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Robert you never cease to amaze me and these articles are are helpfull to me cause I am Looking for a job. I have one right now so....yeah its a job , however I have been thinking of going back to school so I can Have a career and do something that I love! being born a Taurus with a virgo Moon and A Gemini rising my choice in the work field is so vast im like the jack of all trades but i know things only superficially. Picky too)My Looks sell though ha ha!! Considering I just went to rehab for 9 mos and relesed my drug habit and my criminal tendacys. LOL I have now crawled out of that ditch I dug and can now see a pinhole light at the end of the tunnel of whats to come. ( At least I can see the light now) So anyways Im a dedicated bull my problem now is sitting still. I want to succeed. But its so hard chaneling my energy into something I love without being critisized. They say those who stand for nothing fall for everything. I dont buy every infomercial but I watch them! ha ha. Anyways love the article such a turning point in my life and its so right on target since ive been doing the whole resume thing all day....


Hi Robert,

I just have to thank you for all your uplifting insightful commentary - you have helped me with your clarity like no one I dont know :) I hope to have a reading done in the near future. Just had one q - is it a recipe for disaster to be starting my dream job a few days before the mercury retrograde even if I'm signing the contract papers on the coming Monday ?

With raptorous thanks and the biggest smile :D
Love Sophie
4th Feb 1979 00:20 (local time) Calcutta India


Hi Dax - Sure. Definitely better to do something you love that pays you well. "Jobs" are not that much fun and usually deadening to the inner being. Glad you released your "criminal tendencies" since we wouldn't want you to wind up a poster boy for the police state. ;-) As for criticism, don't take any of it personally. Either you're able to learn from it or not, but it doesn't affect who you are.

Hi Sophie - Don't sweat Mercury retrograde. It doesn't affect the contract, and probably indicates that you'll find out a lot of things you don't know once you start, and perhaps even that you'll wind up doing stuff not in the initial job description. It could also show there are other factors in the mix that will evolve over time that may seem like a reversal, but could be a rehearsal. And of course, Mercury RX is a great indicator for some types of jobs, like being a spokesperson for an organization, or doing computer programming.


Thank you Robert.. well i was told that the role could evolve into many things, the person who hired me said he was looking for somoen who wanted to move around, so hopefully I wouldnt mind the rehearsal... anyway that seems to be the leitmotif of my life with Saturn... endless dress reheasals for one frozen moment in heaven :)

Thank you for your patience and the effortless insight.. Rock on!


Micheline  Cloutier

Hi,Robert, very interesting article. It seems to amplify my great desire for total revolution. I want to change everything in my life. Sounds crazy. But it is happening and I have been slowly working on it and I know that one must deal with one thing at a time. Also, what is interesting is that my progressed sun is soon going to be 29 degrees (well next year early in the year I think) in cap and then I will become a progressed sun in aquarius...the progressed sun moved into my fifth house this year as well. Creativity has been very high in the last couple of years. I suppose this has something to do with maturity, and I am a flower that has blossomed slowly. I love the process of creating. Before I was only good at coming up with an idea and never mastered it. I managed to finish writting a song, with words, and music all aranged. I am so proud of myself. Growing up finally!!!


Hi Robert again -- The seeds are planted and changes are irreversable and it is all expected and sort of planned and welcomed with a smile. I even moved my furniture around today and it feels great and looks better, more space now. But how to explain the unexpected, such as when a very serious and intelligent younger associate all of a sudden emailed me two days ago that he has been attracted to me strongly and so on... so that he even had to avoid me. what is brewing in the love department? Recently, for the last month or so, I even forgot that love exists or matters, since I was busy spinning with other things, when this young man wants suddenly to remind me, that he doesn't know what to do. He is sun Cap, Moon Virgo - do they make strange moves?

It is unexpected pressure for me. I feel like a cat, when someone suddenly steps on his tail. Robert, what is cooking for Aries in the love section? .

Should I ignore it? I would not wnat to hurt anyone though.


Hi Larissa - Shifting furniture shifts the feng shui in spaces. Attractions come for all kinds of reasons, but as a rule Sun in Cap Moon in Virgo don't make strange or sudden moves. Everything serves a purpose. Aries' ruler of partnership is Venus. Track the Venus transits to monitor your partnership cycles. Also Saturn, since it rules Aquarius on your 7th. And as I always maintain, cultivate the friendship first.


Hi Robert, thank you. I am not familiar with the feng shui, but since I moved furniture yesterday, I have more space and it seems even more air, because for some reason old setting was bothering me somewhat.

I apologize for putting pressure on you with my personal stuff, but such sudden moves from liked that put a hairball in my stomach and I don't know how to react. I am not normal - I have a phobia of intrusion.


Hi Larissa - Sure. Sometimes we "don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows," to quote a modern bard. Which is to say, if we know we need to move some things around in our inner or outer lives, then it's probably okay to do so without consulting an expert! As for sudden moves, just breathe into it, let time allow things to unfold without pressure, and avoid the push-pull that is sending so many over the edge at present. Take a breath or two, be a friend, make a friend, and look at it all as an adventure in right positioning for the future, whatever that may be. Be in your power, and move when the inner Being knows which way, how far, and when. Other than that, relax, since there's no hurry, and we're all to some extent "watching the wheels go round and round..."


Robert, you are so good for me. :-) You are my doctor again and again. I soak into your words.


You have a Libra effect on me.


Emotional compass, to be precise


Hi Larissa - Well, since I'm basically everywhere and nowhere in particular, hanging out in the "all that is," and have no reference except that which leads me (and us) out of suffering, I'm glad you're on the wavelength, as strange as it can be sometimes. As they say, "pass it forward...."


Robert -- Now I wish you were my neighbor, since you have a good effect on me. Not so many people can smooth my sometimes intense impatience. Why did you say, "as strange as it can be sometimes"?


Hi Larissa - We humans live on a very strange frequency. So much possible love and compassion and beauty, and yet so many deliberate and non-deliberate causes of suffering. The span leaves me in awe. I am a Moon in Aquarius after all.


That's why you are kind and detached and future oriented. My Scorpio moon puts me sometimes in the darkest moods. But My Aries Sun pulls me quickly out of it. ha! Can you tell me, since you mentioned your Aquarius Moon -- how do I relate to someone whose Sun is in Libra, Moon in Aquarius, Venus is in Scorpio? Can you give me a quick prognosis? thank you, my dearest soul-friend.


Hi Larissa - Actually, Libra/Aquarius with Venus in Scorpio should be a fairly good balance wheel for you. They will have affection for your feelings, while being pleasant and optimistic, even if sometimes they challenge your emotional states. One of best and oldest friends in the world is Libra/Aquarius, and she is always one to find the good in situations. In fact, she recently was able to redirect a strident discussion here into more relevant and positively focused directions.



I have come to realize two very important things about myself through astrology. The first is that my natal Sun-Uranus conjunction in the tenth means I need to learn to adapt to change; if I make a career of Astrology or not. The second is that I need to relocate in order to find the best placement for my Mercury to finally finish this agonizing degree.

I have a book here called "Mapping Your Travels and Relocation." In it the chapter entitled "College" writes "Mercury, Jupiter, or Uranus sextile or trine and angle; Mercury, Jupiter, or Uranus in or ruling the first, third, ninth, or eleventh house."

The best I've found so far in relocation is the mid-west/central states which place Jupiter (and saturn though) in my ninth, then place Mercury and Venus in my 12th. Great for doing a degree in music or meditating a lot, etc, but not a good place for my Mercury retrograde? To get my mercury in the best place for concentration in the ninth it appears I'd have to study in the middle of the atlantic ocean? No man can stock up on that much bottled water and mermaid university's admission requirements are...

So, how to get my Mercury or Jupiter conjunct an angle?




This is the focus of my energy until the end of summer, planning college logistics and walking with that degree. Let me know if we can correspond via email about a relocation/college reading. Would we need to do a tape for this one, etc?

Gotta go,
Love and Blessings,


Thank you Robert. It is Aquarius Moon that was sort of questioning me, since they are detached and I am possessive, even if I don't want to be. Ok, we will see what happens next. Situation doesn't bother me since I am not the one who is attracted, anyway. I will give it a chance then. I don't know what it is in me, but I am resistant to even start seeing people. I go out with friends, but want to come home free of anyone. And I lock myself up in my place, like in cave and happy being by myself at the end of the day. Maybe my chart has something I don't know about. Maybe I am getting old.


Hi Don - Well, first let me unequivocally state I do NOT believe in relocation charts, all pr to the contrary. We can only be born where we were; we cannot be born anywhere else. That's why I use the chart of the town or city with the state when planning relocations, along with progressions and even the occasional I Ching. So email me and we'll take it from there, with or without a tape.

Hi Larissa - As I said, cultivate the friendship first, without the lumber of spoken/unspoken expectations. And it's true that as we age, we are more content with ourselves if we've cultivated a full life and personality. I believe in natural relationships, and those who are your friends will still be your friends even if someday there's an attraction.


Robert, yes, I agree with you. Will try. I never had a man friend before though.


YOU...and the energy & information that flows thru you is wonderous and amazing :-)

ofcourse, you already know this because you are enlightened...en light..ened...of light...

THANX FOR inspiring....and appropos




Hi michele - Thanks for your generous words. In a time when so many question what they're doing, I'm just adding my take, having bounced between so many things.


HI Robert: I feel mentally exhausted since too much has gone thur my head lately. Is it just me or something is going on? Thank you.


Hi Larissa - Remember we have a Sun square Saturn and Neptune going on at present putting pressure on mid-to-late Scorpio. Even long distance runners have to catch their breath from time to time! Anyone who has trained in the past year or two, regardless of whether it was personal, professional, or both, is now at the end and beginning of things. For me, this is the last week of a 21 month run of working 6 days a week. So a certain degree of exhausion is appropriate. Release the pressure, let the whistle blow as the runaway train decreases its motion, and give yourself some good feelings for having gone through a life-altering set of experiences this past year or so. You've definitely changed your life in many ways and right now is a time to release (squares) the pressure of the long term opposition.


Thank you. I am off now to see my massage therapist. I am SPENT.



I'm trying to place my mercury in the ninth. The program I'm using changes the houses, my planets stay put, same bundle, same Don. If I had the place picked out then...that is the point...I'm looking for the place to best suit my goal.

Going west moves my chart counterclockwise, going east clockwise. Hence studying in the ocean. So a place like Arizona would place my Jupiter and Saturn in the ninth but Mercury in the "house of self-undoing." Which planets are most important for college? Do you see my thinking?



Hi Don - As I said, don't bother with relocations charts. I believe them to be a waste of time, just one more "vain imagining" for people who have not learned REAL, time-honored astrological principles. As for college, go to a city/town with its Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Jupiter conjunct your Jupiter, or ruler of your 9th, or where the city/town planets fall in your 9th. These are the most reliable approaches to finding a location for college. Also if you can find the astrological chart for specific colleges, this would work as well, though of course you want the chart of the city/town to be as harmonious with your chart as possible as well, otherwise you'll love the college and have a hard time with the locale.


Hey thank you very much Robert! Five key planets,conjunction aspect,9th house. Simple is better!

Given that my Jupiter is right there next to my Saturn, I'll have to find the school that fits "walking a very precise path" toward the degree.



Hi Robert! I hope all is well! As an Aries, I know that probably the best time to act in regards to new job, promotion, etc. was when Sun was in Aries. Now it is Taurus time. I have one excellent idea about doing a presentation for a number of participants. My question to you is - do you think it is a good time to act? and for me any time is ok to act, but are there better days during May for this? I want to make sure that maybe some days are better than others. Thank you.


Hi Larissa - Yes, it's a good time to nail some things down. Keep it simple and straightforward. Of course there are better and worse days for everything. For you, May 5, 8, and 12 could be good times for launching whatever, but of course these things are better done in personal sessions.


Thank you!!!

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