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Both these Chiron posts offer a wonderful overview. Where on your site would we find the most complete discussion of The Seven Sacred Wounds?

Welcome to The Great Southwest (whenever you arrive). This is a good sector from which to help shift the axis of the universe. Only void here, no ocean! Yet another gift of the Piscean way: I carry my ocean within. (-:

Best to you from Colorado,


Lori Flory

Hi Robert,

I have Chiron in my 3rd house this time around.



Hi Robert,

Should we look to the ruler of our Chiron sign to have more info on our "highest potential and destiny"? Just a thought....


Hi Rachel - I'll probably be posting something on the 7 Sacred Wounds this summer once I compose something appropriate. It's part of my larger mythological work, and so there really isn't anything out there other than the few references I've made on this site, which you can find through site googling "sacred wound." That should yield something.

Hi Lory - I suppose that could mean your healing has something to do with your brothers and sisters, your immediate environment, and your lower mind.

Hi Leana - The sign would show the quality and type of healing and higher potential, whereas the house would show the area of life in which it would unfold.


Quick question: are the degrees of the moon displayed in an ephemeris for GMT different for USA time zones - e.g. would the full moon listed as 10 degrees 12 minutes actually be closer to 11 degrees for CST?
If so, why?


Hi Terry - No, the Moon is where it is at any given moment. It is the local time that differs. That said, the Moon position in the ephemeris would be different by moving the time forward or backward relative to GMT plus or minus the number of time zones involved. For example, Noon GMT is 7am EST, and 4am PST. Noon GMT is 1 pm Budapest, 2 pm Kuwait City, 4:40 pm Mumbai, and 9pm Melbourne. So whatever degree and minute the Moon is shifts accordingly at a rate of about 1 degree every two hours mas o menos in any local time zone. The Moon was exactly 10 degrees 12 minutes Sagittarius at 6:04 pm PDT AND 8:04 pm CDT.

Calypso Jones

Hi Robert, I really enjoy reading your pages, you are both insightful, compassionate and full of ideas that make my mind go click! I have learned so much through reading your website, I'm completely fascinated with your I'm a beginner astrologer and starting to do a column for my college magazine and am wondering what times you use to create a general chart for each sign? I'm getting really confused as to how to make sure that I have the right time!

Calypso Jones

oops sorry I didn't finish my comment above, I'm really fascinated by your ability to make epic ideas feel really personal and accessable through your clear way of communicating.


Natal Chiron in the 4th - family and father. What can I say? Most of my adult life is spent learning to deal with the issues from the past. But I'm 'walking the walk'. Thanks Robert.


Hi Calypso - Welcome to the site. I don't really use any time for the signs, as much as see where the transits fall relative to each sign. Like right now Saturn is in the 4th house of early Taurus, but 3rd house for late Taurus. Mars is in the 6th house for late Libra, but 7th house for Libras born in September.

When I did my own column for the Daily Texan back in the mid-70s, I did a different format: I did a paragraph on the quality of each day rather than each sign, sort of like a weather report for the week as well as each day. Which signs were mentioned had to do with them being stressed by the Lunar transit, or assisted by same or even other planet aspects, such as Libras being benefitted when Moon is in Sag, Aquarius, Gemini, and Leo, but dealing with changes or challenges when Moon is in Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries. It's pretty generic, but that's about all one can do in a general forum.

And thanks for your compliment re: my writing style. That's what years of practice can do, AND learning to be a good but tough editor on myself and others who have hired me to edit their books, screenplays, articles and so forth. Everyone needs an editor, even the best of us. I consider myself a good writer, but a great editor.

Hi hitchhiker72 - You're welcome. Chiron in the 4th shows a lot of healing to be done through accepting the quest of sorting through the memories of the early life and eliminating negative echos while seeing how the early wounds set the stage for bringing forth your higher qualities.

Calypso Jones

Thanks so much for your reply, Robert, it clarifies a lot for me. I'm writing monthly, but I'll follow your advice with regards to the 'weather report' idea. When I look at your writing the thing that strikes me is that your compassionate streak is obviously very strong, and I think that is what I admire most.


Hi Calypso - Sure. The weather report format may or may not work depending on how much space you're given and the desires of your audience. As for compassion, it's taken me many years of self-discipline to regard the world and its folly with that approach. But we are all in this together, and have much to share with each other. There's so much suffering, it doesn't make sense to contribute to it if we can be different and help to lessen it somehow. Also, there's so much "doom and gloom" and other superstitious nonsense about astrology that I had to break from the usual approaches years ago and find something I could say that didn't sound insane. Thank you for appreciating that I don't sound insane. ;-)


Hi Robert - I agree with everyone else here who gives you praise, you are quite an amazing mortal and this is my very favourite internet site. I always feel happy reading your reports and comments by others. I have Chiron in Sag - would that be why I like to think about the bigger picture of everything and it being in the 3rd house of communication and siblings may be why in the back of my mind I think about my my brother and what he went through as a child - is that the wound?


Dear Robert,my chiron is in pisces and in 9th house...what would that mean?Thank you...


Hi Kristine - I'm glad my posts bring you happiness, since the alternative would be a drag! ;-) Chiron in Sag shows you will heal your wounds and the wounds of others through seeing the spiritual potential in every striving to bring forth your best excellence. In the third, yes it will involve sibling relationships. It shows you have the ability to heal him as well, though it may be "at a distance," through reading/writing/thinking higher thoughts, or through seeing "an abundant view."

Hi ann - Your healing and power to heal others is through radical forgiveness, and seeing the infinite future that presents itself at every ending. You can teach closure rituals, and also heal through long journeys that take you to ocean, or some form of healing waters. You may have been betrayed in the past, but by taking a philosophical/spiritual view of them, you can not only get distance from them, you can see how your wound connects you to all other humans through all time. Then you'll enter the heart of infinite compassion.


Thank you so much my dearest Robert...


Thanks for your comments Robert
Much love to you


Hi Roberto,

I was wondering-are you discussing the natal Chiron or the transiting Chiron? I have Chiron in the 10th in Aries in my natal chart and right now Chiron in Aquarius retrograde is in my 8th house. What does this mean??

Appreciate your help:)


Hi Ann and Kristine - Yewbetcha! Gracias y mi amores a ustedes.

Hi Mari - Yes. Both. It means the 10,000 things. Your life healing comes from you doing your own thing in your own way in the public arena. Be a pioneer on your own terms, and stop worrying about what other's think. Right now the healer is calling us to our highest group work and ability to synthesize our vision. For you, regeneration through letting go of obsolete ideals, friends, and goals and renewing some ideals and friends thought to be long lost. You're most welcome.


My dearest Robert, What does radical forgiveness means ya? does it mean out of the ordinary?... thank you my dear Robert


Hi ann - Well, it seems to me there are two types of forgiveness. The usual, which is easy. The radical, which is not as easy. It's one thing to forgive the person who cuts you off in traffic, or who does you some minor injury or insult. It's another thing entirely to forgive the war criminals in power, or the gangbanger who just shot at your house or child. It's easy for me to forgive the bureaucrats who cannot seem to get progressive humanitarian programs off the ground. It's not so easy for me to forgive those who insist that child slavery in the chocolate industry is necessary for the enslaved and their parents to "live a good life." So yes, it's extraordinary in that it's not easy.


This is really one of the 'oo'moment for me ...I thought so the meaning of radical forgiveness :) not an easy one yes...for instance,I am in this situation of trying to forgive someone who had not been fair and had hurt me tremendously,someone who I care for so much and be there when he was having a hard time..yet,when everythings are okay,he forgotten even that I exist...:)now that hes back in trouble,then appear again..and yes,I have to help him and forgive,hard though but am trying anyway.. thats life ya? :) thank you my dearest Robert


Hi ann - Of course, forgiveness does not mean being someone else's doormat, or allowing your kindness and compassion to be taken for granted, or mistaken for weakness. Forgiveness may involve helping or not helping, depending. Monitor the dance, if possible become even more dispassionate in how you view your purpose and what you choose to do or not. Though it seems like more an issue of his perceived indifference to you, this may be a lesson of detachment. And of course, you may not be perceiving how he really regards you.

It reminds me of two things: a joke and the old story of the scorpion and the frog. In reverse order, even if the other begs you, it doesn't mean you should carry them across the pond, since it is in a scorpion's nature to sting for any or no reason, even if both drown as a result. The joke? "Doctor! It hurts every time I pinch myself on the cheek. What can I do about it?" Answer: "Stop pinching yourself on the cheek and call me in the morning if you're still in pain." (Yes, I know it's a variation of the original, but there's no way to do it in writing!);-)

While he may not sting you, you still need to evaluate if it is in your duty to be of unlimited assistance or not, in which case only you can determine what the appropriate limits are. These are dharma dances.


hehehe..thats a funny joke are right..sometime the lesson are to be detached in order to forgive..dharma dance?what is dharma Robert?i know karma but not so sure what dharma is.. :)


by the way,I had send an e mail to you Robert..asking if I could do an e mail reading from you.Have you received it?love always


I believe that Chiron plays some central role in my chart. I think it is in Pisces, I am not sure


Hi all,

This stream touches me very deeply, I identify with all of the posts.

Chiron in taurus in the third or fourth house. My father (a cancer sun) lost his hips in his late thirties, due to "idiopathic asceptic necrosis of the femar heads" medical for "we don't know why." His taurus in the second. His career job required his entire body. He was truly great at what he did. My mother worked at a supermarket, where her charisma alone (a leo sun) shined.

Parents divorced when I was 15. Right around christmas time. In fact I remember I stayed with my dad on christmas day 95' as my mom and two sisters left and spent christmas in their apartment.

I love myself, I love my parents.

Astrologically, Robert, what does Chiron opposition my Sun mean?

Love and blessings,


Hi ann - Karma is fundamentally the law of causation, since causes lead to effects to which we respond, creating new causes. Dharma, on the other hand, is roughly translated as "true function." It is our greater purpose we are here to fulfill regardless of what choices we make which lead us to experience joy and/or sorrow. It is "the Way," or "Great Work" of our perfect functioning. Our karmas are what we deal with on our path of Dharma. And yes, I received it, but haven't answered any emails since early yesterday due to time constraints.

Hi Larissa - Chiron is conjunct your Part of Fortune in Pisces in the 8th. Not the most important factor in your chart, but kicks into gear when you go through loss. With Uranus setting it off from time to time, you're healing in some interesting ways.

Hi Don - Welcome back. It's in your third house 2 degrees off the IC. Of greater note than the opposition are the tredecile to your Moon and trine to your Jupiter. Also it is the only body outside of your bundle, so it provides a release and occasionally a balance wheel. Perhaps your healing is associated with stability, or simplicity, with enjoying knowledge of physical existence or learning how to enjoy life in its infinite changeability. The opposition could mean that is how you will exteriorize your light.


Hello Robert, it's Stevo. I started to post to this article a few days ago and realized that my Chiron in Pisces goes way beyond my Pisces father's death and the faith issues(9th house)that sprouted from that 24 years ago. So, blah, blah, whine, whine, moan, moan, etc. I'm getting tired of own problems and need to get back to "building that bridge".

First of all, let me just say how glad I am that you are here for us!!! And that your Chironic abilities are well appreciated on this end. So, in honor of Chiron. It would mean the world to me Robert if you could help me, help a really good friend of mine.

He's another Saturn in Aries. And this guy and I go way back. His birth info is 9/9/68 9:48am ET. He's sweating the economics like most of us in the US. But his job lacks stability (broadcast sales and marketing)and his house is about to be bought out in some sort of city highway expansion project. He's got a wife and 2 kids and had his credit destroyed in a previous divorce. I can personally vouch for the feel of Saturn in Leo squaring his Neptune in Scorpio. But it looks like Saturn is conjunct his Mars in Leo. That's got to be some sort of 29 year event, right?

Whatever insight you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Robert!



Hi stevo - It's out of the grist of discarded visions of alternative universes that artists compose transcendent glimpses beyond the veil. Glad I can serve as some outland form of wounded healer. As for your friend, broadcast sales is a dystopian mindbend that eats the resolve of those who get trapped in the tar pit. Sorry he's losing his home to the machine. Ugh. As for destroyed credit, all he needs is the ability to buy a car on time (however he can convince the local moneychangers) and within 36 months he can find himself restored to bleeding status by the system.

The Saturn-Neptune requires he narrow his field to get a better grip on things, not get too detached from what must be done, and yes, Saturn on Mars is a 29 year event that rearranges how we do what we do the way we do it. No doubt there is anger, but that won't get the job done unless it's focused with laser beam intensity to do something long haul rather than just stay angry.

Mars afflicting Neptune (which I also have!) shows he should not give up or accept defeat too easily, and find the persistence and cooperation to move into a long term plan. His Moon-Saturn conjunction opposition Mercury shows a need to open to larger possibilities rather than take any form of narrow view of life, and his Sun-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto conjunction indicates his life is often disrupted by the invisible hand of absolute transformation, and that he's a genius who needs to figure out how to play it on his terms rather than stay stuck as someone else's servant. If he opens to Mars presently initiating his Moon-Saturn in a new direction he should be able to stabilize a productive flow in July and August. And of course you're welcome (... and we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing...)

crawl or fly

Thank you for posting on Chiron again. I have Chiron conjunct Part of Fortune, and have looked in vain for any interpretations of this.

My Chiron is in the 5th, in Aquarius, oppose Uranus and square my sun, north node, and Neptune; but trine Jupiter, quintile Mercury, and sextile Saturn.


Hi COF - Looking in vain? That's because there's precious little able to be published these days, due to the market going to big box distributors who devote much less shelf space to astrological titles as political windbaggery, thriller novels and dishy tell-alls. So there are few publishing houses, authors get less than a pittance, and there's little space on the shelves. Is it any wonder why there aren't more astrological books? (I know I sound like Andy Rooney, but that's the way it is sometimes...) It's also why someday I'd like to devote time to a small publishing operation for worthy works.

As for your Chiron in Aquarius in 5th, I'd think that your wound could deal with children, or self expression, especially around friends or in group situations. It also shows you are called to your best, including your healing gift, by being more creative, playful, and dispassionately loving. And transits to this would also conjunct your PF, supposedly showing joy, wealth, or "fortune" through these things. My PF is in Gemini in the 11th, and I have been most fortunate through my friendships and group endeavors, even if some of them have been occasionally problematic. And of course, what brings us joy changes over life, so take that into consideration.


Thanks Mars...I mean Robert-lol. I will relay this info to my friend over the weekend. Virgo means a lot to me. I have my own Mars/Pluto/Jupiter to look after. I've had many Virgo friends over the years. And this man's been with me since 1982. I have reason to believe that his Mars in Leo works quite well against my Aquarian moon. A side of him that I see but he doesn't. As I continue to explore my own Saturn Aries, it's almost like this guy is "afraid of Mars". And to some extent that was the case with me. With Saturn still working a square against my own Neptune Scorpio, I've had to choose! Fire or water. And once I chose Leo the universe fell into place. I could not bring my fire and water together! So, I wonder if that's also the crux of my friend's turmoil.

Thanks again, Stevo


Robert, thank you. Healing does go in very interesting ways.


Dear Robert,
Thank you for this post I asked you once for. But cuz I've no concentration, I had to read every few sentences. Sorry, I'll read it when I get better. I can't rember last time when my life had been so hard. At the moment Chiron conjucts Neptune...the rest you know. My Chiron is on 3 degrees of Taurus in the 6th house. At the same day (16th.5.), my progressed Sun conjucted that Chiron and Progresed Asc inconjucted it. I don't know am I going to explode (or maybe implode!!), but last 6 months were torture and now is culmination. Honestly, I am so afraid for mself like I've never been. I AM TRYING ALL THE TIME to make the situation better but it feels like something does not allow me to simply....move. I am paralised and truly afraid; and Arieses never are. Ever. Total confusion. Sorry for such at dark letter but I know you wil understand. I had to say that I am worried and scared. Maybe it 'll lose its power if I say (write it, I mean)!
Blessings and Reards,


Each time I come here I'm helped. Thank you Robert.

I appreciate this post and the post to which you have linked. Interesting, this topic for me. I have Chiron in Sag (opp Sun) which is currently being opposed by the secondary progressed Moon. This week the opposition will be exact and a few days ago I was diagnosed with a chronic digestive complaint which will necessitate keeping to a much healthier diet in the future (I have late Virgo Asc, Moon in Aries). If I do this, all should be well and I can lead a healthy life. Body and mind aren't comfortable at the moment but understanding the bigger picture helps so much. I am endeavouring to embrace Chiron!

I was appreciated your earlier comments re editing as well.


Oops. The 'was' in the last sentence shouldn't be there. Editing, ha!


Hi Ana - I'm sure you'll get some help from today's post, which while an answer to another, surely applies in some ways to your situation.

Hi mm - You're welcome. Good diets are always a good thing, so blessings! Chiron calls us to our Higher Self through things that dislodge our prior habits and understanding. Wandering = the quest!


I happen to like Andy Rooney most of the time :) He's a curmudgeon's curmudgeon. Robert--As always, much appreciated


Hi Robert,

Was in my favorite town, Ann Arbor, in my favorite bookstore, Crazy Wisdom when I saw a book on Chiron.

My Chiron is in Capricorn in my 4th house with Capricorn on the 4th house cusp. In my natal chart it squares my Libra Saturn. My father was, Guess What, a Capricorn! Needless to say, I did have Father issues growing up. (DUH)

But with Chiron trining my natal Venus in the 11th house, I have had great healing when it comes to my father. He really was a great father and person.

I had great healing with him during the last five years of his life. I have often said that the last five years made up for the first forty five.

Since this is Father's Day and there is no accidents in the Universe, no wonder why I am writing this post.


Thank you Robert for being a father to me of sorts. Right now, you are fathering my dreams and my new way of life.




Hi Helen - My Chiron is in Capricorn in the 5th. Check out the post for last January 9 if you need clarification. And thank you. I like being a clear strong man who can bless, help, and encourage. And of course, being a father and grandfather, I like the role. Sometimes I wonder why more men aren't comfortable in doing the right thing as mature males. I've had more than one discussion today with women who are mothers and wonder why men seem to enjoy being boys, or juvenile delinquents of greater or lesser stripes, or just don't seem to care beyond beer, sports, or being couch potatoes. The next "revolution" must involve men reclaiming their responsibility to be equal participants in caring for what will follow them, and let go of the need to stay attached to being immature, self centered, or impossibly short sighted in who and what they care for and how.


hi Robert, My Chiron is in Pisces in the 8th, conjunct the south node and exactly opposite Pluto in the 2nd, and it is very illustrative. I've been through some incredible financial losses caused by other people, because I trusted them but ended up being cheated. It all started very early in my life when I discovered people's nastily manipulative and greedy side. My first boyfriend with whom I lost my virginity at 18 years old, was the one who found out I had some saving, he then asked me to lend him some money so that he could buy a motorcycle, as I was very found of him I gave him the money which he promised to repay me in a few months but then he quit his job and I've never seen that money again. Not only that but he was also sexually very forceful and so my first experience was very traumatic, he was Aquarius and his Sun fell right on my 8th house, I've had all sorts of bad experiences with that boyfriend but he also introduced me to things taboo at that time and this has marked me forever. Nowadays Aquarius people are my best friends. When my father passed away I ended up inheriting the family's business which was far from healthy, as my father had left the company financially depleted, poorly equipped, with bad administrative practices and on top of that a lawsuit that ultimately forced me to close the business in 2005 so dangerous the situation had become, even forcing me to sell my apartment, having to start over from scratch, but at least during the years I was in charge of it (9 years and a half to be exact), I managed to straighten things up, bought new equipment recycling the old ones, made money for the business, helped my family and employees who were in a difficult and unhealthy financial situation. As a matter of fact, all these years I've only attracted partners or business partners who had debts they couldn't get rid of, so I lent money and also helped them create business opportunities and also showed them how to manage their finances, learning how to deal and treat their money with more respect and responsibility. I have sacrificed my true vocation for several years so that I could provide for others' sustenance, the end result is that I ended up with almost nothing for myself. I know that my inheritance and practically every possession I've acquired whilst in that business carry a very bad Karma that will only most likely finish at the end of the year when I'll have my nodal opposition and this cycle will be hopefully completed, and to try and stop the bad Karma from not having done anything for myself and my own future, I've decided that I'd recycle the money from those possessions into new knowledge, so despite the fact that I haven't got a new job yet, I've been investing in new courses as I had to bury for several years a passion and a talent (exactly when I had my previous nodal opposition at 28 years old) in order to take over a business in an area that didn't interest me so that I could provide for other people and their well being, I more or less willingly took a huge responsibility on my shoulders and sometimes it was really scary, but all things have an end. I've also learned that where you have Chiron you don't receive any recognition, in my case no one was ever thankful for what I did to save them from trouble or to help them shed some light on their problems, actually, exactly the opposite happened, so I assume that my south node being in conjunction to Chiron I was actually not supposed to have done what I did, sacrificing so much. Also, I have attracted a number of people who take me as their confident when it comes to their fear of dying or sexual problems, and I mean: very traumatic sexual problems, heavy stuff indeed, but they just open up to me, I listen to them and work with them through their wounds, some got cured whilst others could at least start to cope with it. It really is very difficult for me to be more selfish, to think more about myself and my needs, other's has always come first, only now I'm having to learn the hard way that I too have needs that need to be fulfilled, it really is very difficult to balance that south/north node polarity. I'm now trying to heal my own wound and I wonder what will happen when the north node hits my Chiron.


Hi Alix - Your healing will come from seeing your losses as part of the generic human experience, and regenerating compassion where there was defeat. 8th house is certainly shared resources as well as others' values. NN in 2nd shows you're here to build your resources and values. SN in 8th is tough, but then SN anywhere is tough. I suppose NN and Pluto in Virgo are showing you the power of "divine discrimination." Transformation of old resources into new values and assets, material and nonmaterial, is a great way to use your planetary and nodal energies. I'm sure Saturn going into Virgo will be very good for you. NN in Virgo shows you should try for mid-course adjustments so the SN in Pisces doesn't create disappointing endings. Being clear and specific about how much you can and cannot help others is key to your well being. I don't know that one does not receive recognition for Chiron's area, since we cannot know what recognition we receive other than what we are able to know. Perhaps with SN in Pisces there are unknowns, but mine in Cap in the 5th has brought recognition of a sort. I would think there is much NOT to speak about with SN in Pisces. Perhaps when the SN crosses your Chiron, you'll let go of those old Chironic tendencies and be able to use the energies differently, especially with Saturn where it will be.


Hi Robert, By not receiving recognition I meant that people are actually ungrateful for what you do for them in that area, but again, that must happen to me because of my south node rather than because of Chiron, I wasn't supposed to do all I did, or probably not to that extent.


Hi Alix - Maybe you're supposed to let go of suffering, and simply do a practical service however you can without being concerned about being recognized or others lacking gratitude or whatever. Maybe you're doing the right thing in the wrong place, or the wrong thing in the right place. It could be a discrimination lesson, and the moment you do the right service at the right time for the right people everything will make sense and feel good, and you'll find healing by releasing ambivalence, victimization, and looking back on things already fading in your rearview. You grow through service, and will demonstrate it through forgiveness, compassion, and allowing old states to close out at their natural end, without suffering over what is already past.


Hi Robert, To do a more practical service rather than just help indiscriminately is much healthier for me and even for the person who's being helped, I realised that but only a few years ago. I've been more selective for the past 6-7 years though and have also been helping people in a more virgo way, however heartless it may seem to them, but it turns out to be more effective anyway, so I've decided to stick to it.


Hi Alix - True service is never "heartless," regardless of subjective interpretations. Love can be tender or tough, enjoyable or difficult (from the angle of ego) and sometimes service involves stripping away comfortable illusions. I believe enlightened self interest dictates that we get clear about what is "service," and then do what we can when we can if karma allows it.


Hi Robert,

I honor your commitment to fatherhood. Being a parent is the most important role anyone can have. If you screw up being a parent nothing else matters to quote Jackie Kennedy (Another Leo).

With Aquarius ruling my 5th house and no planets in the 5th, I was told a long time ago that Aquarius was a “barren sign” and the possibility for me to be a bological mother was remote.

Don’t cry for me, Argentina, I never regretting not being a parent. As a good friend once told me: “you have to take what the good Lord gives you.” In some cases, that is none. I always felt that God a.k.a. the Universe had a different kind of motherhood in store for me.

Thanks for your wisdom.




Hi Helen - You're a classic example of the difference between being childless and child-free. The biological imperative is stronger in some than others, which can be mystifying to those who are heavily attached. In your case, you have the sign of impersonal love, aka friendliness, on your house of children, showing you make them your friends and they become yours. I have Sag on the cusp, showing that I tend to grant them absolute freedom to explore the universe of ideas without having to (or wanting to) control their thinking.

Parenting can take on many forms, and perhaps those of us without living biological offspring can serve to care for and mentor others without the presumptuousness and attachments that often accompany parenting "one's own." I know of many who have turned into caricatures of humans or heavy-handed authoritarians when presented with a child, because they see themselves as "parents" (though of course they would loathe their own parents to take that approach with them.) It seems that many who have been cut the most slack when young become very dictatorial with their own. The young always need friendly adults who offer them points of view unadulterated with parental attachments, aversions, and delusions. They tend to consider those views since they know there's no agenda.


Hi Robert,
Have just discovered your site, its fantastic, and I wondered if you could give me some advice.
I'm planning my wedding for April 5th 2008, in New Zealand. My birthday is 13/6/78 and his is 30/12/75. I'm wondering how this day is looking for us, I don't think mercury is retrograde as that always messes me up, but i'm trying to find what would be the most auspicious time for the actual ceremony. I've also heard something about chiron and marriage? Any info about the 5th April 08 would be most appreciated. Kind regards from London


Hi Miranda - Well, things like this are usually too important for a comment stream. That day there are several auspicious contacts, and you would probably do well with Libra on the Ascendant around sunset. You're right, Mercury is not RX, and as far as I know, Chiron isn't about marriage, but healing, and getting the best possible out of one's personality. There aren't many afflictions on that day, though there is a Moon-Venus conjunction in Pisces in an out of sign square to Pluto. But there are few days in the year without some sort of affliction to something, so the trick is to make sure the wedding indicators are not afflicted. That's why Libra rising would be good, as the Venus and Mars are not in affliction to each other.


Hi Robert.

I would like to understand a little bit of my Chiron, connected to actually transiting Saturn.

My natal Chiron is in the first degree of Taurus in the 6th, and I don't know if I can say it's conjunct my South Node (in 9º Taurus, 8º orb then).

It is extremely afflicted natally:
Sun square Chiron from Sun 29º Cancer in 9th
Saturn square Chiron from Saturn 5º Leo in 9th
Mercury square Chiron from Mercury 7º Leo in 9th
Venus square Chiron from Venus 9º Leo in 9th
Uranus (?)/NN opposition from Scorpio 3º/9º in 12th

It is only well aspected trining Mars Virgo (9º) in 10th, regent of my 6th Aries cuspid, but the ruler of the sign it is in (Venus/Taurus) just squares.

Not to say one of my worst periods in life was the past Saturn-Chiron opposition Leo/Aquarius afflicting all this, plus Saturn conjunting inner planets in Leo, and the square transiting Chiron 3rd/natal Chiron 6th.

How do you see this natal Chiron's so pecualiar position, its function or mission or demands?.
This is the first question.

In the area of transits, the entry of Saturn in Virgo is trinig my natal Chiron 6th and sextile my natal Uranus 12th, both natally opposed (sorry if Uranus is not to take at face value), and will advance later to trine and sextile the Lunar Nodes. At the same time transiting Chiron is squaring my Scorpio Ascendant from 3rd and reaching my Aquarius 22º IC in a few years.
The second question do you view this current planetary energies at work and is there any insight on their future developments?.

Thanks a lot for your concern.


I forgot to say the Virgo Saturn is transiting my 10th.



Hi Henry - You're asking for a very detailed analysis. ALL squares to Chiron call us to our Higher Self. Uranus will help you face that. Your Venus is not square. Be of enduring service behind the scenes while renouncing comfort. Taking responsibility in public ways doing forms of Dharmaseva, or Higher Service, will help you stabilize and understand its function.


By the way, being Uranus a help, which is the function of an Scorpian Uranus operating in the 12th house (simbolically)?. It's like a kind of regenerative electroshock in deep waters, or high intuition in the unseen or collective subconcious?.

I've always had problems being understood -I worked and in some ways still work as a journalist/articulist-because I see some things very clear and people seem to be veiled to those -for me- inward sure-footed truths, made up on education but also on flashes of intuition / lightspeed coming inward new insights.

So you mean this Chiron-Taurus-6th means comfort and the squares challenge this comfort-materialistic Taurus to be experienced as void, almost painful, allowing me to experience the mixture between knowledge (very strong 9th Leo)n + futuristic or deep intuitions (very strong 12th Scorpio)to serve the Higher-Self and thus society at large?.

You know, swimming against the stream is not confortable. I'm just done to this, and I enjoy the challenge more than sleeping in the social idiotization. Uranus in Scorpio, isn't it?. Plus Mars Virgo in 10th. I see myself as I kind of truth-seeker and freeminded one, and most people have a extreme concept of me: they adore what I say or they say I am mad. Well, at least I'm sure of myself.

For this reason I was very interested in your opinion on the toxic ones and karma/evolution, I am a passionate toxine-cleaner, it started in clearing my own conflictive family experience and then I projected this passion on society. And much suffered and gained inwards from this. If I am on the right path and that Uranus/NN Scorpio in 12th is about it, I will be glad to know. Well, I think I know well. But any final insight will be, as always, much appreciated.


please give me your views on chiron conjunct ic in taurus opposing uranus in saggitarius MC


Hi Nicci - Uranus exteriorizes through your Chiron, and vise-versa. You will find your individuality by healing the wound and rising to your highest self, and your healing will show through your genius and uniqueness.


thanks for your response to nicci. i was trolling around looking for info on my own chiron(IC)-uranus(MC) opposition. it's much harder to find good descriptions of chiron aspects! but this makes a lot of sense!


Hi, Robert, I just read above someones post that they had chiron in pisces like me and in the 8th house like me as well, though I can kind of identify with some of the things she talks about. How can we use our chiron better. Mine squares my sun in sag. Sexiles both my moon and vertex in cap. Trines my venus (I think I feel that I get spiritualing healing through sexuality) But opposes my mars/pluto and uranus. It also sextiles my mc. I am not sure how that works. It is conjunct the 8th house cusp actually for me. So, I think chiron has had important impact in my life. I wonder how i can use it better to help me be more balanced an individual and serve the greater good better.


Hi dottie - Sure. There is an ocean liner of things not written about Chiron aspects! May you revolutionize into your Highest Self, and may your Highest Self express your genius.

Hi Micheline - This is a very complex thing you want. Too much for a comment stream. Be your highest, most compassionate Self re: all 8th house matters. Your Sun can release the energies built through Moon and Venus.


I was wondering if there is significance to where Chirons wife is in the chart? I may be wrong but I think Chariklo was his wife. My chiron is in aries in the first & chariklo is rising in the 12th in pisces.


This poem came to mind. I hope some of you like it. Written by Leonard Cohen.

The Letters

You never liked to get
The letters that I sent.
But now you've got the gist
Of what my letters meant.
You're reading them again,
The ones you didn't burn.
You press them to your lips,
My pages of concern.
I said there'd been a flood.
I said there's nothing left.
I hoped that you would come.
I gave you my address.
Your story was so long,
The plot was so intense,
It took you years to cross
The lines of self-defense.
The wounded forms appear:
The loss, the full extent;
And simple kindness here,
The solitude of strength.
You walk into my room.
You stand there at my desk,
Begin your letter to
The one who's coming next.

There is also song,it is here.

Argelia Miranda

Hello! I'm new. I'd like to ask for clarification regarding my conjunction of chiron in Aries with IC on the side of House Three. Aries's ruler Mars is also in House Three though in Pisces. Chiron is also in opposition to Pluto in Libra House Nine; as well as in opposition to Uranus in Libra House Ten. I'd like to understand the workings, healing . . . surrounding Chiron.

Thank you!



Hi Argelia - What you're asking for is way beyond the scope of this comment stream.

The comments to this entry are closed.


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