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Ladies and gentlemen!
This versification was written during the conference
"Civic Society and Professional Communities:Successful Future in the Internet" several years ago and it seems to fit the topic...


What is the guiding opportunity
to self-efficient community?
Web,like community of straws,
interconnected by strict laws,
involves the structure with its norms
which makes crystallisation go.
Process continues as an echo,
though every cell recalls its mecca.
Humanitarian appeals
prompt clever spider ways and means.
The human values,voices,muses
demand true ethics,fair uses.
Crosscultural approach to life
lets human beings stay alive.
Let interpersonal connections
result in fruitful interactions.
Let Pure Light be always right!

*Spider-1)a profi in weaving,including cloth of destiny
2)a straw mobile in the form of a double pyramid,hung under the ceiling


Some old African (I think) wisdom says:

"If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go together."

Great article, Robert!


Hi Robert!

As you know, I am working in the field of shifts in the money/investment/redefining success field. If we put ourselves on the hamster wheel of the predominant old paradigm, we are always struggling, always uphill, always poor, wanting more of.... whatever is the next carrot.
If we drop that matrix, we can consciously create a way of living together - as long as we share priorities and core agreements - that enlivens all of us. We can bless and thank the 20th century for educating us out of our poverty, and move on. Can't wait to hear more! You are on a major roll! blessings, k


Hi Svetlana - Bravo! Great verse!! Without community we are nothing, and in any community there is a web of connectedness, where we glide from space to space without straining the connecting links between us. The "laws" are not so "strict" as immutable, since they are based on the structure of evolving Kosmos as this integrated whole is mirrored in the particular. "True ethics, fair uses" are the antidotes to "the tragedy of the commons," and in practicing these all our true needs are addressed, with no waste or resentment. And our interactions are much like pollinators taking what is needed from one, depositing it with another, and fruits spring forth in the coming season, each in the right way and time. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Hi Katrina - Thanks. The wisdom of the saying could be ancient African, Keltic, or even Dravidian, for that matter. Regardless of its origin, it's very, very true. To quote another venerable source of antiquity, "Pleasure shared is pleasure doubled."

Hi kathy - Thanks. You're right on about moving away from false competitions and perceptions based on lack, or hierarchy, since interdependence will be the primary guiding principle in the decades to come. Not just ours with others, but the entire web of life that sustains us ALL. We are remembering our electromagnetic nature that connects us to a larger field of all that is. Next stop: miracles and wonder. Beyond that? More miracles and wonder. It's all a matter of perception.

Donna Notmany

Beautiful Beautiful and right on time what a day..I feel as if everyday is wake up and fight for the truth...Community has been a vision of mine since childhood...Yes Mon Thank You My fellow OLD Soul...Having become a News Junkie I go and read and Then get totally overwhelmed to the point of tears and then I bounce over here and My heart feels so much better when I get the REAL NEWS..

Thank You Robert for all the energy you are putting into saving US your thoughtful and heart centered insight.......

Bless Bless


This is related to the age of aquarius I believe: cooperatiom, brotherhood, humanity, communication, knowledge and wisdom, equality of opportunities, freedom...


Hi Donna - Every day is a glorious "fight for the truth," where we can sing and dance and challenge and joke and walk and talk and come to some aspect of "the truth" as it reveals itself to us in the moment. Jah Eirie. May we all find the sanctuary of the heart so that we can remember One Life, One Love, One Earth, One Humanity, One Race - the Human Race.

Hi Irpsit - You bet. The future of humanity is so bright we're going to have to wear shades. ;-) And that's exactly why as the Age of Pisces grinds to its fading into the sunset of history, we must strive to hold the light of a higher Love despite the despair swirling around the crumbling of old power-based models. Aum Namah Shivaya!


Dear Robert
Thanking you for this positive view Aum Namah Shivaya Felita


Hey Everyone!,

It is great to stumble across a website dedicated to conscious understanding. The understanding of what I call a 'prosperity network' is evolving, and to see people express the same thoughts and realizations as i have also had gives even more hope. A dream of mine would be to create such a network or community that can be self sustained, not dependent upon the current ways the world gets energy, but instead focused on the natural ways of getting energy ie. solar, wind, tidal, geothermal etc. A community of people helping people be aware, awake, and conscious. Of course the only time to start is now, and I think that upon becoming the right partners, we will attract the right partners, or community. Thank you all for your optimism! Peace and One love to all.


Won't it be great when the natural energy sources you speak of Kyle won't be called alternative anymore. We're fighting wind turbines here. Now wind energy sounds good, right? But not if the huge turbines are close to residences creating neurological dysfunctions in man and beast with the constant vibrations, shadow flicker, and red lights at night. I am all for point source energy like on our homes and businesses. We feed the system our excess. It puts the power in the hands of the people instead of the corporate fleecers. Energy usage is down here with the financial slow down, but the utility company just raised prices because they don't have enough money to operate. Supply and demand is down the crapper?

It's happening. Slowly but surely. If only "health care" reform and Jupiter in Pisces, followed by Neptune, doesn't mandate that I turn into a drug addict? Naaaaaaaaaaa, the system is getting too top heavy to manage. We be good.


Hi Kyle - Yes, there is a vast network forming around the world. I termed it "the string of pearls" about 20 years ago, as I saw that interdependence was the way of this century, with a "group of groups" interconnected by various people and ideas consciously forging bonds and communities creating an electric and solar fiery matrix of magnetism weaved by love. Your dream is shared by many; may you find allies here and everywhere you look, and consciously cooperate in building such a sustainable experiment in community.

Hi caliban - Yes, well, alternative is still anathema to the powers that be, whether alternative lifestyles or alternative philosophies, alternative science or alternative energy. Point source is ideal, but "they" need grids to make sure the geld flows in as the power flows out. And there are some places where, regardless of what the law intends, they still will not allow the flow to run backwards into the grid, having made sure that their profits are maximized.

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