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Hi Robert, true words spoken as roundly as ever, well done & hope this creates more harmony in your always appreciated works. i whole-heartedly agree with your suggestion regarding personal consultations, i continue to listen to mine & glean more & more it's all delightful in terms of self-growth. Blessings & joy to & for you H


Hi H - Thanks. I figured it was better to get clear now than keep pondering a boundary that was ill-defined. Glad your tape continues to yield insights. They will continue, so blessings.


Bravo Robert and thanks as always for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

Juliet :-)

PS. Keep an eye on the paths at home in NM; loose rocks...


Hi Juliet - You're welcome, though I feel like this was more site-protective and guarding the community values, if you know what I mean. PS - Already have my Geiger counter. Unless you speak of the avalanches subject to happening anywhere anytime, in which case I have my eyeballs on (now if I could just achieve perfect focus....)


Namaste, Robert.


Hello Robert,

Long time no talk...

I did not know about the avalanches in your area, but just got a feeling of a possible trip, sprained ankle, or general mis-step due to loose rocks while out walking over the next few days; then again who knows.

Btw, I don't know if you remember what I was telling you a while ago about the light and dark particle stream, but I finally found a clip on that shows the light energy particles I "see" is the closest thing to a description.

The clip is from Mission to Mars and it is when the actor is in the tube about to head "home" as he remembers his life...

See clip here

Try achieving perfect focus with all that going on :-) :-) :-)

Also, the school has been on my mind lately - October 2009 seems important for some reason.

Hope you don't mind, lately I'm in space that compels me to do things that are not so conservative despite four natal planets in Capricorn. Darn my Uranus placement in these recent eclipses :-)



Hi Juliet - After seeing the video, it inspired me to say that sometimes I feel like I'm not just sailing within the pillar of fire, I AM the pillar of Fire! All honors to Shiva, of course, but with Pluto in Leo rising, sometimes it's all just a passing show... Sometimes being conservative means setting limits on limitation so we can breathe into a larger field. Conservative doesn't necessarily mean non-action - it means acting with efficiency and an eye to the long view.


Hi Robert....

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all you do...I don't always have the time to read all the articles verbatim; or the posts. But the information you share has been such a gift and education. I think it's sad that you've had to actually post "Guidelines on Commenting" sad. It's like you put your heart and soul out there only to get bashed! I have always felt you went above and beyond with answering certain questions that bordered on "personal consultation" almost...and have been extremely tactful, if not generous to everyone that has posted.

Hope your move went well; I think the world of this sight and the work that you do and on this Labor Day ...I just want to say THANK YOU!!! Just thank you!

Peace, light and laughter!

(still have a lot to learn! and have learned lots of it here!)


Just want to say that i totally agree with Lydia! THANK YOU! what you are doing here is amazing and it is a pity that some people do not seem to appreciate it. all the best, imke


Hi Lydia and Imke - Thanks for your votes of confidence. I find it awkward to post guidelines, since I'd like to think everyone who finds their way here knows basic civil protocols, but there has been a rash of spammers so I wanted to give readers a heads up. And many remember my incarnation as a political blogger at other sites, and wondered why I'm not posting more on political correlations. Anyway, I love the fact that 99% of comments are thoughtful, on track, and perfectly appropriate to what's going on. I believe those 99% do appreciate what's up here, and it's a fairly good place to hang out without having to watch your....

Dorothy Cora Moore

The Lemurians were a black race, developing when the etheric field of our planet was maturing. They were quite primitive.

The Atlanteans were not a black race. They colonized here, supposedly from another star system, during the "astral or emotional" development of our planet. They were more advanced than we are today.

The Island of Mu was in the Pacific. The Island of Atlantis was in the Atlantic ... this ocean was named for it.

This is often confused, but these ancient races were developing 25,000 years apart, and did not mix. :)

Dorothy Cora Moore
"The Atlanteans,"


Hi Dorothy - Welcome to the site. This probably should have been posted in the stream about the "discovery of Lemuria." Yes, supposedly the Lemurians were giants with a huge Third Eye and had a lot of melanin in their skin. The Atlanteans were in fact the "Rainbow Family," since they had gold, yellow, silver, purple, bronze and just about every other color of skin possible in one or more of the various subraces.

Everything you say is in line with the ancient chronicles except for the 25,000 years thing, the non-mixing thing, and the Atlanteans being more advanced than us. Too short a time line for a transition between races lasting a million years or more, and of course all humans have mixed since the beginning of time across thousands of years. While there may have been the origins of "prejudice," still they intermixed for thousands of years, just like we do today. And the later Atlantean subraces practiced the most abominable forms of "black magic" and ultimately destroyed the continent through misuse of vibration. More advanced in some ways, but messed up big time in other ways. I suppose it's all how you define "advanced."

The original Lemurians had barely ectoplasmic bodies, but over time developed into bihemispheric brains on top of two armed, two legged skeletal life forms during the ascending phase of the Root Race. Those were the prototypical "Lemuro-Atlanteans" spoken of in the Secret Doctrine. Check out the Stanzas of Dzyan. That IS the ancient Senzar source material the chronicles were taken from.


Hello Robert,

I was reading a book by Deepak Chopra some time ago, and while I have always thought that every thing is connected, he put forth an idea in the book that really reverberated with me (and speaks to the comments above about separate and overlapping "races", are we in competition tee hee).

In a nutshell, if every thing lives and dies in a cycle, but the intelligence remains, then each speck of dust that existed say a million years ago could be part of any one or any thing today, it just gets recycled. It could easily still be a dust speck that someone inhales, and it goes through the respiration process and the intelligence gets assimilated into the body in some way.

So...the dust of a Lemurian or an Atlantean could be inside me or you or in the genetic structure of a tree or an ant or a part of the ocean. Imagine, if everyone could tap into that ancient intelligence what a world it might be...then again, we may not necessarily want to be running around with some of those memories in our heads - perhaps those rose-colored glasses aren't so bad after all :-)

So Pillar of Fire, your light beckons to all in "the dark", as a lighthouse does to all those ships in the night, pointing to safe harbor. I say, "be the ball, na na na na na na na na na".

'Cause, "I'm all right, no body worry 'bout me",
Juliet :-)


Hi Robert, it can't be said enough - you do such a great job here... my thanks and blessings to you.

and joy!


Hi Juliet - All forms are impermanent, but Spirit is everything. However, not all things have sentience, or Consciousness, per se. Things evolve, but at different levels of frequency. A slug does not have the same evolutionary awareness as an Einstein, regardless of the egalitarian view that all things are alive and aware to some extent.

Regarding forms of energy: Many denser life forms live through accumulation of mass rather than assimilation of energy, even if the latter occurs to some small degree as a function of accumulation. For example, even brutish people "go to church," but whether they go a thousand times or whatever, how much is actually consciously assimilated? There may be a subtle unconscious effect, but it's small potatoes compared to the Higher Work of personality integration. Many accumulate relationships, but how many actually learn that they attract the mirror and complement of their own hologram? Eventually life evolves to a degree where assimilation is much more effective, but only after countless accumulations that all fade away in time.

We are all made of the dust of the Earth, which has changed composition as long as the Earth has had a physical form. Apart from that universal fact for the Earth's material forms, there is no ancient dust inside of us that has any effect whatsoever. All matter is activated by Consciousness. Body is dust, but we are Consciousness.

We ALL had several lives in Lemuria, Atlantis, or both. Those ancient karmic patterns have coexisted with our Eternal Self that only knows the Eternal NOW. Of course, more recent karmic patterns override distant ones to a large degree, even if there are some primal patterns buried deep within our genetic code that we also must work out in process of becoming Arhats.

We can contact the archetypal patterns of "humanness" any time we want, since we all have Pisces somewhere in our charts, enabling us to move through the zone where we find how our humanity contacts all humanity through all time, our common human experiences we share with all others since the beginning. On a final note, that's the blessing of what we call "death." It wipes the slate of our ego mind clean, and blessedly we get to "forget" the wrongs done to us by others even as karma dictates that all things will be balanced and made just at some point in the future, whether we know it or not, or whether it will work out through other people than the ones who created or are owed the "debt." That's why forgiveness is such a powerful tool of release.

Hi danae - Thanks. Joy is a very good thing, and antidotes the 10,000 worries the mind inevitably moves through.


Hello Robert,

As always, you pose an enlightening and interesting point of view.

Thank you,
Juliet :-)


Hi Juliet - This discussion could actually take a lifetime to fully explore, since the relationship of Spirit to matter is extensive and complex. It will form a foundation of all life sciences in the New Age to come. Also the relationship of ourselves to ourselves and others as a function of evolutionary necessity, with the constant play of formlessness with forms, and energies to energies, where everything is worked out despite the changing nature of evolving consciousness. All that is unconscious, even in the ancient genetic code, must be known in order to approach "the Dweller on the Threshold," the Guardian that bars the gate until we are truly prepared and ready to embrace Eternal Truth and renounce lesser obscurities. It is we who must learn to choose to steer the process consciously within the dictates of Dharma. That leads to realizations beyond worldly speculations.


This probably should have been posted in the stream about the "discovery of Lemuria." Yes, supposedly the Lemurians were giants with a huge Third Eye and had a lot of melanin in their skin. "The Atlanteans were in fact the "Rainbow Family," since they had gold, yellow, silver, purple, bronze and just about every other color of skin possible in one or more of the various subraces."
I just got back from a trip that was very, very full of "vibrations" It was as though the heavens opened up/or the walls between myself and the Great Spirit" were virtually open like looking through a window briefly. This used to happen merely in dreams now it happens in the daytime fully awake. I never know what will come out of my mouth, or if it is even true, much more frightening to have that kind of responsibility! But, to tell you the truth, I thought the information about Lemuria and the Atlanteans had been merely allegory and legend passed down from one generation to another focused on the archtype of Garden of Eden etc. Pardon me if I am being too literal and not taking this from a spiritual point of view. I am definitely in a state of spiritual, emotional pyschological, and intellectual tail spin. Life does have its moments. But, would love to read all that you may have posted on this site about the subject. Thanks for being here.


Hi Mary - So far, this is it. There are many Theosophical treatises on the various subraces of the Root Races, so I would reference you to those as an initial point of entry to this vast subject. So far I've done a gloss or two, but nothing substantial. I could be persuaded to do more in the future. Glad to be here.


Hello Mary,

I love that sentence, "I never know what will come out of my mouth, or if it is even true, much more frightening to have that kind of responsibility!", it feels like coming home (wish I knew where that was...).

Juliet :-)

Anna Wilde

Dear Robert, I really miss your weekly updates that you used to give for the upcoming week. They were really helpful.


Hi Anna - The weekly forecasts started to become the articles that ate Cleveland. They were consuming an enormous amount of time (about 6 solid hours a week composing each article) and became a real burden, since I was losing every Friday to those articles alone. I would probably think of trying something again in the future, but couldn't offer it as a free service, unless someone wanted to sponsor such a thing. Just too much work along with everything else, and I do have to devote some time to making money to support all the free stuff I put out here.


Your Highness,

Thanks for the guidelines. I hope those who may have abused this prescious well of knowledge, understand that these guidelines are there to protect all of us.

Thank you for thinking in our best interest.



Hi Chickie - I tried to allow what I could as long as I could, but there's been too much spam, off-topic stuff, personal tribulations that are Waaaay too personal to take the chance they could be googled, as well as self-promotional "comments" that needed to be cleared with me first. As a teacher of metaphysical disciplines for many decades, I've always felt that clear guidelines are good in any classroom. That way there are fewer negative surprises for all of us.


Ahhh, the Internet has its darkness also. Well said. Well spoken. And, thank you for reminding people about the "perils" of Google. Privacy is a good thing sometimes and personal choice. We are one and we are all. Your site is just wonderful for this universe. Thank you for it and for you. Your site brought me the Grandmothers, who I sent to many people in very trying situations and it brought them great comfort. Three degrees of separation and that is all it took to change many individuals lives for the good and bring them comfort while they grow. Peace, love, tranquility and light - inching through and beginning to burn the brightest we have seen in this Age. Isn't it just wonderful?


Hi liz - Thanks for your kind words of praise for the site. Yes, we are on the cusp of change for the better like we've never known in 10,000 years. Thank Heaven for the internet, as it's the connecting vehicle for all truth-seeking Souls. Soon to be two degrees of separation!


I hope I'm in the right column! This is a question regarding the synastry between two charts, I would welcome input, but will understand if this is just the wrong place for it...

I am faced with two very interesting charts;

Native A's sun in Leo is conjunct native B's venus/uranus conjunction in the same sign.

Native B's sun in Cancer is conjunct native A's venus in the same sign.

Native A's pluto in Scorpio is conjunct native B's moon in the same.

There are of course, other factors, but I find these elements alone unusually intense...there is a sweetness to the two venus/sun conjunctions, and I have always been told that the outer planets don't really relate to synastry. But there is something about the moon-pluto conjunction that feels relevent and powerful. Thoughts gratefully received.

So sorry to hear you have had spam problems - happens to us all!


Hi Miranda - This probably should have been in the "why do we get along" article, but no doubt people follow all kinds of patterns in this crazy quilt. Yes, the sweetness would be there as a constant affection and liking. B probably thinks when A is being their Sun that it's very Uranian. A likes B's affectionate, caring and sensitive side, but probably gets uncomfortable when B is getting too intense. B helps A understand deep feelings, while A helps B to be more progressive and stylish. And it helps to ban spammers' ip addresses.


Well, I wrote an answer to this that seems to have disappeared - or I've put it in the wrong column or something, I'm not great at this stuff. Suffice to say, your insight seems very accurate regarding these two charts, so thank you once again:-)


Hi miranda - That's the problem with this site! Comments always disappearing and reappearing at random. In case you hadn't noticed, this site is a portal to the Twilight Zone. And I'm not great at this stuff either! ;-) Glad I can offer insights into these charts, since I'm well known for that - and you're welcome.

Sandra Frazier

I would like to join in with comments to this wonderfully informative site!
I consider myself an intermediate astrologist, though I have had years of informal studies, there is so much more I wish to learn in a more formal order. Thank you for being there!
Sandra ~



I am born December 27, 1958. I am very concerned as Saturn will be conjuncting my natal Pluto and opposing my midheaven soon. Also Pluto will be conjuncting my natal Saturn and descendent/opposi ng my ascendent. What am I in for?




Hi Pamela - Sounds like a lot of old security systems will be purified and made more efficient, and a new form of your Divine Power crystalized over time.


Aloha Robert,

I am new to blogging and I am happy to find your "Guidelines for Commenting". My husband and I discuss the Mercury and Mars transits coming this fall in an article we write called "What's up in the Inner Cosmos" on our Gemini Awakening website.

Please have a look and let us know if we can share our link here.
or got the home page on
and see 'what's new'!

Blessings and warm aloha
from MizZodiac and the Starman.


Hi MizZodiac and Starman - I checked out your site, and a big aloha goes out to you for what you do. Glad Hawaii has your presence. I loved it there, and known some great people who hold the energy. We can work out a link thing. Email me. Mahalo.


why can't i comment!?


Hi robyn - I trust since this comment made it through you can still comment. Every so often the software makes me jump through hoops before it'll let me comment as well, so hang in there and if you still cannot comment by tomorrow, please email me at the contact address on the left hand links.


There is so much going on in the world...why can't you comment more on astrology? Please, we are all looking for guidance in our lives, and most of us are probably well educated in the "astro" world. Your articles about other things are very nice and obviously well intended, but your real value is in your astrological knowledge. More of that on a weekly basis please...


Hi Anne - I note that 36 of the past 50 articles were directly related to astrology. That makes astrological themes over 2/3 of the posts on this site. However, if you want me to post even more astrology, I do offer a "site sponsorship" for those who want specific astrological themes offered on a regular basis. Please contact me if you want to sponsor a recurring astrological theme on a regular basis.

As for my "real value" being astrological, well, gosh, I hope that means today's article, while not astrological, still has some real value to those who are trying to figure out how to end suffering and know truth from illusion. All the astrological knowledge in the world will not of itself make us better people or help us alleviate our suffering or the suffering of other sentient beings. Repeat after me: GOD IS ALL THERE IS. The rest is commentary. Some of the most spiritually inspiring beings I've ever read or met knew nothing about astrology, but I have met a lot of proficient astrologers who are spiritually deficient. Mind without heart is a barren thing.


Hi Robert!

I appreciate that you are busy and this is a specific question, and i understand that you may or may not have time to answer. But I need some kind of insight.. into my compatability (Born 7th August 1980) with born 31 December 1983. We seem to be somehow linked with each we have a successful romantic relationship together or any kind of relationship or will are paths drift? What is our future? I hope you can help.

Thank you so very much


Hi Jan - Compatibility is a very complex issue not really well addressed in comment stream, being as personal as it is. Free will plays a huge part in how sentient beings decide to play their Dharma, as each chooses their destiny for better or worse. Capricorns are about to "shoot the Moon" though they will also be subject to forces beyond their control from late 2008 on, even with Jupiter's blessing next year. You're in your peak year, with many things shifting by mid-2008. Pay attention to whatever compassion and/or understanding came forth between summer 2006-2007, since that's what's growing.


Hi Robert,
Awhile back in August, you told me "Jupiter on your Asc is offering you a new adventure." I am a Leo with 5 planets in Leo, Pisces Moon, Sag Asc... 8 /0050/ 55...Oh gosh, you were so spot on! So now... I'm finally! loving what I';m doing, and racing against the sand in the "money hourglass", trying to put a culinary, health, consulting business together, to serve my mission of awareness, make a difference in the world, etc... I will go forward. Question is, I can go for it with some risk , or play it safe, put this on hold, and take a little job... Try to partner up, or go for it myself... I would love you to share the inspiration of your thoughts.


Hi Evelyn - What you ask for involves very complex chart analysis and can't really be answered on the fly in a comment stream. These sorts of life altering choices need more thoughtful attention than a few lines.

bertie pfaff

Robert, would you post
your birth data again
if you have already done
previously before i dscvrd AP, missed it.
Know Leo Asc./Sun Aries
24 May 1938
Williston, ND


Hi bertie/Claire - My chart reads like one of the most difficult a Being could have, as well as one of the most blessed. I was born 1:13:40 pm, 1 April 1951, in Upland, PA (suburb of Chester). The time was rectified by a Vedic astrologer at Ammachi's ashram in Northern California, in case you're wondering at the precision of the time. Enjoy the insights.


Forks in the road and choice are very tricky when walking this path between "two worlds". With the current anticpation of the "shift" that is taking place how does one know the optimum choice to make? It seems that on one hand we are given opportunity to receive all that we had ever wanted via a career opportunity, relationship or location only to feel an inner stirring that there may be more... in this new realm in which we are now collectively creating. How can we use our intuition to navigate at this unprecedented juncture? Thank you for being a valuable resource.


Hi Sheinvolution - Optimum choice always moves us into Dharma, which has nothing to do with externals. There is always "more," though what to say yes to and what to say no to entirely determines our path into the unknown. I have an article on knowing the difference between intuition and hunches in the archives, but don't remember exactly when it was posted other than in the last half of 2007. You may want to site google "intuition" and read it. Then practice its precepts in order to know what is the intuition that never errs. If you study "The Game of Life" by Florence Scovel Shinn you can also get clear about the images in your subconscious which are helpful v unhelpful, and eliminate those that leave you uncertain. Then you will know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and who to do it with.


With regards to the upcoming Mercury Retrograde period Jan 28, 2008, what about a new job? I applied for a position Jan 14 and was interviewed Jan. 23. I may or may not find out for another week or so If I am selected for the position. If I am selected I am going to accept the position, but if during a mercury retrograde would this affect the longevity of the position, ie future layoff possible, etc Thanks !! Leo, aug 11, 1956 550 am CST.


Hi Natural - What begins in a Mercury RX often takes twists and turns and results in a different outcome than we originally thought. It can lead to a spinoff position, a promotion to another position, or a job in a different location. If you're offered the position, definitely take it. If you're not, then probably factors you didn't know about determined the outcome, and there's another position out there perfect for you.


Thanks. I sure pray I get hired in a new position, a much better position, much better pay than the one I am in right now and would enable me to rebuild my savings and replenish my 401K.

A. Drake Baer

Hi, Robert. You were helpful last year in explaining to me how Aquarians born in 1962 may be destined to plant seeds of the next socio-political "age of Aquarius"; so I wanted let you know that I did a chart for Barack Obama's Jupiter (in which a new chart is made with the planet as the sun), and it is a 1962 Aquarius chart. Further, since his Jupiter is conjunct Mercury, I did a chart for his Mercury as well, and that chart is just about exact with the "anti-christ" chart constructed by astrotheme and echoed by other websites -- born at the date and time of the total solar eclipse, in which an unprecedented no. of planets were conjunct in Aquarius, in the 12th house. If the antichrist is thought to represent for the age of Aquarius what Jesus represented for the age of Pisces, perhaps Barack's destiny offers the opportunity to plant the seeds of a new political age through the power of fortunate communication (Jupiter conjunct Mercury) without having to deal with the crazy perceptions of him that may have saddled his career had he actually been born during that "fork in the road of destiny." I hope no one interprets this as negative about Obama, who I support.

A. Drake Baer

I meant this to be posted under your thread of "community building" published on Feb. 22, not under "guidelines for commenting." Sorry.


Hi Drake - Glad to hear from you. I wondered what happened, and am happy you sound well. I'm not sure what system you're using, so I cannot offer much in the way of an informed opinion. Having done a lot of research, it seems that the only birth time we have on Mr. Obama is the one he gave informally to an astrologer at an event that has never been verified through any of the usual means of confirming such things. As for the "antichrist," I don't think it represents the Christ, or Kristos, of the Aquarian Age. If there is such a thing, I believe it to be the fever of war, hatred, and violence set loose on our world by beings who make money off of such suffering and misery, since these are counter to the world teacher of the past Age as well as the one to come.


That sounds like something I would want to have came out of my mouth for years juat have not had the ability to freely express the way I feel about 'all walks of life' I love everyone and anyone and do not judge the least bit best way to describe why.. (saw it on a bumper sticker) "Do not critizise anyone untell you have walked a mile in their shoes, or you will be a mile a away cold, hungry, and with no shoes."


I have been enlightened and learned from what I have been throgh in my life because of how I look at things.. raised, siblings, and all the many ppl I have talked to and about what in life has made me who I am today.. I have a Aries March 29th mother and a Leo Aug. 15 father.. dating (long-term) a Leo.. same as my father and am a Sag. Dec. 3, 1988 @ 11:15 a.m... always gravitated toward Jupiter as a planet to do when in 3rd and 4th grades and didn't even find out untell middle school that I was indeed that planet.. my sister was also a gemini but induced so has cancer tendenices also.. brother is a capricorn.. I have really been enlightened in the passed few years b-c of my decisions and thought anaylasis.. now I get it all and my head is bursting of all these ideas to help and I feel awesome when I go to tell ppl about these idea but then I feel my bubble is burst b-c of how ppl react... I have found that I care to much about others that that is what made all of my pain in my whole rightside of my body... it was not logical an every docotor would look at me and say O your only 19 your fine here is you fee put heat on it.. I didn't give up I knew my body well enough to know it was just me.. it wasn't uncommon for me to be cryin 4 and 5 times a day and I knew that wasn't the Gloria I knew.. I would get large amounts of money riped off and I would vent and then be able to help another out of turmoil and in turn that would help me... I wish to be a doctor and have since I was 5.. Now I know why.. and why my best friend died on my 17th birthday which caused me to drop out and get into some of the trouble I was in and now found my path and now how ppl feel and can relate to certain ppl in certain situations..ppl really don't realize how much a multi-vitamin a day or meditation or choosing water instead of pop or parking further and walking that extra distance for work each day can make, such things as Quatum-touch... I feel it and have a lot more energy!!! everyone around me can see a difference.. untell I think and anaylize the stressful part of my and everyone's life... sorry the thinking is really getting to me these things are making my body hurt again.. will have to help the world one minute at a time..


Hi Gloria - Well, though we all judge every day of our lives, it's also good to remember not to make assumptions, since we really don't know what's up in another's inmost being. You'll learn how to express yourself directly and more easily as time goes on, and you find what works for you and what doesn't. You're a free Spirit, a truth seeking Soul, and have reached a culmination in your old life and preparing to ground the new adventure begun Summer 2007. This is a time to turn inward, seek new forms of compassion and understanding, and Jupiter in Cap should be helping you get organized. Stay on top of what it will take to prevent more body pain, since how our bodies respond to our habits teaches us what to do and when to do it. You'll have a much better sense of how you are to help your world at ages 22, 24, 28, and 29. Until then, take care of yourself, bring the old to completion in 2009 and enjoy the high spots.


Just found your blog here and am in heaven!! I love it
How exciting to find such blissful enlightening content. Look forward to more info. Feeling kinda spongey lately looking for new things to absorb. :) Looks like I found a wonderful place to visit. Thank you. 11/23/1959 9:07pm So Cal Light & Blessings Sara


Hi Sara - Welcome to Professor Robert's cantina. Glad you like the content and community. Definitely stop back by, since I post frequently and the comment streams do get interesting!

Lois Wetzel

Hi Robert,

Just to reinforce how potent this aspect with Mars at 22 Cancer I will relate my experience. That is where Mars is for me natally - 22 Cancer. I recently had a shake-up when I discovered that my ex-husband's wife is running for re-election for judge, and in all her websites and campaign literature she claims to be the mother of my two grown sons. (She is actually their step-mother, and married their dad when they were teenagers.)

Her laying claim to them, as though I never existed, was very hard for me as I had been a stay-at-home mother for about 13 years (while also being an exhibiting artist and doing volunteer work). Nothing was more important than my kids, though, and here was this woman who spent all her childbearing years pursuing her legal career, claiming my accomplishment (and sacrifice) as her own - publically. I was seething with rage.

So here is what I did. I went to a fellow energy medicine practitioner and got work on/with myself, since I was over-reacting to this claim of hers. I discovered that I needed to work on feeling insignificant and powerless. So I have been working on that. I tried to take the high road, so I would not do something I would regret, or that would embarrass my sons.

I wasn't paying attention to the astrology. Looks like I should have! Everything would have made more sense at the time.



Hi Lois - Sorry you got jammed by someone who obviously believes in taking credit for others' labors. Glad you got what you needed, and didn't do anything you shouldn't. However, even paying attention to astrology would not have changed the situation. It seems like many of us are getting jammed by others in ways that are making us take a hard look at what's going on and what we want to happen in the future.


Hi Robert:

My husband was born Feb. 27th 1968 at 4:22 am and is a Pisces. Both our boys are Virgos and I am a Taurus.....what a couple years it has been. My husband suffered a large brain tumour back in February and had succesful 8 hr surgery March 4th 2008. Will our lives get better soon or is this next eclipse in August 2008 going to be difficult. Thank you and prayers to all


hi robert

i saw ur guideline of not chasing for personal readings but my love life is a huge mess where i have made only mistakes. Would be eternally grateful if u will interpret my stars for me and tell me if things will improve for me anytime soon. I am a aquarian and my DOB of 6th Feb, 2008 and i was born in a town called ahmedabad in india.


khushboo so upset the wrote the DOB wrong...its 6th feb 1981


Hello Robert. I am very pleased to discover your site, on the night of the august full moon. Would you give me permission to link to this site from my blog and homepage?


Hi Rahu - Of course. Namaskarams.


Hi. Is it possible to delete a comment I posted on one of the articles? Thanks.


Hi T - Yes, this time. However, to all who read these words, this is exactly why I specifically tell people DO NOT POST ANYTHING YOU DO NOT WANT SEEN BY THE WORLD. I have major search engine traction, and anyone anywhere can find comments left by anyone who posts here. It also helps if you don't use a name you don't want found. And of course, I cannot delete my answers to your comments. I've left too many comments to do that, and it would take hours to go back to comments posted a year ago or more.

One more thing - please don't hit the post button twice. It creates work for me I just don't need. Hit it once, and BE PATIENT. It will post, whether you think it is or not. Sometimes it takes the blogware a minute to recognize and post it.

Adelia Scaffidi

I have studied Astrology for 25 years as a low profile. Reading Obamas Chart if he wins or not he will be in legal trouble from his past he has had to many skeltons in his Closets, he should of thought of the People he associated with.


Hi Adelia - By the time you get to that level, you've been compromised a thousand ways. John McCain in hip deep in scandals and borderline dementia. There is no one who runs for preznit who doesn't have scandals galore in his past. Obama may just be one of the cleaner ones in history. As for associates, I'll just mention the "Keating 5" and leave it to you to do the research.

c luna

can you comment on the chart for the moment the large hadron collider was turned on and how that seed might grow ? thank you


Hi c luna - I would think it's just one more moment of wasteful madness in a world where that much money could have fed millions for months. Boys playing with toys that can create mass destruction, even if inadvertently, are the true black magicians of our day. We need genetic diversity, infinite clean energy, and clean water, not supercolliders.


I was wondering if you could comment on how the latest sickness on Wall Street compares with the catastrophe on 9/11/01 and ensuing similar Wall Street crises, particularly regarding Saturn's 7-1/4-year squares to itself.



Hi Mike - Haven't much thought about those correlations, but yes, Saturn is in a waxing square to 9/11 Saturn and waning square to 9/11 Pluto, while Neptune is conjunct the 9/11 Uranus and Pluto is very close to the 9/11 Mars at 2 Capricorn (having gone SRX on that degree earlier this year). It could also indicate that the administration is already fabricating another "crisis" to perpetuate our warlike attitudes, polarizations, and paranoia. That way they set a future agenda regardless of the larger will to peace and prosperity and play to the fears of the uninformed. (Check out "Loose Change" if you haven't already via the right hand links.)

The current Wall St. - read national - crisis is the inevitable result of Bush administration corruption and misguided Republican monetary policies that always give the corrupt rich ever more opportunities to glut themselves at the expense of the common wealth and good. Deregulation only helps the rich get richer. Just like in the 20s, Republican fiscal policies have set up another Great Depression which is already upon us. An interesting historical fact that parallels what's up now - during the 30s it was never called "the Great Depression." The powers that be insisted it was merely a "recession," just like now. It was only much later in history that we termed it the Great Depression.


So Amazing the accuracy of astrology proving it is indeed true. More amazing is the obvious implication
of spiritual dimension. How is the spiritual not proven by astrology? What is there to explain? Magnets? haha! That is life changing in fact. Even more amazing is the complete
lack of anything spiritual in the culture today. Check it out for yourself- the spiritual no longer exists as
a thing in the society- amazing.(even nancy reagan had an interest at least) At least used to hear about channeling or psychics at least something... nothing- absolute
wipe out of anything in the least bit spiritual (ghost whiperer tv show doesnt cut it friends) - why such a lacking?
Yet here is proof staring everyone in the face- its just right there- staring us in the face...
Best thing I heard a teacher say was that its because we are to give birth to something now, thats
why theres no spirituality in world at large. (a lot of meditation practice about the only thing that can help, its what we should be doing) That makes a lot of sense and I'd thought I'd share at least that much. (because maybe it can help someone feel better in the "spirit-forsakeness"..because it really hurts! No spirituality! thats rough!
Blessings to all good people,
(end transmission)
portal closing- (haha)


Hi William - Yes, one of the greatest failures of our so-called Western Civilization is the stripping of the Sacred from our mundane lives. Astrology merely shows the ever changing patterns in the larger field, but it is we who must learn willingly to walk the walk. And yes, for the most part our scientists know very little about the principles of electro-magnetism, though the Age we're entering into is that of the remembrance of those principles and further applications of them for the benefit of the whole of the Earth and all its creatures.

There has been an unspoken agreement in the organs of information in the West to approach Astrology in one of two ways: deride it, or don't report it. The Spiritual has been relegated to the dogmas of the 3 great dominant (and militant) religions of the world, and occasionally a figure such as HHDL, Thich Nhat Hahn, Nelson Mandela, or Mother Theresa. But it's always "out there," or "someone else." It's resulted from our global model becoming reduced to "buyer-seller" interactions, and one can never buy or sell that which is truly Spiritual. But the truly Spiritual turns us away from our abnormal hypnosis with materiality, or messages of fear, and so that which is truly Spiritual is a threat to those who have something to sell. That's why it is being blocked. This is why I posted the recent article on transcending "consumer capitalism," which you may want to read a few times, since there is much food for thought there.

It sounds like that Teacher is a student of the Bhagavad Gita, where Krishna declared something to the effect that when lawlessness, unrighteousness, and "Godlessness" are at their peak, then the World Teacher can come to Earth anew. When ignorance and suffering are at their peak, then the Eternal Buddah-Nature comes forth. And I must note that it's no big deal to be Spiritual when it's easy. It's much more productive of conscious growth and the power to overcome inertia in all levels for us to have to strive for the Highest when things seem at their darkest. Thanks for the blessings.


Hi, I just found this site by doing a mercury retrograde search. I'm very much fascinated on how people know what their natal sun is and what happens when this planet is in your moon/sun etc.... Is it possible for someone to help me find out mine?

my birthday is Nov. 19, 1970 my sign is Scorpio.

Thanking you all in advance.


Hi Aurelia - Not sure why you posted this here, since this has nothing to do with Mercury RX. I'm not sure what you're asking. You know you're a Sun in Scorpio. There are many free astrology sites that can give you your natal chart and what sign each planet is in. As for how different transits and progressions affect each planet, that is the realm of a professional astrologer, or something to be studied. A good beginning is "Astrology for the Millions" by Grant Lewi.


Well, I have to say, "Truth and Honisty discribes our own self, even if we describe ourself as an Obscure refrence person, even if it is crule, funny, sexual or down right hateful.

I belive in hope every day and hate the repugnant ass holes that try to make life difficult.

You covered it all


Hi Becky - Well, though there is much not to like in this passing perceptual existence, we must learn to love All-That-Is so that lower energies don't jam our ability to learn what we are here to learn and enjoy what time we have here in our very impermanent reality. In that regard, hate is an unnecessary learned response that cannot possibly help us get beyond fear, vanity, strong sensations, and raw desire. Definitely good that you're cultivating hope, since often that is the sole inner bulwark against the blows of passing idiocy.


Hi Frasier - I had to depublish your comment because you didn't contact me about that sort of thing. Email me and we'll discuss it if you need to.


Hi Robert,
I think I have figured out how some posts get lost into this site’s “portal to the twilight zone”! I do not think the information boxes will allow the user to hit the “Tab” key to get to the next field. When I have used “Tab” after the name field, nothing happens visually, and I will have to manually click the email address feild to get the cursor, then when I click “post” well the page changes but does not show the blue square that it posted, nor does the post show in the right column.

Hope this helps somebody!

paula morrow

Don't you mean 'animosity', not 'animus'. Paula


Hi Paula - No, I use words carefully. The first definitions for "animus" are: "strong dislike or enmity; hostile attitude; animosity." And I'm not sure why you're posting your comment in this article stream.


hI,i will be really grateful, if you can comment on the most frustrating phase of my life,or ill explode from confusion.
I have Jupiter conjucting Sun and natal Jupiter this year,and being a student of astrology myself,
i have been preraring ,in awareness and patience,amidst various pains,
for several new positive beginnings...ranging from moving country, start new studies, new relations,
and ,really, just for EVERYTHING,
as ive had so much chaos in my life for many previous years..
And while am abt to set off, i have an unexpected road accident,a very serious one
that has blocked me in sooo many respects,
as am unable to physically move much ,am on intense recovery,
and ALL my plans,anything that was arranged ,,
has stopped/suspended totally , for the time being ,
until i can find the clarity of mind again,
to reorientate and think ,anew and ahead, for when i get better.
But will it be the same, will i be as courageous,adventurous,and will to take the many risks, that i was ready to?
And WHY , did it happen, ???
WHILE ALL THESE BENEFICIAL JUPITERIAN TRANSITS WERE TAKING PLACE..why rather than experience the expansion that 'was promised' , and so much seeked as was needed badly,
am now into restriction?
I will be utterly grateful,exceptionally happy if you can give me any idea, or some advice , for my present state
or whether i will ever find my natural flow/strength again,,
any explanation , i will appreciate, and i know ,will ease my confused/upset mind!
Born on 15/02/1974, 23:00 p.m. and the accident was on the eve of 14th of august 2009.
Ill be eternallly grateful for any comment ,
i feel am the only one in the world,
with the benevolent Jupiter ,transiting all over the place , and am stuck in my room ,being limited ,
when i really burn inside me to run to build outside ..why?


Hi lightsylph - What you're asking is way beyond a comment stream, and this wouldn't be the place to post it anyway. Accidents happen for many reasons, whether personal, interpersonal, transpersonal, or a combo of any or all of these. You're obviously not supposed to burn "to run to build outside." Maybe the Jupiter within you protected your life. It always teaches us through opening us to broader perspectives.

I also was re-directed in my early 30s by an accident that changed my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life forever. Please stop being confused/upset in your mind. These will not help you grow in positive ways. Train your mind to use this time wisely to grow however is appropriate to your situation. In time your body will heal the best it can if you do all you can do to help it.

Ultimately, to decrease any tendencies to suffer, we must generate a positive mental and emotional attitude by practicing detachment, dispassion, discrimination, and taking initiative in finding positive approaches to all that is placed before us.

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