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Robert had I not experienced the ability to "soul travel" while younger, I would have thought the above to be goblety goop, raised in a fundamentalist religion. But, my spirit knows that what you write is true. Haven't done much traveling recently due to earthly ties to transformation from married to widowed, however this is an extremely timely set of articles for me. My soul is in need of refreshment in the earthly sense.


I find it interesting that so many writing about near death experiences have never actually had one.

You can find first-hand accounts and excellent research results at the Near Death Experience Foundation ( They have been studying this worldwide and the results they have on their site are phenomenal.

I've had two ... 1973, 1988. Intense and intensifying at the same time. My stories are not on the site although I did write them up for the researchers, but preferred to not have them published.


Hi Mary - First, my sincere condolences on losing your friend and partner. That transition for you has no doubt set many inner things in motion, and you've begun the journey of walking between worlds, good practice for what we confront both with our worldly losses as well as our own transition, whenever that could be. What the author of the source piece is saying (The Magic of Space was written by a Master of the Wisdom) is a bit fantastic from the usual party line of our dying Piscean system, with its fear and superstition around the issue of dying and the Eternal Life of Consciousness Itself. As for Soul travel, I've done a bit this life, and hope to do more! ;-) Glad the pieces helped you with some navigational things to consider.

Hi 127001 - Glad you find "it" interesting. There are many who had them and chronicled their stories to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the pioneer researcher in this area. She set the gold standard. Don't know why you made the point about those who write. I couldn't imagine anyone writing about such a thing who hasn't had one, except researchers fascinated with the subject, since the many who have had them deserve to have their stories told if they choose. I followed a trail of breadcrumbs at the site you recommend, and here it's important for me to note for readers who come across this thread that there is a difference between NDE and OBE. The first is "Near Death Experience" while the second is "Out of Body Experience," an entirely different things. I had a NDE in 1984 (never wrote about it, but told the story a few times), and know of others who have written and not written about such things. As for the author of the article(s), He is a being who can precipitate a body any time He wants, and can make it disappear too, so I would think He knows about NDE, DE, or I would suppose "Post Death Experiences," since He is Jivanmukta.



Unfortunately I probably expressed myself badly. First, I'm familiar with the differences between near death and out of body experience (never had an obe but definitely believe they exist, as well as many other forms of consciousness). Also, I was not applying my comment regarding "those who never experience" to the author link you have in the article. I wasn't clear enough.

For example, I've never been "reincarnated" yet I do believe that those who choose it have been. At the same time, I've run into many who insist that if "they" have, "everyone" must. I've also known many who experienced an NDE with the "tunnel experience" to conclude that the "tunnel experience" is necessary to have an nde. Not so.

You and your readers may also find another site interesting for another perspective that I found interesting in the late 90s. at Back in the 90s you could download the writings for free. They charge for the current material, but the Archives have the original works. At the time I first read them I couldn't really apply them to any experience or opinion I had, but in 2000 there was a situation in my family that helped me put perspective on some things thanks to having read the material several years earlier.

My occasional thought about the Skyhero articles is whether, in the coming "Aquarian Age" the human mind will be spending the next 2000 years expanding its consiousness to a point that reflects the perceptions of those authors.

Maybe mankind will also find that many perceptions can also lead to one goal.

The Skyhero Archives are at:


Hi 127001 - Sure. I used to confuse others through what words I used. That's why one of my primary "spiritual" disciplines involves using precise language to express concepts, because a thing stated can mean many things to many people. Some take the teachings in whatever school of evolution they're in and make a mess of their lives through a lack of discrimination and usually a big dose of illusion.

I figured you knew the difference because of the link you cited, and I wanted to make sure others knew the difference, since some do confuse the two. As for the "tunnel," that was not my experience, but more like a magnetic beam at the top of my head in the midst of a vast tone of infinite subtones pulling me to somewhere that is everywhere. And I'll check out that site when I have more time.

A brief comment on something you said: The Aquarian Age will show humanity remembering "the electromagnetic creation," applied across the various forms of science, philosophy, and art to release humanity from the delusions arising from the 5 senses and the mind misunderstanding consciousness and the field. There will be many individuals and groups with pieces of the puzzle, but it will always take each one individually learning the principles of Economy, Magnetism, and Synthesis in moving through the pieces into the integrated whole blending the visible and invisible, since that's where we're at in our evolutional way of return. And of course you state a great truth when you wrote: "Maybe mankind will also find that many perceptions can also lead to one goal." Thanks for checking in, as your experience gives you a window on reality that most cannot imagine. You walk between worlds, and obviously have discrimination as a virtue. These will be very useful skills in the years to come in shining a light to dispel others' fears.

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