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After reading this article and a couple of the links to "The Magic of Space," I started to wonder about our invisible helpers. I have them supporting me for the next year or so according to a reading I had with you. I would love if you wrote an article about our invisible helpers, and how we can use our inner powers, or let our invisible helpers know there are specific areas of our lives that are beyond our control. Who are they, and how can we let them know when we need their help the most?
Is it a meditative state or a dream state, or a conscious state that they will respond to the most when we are in need of their help?


Robert, you have spoken to a subject twice now that I read the first time and intellectually accepted as true due to my training. This time I read the article and saw because I have come through extremely trying times and have lost my temper maybe even justifiably. But all the same I was miserable and the person who had frustrated me to a flash point of anger, did not even know that they had achieved this power over me. I never confronted the affront and although the deed is still justifiable it is not important to continue the anger and hurt. I am working very hard on this flashpoint anger because it destroys more of my happiness than the event, situation or person does. When I can stop seeing a justification for my feeling hurt or angry, I can then stop the anger. That is not to say I should be a wimp, because that would be the extreme opposite. Good article subject matter and I agree that when you are feeling lead to do so an article of how to be in touch with our "helpers" would be nice. I have had readings before where the names were cited to me, but I was not broad minded enough in those days to hear and comprehend just what the reader was saying.,
Thanks again dear mentor through the internet.


Hi Lisa - We're all learning to sense helpers we didn't know were there (or maybe we do!) as a result of Venus' stationary RX point now being crystalized by Saturn. And of course, I'll try to post something coherent on the subject in the future. I do know from experience that since we're in process of becoming "spiritual adults," we're not supposed to be leaning on externals to find our strength, but instead, like the sapling standing against a strong wind, we are learning to become stronger by drawing on inner power despite local conditions so we can experience our strength rather than our insecurities. Our guardian Angel and the other Deva "co-operators" on the invisible levels are always at our disposal, but it is we who are supposed to be strong in guiding their abilities in their "departments of labor" rather than depending on anything outside us to tcb. I believe the height of meditation is to be fully conscious. Dream states are good for "seeding the bed," but eventually we must cooperate with the pulses to bring our dream into manifestation. And of course, if what we're dreaming isn't true for us, we could wait forever and never see the manifestation. That's what discrimination is all about.

Hi Mary - I believe there is such a thing as "Divine Outrage," the proverbial 15 minutes of righteous Mars that can turn toxic if we indulge it past its "15 minutes." Elizabeth Kubler-Ross spoke of toxic vs non-toxic anger, though not in an Astrological context. That said, we're never supposed to lose our inner equilibrium even if we are forced by karma to roast those who perpetuate the sources of suffering. Always good to keep the power to respond as we need to, and turn on a dime when you've experienced whatever to the point of needing to reclaim the Eternal. And of course, you're welcome. Glad to be here at the edge of time, hanging out at Eternity Boulevard on the corner of Fate St. and Freewill St.


Emailed you with my phone number for a reading - had an absolutely terrible day with my boss and my workers - for about the 180th day in a row. Get up wondering what will go wrong, not if anything will go wrong. This day again fulfilled irrationality expectations. Please call soon - I am at a crisis turning point and need to know where the axis to this situation may be.


Patricia H.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for this lovely synchronicity in regard to Invisible Helpers.

I too have been going through an extremely frustrating time, as I know so many of us are. So today when I thought oh, I just cannot take anymore and literally was going to toss in the towel, I received a package in the mail from my mother.

In the package was a sheet on how to contact a guardian angel. So I did that. And it seems like all these doors are opening. I feel so light and happy, whereas, prior to receiving that beautiful synchronicity in the mail, I was at my wit's end.

I know I sound like one of those ads you see on television at 2 in the morning, but ask for the help of your Guardian Angel, and expect to receive unconditional love and advice.

Ask for the name of the angel too--you would be surprised that they have a sense of humor and just when you need it most.



PS Robert, you had mentioned on an earlier post, since I had an eclipse conjunct some of my natal planets, that I too would encounter both invisible and physical helpers. I cannot however, remember which eclipse or which planets. It worked nonetheless.


hi robert...
as always, your insights and wisdom are so powerful, poignant and personally inspirational. i am so grateful to you, and i visit your site at least weekly, and sometimes daily.

i appreciate this last post, particularly in finding the inner calm by tuning in to the deeper/higher wisdom that exists within me, within all of us. for me, this is the constant work, the constant challenge to maintain my alignment with who i really am.

this last year has been one of the most inspirational as well as challenging i have ever lived. i have gone through so many transitions, and i am facing a financial wall at the moment that is keeping me on my toes in terms of not making it the only reality.

i am looking for a you see any in my sign....any time soon? i am hoping that my creative work will finally congeal and i can align my purpose and path together.

thank you for your time and looking into are a gift to the web, and to thousands of people, and of course, to me.

peace and blessings

17. jan 1972
117w56 33n37
2 45 am


Hi Robert & all, just wanted to check-in & send a huge thank you, to you & everyone. My what a time it is.. yet every time i've logged on to read i feel so centred & at one with a large family of wonderful beings. That despite the mindwarps that my brain flips through at ever increasing pace!.. woah. The synchronicty of your articles never fails to be bang on Robert & boy it's heartening to know that at some level i am connected with it all (must say tho think all this 'time-out' of the whirling world out there is a blessing at present i like to think i'm recharging the batteries.)The evening i read the article about Angels & moons i'd just hung a picture & mobile of the same up in my room & prior to reading this i'd got the telescope out for some moon gazing....Fab. For months know when i'm settling for sleep a visualisation comes easily to me of standing on a silver cone that takes me high above the earth so i can see it like the astronauts. From there i dance & from my palms emit spheres like glo-flies these send love & universal light to all beings in the universe. Is anyone else experiencing anything like this?
Love & light H


Hi Richard - Already emailed you. I'm sure we'll speak soon.

Hi Patricia - Yes, I've often found that just when I need support or an inspiration, it shows up pdq. And I've heard angels can fly because they take themselves lightly! ;-) It could have been Venus' stationary point active in your chart that indicated your helpers, or something else.

Hi e - Thanks for checking in. There's enough here that I'm glad you can use it well. Since you're having your Jupiter return between now and mid-December, open, open, and open more to the widest possible future you can imagine, and learn all you can to prepare. Doors will open for you in 2008, and opportunity will be all around. And it continues into 2009 as well.

Hi H - Glad you checked in. I agree this is becoming a very benign community. You ARE recharging your batteries, so enjoy! Great visualization too - will pass it on to friends.


thanks so much robert for your comments and time that you take to respond to me but also to everyone else. i learn from your comments to others as well.

i am also learning to burn through all that is not true, is not "real" so that what is eternal and present can shine as the expression of me...thank you again for the support to so many, to me and to your signposts that help us all along the way.

i also found much to gain from the jupiter return "heads up" thank you also for that.


Patricia H

Hi Robert,

You had mentioned a Jupiter return to someone, what happens when Jupiter crosses an AC and is in the 1st House?

I am looking forward to Jupiter in Capricorn. Of course, Pluto will also be moving into Capricorn for a brief time... Oh, that dark daddy, Pluto.




Hi e - You're welcome. As the ancient sources state, "From the Unreal lead us to the real..." Also glad I could point out that Jupiter will bring blessings to the degree you're open to renewing your magic for the next 12 years. And of course, Namaskarams to you as well.

Hi Patricia - Jupiter in the first yields a new adventure in exploring your self image. It can bring all kinds of things, from a heavier body to a lot of travel to going back to school. It produces a grand protection if one doesn't overdo things. And Pluto in the 12th is a powerful protector as well, in some very mysterious ways.

Patricia H

Thanks Robert.

I spent 6 months in school this past year, don't really feel like pursuing education any further at this point.

I have however, been applying for jobs in educational/academic settings.

I have also discovered that I want to relocate to another town.

And I have been meeting more people from other cultures than ever before, which I know has to do with Jupiter. I am always fascinated with "the other."

As far as, body weight. I am thin at the moment, and will make sure that I watch my diet carefully over the next year or so, as I am not fond of gaining weight.

Of course, with Saturn in Virgo, (Saturn is one of my rulers), it shouldn't be too hard to stick to a healthy diet.




I guess it does not apply to me - calming down does not apply here, getting rid of frustrations is even harder.

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