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Thought you might like this info on Lemuria which was channeled by Tony Neate back in the 1950/60s era.
The first landmass which man inhabited we shall call "Mu" or the motherland [called Lemuria by a British scientist after the Lemurs.Mu occupied a large portion of the globe stretching from the Middle East to China and it embraced other lands reaching far into what you now call the Pacific ocean.Many continents that you recognise today were then under water so there was not a preponderance of land.The world bore no resemblance whatsoever to the picture you now see on your maps for there were not the small individual land masses.
It was the coming of spirits of different forms of evolution and their entry into the lesser evolved bodies that gave rise to the first Adamic myth. The name Adam is taken from the letters Adm which stand for "First of man" or "father of men".
These early men banded together into tribes and eventually the first community which flourished, evolving slowly over many thousands of years.During this period certain of the inhabitants advanced considerably more than others. These people built many edifices and cities - the remains can be seen in parts of South America today - that were thrown up many thousands of feet at the time of the first cataclysm.China,Tibet and pre-dynastic Egypt were Mu-an.Polynesian culture is yet another hallmark of the first "civilisation" The monolithic edifices on Easter Island were also once part of Mu.

There is much more on the esoteric teachings channeled by Tony on the subject of Atlantis past,present and to come.


Hi San - My source material was originally published 120 years ago, and is one of the first known references to Mu or Lemuria. It was translated from ancient scrolls and tablets in certain monasteries in the heart of Asia, and incorporates Plato, Herodotus, and other sources of antiquity. Everything we have since then was derived in some way from that original source, including the pioneering 1882 "Atlantis" by Ignatius Donnelley, a Theosophical student of HPB.

In what Tony says, the first part of the comment is true as far as the ancient Chronicles have told us. It stretched from about Madagascar across ancient India through Polynesia, and the Earth's land masses were so far different from today as to render any description meaningless. However, the only descendants of that race are the ancient native Australians still alive today. We are told that the Dravidians of ancient India, the Tibetans, the original Toltecs and Olmecs as well as Polynesians are originally of Atlantean stock. Ancient Egypt we are told is of our own vintage though originally "seeded" by Atlanteans. Of course, there are no pure racial types in existence today due to migrations and intermarriage over the past 3 million years, thus rendering all beings on Earth today polyglots of some blend or another.


Thanks for that Robert.Its a fascinating subject.My husband Knows a lot more about it than me and saw the original documentry, so I will give you his comment on your original posting:

We have been fortunate in the UK to have had the occassional news item and at least one quality tv documentary on the topic of this lost city in the last few years.When you look at what appear to be walls and terraces in fairly clear water it is quite convincing that it may indeed be a drowned city.However what has emerged so far does not appear to be as clear-cut as the evidence for dozens of drowned towns and cities in the Mediterranean, particularly off the coast of Egypt and Greece.On these sites clearly man-made fluted columns, sculptures etc. make the sites uncontestably of human origin even though they may be dozens of miles off the coast.
As Japan is one of the most seismic areas of the world it would be surprising if its land mass had not changed considerably in the last few thousand years let alone on the longer timescale.


Hi San - Yes. This Earth has changed tremendously over the centuries, with some land masses previously under sea and vise versa. About 25 years ago it was announced on national tv that the Russians had discovered a huge sunken city "off the pillars of Hercules" in the Atlantic, but the news story was quickly withdrawn and killed, never to be found again. That's because the present powers-that-be don't want their fabricated history to be challenged, any more than the scientists and religionists of the 19th century did. Of course, HPB turned the world upside down with the Secret Doctrine, and since they couldn't refute her impeccable scholarship, they chose instead to attack her reputation with rumor and innuendo, none of which was true.

We are told by other sources (Edgar Cayce) that there are interesting "machines" beneath the Great Pyramid left to us from ancient technicians that will be revealed to humanity when the Earth cracks open at some point. And of course, the entire Mediterranean region has been built up over the centuries even as quakes have claimed some of the ancient cities and returned them to shallow watery graves. It is also important to remember that the ancient builders used materials of the Earth, and there is relatively little natural material that can last for thousands of years of exposure to the elements, whether under or above water.

We know that researchers have found fossils of tropical and sub-tropical plants in the Scandinavian regions so that area once must have been non-Arctic, and there are certain species of insects and plants common to Africa and South America which could not have occurred both places unless they once were fairly close together geographically. Then there is the mystery of how so many diverse peoples had pyramid technology. It seems that none of this is random, and there is much our official "culture" is not telling us. Rather they debate and give credibility to fundamentalist assertions that our world was "created" a mere 6000 years ago, when we KNOW the Vedas (to name but one commonly known work) are far older than that. We live in exciting times. I just hope that the media will begin telling us the greater truths that are found, rather than being submissive arms of the officially sanctioned state mythology.


I think that we have to keep an open mind when reading about new discoveries, ancient beliefs, rigid dogmas and whatnot. "Keep an open mind" should be the disclaimer given to students when they are young. We all want to know which one is the absolute right truth. I don't think there is one. It's unfortunate that scientists and academicians today are so skeptical, considering they would not be where they are if it weren't for skeptics during the Age of Enlightenment. I've taken a road less travelled in my education, even though I started out in the usual manner of high school and college. After that, or maybe even sooner, one has to let life's experiences take the helm. One has to ask questions, ask why, and dare to challenge the establishment! I've read a lot of Cayce, HPB, assorted channelers and mystics, mythology, National Geographic, etc. It's been a great journey. Many of these materials contradict each other and sometimes are proven wrong, but this doesn't discourage me. We should still give them equal time. If only we had a time machine to zap ourselves back to see exactly who, what, when and where! I myself remember many past lives... and there are those who think I'm just a nut so I keep it to myself. Anyway, thank you for the update on the Japan discovery. I think it's cool. Anything is possible.


Hi Valerie - I agree that much that's out there needs to be taken with a grain of salt. That's why I searched for legit "source material" when I first started studying metaphysics and esoteric history over 35 years ago, before most of the derived material published these past 30 (or 120!) years. As for what you've read, it all started with HPB. Before any of the others you mention, she was the one who cracked open the egg that kicked the doors down on all we know as the history of Western science, religion, philosophy, and history.

The Secret Doctrine has never "been proven wrong," despite many attempts. It is all irrefutable scholarship written at a level of reasoning and analysis of the highest order. It was also confirmed as absolutely accurate for decades afterwards by progressive scientists and other investigators. It is THE "gold standard" for entry into the ancient mysteries on many levels, much as are "The Voice of the Silence," one of the all time enlightenment treatises in Buddhism, or "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali," also of antiquity and required for many paths to any genuine transcendence and Self Realization. There is in fact only one game in town.

Because of the nature of discrimination as a Divine Virtue, we must make distinctions about what is more or less reputable, and cannot fall into believing all should be given equal time. Otherwise you kiss a toad and wind up with trouble for your trouble. In an obvious example, creationism is a blatant superstition. It should not be given equal credence as the taxonomy of Nature's hierarchy of Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, and Variety, as this is a reasonable method of classifying biological forms. A reasonable investigation of Nature's hierarchy sure beats thinking that Noah had 2 of EVERY LIVING CREATURE ON EARTH (including wooly mammoths, mosquitos, giant sloths, ticks, lemurs, fleas, cobras, ebola virus, etc.) on a boat. As an aside, I've heard that rhinoceros are very irritable, don't get along with other animals, and need to submerge every day, so I'm sure there were a few gigantic problems on the boat! ;-)

We have the time machine, but few care to know how to operate it. And there's a lot of white noise out there competing for the geld. Don't buy pyrite when the real thing is there for the digging.


I like your remarks about Noah... always wondered as a child how two of EVERYTHING would fit on the ark. The Bible does take some consideration, what is fact, what is myth, what is allegory. I was also wondering, what do you think the time machine is? Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is within, and that is where I've learned a great deal over the years. Dreams, meditation, etc. I hope I'm on the right track. What do you think? :)


Don't get me wrong, I'm not real big on the Bible as an authority, except for Christ's basic message. And I pretty much have ignored that creationism theory. Totally ridiculous. When I was speaking of "equal time" I meant that the academics etc. should give equal time to these other sources of knowledge and inspiration. Everybody wants to be right, even me I guess. I guess what it comes down to is that everyone has their own truth. I agree with your remark about the white noise, though. I've heard some. I have learned to follow my own instincts. :)


Hi Valerie - The time machine is consciousness directed by the Highest Self freed from ego conditions. However, most have never studied the operations manual, and there are many errors in meditating "blindly." That's why the source material like the Secret Doctrine, Isis Unveiled, the Stanzas of Dzyan, the Vedas, the Puranas, The Yoga Sutras and the Voice of the Silence are useful in giving us solid frames of reference to explore eternal truths and find our true Spiritual heritage.

I agree that the "red letters" are what matters in the Bibble, which other than those words of wisdom is basically a book of history cobbled together with what doctrines Constantine would allow. And to give it its due, there is also much wisdom in Proverbs. I also agree that modern academia is somewhat pinched in what it will allow to be cited as authority. Of course, anything that upsets the applecart of conventional wisdom is bound to be strenuously challenged by those whose paycheck depends on the conventional wisdom being perpetuated. On a final note, it is my opinion that a lot of "new age" writings are not well grounded in the source material, with so much supposition and speculation that it must be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. To paraphrase a brilliant writer, "... it's like perfume. You can smell it but shouldn't swallow it."


Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for the clarification about the time machine, and for the additional source material. I meditated "blindly" a lot in the beginning. Namaste!



Hi Valerie - All of us stumble through a lot of material without putting things together. It took me from 1971 to mid-1974 stumbling around at random in Astrological, Kabbalistic (Paul F. Case), and Taoist (via the I Ching and Tao Te Ching) teachings before I stumbled on the Ageless Wisdom through the book "Thought Forms" by Annie Besant and then "The Chakras" by Charles Ledbeater. Other great works I plowed through were "The Key to Theosophy," "Man, Visible and Invisible," "The Book of Golden Precepts," "The Mahatma Letters," and the Alice Bailey material, including but not limited to "Initiation Human and Solar," "Esoteric Psychology," "Ponder on This," "Glamor A World Problem," and so many many more diverse works and authors related to all of the above. I kept doing my Astrological, Taoist, and Kabbalistic studies even as I opened to the Theosophical teachings, and within a short time I saw how everything fits together in our cosmology.


Hi Robert,

As I once told you, I got started on astrology with Grant Lewi... that was in about 1970. I was 16. Then in the early 1980's I discovered Edgar Cayce, followed by HPB's Secret Doctrine, Alice Bailey, various ascended masters, I Ching (my dad turned me on to eastern philosophies), Buddhism and assorted other modern writers like Scott Peck. I will have to check out Paul F. Case, as I don't know much about the Kabbala. I would say that Edgar Cayce is my favorite. His material clarified a lot of things for me. And I should add that my journey from the 1980's on was jump started by a serious personal crisis in 1979-1980. I might not have even picked up "There is a River" if it weren't for that wake up call. I had to find an answer as to why this bad thing happened to me. Astrologically, the crisis occured when my progressed Sun squared natal Saturn and transiting Pluto squared my natal Sun. Pretty interesting stuff.

Valerie :)


Hi Valerie - Grant Lewi was my early favorite. Still is, for recommending a sane initial approach to the craft. Paul Foster Case founded the BOTA, and his works are amazing in complexity and profundity. His first work "The Tarot - Key to the Wisdom of the Ages" is still the gold standard. 1979-1980 started with Uranus square my Pluto and transiting Pluto was on my Neptune, Saturn moved through Virgo giving me my Saturn return. Very strange times indeed, and definitely a wild ride for me and more than a few...

Lola Stone

Following your letters I sense kindred souls open to all possibilities. I have personnaly experienced what might be cosidered "proof" of Mu's existence. If interested contact me. Lola Stone


Hi Lola - I'm always interested in uncovering "proofs" of Atlantis and Lumuria. You should email me via the address at the left hand links.

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