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Thoughtful mode tonight. "...don’t count on it looking anything like what we value or think today." If our consciousness changes, the world won't look the same or be the same. But all is illusion. Even though the veils may be kinder, we still put them there. Re-read "Little Gidding." Good for the soul. Blessings, and as always, love and light. Anne

Tara Greene

It's July 17 2007 and Fire the Grid is happening world wide this am EDT. It got me thinking about the Beatles broadcasting their ALL You Need Is Love World Wide which was the first in the history of Global Broadcasting on June 25 1967 at 8:54 pm GMT from London watched by 400 million people. This was of course during the Uranus Pluto conjunction.

I made a natal chart of ALL YOU NEED BROADCAST - what was the Ascendant of the ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE chart? 28 degrees of Sagittarius!
then compared it with the transits for Fire the Grid Natal Chart. Check it out.
I feel that the Beatles, being themselves high level Archetypal energy messengers cued up a COsmic message which keeps being resounded.
10 years later on Nov 1 1977 Chiron was discovered. On Aug 16-17 1987 the First Harmonic Convergence happened. IN 1997 comet Hale-Bopp dropped into our neighbourhood. And in 5 years it's 2012. That'll be 45 years, a semi-square to 1967. The angle of the Sagittarian archer's bow. I Love it!
Are we in the Age of Aquarius? Definitely.
It's Time WAve Zero in Terence McKenna's words.
It's great to have millions of people meditating, joying, connecting as a Human Tribe with the Ascended Masters as Pluto is exactly conjunct the Galactic Center. The Angels, WHite Brotherhood, E.T.'s or whatever spirits are guiding this woman Shelley Yates to turn the world on are right on the money. SHe said when they told her to do this event years ago she had no idea why they chose this date. That validated the whole shebang for me! It's also ISIS's birthday to boot. SO HAppy Birthday Isis!


Hi Robert,

Right now Neptune in Aquarius is opposed my Pluto in Leo.

I look at this transit as being more generational than personal.

Care to comment?

How is your cat adjusting to the move?




Hi all - Not much time to answer. It's a profound moment in a series of profound moments in larger time. As for being in the Age of Aquarius, there's still too much Pisces influence, but by 2025, the beginning of "Spring" in this century, we'll have crossed a threshold and more positive building fields will be in place. 2012 is merely the midpoint of the "Winter" we're presently in. Each degree of a Great Age is 72 years, so it's virtually impossible to place any given day as "THE day," which is so much glamor anyway. Please remember that Pluto has been, is, and will continue to be conjunct the Galactic Center for a while, so there are many seed forms available now, meaning 2005-2009, making a 5 year time where the "Grid is Fired," whether we're doing a global meditation or some other not-so-glamorous work. And the more we "Fire the Grid," the greater the work of dealing with the resulting widespread wreckage due to increasing the power feeding the polarity in the human race at present. And yes, this is a time of great importance for certain generations. I know I've written something on that, but it's somewhere in the archives if you want to do a site google. Neptune (Collective Consciousness) is now surfacing some seeds (Pluto) of heart power (Leo) showing it's about time for an entire generation to take its place for good or ill on the world stage.



I'm wondering if you can shed some there a reason that I'm feeling so incredibly sluggish and unmotivated? Is it Mars in my 12th? Or is it some of these other influences I read about daily on your site? Help!

b - 5/28/63, 6:50 pm, Camden, NJ


Hi Elizabeth - Sluggishness could be from physical or emotional causes set into motion at certain "crisis points" in your past, so it's almost impossible to attribute causation to your descriptor. I believe it could conceivably stem from many things, such as feeling tired at the end of a long project, feeling sad about something, waiting for something to happen, or just the Summer heat. Mars in the 12th is a time of retreat, closure, and preparation for renewed activity.


Hi Robert, any advice for a pisces born Feb 26, 1976 at 3pm


Thanks for that article.


Thanks Robert, I guess it is Mars in the 12th..somehow I don't remember being so unmotivated last time. I guess I'll ride the ride and try to enjoy it. Mars in my 1st will certainly be fun.

Hope your move is going well. Elizabeth


Hi cindyfrances - I still don't have access to my computer ephemeris as I'm using a different one than my usual work station. It should be fixed by day after tomorrow, which will help me look at my tables so I can give better answers to birth questions. For now, 31 is a year that involves major change, activating whatever you need to fulfill the vision of 2006 based on the realities you embraced back at your Saturn return. This year will shift values, truths, and spiritual understanding, with a whole new phase coming in September involving who you relate to and why, how much control you are unwilling to give to others, and how mature you're willing to be when dancing with others who are binding or freeing.

Hi Jilly - You're welcome.

Hi Elizabeth - Usually lethargy has a Lunar, Saturn, or Neptune element. Mars in the 12th does show a need to retreat, close things out, meditate, spend time in solitude, and other things like that. And of course the move goes well, though it leaves me no time to compose posts. So I may have to decrease commenting in a day or two just so I can get caught up on composing posts for next week and the one after that. It looks like I'm on the road fairly frequently for the next several weeks, which means it's time to practice time economy.


Hello Robert, and thank you, and thank you to Tara Greene for your fascinating contribution. I got goosebumps reading that!

And Robert I appreciate your comments on Fire the Grid. I did meditate during the prescribed time and felt a shift in the "force" perhaps the power of so many world wide meditating together, but I appreciate your de-glamourizing the event of one moment, and emphasis on process and the work. I have come to a deeper appreciation of the Tibetan's emphasis on doing the work, and that it is through our works that we shall be known.
Two questions; one, a dear friend who advised many to meditate on the time of Fire the Grid, did so because of the placement of Jupiter, and the beneficence and soul that connecting in meditation at that would bring. Any comments?
Secondly, I am again wondering about why my soul chose to bring me into the world with my saturn conjunct the Galactic Center. I will look up references here to the Galactic center, though they may be too numerous, I would love to understand it better and what it might mean to have Saturn conjunct it, and in particular what Pluto conjuncting that does to it. I think its about soul's work in the world, and that Pluto is transfiguring it. (My sun is near enough to be in a long conjunction to it as well.) Any comments would be welcomed, I appreciate that you are busy.


Hi Tamara - Having seen the wreckage of almost ALL forms of glamor on humans, I try to be a voice for the joyously eternal work there is to do while staying mindful of perceptual traps. It's about what the Tibetan terms "the Glamor Dispelling Mechanism" that we all must cultivate or fall into illusion. The reality that many "spiritual" humans feel they need a larger-than-life drama to experience unity and connectedness with all that is shows we're still in the Age of Pisces. Of course, I've also seen the power of continued well-formulated prayers to heal diseases at a great distance, and well as the unintended consequences of well-meaning collective efforts.

Having reported extensively on Jupiter these past months, the only thing I've noted is that it's been and will continue to quintile Neptune for some time, always a good thing, while in wide square at present to Uranus. Of far more import will be when the Sun, Jupiter, and other planets conjunct Pluto at the GC this coming December.

You're here to live a truth and freedom freed from needless boundaries, and to crystalize a vaster understanding. Pluto is now purifying and transforming your sense of purpose and ability to respond to live on your terms rather than the terms that unnecessarily bind you. Jupiter should be helping you open to a vaster perspective and possibilities, and you should be in a long wave state of growth when it goes over your Saturn.


Looking backwards, about 165 years ago, Neptune did the following: In 1840s the theory of darwin (curiously, since 2002 we started discussing this again, speculating the intervention of inteligence in creation) electromagnetic theory by faraday (we have similar this decade with computers) railroad construction on usa (now with spaceships) first telegraph (oh yes, maybe now we have the internet!) the communist manifesto was written (now with intentional community and new social movements)
irish famine and great revolutions in europe

well, wait. look back another 165 years (1670s) and there you'll have Newton laws published!!!! but there was also plagues and the great fire of london (isnt it curious all these news about bird flue and plagues alike?) If you go back another 165 years, you will get to the time of Leonardo da Vinci and trips that made see that the world was round and not flat.

About 250 years ago, Pluto did the following:
just wars, changes in power and alike (pluto in capricorn) (1750s) but in 10-20 years, it came formation of usa and french revolution, so we now what we have ahead! pluto borning our aquarian impulse for the transformation of societies, and then more piscean discoveries lie ahead

Go back another 250 years (1500s-20s), and there'll have the spanish conquest of peru and portuguese conolization of brasil and another moves in africa. Go back another 250 years (1250s) and there will have the same thing, now with roman empire, britain and mongols

Now, with Uranus... If you go back another 84 years before 1910-1922 1826-1838: nationalistic independence decade (as from wikipedia, several countries reclaim it; so)
1742-1754: and again the same impulse

And reflect on this: one neptune cycles is two uranus cycles one pluto cycle is three uranus cycles

about 500 years makes six uranus cycles (504y), two exact pluto cycles and three neptune cycles (495y)
So, look 500 years ago to watch the same pattern we have today, the renascense, the discovery of americas and much expansion with boats and commercial shares, leonardo da vinci's.

So as a parallel, we may expect dramatic shifts in countries with some revolutions, expansion maybe in space science and novel spiritual ideas, great discoveries lie ahead and novel ecomony ideas, something similar to newton, copernico and galileo's ideas, and maybe a novel calendar (gregorian calendar was invented during that time. I would also suggest that we will find we're not the only living planet as we discovered we were not in the center of the solar system!


To whoever interested, please have a look at my blog on astrological transits, age of aquarius and other atrology/spiritual issues

Astrology transits

Robert, can you please add my blog to your links?
Hugs to all,


Hi Popp - Great historical parallels. Neptune in Aquarius no doubt holds even greater things for humanity in the future. That's why I've done some articles outlining some of the points you raise here, reminding people of other Pluto cycles as well as how Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto cycles relate to each other. Every 500 years there is a shift in global power; 250 years is the mid-point to these larger power shifts among nations. And I usually swap links with people who link to me on their front page.


Hi Robert- I had a recent experience where the leader of a meditation session (who is an intuitive/visionary) told me that my spirit guides told her that it was time for me to "UNVEIL" who I really am to the world...something that I had been keeping a secret. She also said she saw a color blue like she had never seen and that my guides told her to tell me the word AZURE and that the word AZURE appeared in front and above of her eyes as if she was looking to the sky. I did not immediately have any understanding of these comments so I did a little research on the internet for the word AZURE. One result led me to a description of Neptune as being the color AZURE. Can you comment on Neptune and any significance related to AZURE, and the concept of UNVEILING. I should also mention that I was told that there was "HIGH PRIETESS / ISIS" energy associated and am wondering if this has any significance as related to Neptune as well. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and truly helpful to me. Many Blessings…


Hi Sherry - Well, last year's Aquarius Solar Eclipse (Moon - Isis - conjunct Sun) was on a degree of "Unveiling," and was conjunct both Neptune and Chiron. Each subsequent transit of an eclipse point sets those long range eclipse effects into motion. Venus transited that degree around Christmas 2008. More transits to come in the first week of February, the end of February, and late March. Take note of what is "unveiled" during that span of time.

Traditionally "Azure" Blue is associated with Aquarius, though the stone Azurite is ruled by Aries. Neptune, ruling the Ocean, is more of a "sea green" turquoise color, at least in the oceans I've been in. "Blue water" is much different in quality than "green water."


Thanks very much...been reading your posts this week and there seems to be some synergy. Interesting indeed!


What are your thoughts about some future global world leader having already been born around February of 2003. Particularly around February 14. Their sun will be Aquarius their moon will Leo. Their Neptune and Jupiter will be Aquarius. February 14 is also the birthdays of Mike Blooomberg and Steve Swartzman. Any thoughts you might have I’d like to hear?

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