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Hi Robert,

What is happening in LA? I know you were out there. Is there any astrological basis for what is happening i.e. the fires?




Hi Helen - Will post something soon. Right now, enjoy the look at coming squares and oppositions that will show global changes affecting everyone for as long as we all live. Two more articles on the same subject coming the next two days.


Uranus is going to conjunct my asc and saturn will be conjunct my saturn. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out. All on top of my saturn return!


Hello Robert,

Thanks to Aquariuspapers that have inspired me to gain a deeper understanding of the astrological influences on my personal life as well as regarding the times we are in. I am simply amazed by the generous sharing of so much pertinent knowledge here. Many Thanks!

I have just begun to understand, read and interpret my chart and am very new to it and so need to understand some fundamentals. For eg,

1. when you say in the above article (it being true for so many others as well that I've been reading) - "...If we have planets or sensitive points anywhere in late Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius, we will be directly affected by this opposition..."

What range of degrees is considered 'late'? And adding to that, what degrees would be 'early'?

2. "...If this applies to you, prepare to be trained in how to be the highest manifestation of whatever planet in your chart is affected..."

Here, I suppose the reference is to the positon of planets in our NATAL CHART. Right? Just to understand it correctly.

I have,
Moon in Virgo - 23°27'01, in house 8 and
Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius - 23°43'42, in house 11.
Am attempting to understand it.




Hi saggal - Welcome to your very own revolution, with you as initiator and recipient of rewards for diligence, organization, and responsibility!

Hi Freewheelin' - Glad you like what's served at the cantina. Early in a sign to me are the first 9 degrees, but of course that's variable, just like the last 9 degrees are the late degrees of a sign. The opposition will take place in the last few degrees of their signs, so it will specifically affect planets in the last 5 degrees of those signs intensely. As for your second question, it could be natal, progressed, or even a Solar Return planet, each of which has their own meaning and application. Your Moon and Mercury will be opposed by Uranus for a long while in 2008-2010, while you should study the exact times Saturn crosses them, since it'll start affecting them in 2008 and last until it goes into Libra.


Robert, what would mean when uranus on my piscean first house is opposed to saturn transiting my seventh, particularly when saturn will be also conjunting my natal mars in 0º Libra, and Uranus will be closely oposing it.
This is a point on my chart right right at the cusp of 1-2 and 7-8th houses.
Surely I am quite aware and happy with my first and seventh houses influences right now, but since by then the axis will be focusing nearly at 2-8th houses.
Note: in two years from now, i shall shift carrers and be buying possibly a rural house (for reconstruction) for getting a path of self-sufficient and natural living with my mate.


Hi Robert,

So with Sun at 29 Pisces and Pluto at 28 Virgo...does this opposition have high craziness potential for me?

Hope you are all safe and sound in SoCal.

Elizabeth that was the time of the spanish flu...that could cause a great depression.

Okay, now I'm getting depressed! Please shed some positive light here.



Okay, I've come down from the ledge now. :-)

If I look more closely, the times of the saturn opposition uranus seem to coincide with the presidential election..early november and then inauguration. Can we see a bright spot here and consider that this opposition will bring balance to our world relationships if we choose the correct president?? I like this possibility much better.



Hi Popplagid - You'll be learning unique ways to express your liberated Piscean qualities while restructuring how you do your Mars. Should be a potential heavy spiritual initiation into a greater reality if you know what maturity and experience are showing you about your archetypal Mars function.

Hi Christine - Well, the journey out of what looked at times like Armageddon, then back in, then back out again en route to higher elevations was surreal at best and somewhat exhausting. The opposition in your chart can liberate your Sun, crystalize your Pluto, and help you find the self confidence you need in the midst of the global turmoil. Use your unfettered insights and incredible self discipline and you could very well be an associate to a power player who could change the world for the better according to a unique vision.

Hi Elizabeth - I'm sure there were other things going on than a global epidemic. ;-) As for elections, these oppositions last a lot longer than an election cycle, though they probably do have a correlation with some major changes, either for better or worse. As for "choosing the correct president," we did in both of the past two elections but when the vote machines are rigged, there isn't much chance for the guy who gets the most votes to win. Our future president will still be part of a completely dysfunctional system, bought and sold to the max, and unable to float or implement sound ideas due to the nature of the dystopic political machinery. Don't mean to sound like I'm on a downer, but I've been a political analyst for decades and then respected political blogger for a while more, and Dubya has screwed up our country and our world for decades to come. Billions for bombs while we ignore child slavery in Africa so we in Amerika can gorge ourselves on cheap chocolate.


Thanks Robert. And what means my coming Uranus 2nd house- Saturn 8th house axis in 2008-10?
Expressing my liberated piscean attitude to world around and values (2nd) with a shared resource responsbility (8th house)?
I do intent now to free more and more my attitude to money and come closer to nature. I would like to built my own home, possibly shared! :)



I know re: our current political disaster..I agree with you. Is there no hope though?



Hi Popplagid - May be your independent values and resources can be used in innovative ways to structure shared values and resources to leave a practical legacy. Eliminate useless worry and be discriminating in what you desire and how you attract it.

Hi Elizabeth - The hope is in our collective ability as bridge builders, renovators, and seed carriers to outlive and outlast the current exploitive chaotic system while maintaining values and resources that will be the foundation for positive achievement of future eras. Tech breakthroughs will end much of what is dysfunctional in our world, but we still have a lot of work to do regarding what are acceptable uses of power versus those that generate or perpetuate suffering. The system needs to collapse so other forms can be tried. It would be better if we could get the other forms in place so there would be no collapse, but the people in power who benefit from global suffering are not into anything that would lessen that power. So it is on us to generate and maintain positivity while cultivating the wisdom, the Way, and the community individually and collectively. Eventually this spell of violent delusions will pass and we shall see a radically different era with radically different assumptions about how things are and how we must relate to each other and all that is. Until then, the water's broken, we're in transition, and the baby's on the way. Welcome to the contractions of the world birthing a new era. Very hopeful despite the current upheavals.


Hi Robert,
Thanks for all your instructive articles. I was born with a 7 degree orb between Uranus and Saturn and the generational Neptune at 0 degrees Libra. As Mars activates the Saturn/Uranus opposition in 2010 with Saturn conjunct Neptune for many people lets hope the balance and justice of Libra prevail. How do you see generational planets in this set up? Neptune was also retro. at the time and has progressed back to the last degrees of Virgo. Regards Pamela.


Hi Pamela - Generational planets of course show collective experiences, where individuals get to respond according to the more personal planets. Certain generations will bring their gifts forth according to their unique and collective function in history. Those with Neptune on the cusp of Virgo/Libra will no doubt become agents of Saturn when it passes over that span, or perhaps crystalize their ideal in some useful form of discipline, organization, or mature response.


Hi Robert,

I have three plantes in my 10th house, with Uranus 14 50 Virgio, Pluto 16 Virgo, and Mars 20 Virgo. ALso Chiron is oppoiste in the fourth, 14 20 pisces, and i have Neptune in scoprpio 19, trine to the stellium, and Jupiter 16 40 trine to the Stellium too. Thats a grande cross isnt it ?

when you say -

"may be able to find ways and means to use those planetary skills to embody "the corrective force of Nature Herself" to bring resolution and/or breakthrough in situations"

I am actuly involved in a big global media project that could significantly affect this. Be fascinated to know how you think these aspects might affect my chart, and any clues to timing. Its already been one hell of a ride.

And just to add to the drama, i have a winter solstice Sun at 0 Degrees 22' capricorn that pluto is kicking off !


oh what i forgot to say there is that the juipter tht is 16 20 trine the stellium in virgo is in taurus on my 7th house cusp, and my midheaven is 7 45 virgo


Hi erol - No, a Grand Cross would involve 4 points all in square and opposition to the other points. What you have is a Rectangle configuration. Saturn will help give structure to your Virgo energies, which have been activated by the Grand Irrationality (as has your Sun). Pluto on your Sun is a very powerful and widespread influence, as well as extraordinarily intense. Saturn moving into your 10th shows a very high profile time of major responsibilities, so your project could very well take off. Blessings on any opportunity to become part of the "corrective force of Nature Herself." Having been part of creating and/or executing global projects in the past, I encourage you to do whatever it takes to continue to inform and promote the best and highest ideals for our world.


Hi Robert,
Uranus is currently retrograding over my Sun at 18' Pisces in the 2nd and so the Uranus-Saturn opposition will hit that exactly in November. I am at college and have alot of debt linked to property, loans and credit cards and also to my Dad and to my ex, which I cant pay back. Pluto has been transiting my Mars at 28'40'' of Sagittarius. I have been feeling really bad all year, on a real rollercoaster. I am feeling very stuck and kind of in pain, emotionally. There seems to be no end to it. My Leo partner left me last November and started dating a girl end August, after the eclipses (you predicted our dance would change!) someone he had met May/June 2007. Pluto is also 4' away from squaring his Pluto-Venus conjunction, as well as being on my Mars still. Is the Pluto transits we experienced linked to the Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus?

With all these major transits, its hard to make sense of whats in front of me and I'm finding it hard to let go of my old life, eventhough it appears to already have gone.


Sorry Robert, I think I posted this in the wrong place, I posted to the Pluto article, part 2. Thanks for your wonderful website, it is a joy!


Hi Alison - Will answer you there.


Hi Robert!.

Glad you returned to comments...
My Sun is at 29º degrees Cancer, my Jupiter at 25º degrees Taurus...just expecting some shake by transiting Uranus now everything is in "stand by" and this opposition is really harsh...I hope this hard aspect will not annihilate my transiting trines, perhaps they will manifest has opened a new view, but still new and uncertain...

Thanks and kind regards.


Hi Henry - Usually oppositions don't mitigate trines, but add awareness and force to those understandings. Stay in renovation mode when your Sun sextile Jupiter is active, and use Saturn's patience and organization to understand and harmonize Jupiter things even as it moves into long term sextile and quintile to your Sun. Demonstrate positive Scorpio and Capricorn traits.

Richard Duda

Hello Robert. Fascinating stuff indeed--especially as I am a Pisces born March '64!

In my chart, Saturn is opposite Uranus at 7 Virgo; Chiron & Mars at 15 & 18 Pisces are botth opposite Pluto at 12 Virgo (and Uranus); AND Sun and Mercury grouped in since they are both 24 to 26 Pisces (Mercury inconjunct). Saturn is at 29 Aquarius--and I know THAT is something important, too!--is rising. My ascendant is 17 Capricorn; Aqu. & Leo are inconjunct.

I know it's heavy stuff, but just WHAT it means, I would like to learn. Oh, and Pluto and Uranus are both 8th house, with the personal planets all 2nd house.

So, something to do with finances and work or personal values, and all that 8th house stuff.

Do you have any observations?


Chicago, Illinois

Richard Duda

Hello again Robert,

More to add since I've spent time reading your site and digesting.

I share with you the belief that there has been foment a-brewing and a revolution to come, especially since the election oddities and abuses of US government and power that we suffered through in the 2001-2009 period. Now I am even MORE sure that I join visionaries such as you in those predictions. I'm glad about that.

About my chart, and what I have thought about concerning the T-square, I have thought that lately I should be involved in the political scene. My chart ruler is Saturn in Aquarius, at 29 degree; my sun's ruler, Neptune, is conjunct MC, at 17 Scorpio; and my ascendant is 23 Capricorn, not 17--I must have been thinking of the Scorpion Neptune up there.

I have always found myself to be a catalyst in work environments, usually doing those Scorpian tasks or re-ordering, re-engineering, breaking down the old and building new while solidifying what worked.

So, add that to my question, and maybe others can benefit from what I share. Maybe within these next several transitional years, I will make my way into the belly of the beast!

I get tired of railing against my Facebook friends and sending mass emailings about politics that are met with a deafening silence.



I get the re-work, comrade. You've got the formula I understand. But things are getting complex messy, like collapsing, so I am unable to initiate any more. I'm more like crisis control now. I feel a need to stay open so I can be there. Never an end to the work, eh?


Hey Richard, you are indeed a catalyst. I'm initiating again. The problem of the invasive buckthorn has this naturalist wanting to close her eyes at the overrun of the critter species on local woodlands. It shades out new tree growth and it is everywhere. Monoocultures no good. I'm starting very local and taking it to the press. Like starting on one woodlot and doing the grunt work, and sharing the information for educational purposes. Got an 80 acre mess on the agenda for next year. Yikes!!! You are better than you know.

Not a good time for a pulled tendon: enlisting help, organizing a crew.


Hi Richard - Great vintage! The Beatles were in full swing then, and magic was in the air. What you're asking is beyond a comment stream. More the stuff of personal sessions and life long study! Your Virgo has been structured and matured after radical revolution thanks to Uranus. Uranus is awakening your Sun/Mercury, and Saturn gave it form in Sep-Oct 09. Jupiter began to expand your Saturn function, which you'll be riding into a new vector in Jan. Then Jupiter crossing through Pisces will show you how individualized you are, as well as how well the Saturn in Virgo structures can serve your future. 45 is a year of radical change. Keep following through on actions that further the vision of 44. As for politics, I was a well respected political blogger for many years, but I believe the work we do on ourselves and learning our skills in concert with spiritual brothers and sisters is the most important focus right now. No point wasting time or energy fighting the machine that's coming apart anyway. Better to build for the future than worry about what we cannot influence. The world of politics is not for the faint hearted or sensitive, since it's a meat grinder.

Hi caliban - We do what we can when we can, and then must rest when we cannot push any more. Yes, the work never ends, so it's best to stay open and adapt as needed. Getting in touch with the needs of the land that sustains us is paramount in the creative partnership indicated by this Full Moon.



Thanks for the info-packed, condensed analysis and your response in general.

What rings most true for me is "...Jupiter crossing through Pisces will show >>how individualized you are,<< as well as how well the Saturn in Virgo structures can serve your future. >>>45 is a year of radical change.<<< >>>>Keep following through on actions that further the vision of 44.<<<< ..."

For me, 44-45 has sofar been a cross-country relocation, and possibly another at least seasonal one--in January, of course!--and the completion of my already-in-progress education.

As for politicians, I believe most now are like captains set sail in a perfect storm they've never seen the likes of before, dealing with mutinous crew and potential pirates all around, and no safe harbor. Just when the wind dies, or when they think they've reached port, the calm becomes the eye of the storm or the port another hostile foreign place.

I'll stay out of that for now.

Thanks again.



Hi Richard - Yes, the world of politics is filled with pirates, treacherous straits, typhoons, and other nasty things. Better to wait until a more productive outlet shows itself. It may be politics, or not, so regard this as a training period.

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