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my dearest Robert,how are you?hope all is well ya...what a surprised to me when reading this particular topic at a point in my life,that am in dire need of urgent advice from it is,I have been busy with things in aceh and after a long time,today i switch on my laptop...anyway,things around here had been weird,as it is,some people seems to try to convince meand others that I am under a magical spell from some one..but the way I look at it,why try to plant into me and others a negative state of mind or believe by this particular group of people who are not even highly developed person morally...hmmm...need your advice please dear trying to stay as positive as possible here,and try to keep my heart and mind focus with what I want to do here,spreading love and born on april 1 1968 ya...thank you


This article could not come at a better time for me. It tells me that I am on the right track to listen and learn from others rather than try and figure things out intuitively at this time. My intuition is tuned to what used to be true rather than what is true now and it is likely to mislead my actions. I now have to refocus on what is true now and learn new ways of coping. Astrology philosophy says this very succinctly and it is a time of waiting for me. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference, "and do it NOW!" just a little joke.

wild horse running


Hope all is well in your journey/adventure....the southwest holds deep connections for me. As we approach the Leo new moon, you told me that it would be the "point of liberation"....(11 15 59 3:22am Tarrytown NY Westchester Co) is conjunct my Uranus at 21 degrees 11th house, with all the other planets in Leo. Is that because it "stimulates", the grand square...of all the other planets, at about the same degrees in fixed signs in my the moon is "New" is a new beginning...for all the "fixed (doing the same thing over and over, and getting the same results) Saturn is getting ready to leave Leo? There has been some deep inner changes that have been "surfacing"...and I "feel-see" what it is I need to let go of...and have been doing so.

So am I correct in assuming this New Moon is the beginning of changes in my "fixed areas"?

Grasias Amigo...namaste...


hi robert, i read this article with mixed emotions. I have had an interest in astrology for over eight years and I've been trying to study it, with your site being one of my resources. Since the summer of 1999 my life has taken a radical shift with a divorce starting it off. From my birthdate, 11/24/60 @8:23a.m in lincoln park, mi, you would know that Pluto was near my sun and on my ascendant during these years. I thought I had changed. I thought I was a new person, with new ideals and ideas. Things I cared about. In the last few years after difficult times with my children's health, finances, living arrangements and working too much, it seems like none of what seemed important matters much anymore. I'm interviewing for a new job: I don't much care what happens either way. I don't seem to care about timing or personal relationships or anything. I just work two jobs and try to support my kids and try to be a good person in their life.
I'm not even sure I care about trying to help shape my life through astrology. It seems like no matter what we do, or how hard we work, or what we care about, there's another agenda and we just have to stand and take it. Maybe I haven't learned too much about astrology yet, because maybe if I had, I wouldn't feel like this. Hope your trip is going well.


Dear Toni,
I would just like to lend a little moral support. I've been in your situation and have often wondered if no matter how hard we try, things seem to be out of our hands? I'm divorced ten years now and most of the time I'm still just keeping my head above water. But I pull myself together and try to think positive and suggest you do same. Don't get discouraged. It's not easy. Lots of times I think I've gone totally nuts. A good thing about Sags is that they are optimistic. Jupiter. Everything will be fine, don't worry. And I'm sure you know alot about astrology, but there is always lots more to learn. It's not for lack of knowledge that you feel out of control. You're in it for a specific purpose. It's making you strong and you are learning how to be self sufficient. And when you feel powerless, go with the flow. Change plans if you have to. Ride the wave. This is where a little blind faith goes along way. Hang in there! This too shall pass! I believe in you.

Cancer woman with Sun conjunct Jupiter! :)


Toni, an afterthought:
Pluto has alot to do with power issues. With the transit through your sign that would explain feeling like you have no power, like everything was out of your hands. In this way, Pluto can be harsh and very repressive. Well, it ought to let up soon with Pluto leaving your sign! :)


hi valerie,
Thanks for your kind words. I used to be optimistic all the time, no matter what. I guess life has just beaten me down a bit. I don't feel much like a Sag anymore. Though it makes me smile to know there are nice people on the planet that care about people they don't even know. Thanks again, Valerie... However, Pluto is on his way to conjunct my Jupiter in Capricorn. As both you and Robert before you have said, I guess I will just have to ride the wave. Best wishes to you and thanks again for your kind words.


My birthdate is 12/06/1960...i can very much relate to what you are feeling. Something that has helped this make sense to me where other systems haven't been able to is Pluto astrology, also known as Evolutionary Astrology. With Pluto conjunct your North Node and your Sun square to the nodes, the qualities of the Sag Sun are in need of rekindling. I don't think I can explain it enough here, but I recommend Jeff Green's book Pluto Vol. 1 for more info. You're welcome to email me as well, and I can help point you towards more information on this.


Hi Cindy, I've read Green's book, but I wasn't able to figure out that information from it. I've been looking for vol. 2, but it's sold out everywhere. Your email doesn't show up on this site. If you want to give me yours by writing to mine, I'd appreciate it. Mine is [email protected]
Thanks for your informative words.

Cindy;re welcome...sent you an email...mine is [email protected] just in case...but going to my blog is also another way to get my email or just leave a comment.


Dear Robert,

Thank you for steering me to check out Florence Scovel Shinn. She sounds a lot like me, and her wisdom is something I'm come across before. I feel a huge synchronicity going on here. Was she a Quaker? She went to a Quaker school- so did I and I'm a Quaker too. And I'm an artist. This is too cool for words. I see a whole hornet's nest of possibilities here. It's like when you are in a book store and just the right book you need for your journey falls off the shelf at your feet. Thanks!

Valerie :)


Hi ann - Am still on the road, so this must be brief. Don't allow others' superstitions to jam your gears. You cannot convince the ignorant of something they are determined not to understand, or something that would shatter their illusion, until they're ready. Jupiter should be showing you a way to a greater life and vision, and regarding the superstitious remember the immortal words of Wavy Gravy that "if they don't have a sense of humor it's not funny." No one can attribute bad spirits if you tell enough jokes!

Hi Mary - Glad I got the signal to re-post. It's always better to cultivate inner knowing than try to reference phenomena that may or may not be relevant. And of course, "God grant me the energy and clarity to get through this fog while maintaining my inner light." Sometimes the answer is Just Do It! I've had a phrase I've used for many decades that sums up my approach (as an Aries, of course!) "If not now, when? If not here, where?"

Hi Wild Horse Running - It's truly a grand adventure indeed! Your liberation involves several factors, and squares usually precipitate turns at Eternity Boulevard. Saturn's shown you the task, the lessons, and the Way, and yes, New Moons are "God's footprints in time" that show new focuses. De Nada, of course.

Hi Toni - You were and ARE a different person than you were before! Pluto stirs the seeds of radical transformation so we can purify whatever needs it in our subconsciousness. Perhaps you've been learning detachment, as well as what really matters. As magnetic centers of consciousness, our strength and focus does wax and wane with circumstances, and sometimes we MUST regenerate regardless of whatever our monkey mind and the chattering judgmental voices of our reality are saying. I'm sure you have a deep center of love and commitment within you. It's just the ego mind gets exhausted running in circles, and that's why meditation helps (as does the Eternal refuge of the Sangha, or Community, which you've found here in the encouraging voice of Valerie.) There are obvious and hidden agendas within that lead us through carrots and sticks to our Higher Self, which may not look like what we thought it would. You get to feel tired, unsure, and all the other things we humans feel, in the process of coming out of old ways into higher awareness. And remember, my dear, that "this too will pass," and what will be left will still be YOU, the loving, wise, intelligent Eternal you always have been and will be, regardless of your temporary perceptions. Pluto on your Jupiter should awaken a great power and vision within you over time, especially since Jupiter will get there first.

Hi Valerie - Thanks for your insightful words of wisdom and support to Toni. There IS always more to learn; that's why life is a grand adventure, and though we occasionally get caught in funky states of mind and feeling, always the Eternal beckons with new insights, new relationships to self and others, and new revelations about the truth of YOU. Ego mind does get discouraged due to not being able to control everything and explain everything according to usual frames of reference. But the heart is the seat of knowing, and like any muscle, it develops through exercise, which often stretches us beyond old limits. This often happens when things seem out of control, since there is much that is not under our control in this weird reality. There is much wisdom in your kind words to Toni, so again, thanks for being there while I'm riding the wave of life on the road the next few days. Don't know if Flo was a "friend," but my great-grandmother was, I also attended the "silence" in group space in Austin, and so her words would resonate with those of us who celebrate and honor the "empty center." The Society of Friends is a very peaceful path.

Hi Cindy - Thanks for your kind words as well, since we're all community here, and so many are going through major changes. We can and do learn from each other, and our connectedness can remind us that we're definitely not alone on spaceship Earth. Pluto is very misunderstood, but as one who has it rising, and therefore never "escapes" from its influence, I have found that even after total devastation, there's still the seed-core of power, love, and integrity remaining after everything else has been scorched to the ground.


Well, Robert, I've had some interesting experiences and when I read about somebody else's troubles, chances are I've been there. I'm a survivor. I just want to help. People have helped me and I want to pass it along.

Yours in the light,
Valerie :)


Hi Valerie - Sure. When we share our experience, usually others can learn in ways so they may not have to go through them, or at least not suffer quite as much. It seems this site attracts some survivors, strong men and women with much to offer. And of course, "passing it forward" is a very good thing, since the karmic ripples outlast our perception of them.

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