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Robert, is it true that Leo Moon squares my Scorpio Moon? When at home they seem a bit too much for me.


Hi Larissa - Yes, though Leo Moon also conjuncts your Ascendant and trines your Sun, a most benign set of aspects. They may challenge your Moon, and you theirs, but Sun, Moon, and Ascendant conjunctions and trines between two charts show ease of closeness and basic harmony of understanding. This yields good effects when the two energies are also in a form of spiritual harmony, but quickly yields a non-harmonious understanding if the two are not in spiritual harmony. Understanding is like that: it may be agreeable or disagreeable depending on what is being understood.


Robert - It is just I am very reserved when at home, and I like the door closed for my own peace, and Leo moons are expansive at home, sometimes it drives me insane. I do not like crowds of unexpected guests, I get upset, when they are opening the door and welcoming whoever. I was trying to adjust, but I am not quite at home with them. I feel very good with lunar Pisces, very comfortable, and lunar Taurus also. I am like a magnet for Taurus Moon people.
It feels nice even talking to them. Thank you for your lessons. I am learning more.


thanks, dear robert for sharing your knowledge ! it has great value to me.......i learn a lot through your postings and deeply aappreciate your efforts.
catherine *°°°°°


hi Robert,
thanks so much for this...good one! I have an intense Uranus in Cancer t-square that involves many of my planets (Oct 4,1951)
so this is very helpful. And all that you say is definitely happening here. And Saturn is sitting on my Pluto, which is part of a septile/biseptile configuration...there's this feeling of regenerative synchronicity going on...that makes me feel encouraged about things in general.
much appreciation, Robert, for your offering..

fish girl

Hi Robert
I so appreciated this article. It has been an intense week - for everyone i know, quite dark and cathartic and catastrophic, and while in the midst of my own catastrophes i just kept chanting "out of chaos comes opportunity", though you can't really see it at the time. I am sort of teaching myself astrology, so your essays are really great at consolidating my knowledge, thanks so much. This week, with some of the most intense pressures, has really made me ask the question - what did i do when such catastrophe hit when i didn't know about astrology? At least you know like a transit it will pass and there's ways to work with it...ish...I'm a Pisces, Gemini rising, Virgo moon...but i think the trouble has been with my Uranus in Scorpio in the 5th, Saturn in Leo in the 2nd and Neptune in Sag in the seventh...argh!
I like what you said about Spirit, at the end. I'm looking forward to the reward part of all of this...! Friends shifting, intense career progress but money challenges, and a Hollywood movie-style love which is asking me to stretch and grown beyond belief (and that began when you said everything else did, US Summer last year...).

Love and thank you


Hi all - Well, I got to thinking about everything swirling around, and then took a larger view, and tried to bring some words to describe what I see and feel happening. For some, it's fairly difficult, but that's what it takes to "break on through to the other side yeah..." It feels like taking a hairpin turn at 90 mph through a fog bank, and only our skill can help us know when to slow the momentum so we don't spin out. There are many who are in fact spinning out, mostly because they're holding on to the old trajectory, not a good thing when you hit the end of a street and MUST turn left or right. Though crashing into a void may have been good theater when Evil Knievel did it, it can still lead to a lot of broken bones, literally and metaphorically. That's why we must slow down as we take life's turns.


Hi Robert: did you include me too in this "spinning" group? I feel like I want to escape from everyone. As happy as I am about new projects, I am tired at the same time. I am tired of unintelligent people, I have to deal with, tired of useless rules, I can't stand rules and procedures. Sometimes I they exist for other people. I am slowing down, so that the life turn goes smoothly. Thank you again for being my emotional compass. (you probably think of me as unstable reckless Aries, don't you?)

Lori Flory

Sometimes one has to find their own peace in the every day. Tne Bldg in which I work is part of a large business park - alot of open space, walking trails, trees and ponds etc. I found a place at lunch yesterday to sit under a pine tree, on a small hill near a waterfall.

Across the street also, was a big tree and I saw what looked like a heron or a stork like bird fly around the tree 3x and then light on a huge nest. It's that time of year.

When I got to work yesterday standing outside the Bldg front door was a Canadian Goose and it was honking (and not moving) at everyone who came up to the door. I had the sense it had babies near by. It looked quite alert and it's unusual to see a Canada goose alone.

When I was leaving to drive to work yesterday I did see a lone mama Canada goose and she had 6 fuzzy babies with her. Very cute.

No matter how nuts it gets, the center of the hurricane where it is calm still exists.


Wow Robert!
I was going to write you about whether this was a good time to start a new job...What you wrote;

This Fixed T-square marks the culmination of the Sun-Saturn cycle begun in Leo last Summer, and the emergence of the Light of Wisdom of the new Sun-Neptune cyclic dance begun February 8, 2007. These signify the end of old responsibilities, duties, and limitations, and the beginning of larger ideals, greater awareness, and expanded opportunities to do form of "world service" perfect for who you are.

This decribes what I think is opening itself up for me in the form of a job which is aligned with the service I feel called to do. So cool, yet I am a bit nervous about change, risk, and getting to do that which I really care about, well, I hope I am up to the task.


Robert,hence May,13 happens to be Mother's Day and the day of GodMother revelation/vision in Fatima,it is worth joining the global/universal prayer for peace on our Mother Earth...
One more reflection (from the bottom of the own heart:)Though you are a man yourself,but your patience,caring and tolerance is more characteristic to a woman ...In the very best meaning of the word. Id est though you are father of your daughter - you are like Mother for your smtimes "impatient patients". The Healing Spirit. The Hearth of this virtual Home.


Hi Robert. I am so glad that you did this article on t squares because I just found out yesterday that I have six(count them...six!) in my solar return chart. Am I going to make it? This just seems too much to bear. Four of them in volve Venus in Gemini in the fifth house. I am expecting and planning to place the child for adoption. Will that be stalled? I am also trying to plan my next steps for after the baby is born, i.e going to school, finding work, stabilizing my life so i may succeed, etc. but i dont feel that my chart is agrreing with me with the exception of Capricorn rising. What do you think? Thanks

fish girl

Hi Robert
Thanks again for a brilliant site, i have just been trawling through the archives learning not only from your beautiful (love focussed) postings but other people's experiences of transits...just got lost in the Pluto archive. I have an example/question that i was wondering if you could help? I looked at the ephemeris today and realised the North Node of the moon is almost conjunct my sun in the 9th. Would this have anything to do with my realising my mother is insane and starting a new chapter in my publishing career? Maybe the second, but not the first, just wondering. Also glimpsed my partner's chart and realised his North Node (True Node?) is within 2 degrees of my sun in Pisces (his NN is 12 degrees, my sun is 14 degrees fish). What would you interpret that as meaning? Sometimes i wonder who is learning and growing more in our relationship. It's also very strange as we are apart so much but have this connection nobody really understands.
Thanks and hope you are sailing around the T-square bends, not getting caught up in the fog. Truly amazing creation of yours, this site. Blessings.


Hi Larissa - We're all spinning in some area(s) of our lives, so slowing down however possible is a good thing at present, even if it's somewhat frustrating not to get certain answers as quickly as one would like. You're not unstable - just hyperalert, somewhat impatient, and very quick, like all Aries.

Hi Lori - I agree peace is where one finds it every day. The beautiful scenes you describe can be found if we look for them, as long as we're not trapped in a poisonous maze of buildings! Nature is indeed all around us, and we can derive inspiration and remembrance of more peaceful energies if we step back from the daily dramas and take a deep breath (or three) while taking a look around. Thanks for the cosmic pause!

Hi Tamara - Hey, every ending portends new beginnings! Glad you see a greater service in what's calling you. Nerves are natural, since it's all potential and little actual so far. And I'm sure you're up to the task, or can become so in short order. Imagination and hustle is everything.

Hi Svetlana - Thanks for your sensitivity to what I try to express with every breath I take. We have both male and female parts within us, if we must use those misunderstood descriptors. I prefer to think we have outer, "doing" attributes, and inner, "being" attributes. Our task in this world is to integrate them so that men - and women - are not hurt by our negative "feminine" attributes, and women - and men - are not hurt by our negative "masculine" attributes. If more men and women were healthy nurturers, our world might not have pandemic toxic behaviors. If more men and women were able to answer difficulty with healthy responses, there would be more caring and compassion in the face of normal, if difficult, human experiences. And certainly joining a global prayer for peace is a worthy thing to do on this holyday originally dedicated to caring for wounded soldiers, later becoming a call to end war. And of course, I appreciate your recognition of my more tender attributes in a world full of hurt. They say what does not kill you makes you stronger. I am living proof of that. And as the Tao Te Ching makes clear, even the softest thing - water - eventually proves stronger than the hardest thing - rock. That's why tenderness and compassion always "win" in the long run over hardness and all other manifestations of the lower nature, if simply to outlast and outlive them. Aum.

Hi Celesste - So many T-squares shows you surely are on a road to radical change, integration of various parts of yourself into forms of effective power, and turning from an old life toward something newer and more appropriate to your evolved self. That they involve 5th house is appropriate to what you're dealing with. With so many who seek to have children and cannot, I doubt you'll have trouble with placement, and if you do, well, whoever you're dealing with is NOT the only game in town. (I found a few of those agencies heavy handed and authoritarian, while others were not) And I think Cap rising with Jupiter trine Saturn is a good thing in a solar return! Good luck on your education.

Hi fish girl - Yes, the archives here are a treasure trove of obcurities that have definite value! Comment streams too. The NN on your Sun certainly has to do with publishing, and is developing your sense of integration, light, truth, and future as it is preformed. The mother stuff is probably indicated by something else, and in any case, compassion for what "gods that walked the earth" when she was young may help you find a larger perspective. Your partner's line of greatest development is your light, and your light is developed by his magnetic pull into his own growth. It is a mutually beneficial contact. It's not so much about who's learning more, just what each is learning from the contact. And thanks for your hope that I am "sailing around the T-square bends, not getting caught up in the fog." Am used to "flying by the seat of my pants" in our weird wonderful reality. Also thanks for calling this site an amazing creation. I think it is, given what's not out there. ;-)

fish girl

Thank you Robert. Hmm, i think we'll all be feeling a lot better on the other side of this T-Square 'bridge', and yes, your site is truly one of a kind. How do you find the time, energy, compassion?? You're like a universal psychologist, in the best kind of way. Not in a way that's "let's mope on what's bad" but always offering suggestions for the best way to work through things and educate ourselves so we don't make the same mistakes or hurt people. Blessings again!


Hi Robert,

It has been awhile, but this article was right on! Having a fixed T-Square in my natal chart between Leo, Scorpio and Taurus, the Saturn energy has been impacting it since last October. Since the first of the year, I believe that my life right now is all about endings and finishing up unfinished business so I might enter my brave, new life.

I had the good fortune to be a the right place, at the right time, to get some wisdom from another astrologer. He asked me what was the void house of my natal T-Square was. He used the term "release" house which made perfect sense to me. My release house is the fifth which implies (among other things) creatively. I write stories and post pithy comments to blogs.

Thanks to you, I rediscovered Grant Levi and his amazing work. Due to reading his interpretation of the dreaded Saturn conjunct Sun aspect coming soon, I don’t fear it anymore but look forward to it. I will keep you posted.

Happy belated Mother's day.




Hi fishgirl - I tend not to mope about much. This life is about getting with one's higher program, so having found that, I figure it's okay to introduce a different point of view about astrology than the usual. Thanks for the compliments. And blessings to you!

Hi Helen - That's why often stress the void sign in T-squares, since that's the zone of release to establish balance and integrate the energies of the T-square. Neptune has been in your void, so that's probably making you a bit more intuitive and in tune with the collective consciousness, even if things seem weird due to its influence dissolving whatever it aspects. And yes, Saturn on the Sun may seem daunting, but it does bring the concretization of one's light. When it hit my Sun, the effects were not universally benign, but it did end what needed ending and brought me the results of what I had worked for. Over time this led directly to this blog. And a happy Mom's day to you as well.


Hi Robert - I will be waiting for my mojo report! I am crushed today with several mistakes I did yesterday (I emailed you), and it may seem to others not a big deal - it is for me. I hope when I wake up tomorrow morning - I will feel better. Now I feel destroyed. I guess it intended from above to clear things such way.


Robert, I want to thank you again for Professor Robert's Extended Mojo Love Report!!! I love it. I am soaking into it, absorbing slowly through my skin.

Hey all of you out there! Go ahead and order such report for yourself, you will love it. :-)


Hi Larissa - Glad you're doing well with it. Our archetypal mate is in our charts, and if we learn to image the best possible forms of tendencies that could be true for us, we just might attract a friend who resembles that image. Then we get to live happily for a long time, despite all the other worldly stuff....


amen au men.... hallelujah.....

yes, we are in the heart of the t-square.

this is sooo helpful robert.

i can not only see, but feel and in some instances sense the widening sphere of light & self expression...i can sense and sometimes see the endings/closings you mention.

there seems to be an intensity to all of this.....meditation is helping....the so ham-ham so

am forwarding this ---so helpful and insightful.

thanx for all you do


m :-)


Hi michele - And now the Grand Fire Trine lessons begin to be implemented by Mars in Aries. Yeehaw! Once we integrate what must be integrated in T-squares, the following aspects help us make great progress. And sometimes that means just keeping the momentum toward the goal while slowing things down a little so the engine doesn't slip off the rails as we go 'round the bend! It's a left turn at Eternity boulevard for everyone.


hey robert,

yes, you are so right indeed...lessons...intense cycle.

it seems i am in the center watching others go wacko!! ha..ha...

i agree, the slowing down is good, be less quick to make a decision.

i am in a meditative state more...more inward, tuning in, to just sense, see & feel.

it seems as if these are very important aspects at this time, with what is going on in conscious evolution.

thanx for putting the insight, the steps and mapping out on cyber paper :-)


Robert, can you tell me quickly please, knowing all my parameters, can you tell me if a good business relationship is good for me with someone who's Sun is in Scorpio (October 27), Moon is in Gemini, Venus in Libra, Mars in Scorpio. Thank you.


Hi Larissa - It's really more difficult than I can do here, since business partnerships involve extensive cross analysis of charts and many more factors than you've given me. And of course, the contract is everything, and what they volunteer (or don't) says more than all the words in the newspaper.

As with all contracts, the language of how to separate at the right time is more important than what you're agreeing to now. If they will not define specifically how to engineer a just parting in the future, a mutually acceptable set of bailout clauses where both of you are completely taken care of amicably and can part without acrimony, then they probably can't be trusted before then. Character is a most important factor in signing contracts.


Ok. Thank you.


Hi Robert,

My boyfriend Josh has a T-square in his natal chart between his Moon (2nd house, Capricorn), Mercury (8th house, Cancer) and Mars (11th house, Libra). Mars is the driving force. What does this mean? I am fairly new to all of this. Thanks for the article and any help you can spare me!



Hi Nikki - This throws the void into Aries in the 5th. The void is the problem and the solution. It could manifest as 10,000 things, from impatience with children to quick creativity, from impulsive self expression to intense focused play. He probably needs to "do his homework" more thoroughly, cultivate his ability to analyze things quickly from practical angles, not lose interest in enjoyable experiences too quickly, and not get lost in emotional tugs of war with others through too much or too little sensitivity. He definitely needs self reliance and the ability to do his own thing on his own initiative.


i'm confued with my t-square. Can you help me understand it? venus i gemmini opposite neptun i saggitarius square saturn and mars in virgo. thank you


must ad that Saturn and Mars are in the 8th house, Neptune in the 12th and Venus in the 6th


Hi Anja - You're asking for more than can be adequately answered in a comment stream. Learn more compassion, less procrastination. Figure out what rules to drop since they only make your relationships harder. Avoid people of dubious motive and enlarge your vision of what's possible. When drifting or confused, narrow your focus and relationships to get a better handle on the whole of your affairs. Stop trying to live according to rules and limits that have no more useful function in your life, learn how to find the right means to achieve your ends, and don't get distracted by passing things. Get inspired, and stop accepting defeat so easily.


thank you!

Lisa Saliture

I know this article about T-Squares is from 2007, but I found it very interesting as I studied my own T-Square which is going to have a transit from Venus at 2 Taurus hit one of the points of the T-Square in June.

I believe my T-Square is between my Saturn at 2 Taurus; Sun/Venus at 7/8 Aquarius; and Jupiter at 5 Scorpio. It effects my 7th house because of the Sun/Venus in 7th house of Aquarius, and Saturn of course being the ruler of Aqua. It also throws everything into Leo (my rising sign) which you have told me in my reading recently.

I recently met someone and became friends with him, and he has the same T-Square as I do, with conjunct points to all of my planets in my T-Square. Likewise, his is also a fixed T-Square ruled my the same three signs as mine (His Sun is at 1 Scorpio; Mars at 1 Taurus; and Jupiter at 3 Aquarius).

To top it off, my progressed Mars is now at 2 Taurus, and his progressed Jupiter is at 8 Aquarius right on my Sun/Venus in Aquarius all part of our T-Squares.

Have you dealt with two people in compatibility areas, who have conjunct T-squares with a planet transiting such as Venus at 2 Taurus which is one of the points of both of the T-Squares? Do you think the transit to the T-Squares may produce a release or breaking up of areas of each of our lives, which may relate to our relationship direction? I would love to hear your take on this topic.


Hi Lisa - This entails much more than I can offer in a comment stream. Briefly, yes, any transit to your mutual T-squares will set off major fireworks, in many ways. The blessing is the Jupiter positions. The edge is shown by the Mars contacts.

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