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Hi Robert, Just wanted to say what an inspiration you have been to me. Having positive thoughts has changed my life in the last few weeks. I am still the same, and still in the same place, BUT i can see where I am going very clearly now. That makes me even more positive.
Thank you so much


Yeah ...and when I get into these discussions, I try to remind people (non believers) that the word "good" is a typographical error for God. Many excellent results occur from simply recognizing all that is good.
People, places and planets are always changing and that is good. Un feliz domingo, Jan


Hey Aditya,

Dittos from me also.




Robert, I completely understand your thoughts. I've been the "victim" of circumstance, which has been out of my control for several years now. It started when I was laid-off my job...I couldn't find another suitable position within a couple of months, so I went back to school to earn a certificate thinking it would help to update my education, but it didn't work...I still remained jobless because although I had the education, I didn't have the experience. Then I befriended people who really weren't worth my time in long run, although I didn't realize it in the beginning, however, I've now been away from them for a over a year and a half. After receiving fruitless jobs off and on for a couple of years, which was out of my control since the job market is saturated with unemployed or underemployed workers in area where I live. Since I live very conservatively, I was able to maintain my life, however, it came with a heavy price of debt, which I'm still working on. This year I decided to go back to school and receive a master's degree thinking this may be the only way to receive a suitable job and changed my focus toward another field. This year has been a mess in which factors out of my control have wreaked havoc in my life: In January, the water pipes broke and flooded the kitchen from a deep freeze in the weather at -11 degrees(F)(I've lived in my home for eight years). In March, my 19.5 year-old cat passed away suddenly, which was a very traumatic experience for me...I found her lifeless body lying on the living room floor one morning. In May, a string of clouds that spawned a large tornado in one State, swept across my State and I recieved a lot of water damage from the rain that sweapt away a few important components on my roof, which flooded the kitchen again, however, this was the best disaster that's happened...I filed a claim with my insurance company and received a brand new roof. Today, I'm still jobless and I've gained a lot of weight...and I'm waiting for the next disaster to happen. In addition, I've been through mounds of depression, which went unattended due to lack of finances and contimplated suicide a few times in which I had a serious plan at one time. My family and friends are going through difficult times themselves, however, mine situation was was a 'worst-case-scenerio' for them that they weren't experiencing and they could only offer moral support.

Although I've been through hell, I'm being protected by God and the all the angels...for some odd and strange reason throughout all of this turmoil, which was primarily out of my control, I'm still alive and living under a roof (a new roof).

I feel like I'm living a one I know could go through this much turmoil for as many years as I have and still maintain the standard of living that began long before these disasters happened. I'm living proof that miracles happen. Today, when asked how I'm suitably living under these circumstances, I say that I'm living on "faith", literally...the old BonJovi song, "Living on a Prayer" has become my motto.

(Sun: Pisces/Moon: Gemini/Asc: Scorpio)


Oh how I have learned the hard way on this. I truly think this is the answer more and more as I get older.


Hi Aditya - Glad you're inspired! Over time, you'll see different results, and many will be of a markedly different quality than some of your past experiences. It's all there to help you become stronger and clearer.

Hi Jan - When we focus on the "possible better," whether we "succeed" or "fail" we still generate momentums and karmas in the future that must be better however it will manifest. Even when all is "not good," there is still the promise of better things to come if we open to that, however we can. And yes, it is a Happy Sun-day.

Hi Helen - Oh no! Not ditto! ;-) Is this a subversive effort to steal the phrase away from Rush Limbaugh's "dittoheads?" Perhaps it's a noble endeavor after all.....

Hi indigo - Sounds like you've been tested fairly severely, and you've come through it more detached and clearer about many things. There are those things which are "under our control" but there are also other things that are NOT under our control. Then we play the part we must, learn what we must, and try to find as much goodwill and positivity as possible. Keep getting as much education as you can, since sooner or later they'll come together and pay off. Try not to allow a sense of frustration impede you being drawn to the perfect situation for you, whatever that means. And of course, sometimes it means we have to go to wherever we can find fertile ground for our skills and talents to be recognized. Please accept my condolences for the passing of your cat-teacher. I'm sure the Great Cat is preparing another for you after an appropriate period of mourning. All the storms sound like purifying symbols of one kind and another, and a new roof is a great metaphor. Very glad you didn't commit suicide, since all that does is still the body but not the feelings and mental tendencies which continue until our appointed time. And of course the blessing with spending time in hell is that you cease to fear the underworld and become stronger in your timelessness. And surrendering to prayer and meditation as much as we can is always a verrrry good thang.....

Hi Chantal - We all learn the hard way when we aren't learning any other way. And in the end, it all leads us to our authenticity, strength, courage, clarity, and wisdom.


Robert - sometimes I think you're reading my mind... or the collective "me". I was commenting on one of your posts on Friday, and then it got too convoluted and I decided to trash it. So yeah - as to your post above... that's what I was wanting to ask! Thanks. Getting to the experience of that power... well that's key. (I guess we should just start by believing in it).


To add:

When I read the title of this post... I was wondering for a minute - did I actually post it? Heh!


Robert - in your reply to Indigo you said "Very glad you didn't commit suicide, since all that does is still the body but not the feelings and mental tendencies which continue until our appointed time." When is our appointed time? And what happens then?


Hi Christine - I suppose there are many frequencies that we tune into, and occasionally I am able to hear the same things others do. Then I write about it. Glad I was able to get this out there.

Hi Caroline - The subject, being vast, is probably beyond my ability to describe in a comment stream. That said, in my experience we all have several potential points to exit the body that are in line with our higher evolution as shown in our charts. By our choices we are guided to specific points in time when we renew or do not. If we renew, then our clock gets reset and we live to do more good and learn how to be more evolved. If we don't choose a path of renewal, then we check out and get to watch the movie of what we did and didn't do to live our integrity, courage, good will, love and wisdom. At some point, our work is done and there's no need to renew, and so we leave. How we leave is another subject entirely, as is the way we are guided through various frequency zones until we reach Devachan, aka "Heaven," where our consciousness resides until we are once again magnetically pulled into manifestation to learn more about demonstrating forms of integrity, courage, good will, love and wisdom to ourselves and others.


Hello All, I thought I'd share this moment of happiness and hope with you...
Title: Despair and the compost bin.
Lately I've been through an unprecedented amount of loss in my life, there were signs that it was going to happen some 4 or 5 years ago, but then, I was too busy just juggling with difficulties and responsibilities, so much was at stake so I couldn't just terminate things at once, pretty much like when you have that huge water dam in front of you, leaking from all sides, you stick your finger and then the other and the other and try to patch up here and there, even knowing it wont last very long, and then the rest you know: the holes just get bigger until you can't hold it or remedy any longer. Ultimately everything just came crashing down spectacularly in July 2005, and those waters swept away everything on their way: I've had to close my family's business. Sell my apartment to pay debts and start a new life, I also new it had to be in another country. End of a business partnership. End of a very long term relationship and even a new one I've decided to give a chance a year after the previous one had finished didn't work out. My beloved Rochester (the sweetest ever cat I've ever had) developed a very bad liver disease and died quite horribly before I could bring him to London with me. My move to a foreign country and not feeling at home where I am and having to share a flat with a friend (in London rent is awfully expensive and properties quite small). My much needed separation from my daughter who has difficulties growing up. Finally, my grandma's passing whom I had as pretty much a role model... there's more but that would make the list way too long, all of that in less than 2 years. In the midst of this chaos, my sadness picked at the end of 2006, when Pluto exactly conjuncted my Moon for the first time and I had received the news that my daughter was in hospital and had a near death experience, all through fall and winter I had to deal with my rotten feelings, some of them resuscitated old emotions and frustrations that I'd have rather believed dead and forgotten.
In the meantime a miracle was under way, just as I was reprocessing these feelings and getting rid of old life situations (which are not finished yet but almost) and making decisions to start healing my life, in the compost bin in the back of this little garden, all that organic waste we've been throwing in for over a year was also starting to transform itself. A couple of weeks ago it was more than time to open the compost bin and remove the bottom part which was ready to be collected: it was the most beautiful thing I've seen in ages, all that waste had turned to pure soil and what a soil, black and full of beautiful worms and smelling like the freshest and richest soil in an epic forest in a land that only exists in one's imagination. It was a very gratifying and joyful experience to remove that ready to use compost and very symbolic too I thought. So now Pluto is going to reach my Moon again in less than a month and will complete the process in October. My flat mate found out on (so symbolic again) that someone was giving away some newly born tomatoes! So yesterday I've prepared a patch with compost and planted them carefully and I'm looking so much forward to the harvest!
I've also been working on transforming my waste material into something new, hopefully I'll be harvesting a new life by the end of the year.
That moment of joy with nature's cycle made me see how much we really do need that contact and we need it very badly. Recycling always and constantly and in every aspect, is the only possible way out of bad luck, bad karma and bad life circumstances...


Hi Alix - Great metaphor! (And my sincere condolences at the passing of your cat-teacher.) No doubt another will be assigned to you by the Great Cat at the perfect time.

Micheline  Cloutier

Hi Robert. thanks for this article. I am definetely having bad room mate karma. I think I just have to find a cheaper place to live and live by myself.
I have to figure this out. There is a reason for everything. I kind of know why. I know that I would rather live by myself or with a significant other.
But maybe it is time to move away from this place. It is hard to listen when there is some stressfull stuff going on. How do I do that? What do you do when you need help figuring out a dilema. Usually, I get things worked out but this is so tiring.


Hi Micheline - Glad you had a breakthrough realization. Sometimes we DO need a change of scenery! When confronted with a dilemma, sometimes I stop beating my head against the wall and take time to feel how good that is when it stops. Sometimes I learn to listen to friends, or my heart, or remember my experience and patterns and remember that some things are better for me than others. Other times I look at my chart and contemplate the tendencies, or ask the I Ching for a comment (not "tell me what to do," but something that can help me understand something I'm not getting for whatever reason.) And when I've truly "hit bottom" and opened to sitting at my altar until I get a signal, I always do.


Hi Robert- I have been going through a bit a tough time right now and have reached a cross road - whether to stay or leave my current part time employment. I have been thinking about this for quite a few months as I am just not happy to go to work. I have been consulting astrology, tarot,I-Ching, talking to my friends who are supportive, thinking and reflecting, reflecting, reflecting. I have on other occasions asked a question before going to sleep and quite often find an answer the next day. I had almost talked myself into the idea of staying in this employment but perhaps since Mercury has gone retrograde I think this employment is holding me back and I am not where I should be, anyway I have 99% made the decision to leave this employment and since coming to this realising I have been feeling more peaceful within myself. I have two part time positions the other employment is a dream - supportive and friendly work colleagues and I love the work.
I have Aries Sun - challenges are not so bad for me
Moon in Taurus - finances may suffer for a while
Libra Ascendant - always balancing - even though its opposite my Sun sign I have become used to it.


Hi Kristine - I sounds like you KNOW the job is "holding you back" and that's why you are "more peaceful" now that you know you're not serving an open-ended sentence in a temporary form of prison. It sound like you're in tune with the process, and at peace with what your process is telling you. Sun in Aries usually does better with beginnings than endings, while Libra rising dances back and forth trying to please all points of view. Jupiter and Saturn have stabilized your understanding, and your Moon in Taurus will be satisfied once things are secured. You should be doing very well after Saturn enters Virgo and Jupiter enters Capricorn if you are living the higher purpose you're glimpsing in 2007.


Thanks Robert for your comments I feel like I've been in a road crash 'metaphorically speaking' I'm under the weather with a cold but pretty soon I will pick myself up and get going again along the journey of life. Much love


Hi Kristine - Sometimes we have to "crash" so we can figure out whether we're going in the direction we need to go. Just go slow at first, as it is Mercury RX!


Hello Robert,

I was just browsing for a few minutes during a myriad of tasks and 'happened' upon a sentence you wrote to indigo...

"And of course the blessing with spending time in hell is that you cease to fear the underworld and become stronger in your timelessness"

If only you knew how your words hold salvation, even for those to whom they are not directly addressed.

On this Easter Sunday and always, may you be thrice blessed!
(the eternal optimist)


Hi Juliet - Glad my words ring true for those who find them. I do feel like Hermes Trismestigus at times!


Robert: You are indeed Thrice Born and Thrice Blessed.
I just printed this article for my sweet Libra wife. She has what I call "The curse of Libra" in that she is very quick to defer to others and give her power away to them. Right now she is having a "Karmic" encounter with her Reiki Master who has disavowed her. This is big stuff to my wife because she teaches Reiki and has people under her now in this lineage. So this affects all of them as well. I believe that my wife's karmic test is to be her gentle kind self and tell the other person to SHOVE IT!
I am confident that this article will really help her be strong. Thank You.


Hi dcu - Something about Emma Goldman's famous response springs to mind that if she couldn't dance she didn't want to be part of the Communist party's "revolution." If Reiki was "invented" by the Japanese Christian missionary searching for the method by which Jesus healed, then NO ONE can stop anyone from learning and using this method. This is a universal energy. I have known Reiki "masters," and some show more mastery than others. As you can infer, I'm not simply referring to Reiki technique. You will recall we shared an experience years ago involving people of narrow imagination and pinched hearts who sought to "disavow" us and our loved ones because the powers that be didn't like some elements of Truth in my take on the wisdom. Perhaps this is a test for her to be impeccable with her word while practicing detachment, dispassion, discrimination, positivity, and not assuming anything, including the concept that anyone can be "disavowed" from a true healing practice. If there is error, make it right. If there is no error, practice compassion for self and those in our care. And of course, the path stretches ever onward. Perhaps it's time for grasshopper to leave the sanctuary.


This is exactly what I needed.
I began quoting the final paragraph to a friend via the phone just a few minutes ago and ended up paraphrasing the whole article.
It's bookmarked, and I'm going to share it with everyone I know.

Collectively, my family, friends and certain associates are all experiencing various degrees of "bad karma" -- that light at the end of the tunnel for many of us appears to be an oncoming train, not an exit.

This has put our situations into perspective and will allow me to let go of the fear that has crippled me recently. I can only presume that your wisdom and ability to write it in "laymans" terms will enlighten and free us all.

I need an astrological reading for further input. I'll contact you via email.


Hi Sarah - Glad you find so much help in this article. Also glad others can benefit as well. You can also site google "fear" and it will take you to a number of articles that may also be of use.


Some may find this helpful - This Buddhist sutra does bring peace and help - You don't have to be a Buddhist to read it. Here is a link for the "Sutra of Golden Light". Reading it can help with peace on earth.


Hi Elizabeth - Thanks for the Sutra. Many such actually do alchemical magic on our nervous system and open doors to higher consciousness.

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