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I work with people who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in which the body is still experiencing stress from an event that may have occurred up to and over 10 years ago at times. I refer to it in my counseling as cellular memory that the body experiences producing vague and severe aches and pains and other discomforts. The process to alleviate this stress is to replace traumatic memories with more recent good memories, not trying to say that these events never happened. Astrological insights are relevant to this healing process and how the different signs will be successful at healing these traumas. I have found in my unobjective, biased, unscientific observation that Pisces has more trouble with the cellular memory reprogramming than any other sign.

Posted by: Mary | August 26, 2007 at 08:43 AM



I am a (Sun & Jupiter) Pisces, and I agree with you, having PTSD myself from childhood/adolescent trauma. Can you give me any tips on things I can do to relieve the anxiety? I do have a very good therapist, but you seem to be especially qualified in this area.

Many thanks in advance,


I am afraid that this would not be appropriate on this site as it belongs to another Expert. Also the tips would probably be the general ones that you are getting from your therapist. I can advise that if you think your therapist is not meeting your needs for healing that you look for another. perhaps if I had a hotmail account, I could help but I don't at this time. Just review anything your therapist has said and see if you have not "heard" them in the context that they mean or suggest.


My therapist is excellent, but I'm always looking for things I can do for myself. Please understand that I was not expecting you to treat me,of course. Since I tied in Pisces to the relevence of the question, I was thinking that at least 1/12 of the people who read this site may also have been helped in some way.

Thanks anyway,

PS- Also, as a Pisces, knowing exactly what it feels like to be so sensitive, I would like to offer to anyone who is reading this who also has PTSD (like Mary said, *especially* those who have a loaded 12th house, or a strong Neptune placement) that a lot of the "negative tapes" that had been playing in my head since childhood have gone away in the course of learning karmic astrology and using it to make sense of my life- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I highly recommend this approach to anyone who feels haunted by their past. Just by learning about Pisces energy, its positives and negatives, has been very therapeutic...


Hi both - I had the rare privilege of working with Harry Wilmer years ago, who originally coined the term "Post Traumatic Stress disorder" and who was a brilliant dream interpreter, being a Pisces. I agree with Mary that emotions can be encoded in one's cellular memory which creates responses down the road, and that creating good memories is the only antidote to overriding old responses. And yes, Pisces seems to have a hard time reprogramming, since they are so "out there" to begin with.

Hi Shelley - Try "I am not the body. I am not my feelings. I am not my mind. I am Eternal, and beyond these. The reaction was formed by the ego, not who I really AM. There is no need for worry, for all is becoming perfect in my world." (With all honor to Louise Hay, one of our modern masters for dealing with such unhelpful emotional responses.) Reprogram the dream, as well as the subconsciousness, and many things become clear pdq. That's why I love "The Game of Life and How to Play It" by Florence Scovel Shinn.


Mary, Shelly and Robert,

First: my intention is to gather and share information that can help people, not to promote anything. (I'm a Gemini, with Sag. moon, Venus and Mars in Cancer in the 9th house- former teacher) So I hope you will read the following in the spirit in which it is given - one of caring. Jay


I have been concerned about soldiers returning from Iraq with PTSD - and not getting proper treatment -and like so many people, wondering how I could help. I decided to do some online research about PTSD and what treatments are available. I discovered an energy medicine modality - EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - developed by electrical engineer, Gary Craig, which is an easy to learn, easy to use, gentle tool for self-help as well as in conjunction with a therapist for anything from allergies, fears, depression, anxiety, pain, and PTSD - no matter what the cause.

EFT is called acupuncture without needles. By tapping on parts of the face and body associated with the body's energy meridians, it removes mental, emotional, physical and emotional blocks in the energy system. And you don't have to believe in it for it to work.

The premise of EFT is:
"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."

I have personally seen demonstrations by EFT practitioners working with people with long term issues, cleared quickly, easily, safely and comfortably. I have also watched hours of seminars where random people are selected for demonstration and who are amazed at their immediate results. Sometimes results are immediate. Some need only a couple of sessions. Some chronic issues take longer. One of the demo videos was Gary successfully working with Vietnam Vets with PTSD at a VA hospital.

I was so excited and curious about this fairly new energy modality that I decided to learn it and use it myself, which I wanted to do before recommending it. I have used it for clearing and balancing emotions and dealing with stress and anxiety as well as for pain. People with serious and long-term chronic issues need to work with a therapist trained in EFT and then will teach them how to use it correctly.

I've had years of spiritual/ psychological training as well as acupuncture treatments so I'm aware of the meridians, and the concept of blocks in energy flow. But, I had never seen anything like this. It's cutting edge.

Goggle "Gary Craig homepage" and go to his website. (Didn't list website because I didn't know if it was appropriate.) Watch the EFT intoduction video. There are many articles from therapists, doctors, practitioners from all over the world writing about their experienices. You can spend days just reading articles by real practitioners. Search the site for PTSD - there are several articles.

If I can help in any other way. If any of you want to contact me for more info - I don't quite know how to do that. Let me know.

I'm interested in bring EFT into the schools. It's already being used by teachers and school counselors with kids for test anxiety, to improve test scores, self-esteem issues, etc. I'd also like to delve more into how to use astrological patterns in conjunction with EFT.




Hi Jay - Ordinarily I don't allow specific promotions, but in this case the work is important, future oriented, and in line with what I know about energy meridians. I suspect timing is important in this work, as our energy fields and fluxes are in constant motion according to transits and progressions. This technique looks valid and valuable in helping deal with the symptoms of emotional and physical trauma. The only thing I would challenge is the absoluteness of the statement "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." Accurate on the highest of levels, not necessarily accurate in the worldly level, unless we substitute the term "consciousness" for "energy system" and "Eternal Self" for "body."

Causation is beyond the physical and emotional levels, even regarding something as subtle as energy itself. Negative emotions are a learned response, which of course disrupts energy. Disrupted energy does in fact yield negative physical, emotional, and mental states, creating a negative cause-and effect loop.

However, treating physical manifestations doesn't solve the real problem, which deals more with issues of what levels of consciousness the being operates on. When one taps into the nature of "All That Is," changes naturally occur which harmonize all the body, feeling, and mental systems. I suspect this technique can help target specific blockages and malfunctions, thus relieving certain physical-emotional habit patterns, but unless a Being is opened to embracing higher states of awareness, it's just rearranging the deck chairs while the ship slowly sinks from causes other than what was relieved. Relieving tensions and blockages does not necessarily mean we have treated the "cause" of tensions and blockages. All is consciousness, and all material, emotional, and mental forms derive from consciousness.

That said, this work is valuable, in that it is part of the future evolving science of electromagnetics, said to be one manifestation of the Dwapara Yuga, the new era dawning for us all these next 2000+ years. May all who explore this technique find future ways to serve suffering humanity.


Thanks Robert for allowing the post.

When I first read "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the energy field." I too questioned its absolute tone. I guess it's our interpretation of and the meaning intended by the language used. My interest was piqued because of my experiences with acupuncture and how it worked energetically to balance the body/mind/emotions as well as my personal experiences with energetic balancing.

I've been asking for several years, "Why can't we start from the top down in our healing modalities - from thought, mind, emotions instead of treating the body symptoms - finding simpler, gentle, non-invasive ways to help people achieve balance and relieve suffering. EFT is just one of the new "Energy Medicine" modalities - the medicine of the future.

I smiled as I read a recent article of praise for EFT by a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka as a tool for significantly reducing psychological and physical suffering and who has taught it to the other monks there.

..."It's somewhat unusual for a Buddhist monk to be recommending a transformational tool that wasn't explicitly taught by the Buddha. . . "perhaps it is congruent with the Buddha's teachings that aim at the complete ending of all suffering. "
Nyanasanti Bhikkhu

Thank you for the knowledge and wisdom you bring through this site and how freely you interact with your readers, allowing us to grow.



Hi Jay - Yes, language and how it's used is often the source of 10,000 misunderstandings. I've had hundreds of acupuncture sessions over the years, and that's why I know this is solid material. You're definitely right about starting from the true sources of the problems rather than simply focus on the "body electric." And of course, anything that truly diminishes the sources of suffering is good. Sometimes even just to treat the symptoms is the best we can do when there is resistance in the receptor. And the process of correcting ancient karmas that have left the vehicle maladjusted can also be painful, but not as painful as leaving the maladjusted one untended.


As a healer working as a channel for the last 30 years I have been priveledged to bring through new information as part of the process of healing myself and others.Many years ago I was told to ask to go to the source of the problem and to ask the body to release what it is holding in order for the most effective healing to take place.
Part of this process involved me channelling information on the then embryonic psycho-kinesiology with my acupuncturist who worked with kinesiology to release trauma from key acupuncture points.In my case the reaction to the treatment came out on the next moon.Healing can be accessed at any time in the future or sent to the past and can be triggered by transits.
Following on from this I trained in New Decision healing which worked on the solar plexus/anger blocking point and the heart alarm /grief,sadness and regret blocking point among others. From this I understood that our DNA is programmed from conception to bring through past life and family tree lessons and traumas triggered by the people in this life in order for us to get another shot at dealing with not just our own but our family karma.When this is not dealt with straight away it forms a block in our energy system which will throw up the pattern at intervals until sorted.On top of this we are also passing unresolved issues on to the relevant offspring through DNA for them to work through and so on ad infinitum.
There are many ways of clearing these blocks, EFT included, what is important is that we try to deal with them ideally as soon as they arise, Dont be afraid of facing them,Try not to react, instead see the picture or pattern in a more detatched way and ask for it to be healed and transformed.Learn ways which work for you so that the solution can immediately start to kick in after the initial negative reaction signal is flagged up for you. Be open to the people, messages and video re-runs your mind can send as a response to your request for healing.Remember the way forward is to forgive whoever pops up for you as we are all subject to the imbalances of this planet, all make mistakes which involve others, are all in need of healing and as such equally in need of love and forgiveness.Sending love to the situations which bother us most is the most effective way of sorting things out so think of something which brings out that love feeling in you and beam it out to those dark corners.Its transformed my life and can do the same for you.

I was led to this site as a response to asking what had been going on with this eclipse.Thank you Robert for putting things in perspective for me.It has accurately described the last few months. HavingSun,Moon,Mercury,Jupiter and NN in Pisces with yesterdays eclipse conjunct my moon I was in need of a little clarity.

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