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Hi Robert,

Thanks for being there!! : )

I am wondering, amateur that I am ... in my chart everything is compacted up in the upper left part of the chart, rather than being spread out over the chart as some are. I'm learning. What does this usually indicate in the way of lessons?

Ever learning!!

Thanks : )


It will be awesome. In 2009-2012 Uranus-Jupiter in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn which will be squared also by Saturn in Libra!
Sounds a big transformation is coming.
Society (capricorn), relationships (libra) and wars/beginnings maybe (aries)?


I was glad Uranus will enter my 5th house and from final degrees of Pisces and first degrees of Aries will trine my late Cancer/early Leo stellium (Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Venus) in 9th. Plus Jupiter landing.

But I didn't take account of this Saturn 11th-Pluto 2nd resistances, althought Saturn will be sextile to these planets. It's like fresh aire will arrive at a higher cost?. Or does it imply a much more dinamic process?. It won't be "clean" Uranian trines to personal planets, anyway.

Any insight is welcome, only if you consider this is relevant information to comment on.

Thanks teacher.


Hi Lori - Too much to go into here. The art and science of astrology is about synthesis. Studying the Jones Patterns can be of help.

Hi Popplagid - I have no doubt that war will be with us until enough say "enough" and are willing to live in ways that demonstrate that "war is over if we want it."

Hi Henry - Saturn sextiles show productivity over time, building the stellium's ability to know truth from irrelevance. Both Saturn and Uranus will build your Cancer/Leo throwing energies into late Cap and Aquarius, despite the generic chaos indicated by the squares and oppositions. The trines are "clean," though the circumstances are dynamic.


Hi Robert. We just had an awesome full moon group here. The moon was huge and strikingly beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky. We decided to take a break from being so serious and instead had a pumpkin carving party. It was a lot of fun. One of our families have their spouse/parent returning safely from Iraq tomorrow, so it was a time of joy and celebration. The two young boys had so much fun carving pumpkins. It was very emotional when someone asked the 11 year old how he felt about his dad coming home. He said "too happy to even describe it." So war is now over because we really do want it to be. We want every parent to come home to their children now. We also want all the children in Iraq to feel safe and be able to sleep at night. No more bombs falling from the sky. Instead we will use that money to pay for medical care for poor children here at home. Now that is real family values!

I noticed "As noted, the Saturn-Pluto cycle we're culminating these next few years began 1981-83"......
It occured to me that this is when the Young Turks in Austin went to seed. I remember that you said then that the first group was regional with national implications, and the next group would be national with international implications. And so here we are. Congrats on establishing this platform as the basis for this particular new group of world servers. This cantina serves the best astrological nachos around. Not too spicy, just a little challenging, and what an incredible price. In closing, I bet you might refer to "Occult Preparations for a New Age" in part three. Thanks again for all you do for so many.
Tat Tvam Asi

Cindy Wineburgh

Thanks, Robert, for your esoteric astrology work! It is always consoling for me through the vicissitudes of my particular life. I've gone through 12 years of Pluto transiting my first house - lots of changes, some painful, some wonderful (the foreign travel I'd waited a lifetime for). Now Pluto enters my second house and over my Moon, Mercury, and Sun. traditionally this is explained as I will lose everything I know and hardly recognize myself at the end. However, how can I lose what I already don't have (so much already taken)? Your columns offer hope that there will be something besides my own personal loss, failure, and fear to live through. I am rereading the Magic of Space materials and remembering the part of my life doing spiritual practice in LA years ago ... thanks again! (we finally lost the home we were being asked to leave a year ago, without any public fuss with the hostile new attorney/neighbor next door - I still wonder how long we will be in new place esp with Pluto transiting both our Suns)


Hi dcu - Definitely war no more! And definitely good not to get too serious, lest we forget this place is supposed to be about love and play. Thanks for reminding me of things I forgot I said, since it seems to be happening faster these days than I could have anticipated. "Goin' mobile" as the Who once sang. Love the people who visit this cantina. Glad I don't have to be a bouncer too often! "Aum Tat Sat - Sure Why Not?" - Zap/Bob Crumb

Hi Cindy - Pluto doesn't necessarily take everything away, just that which is obsolete or corrosive to your higher purpose. Definitely will deepen your values, making them even more timeless than they were before. And yes, there ARE greater things that can result from tragedy and personal loss, if we are determined to be our Higher Self regardless of outer conditions. Pluto on the Sun strips your Light of all lesser conditions, and represents the laser focus of your Eternal Light, Love and Truth. Live with the pressure, surrender all to Divine Mother, renounce all fear and lesser methods and thoughts, and stand purified of anything that can seduce you into being less than you forever ARE.

mary ellen

I just finished reading this awesome article and feel a very deep Truth ringing throughout that tells me ....... Oh boy ... get ready.... transformation here we come!!! I'm already undergoing a strong transformation but feel like.."I haven't seen anything yet!"
I have studied astrology for years but not in depth... enough to get an idea of what this is saying. I am a teacher and student of A Course in Miracles and know there is a speed up occurring and that old ideas are radically changing and a New way to See is emerging. I have a lot of Capricorn (SUN), Libra (rising) and Aries (moon) in my chart and I am way interested in a more in depth reading.
Do you do readings for people. If you do where can I find more info on this??
Thank you,

Mary ELlen

leslie p.

hi robert,

i have just begun to study this saturn/pluto square, as i noticed it is happening next year just as saturn is conjuncting my ascendent (libra). seems like it will be intense! any additional insight on the impact, considering the conjunction to my ascendent?



Hi Mary Ellen - Sorry for the delay, but your comment dropped off the sidebar before I could notice it back in June. You can find more about my personal sessions by going to the left hand link on the sidebar of this site.

Hi Leslie - I've had Saturn in my first house from 2005-2008, and it's definitely put me through a rigor of training for where I'm at right now. It will end an old self image and over time help you to claim your experience in ways that give your personality gravitas. For starters, you may want to go to Saturn Transits Pt. 1 - What Happens when it Conjuncts the Ascendant or a Planet? and read all three parts of that series. There are other articles in the archives as well, so enjoy exploring!


Hi Robert,
Uranus is currently retrograding over my Sun at 18' Pisces in the 2nd and so the Uranus-Saturn opposition will hit that exactly in November. I am at college and have alot of debt linked to property, loans and credit cards and also to my Dad and to my ex, which I cant pay back. Pluto has been transiting my Mars at 28'40'' of Sagittarius. I have been feeling really bad all year, on a real rollercoaster. I am feeling very stuck and kind of in pain, emotionally. There seems to be no end to it. My Leo partner left me last November and started dating a girl end August, after the eclipses (you predicted our dance would change!) someone he had met May/June 2007. Pluto is just under 4' now from squaring his Pluto-Venus conjunction in Libra. We are still in touch and due to speak to one another.

Now Pluto is in the mix with Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus, its hard to make sense of whats in front of me and I'm finding it hard to let go of my old life, eventhough it appears to already have gone. It all feels like things will get shakier in 2009 !?


Hi Alison - Well, your life is certainly in revolution mode, and you're learning a lot about how to be an equal in relationships! Sorry you're in so much debt - that's the way most people stay enslaved throughout their lives. I would think that Jupiter in Capricorn could help you organize things for the long haul. Get clear about wants vs needs, stop fretting over people already gone, and be willing to rise to your individual uniqueness. In fact, right now with Mars in Scorpio, you should be able to break through productively in many areas. As a great one once said, "Action speaks louder than suffering!" Open to your blessing and protection, stop worrying and being held back by ghosts and echoes of memories of perceptions, and begin to affirm your willingness to move on into newer, better circumstances. You could probably use to read "The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn" (by Ms. Shinn) or "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. Flo was the grandmother of affirmations, and is still the gold standard. If you have problems with religious terminology, then just get the core principles regardless. Your life can turn around within a week or less, and it's all in your own hands!


Hi Robert, this entering of Saturn in virgo, with Pluto in capricorn makes me wander what would happen as i have sun, moon, rising sign all in cardinal seems many struggles are on the way. I hope other aspects will be helpful to release all those tensional aspects.
Thank you very much for your teachings.



Hi Suryamukhi - Of course there are always other influences that help us build productively even as we release energies or change direction at the squares. You're welcome.


Hi Robert,

Thanks for reply, but what do you man by "change direction at the squares?"


Hi Suryamukhi - The squares move us to confront something from new quadrants of activity. We are forced at a square to release or demonstrate something, or turn the energies of what is squared to a different direction. To make a correct corner of a building may require hammering to assure a perfect 90 degree angle, but on that corner we can build a skyscraper. Building a life often requires that we "square" ourselves with reality.


Hi Robert,

Thank you, nicely said, i understand the point now. You are using the right words and examples to enlighten us.

pat nield

Hi Robert, This is going to be interesting for my chart next year. I have 29degrees of Pisces,Gemini, Virgo and Sag on my 1st,4th,7th and 10th houses respectively.
I've always been an advocate for being self sufficient rather than be at the mercy of overly priced goods and services. Maybe I hope, I wil finally get the independance of fending for myself inmost part. I just hope I'mt not too old to do it. I was born in 1946 with Pisces sun, venus, ascendant and moon mars, sat in cancer jupiter in libra, south node in 9th. Interesting days ahead.


Hi Pat - I suspect the recent Venus conjunct Mars on your Ascendant has already jumpstarted your life in some interesting directions. Regard this as a preparation for the major adventures coming your way in 2010. Whatever offers itself, go for it!


Hi Robert - this current saturn pluto square bought me to this page.

I have venus at 1 degrees libra and pluto/sun/mars + uranus all in libra stellium in 5th/6th - I know pluto is squaring that pt at the moment and I have had significant events happen since Feb 08 on the exact degree/minute of my venus when pluto moved forwards and backwards squaring it activating it to the minute - but the last one has really surprised me - I had no idea, did not expect it and don't know what will happen now. I knew something was going to happen last weekend when pluto hit that same point again but could never have guessed or wanted it. And it is not involving me really but is.

what does that final movement forward of pluto indicate? do you ever do online private consultations?


Hi libran - Pluto waxing square shows emergent radical purifications in the planets it squares. This influence happens for a long time regardless of when it's exact. This is the emergence of a long term era in a larger life cycle. The exact point is like being in eye of a hurricane. The hurricane is there for a while before, and a while after, so take a larger view of how your Venus is getting cleaned out in major ways. Of more importance is how you will respond to Saturn as it crosses all zones in Libra.

I do private sessions, but not online. We set it up via email whether you want to be on the phone or not, and I record tracks that I email to you. You can find more by going to the left sidebar to the link "for personal appointments."

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