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This "fear" about Mercury R or any other planetary influences indicates how easily we are programmed and buy into negative beliefs and how those beliefs control our lives. And the importance of the language we use in explaining or describing something.

I remember having an older astrology book in which I tore out pages because of the negative language used in describing planetary influences.

What if a first experience with Mercury R was a positive one. That would inform all later feelings about it. It's like the kid at the plate waiting for that baseball. If his last time at bat was a homerun, his perception is one way. If it was a strikeout, his perception is another, and he would have to consciously use thought to change it. Ultimately, the perception changes from the inside out.


Hi Jay - A lot of times it seems that people infer things through associations which may not have anything to do with the cause-and-effect cycle. It's true that we all tend to buy into negative beliefs fairly easily, due to a lot of factors that began when we were infants and didn't get any better afterwards.

Language is all important, but that's a huge subject. That's why I try to use words precisely to describe specific things. Yes, many older astrology texts were very negative - that's one of the reasons I stopped using fixed stars in my readings.

Mercury RX people tend not to have the same time-sequence adjustments to make as we who have Mercury direct in our charts. I got it from all angles in my life, as I started with Mercury direct, it went RX when I was a kid, stayed RX for 20 years, and has been direct since then, speeding up. This gives me compassion for all of us, since we're all working at different rates of coordination and comprehension.


Hi All and especially, Job Seekers,

I have found on my recent career search that this period is great for reassessing what one wants out of his or her career path.

It appears to me that some new positions are opening up at this time, but they have not quite gelled. They are in research and development stages even though employers are sometimes wanting to fill these positions immediately. It seems best to wait until this Mercury RX is over and see what concepts, ideas and plans are grounded and which ones flew the coop.

On the other hand, it is a great time to get out there and do information interviews and apply for the various positions that interests you since Mercury (Gemini/Virgo) seem multifaceted. And seek employment where you feel at home and comfortable, where the people at the workplace can feel like a family (Cancer).

Network like crazy too. Socialize because you never know where the next job will come from and send resumes to people you knew in the past who might just happen to know a business or organization that can offer the perfect job for you.

At least this is what I am observing on my own job search.

And do not panic if Mercury and Uranus go retrograde. It's a great time for introspection and finding out what makes you tick and what you want to put into life as well as, get out of it.



Hi Patricia - Yes, Mercury RX is great for reassessing many things! You're right on re: positions opening up that haven't quite solidified. It's like there are things that have to happen before other things can happen, also a RX phenomenon. And yes, sometimes employers have ideas that are fundamentally unreal, and so things get jammed until they get it right, usually after the RX is over. Everything you said about doing info interviews is spot on, and the insight about finding "family" when Mercury RX is in Cancer is perfect. Also what you said about networking, since Mercury RX can send bread (or resumes) on the waters that show up later on. Excellent insights!


Robert -- Help! Bought tickets overseas, travel starts on 28th! Memory betrays me recently, productiveness is near zero, intuition runs high! Spooky!


Thanks Patricia, for the career advice! It comes at a perfect time for me, since I interviewed for a job I wanted so badly in July, and them my employer had a hiring freeze, and then since I'm a temp employee, they let me go two weeks ago due to the budget. I am searching for a job,and appreciate your suggestions about networking, and finding a place where you can feel like family.

I'm trying not to panic about not having a job, and believing in my abilities. I'm focusing on a higher power to also help me find the career that is mine by divine plan, and which I can truly find a perfect self expression doing.


Thank you, Robert. I find your articles so thought provoking and soulful. It's great to have this resource whenever I feel the need for commentary on what is going on in the world...
Just before this Mercury Retro period my dream job was suddenly advertised. I have to admit to thinking "oh no! I will have to fill in the application, send it, and if short-listed, do the interview during a mercury retro phase!" I was a bit concerned but I have to say I think the retro energy has helped me with the application process and figuring out why I want this job and really thinking through the whole thing right down to who the right referees would be etc. And the interesting thing is the organisation I am applying to is not "fully formed" yet - it is being re-vamped, re-developed and eventually re-opened next year SO, this could all be very good indeed. Anyway, won't know for another few weeks...
Very interesting stuff and thanks for sharing!


Hi Mary - See, Mercury RX CAN be a good time for discovering things and alternative views that are useful in revealing our buy-in to various assumptions. It seems that your situation here is a perfect example of a Mercury RX process.

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