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Hi Robert,

I am here, yet another one talking about my intuitions growing stronger and the signs that i am getting almost every day..i try to interpret them in the best possible way..hopefully..
I think cultivating intuition will help us all see clearer through all this..
... Though, what's the best way to cultivate my intuition? :p



Hi Robert, wouldn't you think that Pluto conjunct the Center of the Galaxy is also causing more people to grow intuitive these days? I've been having Pluto conjunct Moon and just recently Neptune opposite Uranus. Apart from my intuition becoming much sharper, my dreams have been very populated: friends and relatives, still alive or long gone come to visit in my dreams and talk to me. It amazes me how souls/spirits manage to find each other in the astral. A couple of months ago I had this strange vision, I was in a place and realised that it was a funeral room, and then someone told me that one of my friend's father had passed away, when I woke up I was very concerned because I know how my friend is so extremely attached to her father, so I didn't tell her anything but still felt that it wasn't right not to do anything at all, but what if my intuition was wrong? So I decided to tell her husband asking him not to tell her anything but subtly and gradually get her prepared for that possibility both in a practical and emotional sense, as she works with her father and in a way her family's responsibilities are in her hands, he promised he'd do that and keep it secret. The strange thing is that I don't even know him in person. He had been very ill until a couple of years ago but has fully recovered since, or at least that's what the doctors say. And the same has been happening regarding other friends I have, they tell me something in my dreams so that when I call them I already know what they are going through, many of them are having to undergo surgeries or having to deal with relatives who are facing life threatening diseases.
"A result of cultivating intuition is that our lives begin to parallel the larger process of unfoldment, and we close the time gap in seeing how our affairs and understanding are moving in synchronicity with the larger tides and tendencies. This offers us a mirror as well as comfort that we are in harmony with all that is."
- For me the effect this is having is that I'm noticing that it is of no worth "fighting" against the obstacles, we only get hurt hitting a brick wall, my higher self is growing stronger so it's been guiding me to do things more effectively, because it is where my chances and opportunities seem to be, without getting too scattered and losing so much energy, in other words: it is showing me where the gaps are and where the wall is lower, so that I can cross it to reach the other side, all that information is just being given to me effortlessly.


HI Robert,

I have two interesting dreams in the last couple of weeks. The first one was an old friend that I haven't seen in about ten years. We met at work and were great pals. He appeared in my dream and told me that he missed me. Was this telling me that he was to return into my life? No. It was spirit telling me that there is a new man coming into my life with his attributes.

Another clue from your article referencing the new moon in Taurus:

To jog your memory about the New Moon's influence which pervades this time: It occurred at 26 Taurus, a point of "seeing the appearance of the beloved on the balcony" if we have defined our specific role, function, and imagery precisely up to now."

I was skimming this article when this paragraph just jumped out at me. The first thing I though about was Romeo and Juliet. Romance. Then I remembered what I was doing at the time of the new moon. A friend and I had watched THE SECRET again. As I drove home, the light bulb flashed over my head. I had been writing the same story over and over. As Marie Diamond advised one of her clients to paint what he wanted, I have been writing what I want to attract into my life. Then I remembered the Stevie Nicks video, ROOMS ON FIRE. I now know why that video had such resonance. The Universe is telling me trying something.

I’m also getting other clues also because the ruling planet for Taurus is Venus. And Venus is ruling my first house. In my upcoming solar chart both my Sun and Venus is in my 7th house. This relationship is going to manifest in the next year.

Then last week I had a dream that showed me the four of clubs and the four of spades in a card deck. I am still trying to come up with the interpretation on that one.

Thanks for your wisdom.




Hi Robert, my work depends on logic and facts. Over the past two years i have experienced a tingling sensation just before something was about to go wrong. I ignored the sensation at first, but later when i looked back at what went wrong, I saw that the facts and logic were on the button. I now incorporate this aspect and heed it. Its a sort of a cure for Murphy's Law, in my case atleast.

I have only felt this type of intuition in my work. I would really like to develop it in other areas too.

I am only sharing this here as others around me will probably think I am Looney.



everyone's talking bout dreams...
i just had one last night about this guy who i haven't talked to since the end of last month.

there was some kind of instant messenger communication (which is something that never happens) between the dude and me. i was seeing pictures of him on a screen. then he just showed up at my house and i was thrilled. there were people in my house that i wanted to get rid of because i wanted him alone but i couldn't tell them to go. then we had to evacuate because of some kind of volcanic erruption near my house. the street had a hole in it. but this dude was there.. right behind me and didn't leave me.

see this is when i know its just a dream cause it doesn't make ANY sense to me at all. other than i've been thinking about this dude an aweful lot.


Love this Robert, quoted you today. thanks!


Robert- it's no coincidence that I have been developing both my intuition and my capacity to then trust and take action on whatever information I am granted, which isn't always easy, especially when it's not what I or someone else wants to hear. That seems to be when the message is the most important, when logic and emotions just aren't quite tapping the heart & soul of a matter.

Thanks again for a spectacular phone consultation yesterday- it *definitely* reinforced my intuition...



Hey Robert,

Could you explain astral receptivity? and how to tell the difference in practice?




Hi all - As I said earlier, an awesome bunch of comments.

Hi sunshine - The best way is meditation. Also, learn to take note of subtle "hints" while not attaching too much or too little to them. Allow yourself to be centered in the heart, the source of true intuition, and not the gut, the center of astral sensations which are as often wrong as right. And learn to distinguish between "straight knowledge" (as it's been put) as opposed to inferred knowledge or hunches.

Hi Alix - Well, I would think the Pluto effect would be the sprouting of galactic seeds rather than anything personal, though the larger track of human evolution is to know what we need to know without over-reliance on our brains and feelings. At some point we need to be able to recognize reality without our 5 senses or our mind, since that's the Eternal state of things when we're on the "other side." Sharp dreams can result from many factors; of course, some are prophetic while others are symbolic. Glad you're learning to navigate between the two, and definitely it's a good thing not to alarm someone while helping prepare them however you can for what you've picked up on.

Hi Helen - The first dream is an example of a symbolic dream rather than prophetic one, so it's good you're able to know the difference. For the second, some associations: The 4 of Clubs is the 4 of Wands (perfected work); the 4 of Spades is the 4 of Swords (rest). 4 is dynamic, and in Qabbala is Jupiter on the Tree of Life and Aries (the Emperor) in the deck whereas in western numerology it's Mercury. 4 is also the number of the Earth and organic systems (4 elements, seasons, directions, visible realms, etc.) That you got 2 black 4s may or may not matter; what would matter is any other images that came with these cards.

Hi Aditya - Well, most great scientific discoveries are a result of mental training waiting for the inspired "intuition" that brings forth the breakthrough. The fact that it has appeared related to your work is a prelude to you recognizing it in your everyday life outside of work. Sounds like you're on the right track.

Hi robyn - Sounds like harmonic communication between you and him, though the other people in the house could be elements of your subconscious, or actual people in your life you care for since you "couldn't tell them to go." Plus he may represent something that needs to be public rather than private. Sounds like this person represents an energy of loyalty despite corresponding upheaval in your environment. Again, the "dream him" could be the "real him," or just representative of your inner male.

Hi Lynn - You bet! I think something big's afoot, and we're all picking up on it in our own ways. Your site is great, so many blessings to you and your work as we weave the field.

Hi Shelley - Well, don't be too hard on yourself, since we all want to hear and know what we want, and usually are not into anything unpleasant or things which don't fit our defaults. You've hit on a key indicator of how to tell intuition from lower vehicle signals when you say "That seems to be when the message is the most important, when logic and emotions just aren't quite tapping the heart & soul of a matter." And of course you're welcome. The word "suggestion" was the key.

Hi Bryan - I tried to answer throughout this set of answers to the comments. In all cases, if the hunch or knowing is wrong, then it cannot be intuition, since true intuition is NEVER inaccurate. Intuition is infallible; astral receptivity is often colored by likes and dislikes, and works through subconsciousness rather than superconsciousness.

Colleen Sauve

I am yet another who's intuition is getting stronger...but thats not all I want to bring up--if it has not been brought up already that I have frequent syncronized Hope I spelled that correctly...dreams with others the same dream around the same time of night with only maybe one or two details different this is NOT something common in my life and I couldn't help but notice they happen to fall on or around the dates given by you I will start keeping a record from now on.


Greetings Robert - Apparently many are in the influence of "intuition". Since my 50th birthday on 5/14/57 (Taurus/Scorpio, asc and Sag moon)I too am experiencing an awesome and indescribable power within. Despite the outward challenges experienced for the past 2 years -- since my birthday, I've CHANGED! I look younger, am stronger, am magnetic and "feel" an energy that is literally transforming. (please know this is no attempt to appear to be one of self-aggrandizment, but this has been told to me numerous times since that date and what is most amazing, I see it and it's shocking) I "know" it is an energy that is present like no other and is within/without and quite easy to tap into. I can only concur with the various comments of your readers. There is a surreal quality on this planet and I do believe there are astral beings (pure energy)that are making themselves known to teach humans a higher form of knowledge. It is this "pure" energy that radiates at lightening speed. This energy can literally quicken (so to speak)our human form. Since Sept. 2006 my diet has changed to almost but not quite a vegan, which also has to do with the transformation. I now "must" communicate to as many people as possible to PLEASE change eating habits and live as purely as possible -- which is to live off the land (fruits/vegetibles and plenty of water). This will begin the process of changing the body's metabolism, eliminating toxins and allow for a "clearing" to the soul connection, which are oftentimes blocked when the body is filled with these toxins. This will help many to flow with the universal energies surrounding them and not panic while undergoing a shift. Robert, this may sound peculiar to many, but I "know" this is a truth that comes from an energy source much larger than my physical self. I wish you much continued success in your mission to help guide and heal many thru the channel of astrology, which really is a (scientific universal knowledge)which you were destined to fulfill.



Thank you for this continuous information that makes us more aware of what is going on... I do not have any training in astrology, and I am reading your comments as much as I can and try to understand. I was born in Montreal on july 2nd 1967, soon it will be my 40th anniversary and I was wondering if you had any thoughts for me and for my future.



Hi Colleen - Synchronized dreams with others are very important indicators of unified consciousness with all tapping into the same movie. The details may be important in filling in the whole picture, or maybe just individual filters and symbols, since we only dream in symbols that are meaningful to us. Definitely keep a record, since this is a very powerful development that could lead to something far bigger collectively.

Hi Lyzette - Sounds like a major transformation that is revealing your timeless, "ageless" Self. Jupiter on your Moon-Saturn is opening you up bigtime, and Saturn's been quintile your Neptune for the past few months, marking a platform for what's happening. We're at a threshold state collectively, and so of course it will manifest dramatically in individuals who are open to cooperating with the quickening. I agree that even if nothing special were happening, it's very important to have as clean a diet, head, and heart as we can. Thanks for your wishes for the success of this project, as I intend for it to be even more globally effective in the future in ways that may or may not have anything to do with astrology specifically (though that IS my craft) There are other aspects of "spiritual science" for other platforms that will be useful as we navigate the changes to come these next few thousand days.

Hi alessandra - You're welcome. Again, if the jargon is a problem, ignore it and get a feel for what I'm communicating about a phenomenon. And of course, the comments often elucidate what I've jumped over in the main post. As for your future, first, happy Solar Return and Birthday. You were born during the Summer of Love, one of the most special times in history. You're a very sweet and gentle Spirit, caring, noble, and very loving, but insecure and often trying to find a balance between being drawn to something and trying not to lose your own center. Learn how to integrate your sensitivity with your breadth of interests, and as you have Mercury RX, you should do fairly well during these periods. Your next year will turn you inward, so seek and demonstrate compassion and understanding toward yourself and others as you go deep. Since last November you've had a lot of spiritual linkage through emotional stress, which will yield major blessings after the death of useless things. You've re-evaluated much of what you like and why you like it, and now stand ready for new relationships, new values, new emotional strength, and a different way of living your genius beginning September.


Hi Robert,

My confusion lies in my interpretation of the two cards seem to be at crossed purposes.

Maybe a good interpretation would be rest (present) and success (future)?

There was nothing in the dream except for the two cards. Maybe going back to the first dream. Maybe I should consider the number two not four. The male, female. Work (Action, Male). Rest (receptive, Female)? Another clue about the future for the coming year.

I read that about three months before my solar return, clues would happen to predict the circumstances for the upcoming year.

This next year is all about new partnerships both professional and personal.

I am learning to trust my intuition more and more since it never has let my down.

Again thanks for your wisdom.




Hi Helen - Though I'm fairly good at dream interpretation, I'd need a lot more info about context to make more sense of the second. You seem inclined to link the two dreams in a future-related way. Of course, it could be simple and straightforward, such as "You can relax for a while since the work is done," or "See what's complete and perfect that allows you rest from old anxieties," or some such variation. I'm sure your inquiring mind will know by the inner response to the recognition of the truth when you find it.


I'm glad everyone is sharing their dreams. I'm loaded with them more than ever! I find myself constantly in archaeological digs. I'm always underground. Most of my dreams most of my life take place in a Im in the ground! As far as my day to day lately, I'm picking up zaps of radio type waves,sometimes like bees crashing into my eardrum. I've always had "the zaps" however not like this! I have this feeling something is about to emerge or deliver. The most frustrating part is that recently I've become a 2 fisted eater. I'm eating as though it's my last supper! I realize, though I am a leo, I have venus/uranus in Cancer, mercury in the sky is going backwards and all of it trining my Scorpio moon, Jupiter and uranus in 12th house pisces. So I'm pretty sure I'm eating my emotions having to do with a "watery" project that I'm in dire need of help to manifest. I'm also seeing "signs" of me having to take a long trip. Funny thing is, I've wanted to go to Hawaii all my life, especially being the only sibling in my family never having the opportunity to go. Now I'm see "Aloha" signs everywhere, when i least expect it. So...I guess I will just "go with the Flow" (Flo is my real name) and see what happens next. One thing's for sure. I want to finally crawl "out of the dark and into the light" for the first time in my life!

thank you Your Highness for confirming the current crazies!

Sister chickie


Aloha and Mahalo, Chickie! - I suspect people with Moons in a water sign do have very vivid dreams! A few associations which you can take or leave at your pleasure, your majesty:

Archaelogical digs = ancient past = genetic material.

Underground = the underworld = the subconsciousness = dark and occasionally fearsome places.

Basements = substructure of a "house" (personality) Welcome to the groundwork, the substructure, of your genetic material! No doubt the work you're doing re: Italian male archetypes is stirring your deepest Soul energies. Perhaps you're taking in nourishment because you need massive amounts of nutrients in preparation for what's in motion? Maybe you're gathering strength for the project? (And flo-ing is a good thing if that's your name!) Sounds like to me you're getting ready for the show!


I'm gonna take that comment to the bank my Lord!


Hi Robert,

Two general questions: What is the difference between a symbolic and prophetic dream? How does the dreamer know the difference?





Hi Helen - Prophetic dreams are only known after the event comes true. Symbolic dreams involve symbols of importance to the dreamer, and may or may not involve others' realities. As for knowing the difference, you can't unless you're more inclined toward one than the other, in which case then it's still the issue of recognition. For the most part, 99.99% of dreams are symbolic, since prophesy is a gift (or curse) given to a rare few. The vast majority of people don't want the burden (even if they think they do!)


Great articles. Re: intuition: HIGH! It is like my words even spoken to myself are materializing right in front of my eyes. Vision comes thru walls. Senses are sharp, like never before. Subconsious runs higher than conscious mind. What a time! Why?


Hi Larisa - You're preparing for your next level of work. And some of what's happening would produce these effects in you.


Hi Robert, thank you. Can you be specific about "level of work"?


Hi Larisa - No, but I'm sure you can. Examine the arc of your trajectory, and you're sure to see the next level if you find an elevated way to view it. When it comes to the heavenly work, each step attained becomes the launch pad for the next step, which is usually fairly clear.


Sorry. Your world is made of your memories, and your memories are given to you by your world. The whispering voice of happenstance is always in our ears. 'This is the world. This is the way things are. Look. Pay attention. Remember.'
I am from Herzegovina and learning to speak English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Starting a business or expanding a business looking to start a new business or expand an existing business?"

Regards :-) Reese.


Hi Reese - I'm not sure what your comment has to do with the unified field, intuition, collective consciousness, or anything else discussed here. Also not sure why you began your comment with "Sorry." Our worlds, while shaped to some degree by our memories, is far more affected by our intention and the choices we make in the NOW. We are never trapped by our memories, but only our imagination, or lack thereof!

How we remember any thing is shaped by our limited view at the time an event occurs. There are ways to correct memories so we can view our childhood events not as we did when we were children, but as mature adults with greater understanding, compassion, and wisdom. Often we misunderstand and have twisted memories around something we could not comprehend at the time since we were too inexperienced to interpret correctly. These only affect us to the degree we choose to be trapped in erroneous perceptions. Often "the way things are" is not how they are at all. As for your thinly veiled attempt to direct people to your very commercial money lending site, I had to delete the link since you weren't up front with me. In this roadhouse we have only above-board dealings.

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