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my dearest Robert,no wonder my working schedule had started to look like being hit by aa typhoon..out of no where,starting 3 day ago,my workload had increased millions time that I have to look after till end of next month...feel like suddenly am breathless already....


Thank you, thank you Robert for these last three articles.

Now, can you possibly help me make more meaning of this please:
In July 31 2010, Saturn (and Mars) in Libra make a conjunction with my natal Sun+IC, Pluto in Capricorn makes a conjunction with my Mars and Uranus in Aries makes a conjunction with my MC, all in that T-square.
Will be very grateful for a beam of light from your side.


Uranus slips into Aries May 2010 and immediately is lower (waxing) square to Pluto, showing an emergent force both braking and releasing Plutonic force through Uranian forms. That should be an extremely volatile and exciting time, where the unexpected shows up on a daily basis.

if i wasn't mistaken that sounds like being invaided and bombed by a foreign country, uranium... bombs...? the extremely volatile and unexpected ... that shows up on a daily basis.

just what i got out of it.



Thanks for your ever fascinating articles.

My natal chart shows 0 degree Uranus in Cancer and a True Node at 7 degrees Aries (2-25-50, detroit, 7:50 pm), can you speculate how this time might throw me off? Would like to keep my balance.

Since these are more universal planets, will it affect generations differently?

Thanks much,


Dear Robert, thank you for your insightful articles. Please help me make sense of my life and the chaos surrounding it. I was born June 27 1969 in Florida.

After two beautiful years together, although he loves me my boyfriend wants to be single again, does not want to commit to a deeper partnership and responsibility. He was born in Feb 20 1976 in Kingston, Ontario. My wonderful non-profit job that I believe in totally is not receiving financial support and we will probably have to make plans to close up shop. I am looking at transition in home -- moving out of my boyfriend's apartment -- transition in job -- and although I am surrounded by love I feel like I am on shifting sands, unsure of myself and fragile.

My boyfriend loves me very much, my work is so inspiring to everyone who learns about it, and yet I feel like I haven't reached the logical conclusions in either arena. Please help -- thank you.


Hi ann - Some of us are working until the end of time! ;-) We can only hope the rumours of 2012 being "that" will help us move into work that isn't quite so strenuous and a lot more fun! Again, take care of yourself. As I've noted for years, there are no rewards in heaven for trying to go beyond your safe limits and hinder your ability to do good work in the future.

Hi fidant - Well, it seemed as though so many want to know the inside skinny on what's coming these articles were a perfect fit for the times. You'll reap rewards for your perseverance and persistence, and should be able to show your genius to your world in ways that make you the perfect expression of the principle of Divine Economy of Energy leading to radical transformations. You could very well become an agent of large scale change depending on how you educate yourself these next few years.

Hi Robyn - We on Earth have a terrible karma to pay for not learning we are in fact "our brother's keeper." There are many "bombs" and "revolutionary developments" that may or may not involve the weapons of war, but rather events beyond anyone's control since they were set into motion in the past, e.g., NOW. We could mitigate or shift the future in major ways if we could collectively dream, realize, apply, and then utilize what we already have, but that's something very few have learned so far.

Hi Michael - It will throw the areas ruled by Uranus and involving the early Cardinal degrees into dynamic shift. Early Capricorn is good for your Pisces, so you should be doing fairly well over the next few years even though Saturn opposed your Sun the next several months will teach you what you must take public and what you must not, as well as the limits in your ability to control or be controlled by others or circumstances. You, like many others, will go through "a liberating ordeal" next Spring, so enjoy. And yes, it will affect different generations differently, depending on which planets are aspected and what houses they're in and what they rule.

Hi Cecelia - Stop worrying about what someone else thinks or doesn't. You're in charge of your destiny and fulfilling your Divine Purpose. If someone doesn't want to dance, that's their issue, not yours. Better to be single and be able to embrace your "twin flame" than be married with someone who isn't. Closing up shop opens you to newer things more appropriate to your evolved self. Your fragility is an illusion, though it is an affect of your compassion and willingness to embrace foreign ideas and ways which can be difficult, depending. Stop looking for "logical conclusions" in a time dominated by The Grand Irrationality. Please reread stuff I've written on that to get a better understanding of the weird soup we're all swimming in. Just love yourself with such complete compassion and total commitment to growing into your best self that you forget you and become YOU.


Hi Robert,

My hope has always been that the world will learn a simple truth - that outer appearance means nothing - only the spirit within. If certain individuals would cease to have fear of one another - think of how much could be learned, how enriched one could be?

It's the spirt within that matters.



Hi Robert....thank you :) you are very take note of future event,its about time that I just go with the flow at the same time letting my hair down a bit..guess,too serious with my work ya? :)


What I hope that may be Uranus-Pluto coming square:
radical shifts in the ways we deal with mainly money/economy and our attitude to countries and governmental organization (ruled by capricorn), and maybe a bit on science and technology and environment (maybe peaking when pluto crosses aquarius)

Definitely uranus in aries with jupiter sounds to be like big changes in countries, social or technological revolutions and maybe lots of tension

I do, like you, envision a world where peace is stronger in 2020 but not with big changes happening now and in next five-ten years

Lori Flory

Hi Robert,

Oct 31, 2007, Neptune goes Direct (at 19°Aq15' in my 3rd House) and will be Square my Scorpio Ascendant.

Neptune went retrograde last May 24 22Ò›02'Ñ. Natally I have Neptune in Scorpio 01°Sc07' as well as being Scorpio Rising 22°Sc59'. My natal venus is also in Scorpio at 08°Sc48'.

November 1 Mercury will go direct back into my 11th house. My natal Mercury in Virgo is 11°Vi42'

Next month November 15, Mars goes retrograde in my 8th house. 12Ò”27'Ñ ¥. It will go direct 30 Jan 24Ò“05' ¥.

Thanks for being the blessing that you are!


Hi Lori - Spirit is ALL that IS. I believe the coming upheavals will compel us all to witness the Eternal Divinity in each of us rather than the external differences which often divide us. We are the midwives and midhusbands for an era almost unimaginable to our present divided and troubled world. As for Neptune in your chart - do not take the outer triad personally. They simply do not work that way, as they represent forces "beyond our control" that affect many at the same time. Your natal Neptune shows its good for you to surrender on a feeling level to new life chapters. Your Venus is in the Grand Irrationality, so factor that in to why you've hit a fork in the road in Venus ruled areas. Saturn on your Mercury shows the need for mental-verbal discipline, so return to the student state, studying, reading, and writing. Train your brain and you'll be doing well by this time next year.

Hi ann - Taking things seriously in a seriously troubled world is natural, but humor is the great leveler, and reminds us that "if we don't have a sense of humor, it's not funny" (to quote Wavy Gravy). And "they" say angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

Hi Popp - The square will no doubt usher in radical transformation, in governments, laws, and new ways of viewing the concepts of independence as well as interdependence. Pluto in Aquarius will sprout the seeds of the coming era which were awakened during Uranus in Aquarius and are now being weaved into collective consciousness with Neptune there. Uranus in Aries should bring tech revolutions that will radically change the way we believe things are. And yes, there will be breakdowns, breakthroughs, and breaking away from old paradigms during the next few years. It may be the end of an age, but it won't be the end of the world. Those who learn to "think in the future" will be those who do best in the years to come.


So Pluto transiting Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius has sprout the seeds about relationships, transformation and travelling/religion that were awakened during the 70-80s.
I am now trying to see the chain.
Pluto transforms now and sprouts now the seeds for transforming religion and travelling, or maybe country expansion that were seeded during the 80s. Yes, in Europe, EU was seeded during the 70s and now it is sprouting or confronting its power issues.
And that time it sprout the seeds for new relationships (late 60s and 70s, for sure!)

During next years, Pluto will be in Capricorn.
So, seeds exposed during the late 80s and 90s (like the berlin wall fall and end of soviet regime) may come again to the fore.

And since, definitively, when Uranus was in Aries last time it was during the late 20s and early 30s, a time of big change and shifts. So, new technological revolutions and big shifts will lie ahead again.

Economy shifts, like that that happened in 1929, conjunted with new tech breakthroughs, confronting issues with russia and within europe, and for us, it may be that that was lurking during the 60-70s, so, a new hippe-like stage may develop eventually in five years (even more that Pluto-Uranus occured that time and now we will have the square).

For Neptune: the awakening ideas about pisces archetype coming to the fore now, will evade mass consciousness by 2012 (that may be, instead of aquarian science, a more piscean feeling for helping, transcending, simplifying, burning karma maybe too, and changng religion - starting 2012 onwards)
But before uranian scientific discoveries or events shall happen.


Hi Popplagid - Yes, very good. Seeds have sprouted in all the sectors you name. Pluto does sprout, as well as purify. EU is truly going through changes. Yes, I do believe that as Pluto moves through Cap it will transform governments, especially totalitarian ones. China could even have a split between north and south. Uranus in Aries in the late 20s and 30s set fascism into motion, which at the time was considered a revolutionary alternative to Bolshevism. The flowering of the 60s was a convergence of many social forces all striving for greater human rights and compassion. Too bad we were naive enough to believe that it would last forever! May the future bring forth another flowering that topples the selfish violent governments who exploit the masses for personal power and profit. I'm looking forward to Pluto in Aquarius, when power mongers will crumble before the Truth of the Oneness we ALL are together, now and forevermore. It may take awhile, but the end of this exploiting, suffering-producing system will be seen within our lifetimes. Aum Namah Shivaya!


Hi Robert --

I keep thinking about the comparison you made between the waxing Uranus/Pluto square in the 1870's and the upcoming one: "the 1870's was a brutal time to be alive if you were a Native American". I can see how the land grab of that period connects with Pluto in Taurus. Looking ahead to Pluto in Capricorn, will it be the middle class who will step in the role previously played by the Native Americans?


Hi Jane - Well, we ARE in the middle of one of the larger "land grabs" in recent memory by the bankers from the people. The transfer of wealth from the middle class to the privileged class over the past 8 years has been obscene, and completes the looting by the rich of the US begun under Reagan. Cheney and his friends have certainly profited enormously from their ability to control what goes where in the government budget these past 28 years.

In the 1870s our government resorted to widespread brutality, violence, and genocide when the preexisting inhabitants objected to the government violating treaties, basic human rights, and even the laws of our land. For example, in 1871 the Indian Appropriation Act made tribal members wards of the state rather than preserving their rights as members of sovereign nations. Sounds like Big Brother to me! It also allowed our government to pursue genocide during the middle part of the decade to "deal with" those who didn't like having their sovereign rights taken away!

That time featured a fraudulent presidential election as well as the rise of monopolists and government corruption by big business. In that era the favored classes bought their "rights" while everyone else got the shaft. Not to be too obvious, but you will note that was a time of Republican Party dominance of political affairs. I guess some things never change.

I do believe that Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries could make it a hot time for the powers that be, since that is a pugnacious, exuberantly self reliant and expansive "flame on!" type of energy. Definitely "rebellious Chi" will be in the air.


Hi Robert,
could You give some hints what will happen in or with Russia and how it will influence Europa and other surrounding countries (for example Georgia - not the US Georgia...)? It's obvious who will win these elections and the climate is really authoritarian (I was in Moscow in Oct and it reminded so much of Soviet time, except the terrible amount of cars and western advertisment), but what impact these critical celestial aspects will have there? It's also clear that Russia has a plan to use energy (gas) as a tool for influencing Europa and may-be even US and I can't understand why politicians are so eager to give them this tool, instead of looking for other energy sources. I don't know what coud be the correct "birth time" for Russia, perhaps You know this better.

Thank You!


Hi Ruuta - Well, Russia's chart would be when a "final" Constitution took effect after the transition from the dissolution of the old USSR. Though there was an interim Constitution, Yeltsin rammed through the present Constitution by referendum on Dec 12, 1993. Georgia's chart would be whenever it got its new Constitution after the breakup. As for politicians using tools to oppress the citizenry, well, that seems to be a given in our "modern" era. And other energy sources will come forth over the next 1500 days based in present tech breakthroughs that will have the politicians scrambling to keep up!


Robert you are brilliant, but for a moment I would like you to look at history without any preconceived notions. I was looking at “Explaining the Squares and Oppositions of 2009-2010-2011-2012-2013 Pt.3 - Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn”

You were making comparison of this period with “late 1968 with a brief reprise Spring 1969. Sounds like the Beatles and the 60s blossoming of a new global culture to me! (The fact that it was smashed down by the police state after that has no bearing on the real, global consciousness experience that so many felt for so many years.)”

I was there as a reporter in Chicago in 1968. The blossoming of a new global culture was betrayed from within. IT WAS POLITICIZED.

The new culture was transcendently based. It was spiritual but the group that descended on Chicago from NYC (where I live now) politicized and attached the status quo physically. The response was physical and way out of proportion, but the “betrayers” knew it would be.

Hippie became Yippie and the spiritual and transcend based was almost totally destroyed. The focus was no longer on the transcendent but the physical and so came SDS et all for the next two generations. The spiritual aspect was decimated.

I just ask you to look at that in light of what is coming. It is so easy to betray the transcendent as both Buddha and Jesus could testify to if they were in a testifying mode. Thanks Felix


Hi Felix - Yes, I agree that the forces of violence and self indulgence did in fact cooperate to destroy the ideal, since it was then easy for the "law and order" Nixon-Mitchell machine to cut loose. But this article is not confined to 68-69. I only noted this is a turning point for the larger cycle that began in 1962, long before the Yippies or even Hippies existed.

As you no doubt know, the early to mid-60s were a time when the free speech movement, the civil rights movement, the environmental movement, the antiwar movement and the woman's liberation movement converged. Of course these were to some degree "political," since through the political process important changes were initiated on a national level.

I note that the violence didn't start in 68-69. There were many violent confrontations that ignited many areas due to civil rights marches in the early 60s, and again in many cities in 65, 66, and 68, mostly from pent-up frustration with the lack of recognition or progress by society at large for the real issues that concerned millions of Americans. The multi-Summer LA riots, for example, happened because long standing issues of lack of health care facilities, lack of educational equity, and many other things that had never been addressed while studied to death since the 1930s finally became too much to bear. While I never agreed with the violence, it becomes understandable if you're seeing your children killed on the streets while the elderly sick suffer and die and there's no hospital to go to for many miles even as you watch the rich get all the health care money can buy (within minutes!) for their hangnails.

I'm not sure we have ever had a truly "transcendent" movement or focus in society at large. There was no consciously "spiritual" aspect to whatever was transpiring in mainstream society in America in the 60s, other than the consciences of many giving voice to the desire for social reforms. Here I agree with something Rudhyar said to the effect that since the "spiritual," a.k.a. the "esoteric wisdom-tradition," is the true counterculture, it always is unacknowledged by society. The accepted "counterculture" is ever just more of the socially sanctioned same, but usually younger, more daring and willing to experiment, but not grounded in any true spiritual practices. Simply because something runs counter to or challenges the assumptions of the official culture does not make it "spiritual."

Mostly the 60s were about striving for forms of social equality and justice as a reaction to 50s Amerika with its heavy-handed racist, sexist, paranoid DDT spraying culture. And politicians and Bull Connor style cops couldn't give a flip for anything anyone would call "spiritual." It wasn't Martin's spirituality that got JFK to send Bobby and the Marshals to free him from jail. It was the threat to tell preachers to tell their congregations to sit on their hands in the Nov 2002 Congressional elections that set a fire under JFK making him actually DO something more than give lip service to the civil rights movement.

With the passing of the Age of Pisces, the Age of Betrayal is soon ending. The Age of Cooperation is entering. Buddha and St. Issa the Christ demonstrated that the betrayal is always from someone else, never from the Teacher who Walks the Walk. As we Walk that Walk, though we may experience lesser and greater betrayals (or perhaps not) we can always live our Divine Integrity. We are the Ideal we seek. Eventually the era of separateness will pass, and there will be no more betrayals. Until then, we practice living our Truth, and "take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha," or if you prefer, the Wisdom, the Way, and the Community. What's coming may be difficult and destructive of old forms, but it will yield an era more glorious than most can imagine. Thanks for checking in, my Brother journalist.

Healing Mudras

You just have a way to explain things so clearly that it made so much sense of what i was understanding already!

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