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Thanks Robert! This helps me as well. This Mars transit is 12th house. And I can personally vouch for its influence in my Libra/Scorpio ruled 4th. Mars is trining my Scorp sun. But its influence on my Aquarian moon in the 8th is unclear. Mars is really stirring things up on my end. And with a certain flare for the transpersonal. It's T-squaring my Aries Saturn opp Libra Merc. And I suppose if I consider my progressed Venus in Cap, I'm dealing with a Grand Cross. Either way, it's been rigid cardinal stupidity. I have Libra affairs that are experiencing the most turmoil.

I did a few "return" charts a few months back. Mainly out of curiosity. I was surprised at how accurate they can be. My Mars return chart of 23+ Vir from Aug 2006 shows a "Cancer MC at 8 deg". Yikes!!!!!! Interestingly enough, my Mars Vir is in the 12th. My question is about the accuracy of a Mars chart(and me with both a Scorp Sun and Aries MC). If this Mars transit somehow represents my calling in this Mars cycle, I really don't want to be here. I really don't man. Is this chart perhaps just showing me where the aggravation will be?


Dear Robert Thank you once again for enlightening me . I am unfamiliar with a solar chart but intensely understand what I do know in astrology.My Mars 28'Taurus 12th,1'Gemini Asc. Woh!there is 3 of me.Some difficulties lay in the 10th hse area. With M.C,sth Node and Chiron conj in Pisces.Nth Node 4th Virgo,Pluto 3rd Virgo.Sun,Uranus,Venus Leo conj 3rd.
In regards to transits and aspects to the water signs,Neptune Scorpio 5th and yes aspects to that pisces 10th house.Mars in Cancer definately pushed me into my south node retreat.I AM A HERMIT CRAB AND I ASPIRE TO BE A FISH.In a Solar chart does this place Taurus Mars near my 10th house cusp? Do You start with the SUNS natal degree on the asc line?If I can decipher this right I know i will be spinning my own and families charts in my head for the next weeks or months. Slow methodical learning that merc in the 2nd hse.Possibly some saving grace for me.Thanking You Felita

Fawn Ryan

Dear Robert Thank you once again for enlightening me . I am unfamiliar with a solar chart but intensely understand what I do know in astrology.My Mars 28'Taurus 12th,1'Gemini Asc. Woh!there is 3 of me.Some difficulties lay in the 10th hse area. With M.C,sth Node and Chiron conj in Pisces.Nth Node 4th Virgo,Pluto 3rd Virgo.Sun,Uranus,Venus Leo conj 3rd.
In regards to transits and aspects to the water signs,Neptune Scorpio 5th and yes aspects to that pisces 10th house.Mars in Cancer definately pushed me into my south node retreat.I AM A HERMIT CRAB AND I ASPIRE TO BE A FISH.In a Solar chart does this place Taurus Mars near my 10th house cusp? Do You start with the SUNS natal degree on the asc line?If I can decipher this right I know i will be spinning my own and families charts in my head for the next weeks or months. Slow methodical learning that merc in the 2nd hse.Possibly some saving grace for me.Thanking You Felita


My sign in name is felita my other name is Fawn So much for my own exposure.Amusing to me. sorry for the typo confusion..aum aum and many more Felita


Hi Robert I read your posts often but this is my first comment. (I am also only an astrology beginner. I am confused as to how much notice I should take of mars retrograde. My asc is 2 degrees aries but uranus is almost conj my sun and pluto/jupiter are almost conj mc/sqr asc; which tell me to break away from constraints instead of holding back (mars retro).
I'd love some insight. Thanks for your time

planet sign degree motion
Sun Pisces 18°01'54 in house 12 direct
Moon Leo 17°48'52 in house 5 direct
Mercury Pisces 8°58'18 in house 12 direct
Venus Aquarius 3°44'21 end of house 10 direct
Mars Capricorn 27°56'30 in house 10 direct
Jupiter Cancer 1°02'58 end of house 3 direct
Saturn Capricorn 22°48'29 in house 10 direct
Uranus Capricorn 9°02'15 in house 10 direct
Neptune Capricorn 14°10'02 in house 10 direct
Pluto Scorpio 17°41'47 in house 8 retrograde
True Node Aquarius 16°17'31 in house 11 retrograde

Micheline  Cloutier

great article
ya its weird but when you think of it if mars is retro like it is now then your passion is kind of low or dormant, mine seems to be right..... mars in cancer is making a hit to the only planet soon, not now, but the part of fortune, perhaps it will help infuse more passion to the part of fortune, certainly, my part of fortune in cancer is not very strong right now, that is the energy we push through that area,
my p of f sits in my 11th house, i am not feeling very nurturing, i see this in my thinking, the way i am dealing with people, i do not feel like being very sensitive, over sensitive kids are driving me mad, making me thing, jeez kid get it together, stop being such a wimp, and upon reflecting on this i realise that normaly i would be very sensitized and sympathetic, interesting huh, and also to myself, i am being really tough with myself on my feelings and my inner psychology, of how i think i should be reacting and dealing with things....
thanks for the article


Morning Robert and all,
Thinking and reflecting on the article and have I found it useful. I have Picies 5 Asc and Nept 6 (opps Merc) and Jupiter 27 in Scorp (9th house) to consider as part of the mix re: Mars Retro. My thinking process and more importantly, my understanding of the past is changing.
On another note, I must admit I am unsure of what weight to give the solar chart in comparison to the natal.
Finally, I keep thinking of you, and all that Aries...that is a lot of Aries!It certainly gives you a unique perspective at this time.
Thanks again


Hi Stevo - As Mars is in Cancer, it is influenced by your Moon, which rules it for awhile. The aspects from T Mars to your N Moon will show you what emotional or habitual stuff you're having to rework or redo. Yes, you're dealing with a Grand Cardinal Cross. It's been a prog T-square due to your P Venus already releasing energies into Cancer, now activated by Mars. When Mars is in the exact zone, it's showing you how to deal in the present using skills from the past to address lifelong Merc-Sat issues of narrow focus, lack of imagination, and forms of mental slavery. Mars return charts are always interesting. However, remember to keep the focus narrowed to only Mars stuff. There is a tendency to look at it as an all-encompassing influence, which it is only in its specific realms of influence. You are now finishing up your last Mars return chart, as Mars has been and will be upper square your natal Mars. Of course this influences your Sun and MC since they are Mars ruled. But it's more about YOUR response to YOUR Mars energies at this phase of your life than some negative thing external to you. And yes, of course a Mars return chart would show us where our aggravations would come from in the subsequent two years. Just remember it's always within. The external merely precipitates the potential Yin or Yang response already programmed within us.

Hi Felita - To calculate the Solar chart, you put the Solar degree as though it is the Asc, and then each house is that degree of the next sign. Based in what you've given me, your Sun is about 8 Leo. That puts 8 Virgo on the Solar 2nd, 8 Libra on the Solar 3rd, etc. 8 Taurus on the Solar 10th would place your Mars in the Solar 10th. BTW - Happy Jupiter return! 2008 should be great for you. There are many new developments to come when Mars is direct and conjuncts your Mercury as Jupiter conjuncts your Saturn. Your chart holds great promise once you get clear about what unique straightforward liberating roles you want to play on the world stage and stop vacillating or procrastinating hoping to make things more perfect over time. See yourself as a custodian of some long term important social values.

Hi Gigi - Welcome to non-lurker status. ;-) We all should take note of Mars RX, since it is showing us things we need to undo or redo, and is a time to slow down and not get aggravated at the change of pace where a lot just won't get done as quickly as we are used to. Uranus IS conjunct your Sun, so welcome to your very own revolution. You've been shown your wisdom since last Spring, while Saturn showed you places where you had to restructure your emotional response between Autumn 2006 and Summer 2007. You have been and are breaking free of constraints, but for now must slow down and examine the understanding you're getting from Mars trine your Mercury. Good for learning things quickly. Jupiter is quintile your Mercury and will soon quintile your Sun while sextile your Mercury, then sextile your Sun for several months, while the whole time Jupiter opens all your Cap planets to a new 12 year adventure. 2008 should be a very productive period.

Hi Micheline - Yes, Mars is slowing a lot down, internal and external. However, I'm finding it's great for measured activity that conserves energy rather than wastes it. Mars RX on the Part of Fortune is giving you a different take on your joy, wealth, and well being. Rework some things, revisit some things, redo some things, and you should be living your joy more fully by next March. FYI, I also am having feelings about whining people needing to just get it together and grow up. It's a different form of sensitivity. Maybe Mars RX in Cancer is forcing everyone to toughen up a little?

Hi Diane - As I pointed out to another commenter in one of the streams, the Solar chart is as important as the Asc chart, but in a different way, since it's based in the Sun, the integrating principle and heart-core of our Being. It is our Solar patterning rather than the patterning of the uniqueness of the time of the day we were born conditioning our view of external apparent reality. And yes, my Aries does show that I tend to do my own thing in my own way, not really knowing how to do it any other way. And of course, the Sun, exalted in Aries, shows that the grounds for greatest growth in achieving illumination is through self-realization, and instead of being our lesser self, become our Greater Self.


Hi Robert, Thank You again
You are a blessing for me at this time,part of my Jupiter return.Your positive tactful advice demonstates your complete compassion.i am ready to group it all together now and take action when mars is direct.i will throw some sunshine from downunder your way.You will feel it.Taking my dog to the beach.MY DOG...small story demonstrating the links in life..My dog is pluto scorp rising. gemini sun,taurus moon like my son, He also has merc in cancer,venus in Leo,mars in Taurus like myself .A definate meant to be partnership, He was bought for me by a close friend as a puppy and being A Gemini dog likes to change his owner and mind from time to time.Have a beautiful day.Aum Shanti Felita.


Hi Felita,

Definitely, as Robert says, put your Sun degree as the rising degree.
You will have a natal chart that works as good as with the normal rising. But perhaps the rising chart is slighty more prominent.

Strikingly, I tried also to trace natal charts for other planets, holding their position as the rising degree, as I got fantastic results and insights!
For example, if you got Venus in 6º Aqu, you would get 6º Aqu rising, 6º Pisces for second house, 6º Aries for third house, and so on, for a chart representing your venusian influences and events.

In my own case, I saw clearly that the transits over my venus chart correlated well with my love life, the transits over my moon chart with my changes in residence and emotional responses, and so on.
I got really striking insights doing this for the first time yesterday!

I guess you can also perform the same for outer planets, but in my case it was slighty more difficult to come with any clear conclusions, except perhaps for my saturn chart, since I got a fantastic saturn transiting the MC of my saturn chart coinciding with the start of my doctorate.

Also, you can do a natal chart holding for example as the rising degree, the degree you have for your IC or any other house.
I trace this chart (IC chart) for me and I also got splendid conclusions. I got really good correlations. For example a Pluto entering this IC chart of mine, with my current girlfriend appearing on my life and revoluting the concept that I have of house dramatically!

As you can see astrology is really a complex mad art!

Have you studied this Robert?


Thank you so much for this article. I have Mars in Cancer exactly on my Ascendant. I have Sun at 30 Libra conjunct Uranus in Scorpio, with NN also in Scorpio. I must be honest, this feels like the most grueling emotional time of my life, coming at the end of the hardest year of my life.


Thanks Robert! And I truly appreciate your time. I can see how busy you are with us.

I failed to mention that my prog Moon is also in Cancer at around 21+ and my progressed Mars is somewhere around 17+ Libra (conj natal Merc). So the Grand Cardinal Cross is alive and well. You've certainly got me pegged on the Mars perspective. That's where I am.

I took the last 24 hrs. giving this a lot of thought. All 4 of the cardinal signs mean something to me. It's an interesting combination of family, friends, financial relationships and creative objectives. And all of these are important and demand my attention. It could be that Mars in Can wants to favor itself because of the prog moon being there too. And on the other hand it's probably showing me the new front for expansion, Capricorn. But what about Aries and Libra? My own MC and my wife, plus many other Libra responsibilities.

I think I need a new command center. Given that the Grand Cross cardinals are a source of wealth and values to me. 2nd house seems like the way to go. Saturn continues in my 2nd. But after the Leo run and Virgo up in the air at this point, I'm not sure those are my best choices for something fixed and mutable. Taurus? And maybe Gemini? Those are natal voids for me. 10th & 11th. What do you think?

Thanks again my friend,



Thanks Robert for the detailed reply! I have actually been through a lot of different scenarios that have made me wake up to my drama queen displays of emotion. And the feeling i have at the moment is complete frustration as I am anticipating all this big change and excitement while at the moment absolutely nothing is happening! So I will definately slow down for now; helped by my new interest in meditation.
Thank you so much for replying.


Thanks Popplagid...
Its looking interesting so far. that solar chart. A lunar chart might be appropriate for someone with merc in a water sign as we always are thinking and reacting by that moon energy,i will give it a go. Let you know if i discover anything profound..Thanks for your enthusiasm

Aum Shanti Felita


Hi Felita - Sure. This Mars RX is slowing everything down a LOT! Glad you have a good companion. The Lunar return happens each month, and is an interesting snapshot of the month, but mostly as an indicator of how our personal feelings are evolving that month.

Hi Popplagid - Yes, years ago I devoted some time to the planetary charts, and found a lot of merit. Still, since our light and self image are the key indicators to integration and self realization, I consider them primary indicators, and the others secondary frames of reference within the primary ones. For instance, we can examine our Venus cycles all we want, and yet still not become illuminated or integrated. We may learn a lot about our vanities and aesthetics, but it's not a way to higher realization which only comes with the Sun. Probably the Saturn chart is of most value, since it shows us how our Dharma works.

The art of looking at the chart from the point of the different houses creating their own Asc is THE primary approach for understanding the different departments of our life. For example, you use the 9th house as the Asc to find the symbolic pattern for the 2nd marriage, as well as your 3rd child. While we still look at the 7th as the primary marriage descriptor, if it's the 2nd marriage then the 9th house MUST be taken into account, where the 10th house is the 2nd marriage partner's values and resources, 11th house is their siblings, 12th house is their early home life and so forth. This also sets up some interesting cross references, since the 11th house is generically the house of step children, but you can see the first child of the second marriage partner is shown by the first house.

Hi Jessica - Well, Saturn shows you're at a major fork in the road, but it's also productive for you at present. With NN in Scorpio you learn more from your losses than your gains, and regeneration techniques serve you better than getting too comfortable. Mars trining your Sun these next three months should actually be good for your entry into a higher realm of being once you redo or undo some things from the recent past. Sorry you're having such a hard time now. Keep closing out old responses to self and others, see the movie of your life from a wider perspective, don't clutch at what's leaving, persevere in finding self-confidence, and by April things should have cleared up with you living a new life.

Hi Stevo - A Cross usually forces one to deal with areas at odds with each other, each demanding time and energy that robs or clashes with the others in some way. That's why it's often more of a drain or balancing act than an integration pattern. Mars in Cancer makes its demands on the world whether one has a P Moon in Cancer or not. It challenges Aries and Libra, as I noted in today's article. Saturn in the second by birth or transit shows the need to be a good custodian of wealth and find ways to get what you need to support your self-image. In line with what I noted in an earlier comment, the 2nd is the 4th from the 11th, thus the taproot and platform for our ambitions. Get what you need to further them.

Hi gigi - Important things often happen even if we don't note their importance in the moment. A small seed can create a huge tree over time, even if we don't note the small sprout coming out of the ground. And of course, when we're in the heart of change it's like being too close to a mirror. We can't see much until we get some distance in perspective. And meditation is always a verrry good thang.

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