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And how about a meditation on passing sane gun-control laws in this country, NOW ? Especially in view of the fact that our "patriotic" politicians and presidential candidates have the audacity to suggest that the Virginia Tech shooting should not prompt us to take away the right of "good" people to carry guns, that guns should only be kept out of the hands of "bad" people ! As though people are static entities that fall neatly into one of those two convenient boxes and stay there for life ... mm



We get progress in Durfar, and then man's inhumanity to man breaks out at Virginia Tech.

Let everyone have a moment of silence today for the victims at Virginia Tech and commit ourselves to the cause of peace.




Hello Robert,

I read your message and my heart simply glowed. I have always believed in the power of positive thinking and using the mind in a constructive manner to implement change in my life and the world at large.

Thanks for the wonderful follow up - let's keep the bubbles flowing.

Juliet :-) :-)


Hi magenta, Helen, and Juliet - Now you know why I insist we're still in the Age of Pisces. We are witnessing the dying gasp of a historical period of insanity pressuring all of us to a greater and deeper compassion, loving wisdom, and intelligence in our actions, feelings, and thoughts. Eventually those who are attached to war will reap the results of their thoughtforms, leaving those who strive for peace to continue life on Earth. As I once heard it put, "For Evil to win it must overcome; for good to win it must merely survive." We are the mid-wives and mid-husbands to a new era birthing with each breath we take, and the contractions are getting stronger. Peace, harmony, and abundance are the eternal state of things. And we can all take heart that collectively we're on the path of return.


We are having a gunman scare here in Rapid City, South Dakota today. The schools are locked down. My suspicion is that it is overblown. We will see. I work as a Chemical Dependency counselor with high school kids. So I am sure that they will be very upset this afternoon. I am on my way there now. Please send your thoughts of peace and calm our way today. AUM.


VT was a tragedy, but peace will prevail. Now if I can figure out how to get rid of this dang eye twitch I have.


Hi dcu and Mike - It sure seems like the storm before the rainbow! Too many guns, too many whacked out people, too much stress, too much pressure, and people are cracking wide open. We surely need peace.


As I suspected the gun scare here in Rapid City was a hoax. But the schools were all locked down for 3 hours. Tension remains very high. My kids were predictably upset today. I just let them vent. Sadly there is ongoing racial strife in this area. The Native American kids are cracking wide open. They are fighting each other, fighting the white school administration. There is so much pent up anger here. I am reminded of how important it is to teach peace. I was reflecting on how if we really had peace then gun laws wouldn't be necessary. Nobody would want or need a gun. No police, jails or prisons either. We wouldn't need them. We could spend that money on schools. All we are saying is give peace a chance.


Hi Robert
Just shows what the intent can do - here's some more interest in the bee phenomenon from one of the American health newsletter I subscribe. So here's to keeping up the good work. with best wishes M

Dear Reader,

"If all the bees disappeared tomorrow, humans would have only four years left on the planet."

That quote is attributed to Albert Einstein, who was neither a beekeeper nor an entomologist. And even though it's interesting to imagine the master of time, space, and the universe pondering bees, there's no clear evidence that actually links the quote to him.

No matter. Whatever the source of the quote, it reminds us that life on earth is a web of interrelated parts. Take away a critical part, and the web may unravel. And bees are a critical part. And worse - it seems they're being taken away.

If this is the end of bees, it's going to be rough going for everyone around 2011.

Empty hives

In the e-Alert "Slow Sugar" (3/22/07), I told you about a phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder (CCD), in which most of the mature bees in a colony seem to abandon their hives and disappear. CCD has been reported in nearly two-dozen states in the U.S. Some beekeepers have lost from 40 to 90 percent of their bees.

In March this problem seemed like an oddity that might not be too far reaching. But earlier this month a USDA official, appearing before the agriculture subcommittee of the House of Representatives, told congressmen that CCD poses a grave threat to as much as $15 billion of the U.S. farm economy.

In recent years, bee populations have come under attack from a type of mite that spreads viruses among honeybees. Some researchers believe this mite may play a role in CDC, prompting a virus that could interfere with bees' navigational abilities. Another similar theory is that pesticides or some other agricultural chemical could produce a neurotoxic reaction, causing a disorientation that prevents bees from returning to the hive.

Apples and oranges

Nearly 100 food crops in North America depend on the honeybee for the majority of their pollination. These crops include apples, oranges, broccoli, blueberries, squash, and melons. This alone makes bees indispensable. But bees also provide three unique products that have been used for nutrition and healing for many centuries: honey, bee pollen, and propolis.

Propolis is probably the least well known of the three products. Bees make propolis from tree sap and use it to protect the hive from bacteria, viruses, and fungus. In humans, propolis has been shown to enhance the immune system and treat infections. In his Daily Dose e-letter, William Campbell Douglass, II, M.D., detailed a study in which bee propolis was tested against Zovirax (a cold sore medication) in treating 90 subjects with herpes. Over 10 days, herpes outbreaks were completely healed in 80 percent of the propolis group compared to just 4 percent in the Zovirax group.

Bees mix honey with pollen to create tiny bee pollen granules that are used to nourish young bees. But these granules are very good for nourishing humans as well. In fact, bee pollen contains more protein than beef, and is considered nature's most potent natural multivitamin. It also contains minerals, enzymes, flavonoids, and all eight essential amino acids. Healers have traditionally used bee pollen to improve vitality and endurance, prevent infectious diseases, and aid in recovery from illness.

And of course, there's honey. In addition to being a nutritious sweetener, raw honey - unfiltered and unpasteurized - is a natural antibiotic that has been shown to aid digestion, treat ulcers, and promote healing when applied directly to skin wounds. Here's what HSI Panelist Allan Spreen, M.D., had to say about honey in a previous e-Alert: "In the raw state (and the word 'raw' is vital here...'uncooked' does not qualify) honey contains enzymes and nutrients that can be very useful to the body. Unfortunately, heat destroys many of them, and commercial honey is heated to keep it from crystallizing inside processing machinery."

I suppose we could live without honey, propolis, and bee pollen if we had to. But there's no way our food supply could survive without the pollinating genius of the honeybee. I'll keep watching for further reports on the mystery of the disappearing bees. A team of scientists is currently studying abandoned hives throughout the U.S., so maybe we'll have some answers soon. Stay tuned.


Hi all - Here's something from Truthout that is interesting. It seems that when bees collect pollen from genetically modified corn and have a parasite as well, it dramatically affects their population. At least the world has awakened to one of the most potentially disastrous things that could happen. Here's the article. I won't say "enjoy" but at least a whole bunch of humans are on the trail. Oh yes - after a little research, it seems that the quote attributed to Einstein cannot be verified. Oh well. Probably true regardless.

Marie Lynch

Hi Robert,
I didmy FineArt degree last year around the subject of beehives, honeycomb formation and the concept of queen bee. I received many visits from the delicate yet strong winged ones. An idea of mine was to try to connect to Hildegard Von Bingen, who in the twelfth century , advocated beekeeping among her novices and was herslf a queen bee! indeed bees give us much more than honey as their society and structure are inspiring!
Regards marie(whos cat and self have found love!)


Hi Robert,

When transiting jupiter and sun was in my Libra 12th h last year, I recieved profound insights into bees, the hive, and astrology. It was a multi-dimensional experience to say the least, and to put it short:
buzz on
buzz off
bee on
bee off
the bee on
the bee off



Hello Robert,

The word of the experiment is spreading...



Hi Juliet - Uh, wow. Thanks for bee-ing the messenger! (I just can't help it!) ;-) May the thoughtform grow so strong that the correction will take place as soon as is possible (which could be instantaneous, once critical mass is created.)


Hello Robert,

You're welcome (although I did not really do anything), I just "happened" upon them in a search I was doing about the honeybees.

BTW, today is 4/ you remember my info in the e-mail I sent you regarding the educational institution and the 20 lions. It just came to mind and perhaps there's the connection.

In addition, I think back to my comment in a post sometime in February regarding the change in the "dark particle flow" I was observing. This is around the same time I believe that the honeybees were observed to be missing in large number. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

See following article:

Juliet :-)


See this article as well about the bees and their magnetic tummies...


There they are - yay!


Hi Juliet - The ABC article from Australia was amazing. The NYT requires subscribing, which is why I almost never link to them. All the networks allow access, but not the newspapers. Magnetic locational devices and group food dances? You never know what types of intelligent life there are here on Earth until our experts figure out how to measure "intelligence."


Hello Robert,

Speaking of intelligent life, check out this article.

I found it interesting on several fronts:

1) It involves magnetism, radio pulses and dramatic changes were observed as of August of last year

2) It involves the constellation of Sagittarius and the Galactic Center

3) It does not align with previous notions about neutron stars

Wonder if it has any influence on the magnetic properties here on earth?


Juliet :-)


Amnesty International has been working on Darfur for some time. Now they have been granted the rights to John Lennon's solo works by Yoko so that they can release an album of cover material as a fund raiser for Darfur. It is called Instant Karma. The album will be available in June. Two songs are available now, one by R.E.M. and one by one of my favorite Austin groups, Los Lobos. Check it out here.


Here is the initial page link with a cool picture of Saint John



Hey Robert,

Great news! The Darfur story made the yahoo homepage- protests are being staged worldwide!
Don't you love it when a plan comes together?


Hi Mike - I thought about posting an update, as it seems we are part of what is definitely a global thouoghtform! May the genocide STOP and the relief workers do more than just "hold their own."


eye twitch thing---
could be low on potassium go eat a banana.or several.(organic) :)


(Sorry - I had to delete this since it purports to be a legal pyramid scheme to get rich quick. Even if it is legal, which is doubtful despite whatever you claim paypal says, this is not a forum where we spread get rich quick schemes. And of course, I wish all my readers a lot of wealth by all legal means possible. If the poster wishes to tithe some of the extraordinary wealth they claim to have made I will gladly accept donations which I promise will serve a greater good. And since you are a CEO of a record label, I can also turn you on to some amazing talent, including world famous songwriters - no lie - who would gladly love to be distributed by your label. I hope the person who posted this accepts this offer in good faith. Please email me using the link provided on the front page. There are worthy global efforts that need funding that can make more money than this particular scheme.)


Hello all

A wee update from uk re beloved Bees. It's the week of our wonderful Chelsea Flower Show & being a flower loving creature myself i was thrilled to see that this year one of the 20 large show gardens has been designed around bee hives & flowers the bees love. The TV footage spent quite sometime on the life of a bee & given this is a major show - widely broadcast i thought YES the news is flowing out there to all.
Brilliant H


Hi H - Yes, it sure seems that since the meditation started, the media is all over both stories! I have no doubt there will be solutions found for these unnecessary hardships.


Here is a video from the youth ambassador of Oxfam to Darfur:

Honey Bees:
Here is a link to an article which says the colony collapse disorder may be caused by a virus:

Here is a link to the organic consumers association article which says that organic bees are not as affected. Interesting...

As the new moon solar eclipse approaches, Venus and Pluto both just went direct. Let's all affirm that among other things like exposing what really happened on 9-11, that both the situation in Darfur and with the honey bees will be resolved in a good way.
Peace to ALL. dcu


Hi dcu - Thanks for the update. I had seen the clips on the bees, and while it's still serious, at least there are thousands working on the solution and it's beyond the "what's up?" ignorance of the time this article was originally posted. Darfur may be the more difficult of the two to resolve, since humans seem intent on perpetuating the problem. Eventually we'll find solutions, but only when the international community comes together in the common interest rather than pursue separate agendas.


On reading your article on Darfur I remembered experimenting a few weeks ago on cosmic ordering England a healthy dose of good news instead of all the negative stuff perpetually churned out by the media. Much to my surprise the very next time I tuned in they were covering peoples' achievements and happy birthdays.

I did this by imagining choosing what I wanted out of the cosmic "catalogue" and filling in the order form,together with a delivery date and in the payment column love and blessings.
Found out that this needed repeat orders timed to be delivered daily to keep up the momentum.

What I felt intuitively about Darfur was the cosmic consciousness pattern of the "get rid of / grab a lot" pendulum inherant in all of us.
As a Pisces with a Pisces Jupiter apex yod in the fifth,this is a pendulum which has come up for me to bring into balance in my own life in the past few months.

Healing for me generates love,joy,creative visualisation and play no matter how serious the problem.So,the vision I have been given is to focus on a swinging metronome standing in Darfur surrounded by beings of light, ask for the situation to be healed in a gentle and loving way. Gradually see the pendulum come to a standstill on the line of balance,get out your cosmic screwdriver and fix the balance knob so it doesnt swing too readily out of place again.
Then forget about it.

Sending out feelings of love and joy,blessing and healing the situation in a gentle detatched way takes into account any factors we may have missed.

By not re-acting to the news,instead responding with our love and balance metronomes,we no longer fall into the trap of sending out those "get rid of" and fear thoughts which,in this case,add more to those already being generated and focused into genocidal practice in Darfur.

We can use pendulum balance healing for any polarity, on any scale whether personal or Universal.


Hi San - Great technique you describe for restoring harmony and balance to a disharmonious and unbalanced world, whether inner or outer.

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