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Hey Chief,

Is an article on the upcoming Mars RX forthcoming?

Thanks for everything.



PS-I hope the upcoming years are better for you and me.


Hi Helen - Yes, I figured I'd do an article or two on the coming Mars RX in October. I'm counting on things being better, since "you gotta pay your dues if you want to sing the blues and you know it don't come easy..." The dues have officially been paid, and I'm up to date. If it's not time to fish, have mended our nets, and repaired our boats then it's time to play!

Lisa Saliture

Our light and illumination is a topic in your discussions which comes up often, and is very important for all of us to find with in ourselves. Can you help me understand "light" and "illumination" in more basic terms, so I can make sure I'm applying situations in my life relating to my light and illumination, and that of others appropriately?



look all i want in the future is for that man to come out of the blue and sweep me off of my feet.

the fairy tale, it will be mine.

o yes. it will be mine. (quoting michael myers in wayne's world)

Lisa Saliture


That's the same thing I'm been wanting myself!! Everyday, that's what envision for my future! (Except different man than your's, hopefully)


well lisa ... mine looks kinda like ryan phillippe...



Hi robert, i have a saturn soon to trine my natal midheaven and im wondering if that will help me move forward personally cause since the saturn in leo transit its been opposite my sign and its been hard for me to deal with others like this constant opposition and i find it hard to get involved with others and anything for a long time without feeling pressured. Would the upcoming transit help with my outer world?


I've paid my dues now it is time to rock and roll!!




Hi Lisa - I'll probably write an article on it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi robyn - I'm not sure I'd want anyone to "sweep me off my feet," but I will affirm you find a helpmate and a good friend who you could love and who would love you for a long, long time. We all have a Twin Flame out there somewhere. It's out job to prepare and welcome the guest.

Hi Aaron - Now that the opposition is over, your oppositions should also diminish. Some involvements shouldn't be very long, while others may be challenging you to a larger vision and a greater patience. Saturn trine the MC is more about you using time, patience, and boundaries to stabilize your worldly growth.

Hi Helen - Rock and roll is a good thing. If more were making it and the media weren't locked down by bean counters and fascists, we'd have a great revolution underway!


Hi Robert.

I don't know where to "encapsulate" this transit in the current topics, so talking on a large influence, I consider this is the place.
With the September 2006 "saving from a narrow destiny" Eclipse I cut a long term love and cohabiting relationship (exact day), because I was confined to a very strange place where I felt like very out-of-place.
I lived alone for almost a year, but then came NEPTUNE OPP MC 22º Aquarius -opposed by Saturn during whole year ahead, what I call my "introspection" period-, just to
go on with that all realtionship in another place and things are going, God bless, much better.
But there's still that Aquarian Neptune around my IC back and forward (regent of 5th).
So, what does this long transit suggest?. I feel like a change inside...but no way to express it.
For more information,
3:30 PM Local Time
13:30 Universal Time

So I send you my data because I realize I'm asking always for "little pieces" of a big and complex "panorama".

Thank you, when you have the time for a quick insight.


Robert, what is your definition of a helpmate and is it different than a twin flame? I have trouble finding the balance and either leave people alone or cleave to them thus pushing them away surely this would happen with neither? I am Libran and ideally should more adept?


Hi Henry - Stop taking the outer Triad personally. It will be a vast vague energy. Jupiter rules your 5th in worldly affairs. At best, Neptune conjunct IC can bring glimpses into things forgotten in the early life, or bring clarity around peculiar circumstances then.

Hi Marie - A short post is forthcoming.


I guess we will be dealing at least next years with the intense transformation Pluto may cause when transiting Capricorn from 2008 on.
Pluto calls for purification right? and bringing hidden motives and issues
So, I guess with Pluto we will restructure global order, economics, governing, control, money... in social life and in our personal lifes.

Specially now we have Saturn also on a earth sign.

Last times with Pluto Capricorn/Aqu + Saturn Virgo:
1771-77, years leading to formation of US and war, in middle of a great invention period (steam engine), which change the world structure
1536-42, colonization of peru and brazil by spanish and portuguese, also creating a new world order (inventions: boats)


Yes, Poppglaid, no doubt this world needs a Plutonian review of materialistic -earthly- issues, I hope it will be for good and not for a more oppresive New World Order. The forces are at play, and as in USA here in Europe a lot of structures start yet to clash against each other. Lot of chaos, lies and abuses that should change...Well, that's a "global" issue.

Thanks Robert. Other astrologers play so much attention in angular positions and aspects of the Outer Triad, I thought it was a really, really meaningful influence. Your quick description makes sense to me.


Hi Popplagid - I would think Pluto in Cap would show massive transformation in the governmental and "executory" systems all around the world. There is so much pandemic corruption, I suspect that it will be a massive clash between corrupt governmental systems (including our own) and the inexorable transformation of our world. Great observations about prior Pluto in Cap eras.

Hi Henry - The powers that be are already entrenched, so more of the same is probably not sustainable. And of course, massive forces in play will affect most of us, who remain spectators in a drama beyond comprehension that will leave our world utterly transformed.


Hi Robert,
Its my birthday today(27-12-1962-16-45 pm,Bangalore,India).
Please let me know what 2008 holds for me especially in the Career front.
Seek you guidance and best wishes.
Cheers and Best Wishes for a Great New Year!


Hi Sunil - Happy Birthday and Solar Return. Your life should stabilize while opening new opportunities and new understandings. Saturn on your Uranus and Pluto will crystalize your uniqueness and genius - just don't get distracted by dramas that aren't your business and open to a larger adventure. 2006 you learned the rules of the game while in 2007 you saw a greater vision. 2008 you need to act on making that vision real and grow emotionally in the face of what's coming in and going out. Use your self-examination and quickening to straighten out your desires, what you're attracting, and turn old defeats into new power.

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