a point where I realized that I had been repressing a lot of anger. I used to listen to heavy metal when I was younger, and later came to 'judge' it as childish. Recently, I put some on, and did my tai chi, and felt much more relaxed afterwards. I know positive vsualization is important, but I also know that one can get so far gone on some nebulous new age cloud that the other half of the story doesn't get acknowledged. I worked with horses a couple of years ago, and how they release their emotions in a wave pattern was inspiring and a great learning experience for me. Once they release they're fine. My question is, if we don't release 'negative' feelings, consciously of course (without blame), then isn't there a danger of falling into spiritual robotism?


Hi Mike - While we must eventually release the tendencies to negativity, it's also important for us to remember that the best way to fight evil is to make progress in the good, as then many negative tendencies fall away naturally. There are many ways to release negative patterns, but sometimes people are misled by the psychological fashion of the day. For example, we cannot truly release negative feeling by beating telephone books with hoses, or other such ridiculous behaviors. I agree repressing things is not good (except criminal tendencies!) but I know that's not what you're speaking of.

Yes, getting lost in a "new age" fog is a drag and not at all spiritual, and "spiritual robotism" is also not very spiritual and ultimately falls short of any true sustainable spiritual existence. For instance, I've known many devotees who thought they could chant their way to spiritual "liberation," and even succeeded to some degree. However, since we are not unilinear beings, once we learn to play the piano with our right hand then we must practice with the left hand. Once we learn the science of thoughtform building, we then have to practice and see why some of them don't bring the results we want, rather than just focus on the ones that do. "Spiritual robotism" is an impossibility if one is on a path of realizing and practicing discrimination, dispassion, detachment, and the generation of goodwill. That's why truly, "there is no religion higher than Truth."


Wow- thanks so much! Your comment, as usual, helped clarify things for me.

It brought to mind this guy I met recently, who was telling me about the effects of 'mood' on plants- kind of like the water crystal thing from 'What the Bleep'. The plants were hooked up to an EEG machine and reacted positively to a person's positive feelings and negatively to a person's negative feelings. But the most interesting thing was that there was a third plant set up which was ignored completely, and its reactions were positively very negative!! I haven't verified this information yet, but it rang a bell of truth.

You're an inspiration to us all-
Injoy your day from morning thru night.


wonderful....really full of wonder, and connects all with the wonder & awe of our inner nature and life force....

and, so timely right now, with pluto's influence the may/june gateway.

i love the promise, optimism and empowerment you bring here.

it is a truth we all need to connect more to....our ability to create the positive change to trans-form...change, alter form for the highest good and most authentic manefestation.

thanx for this robert.





happy april fool's day....

may we all be fools -open, wise, whimsical, child like, trusting and follow this new beginning....



Hi michele - Thanks. Follow the Fire Trines! They promise many good beginnings. I'm sure we'll speak soon.


thanks for this. yesterday i had a very big disappointment, a rejection of my creative work (long-awaited and a situation that had held promise; in fact they "loved it" and yet...), and then another, separate request to see it. very springlike, a little crocus of hope. i feel this change of season quite literally but the joy in it is hard to come to today. i will bear in mind the i-ching hexagram that came up at the time of my reading w/you (inner truth). especially helpful given all the conflicting notes i get on the work. thanks again.


Hi aa - You're welcome. Sorry for the disappointment, but it opens possibilities. Something springs to mind about Edison, when asked if he felt down because he had tried about a hundred designs for a light bulb before he succeeded, replied to the effect that he wasn't discouraged since he had found a hundred ways not to make a bulb and now knew how to do it successfully. Sometimes persistence is the only thing that works. Some books get shopped for 10 years before they become overnight sensations.

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