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Bruce sang this in Austin right after the start of the war. Soon after that he started singing Maria's Bed.


Hi Deb - Been a fan since '72, and saw him in Austin at the "Born In The USA" and "The River" tours. He did the song both times, and it sent chills down my spine. I also was there in Central Park in 82 at the antinuke event, and when he appeared on stage with Jackson Browne to do "Promised Land" I heard and felt the ground shake when a million people roared. That resulted in no more nuke plants for a looooong time. We have more power to change the system than we imagine.


We are the system! As long as we maintain the power to change ourselves (the power we inherantly own) we have the power to change the system!


Hi chrispito - Yes, and with the current fiery aspects soon to anchor in concrete revolutionary forms with the coming Saturn opposed Uranus as Pluto slips into Capricorn, we will see major change in the systems. Life is dynamic, not static, and the entrenched power structures will be giving way yielding forms we can only remember or imagine.


Blessings be! I can't wait. Though I know it is important to live where I'm at and manifest my 'hope for the future' into everyday action. But I can't wait!!

Thank you for your website. Robert, can I ask you a little question? I have Leo Saturn in 7H and it is soon making it's move to my 8H. I am worried. I have a bit of a 'who am I going to lose' ongoing worry. I think it is because my partner also has a 7H Saturn and he lost a close relative as Saturn transited his 8H. Do I have just cause to be worried? Is this just paranoia? Or does at transiting Saturn on my 8H indicates all kinds of transformations? Maybe it's the natal Grand Fire Trine?

good night!

00:20 prince george BC canada
7 may 1977


...I meant to say that this was after his first SR. Maybe I am having a 1H Moon experience?!


Hi chrispito - Sometimes Saturn in the 8th does take things away, while other times it challenges us to be good stewards of what comes. It is a time to "possess as though you possess nothing," or possess "in the name of the ALL." The 8th is where we must eliminate that which cannot be taken into our future, and fill the "space" with regenerated energy. It also can show legacies, or being shaped by collective cultural values. As for Moon in the first, it all depends on the part of the sign it's in.


Thank you Robert. I like that! Nothing wrong with paring down the excess nonsense in our lives. Your words have reminded me that having my SR occur in 7H is actually a gift. I immediately get an 8H transit and get put to work immediately.

I am looking forward to Pluto in Capricorn, especially. I find Capricorns a huge comfort in general. Must be something to do with the beautiful father I was gifted with!

I pray that one day humans will accept that war solves nothing. It merely tires people out, which prevents them from thinking creatively about solutions. I feel that one must be committed to non-violence to maintain a clear conversation with the Divine.


Hi chrispito - Eventually, humans WILL know that war solves nothing, and is a destructive illusion. And yes, Gandhi was absolute in his dedication to Satyagraha and Ahimsa, since he was of the opinion that unless we totally embrace both, neither will yield the most effective results. And his life was a miracle of results.


with the current fiery aspects soon to anchor in concrete revolutionary forms with the coming Saturn opposed Uranus as Pluto slips into Capricorn, we will see major change in the systems. Life is dynamic, not static, and the entrenched power structures will be giving way yielding forms we can only remember or imagine.

a pal was listening to Terry Gross on Fresh Air today, and there was an author on the program who said a book has just come out about "the black army" a secret army funded by Cheney and Bush. they operate in Iraq and places like New Orleans. they get paid $300 a day, while our army guys git nuthin. once this book gets around it should start stirring things up.

it looks like Gonzales will have to resign now....there goes another one...
the author predicted that by the end of the summer that Cheney will have to resign in order to avoid being impeached. He mentioned that Agnew, I think it was, had to resign during the Nixon administration, and soon after that, Nixon was impeached. He predicted that this pattern could repeat itself, and that after Cheney will be forced to resign, along with Karl Rove, that Bush would then be impeached.

all because the truth is slipping out and they are about to slip away, as they cant stop the truth from coming out. and all this started to occur after the Dems got in, the tide turned, the pendulum swung, and we all said ENUF ALREADY!

I have this feeling that from here on out, the evil empire will progressively collapse, as it's all in motion, its gonna come out, all the dirty secrets they've tried to hide. I would like to see this bunch be tried and prosecuted for war crimes against humanity. for outright stealing two elections. for murdering thousands in the 911 planned explosions. for invading a country illegally under false pretenses. for eroding the rights of citizens and our constitutional rights. and there's more.

what an exciting time we live in....


Hi suz-d - Yes, we're seeing the last dying gasp of retrograde fear-based humans reaping their just desserts for hubris beyond belief. Now if we can just get people to stop hurting each other and remember that regardless of which belief system one follows, there is nothing on Earth that warrants us being in a non-loving state. We must find better ways than war (in whatever form) to deal with the problems that plague us. And I will repeat my statement that I believe the worst failure in our world is the failure of imagination among the "adults" who are supposedly running this show. We are utterly failing our children if we do not teach them to use imagination in productive ways to solve our individual and collective problems. "War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again..." May your own work take wings and penetrate to the Soul of a greater number than have ever heard you before.


"Now if we can just get people to stop hurting each other "

amen. people are generally so damaged and programed and implanted with so many fear based programs, that they cant see which way is up. they get confused and feel victimized and hurt each other. it's a very deeply imbedded problem and right now there's no easy fix. but the vibe is changing and people will hopefully see and experience the effects of their actions

"May your own work take wings and penetrate to the Soul of a greater number than have ever heard you before."

thank you R
and this is precisely what was told to me in a recent session.
that before only a few ears could hear
and that now, by the time the next work that goes out
it will be heard by many

bout time...!

love and happy equinox....


Hi suz-d - And of course a joyous equinox and coming season for you! Aum.

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