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Wow! Robert! How I LOVE this article. I soaked into it completely with every cell of my body. Just finished reading it and astonished how beautiful it is and how true. Pascal said once "The heart has its reasons, of which the mind knows nothing." Yes.

You develop me, Robert. I learn. And I learn to recognize the inner tuition and its signals. Sometimes it is right in my stomach, telling me to go or to stop to the point I become sick for a moment when it confronts me. It signals as to whether to go or to stop. I learn to listen to it and sometimes I do sense way before some event. it is like heart knows and communicates. Only we need to listen in silence, like you said. You made my day with this article. Thank you, you are my dear Aries and best friend.

Wild horse running

Hi Robert,

Feliz Dia de Los Muertos!!!
Happy all Saints day...

Much awareness surfacing...and
abilities to communicate differently....question?
New Moon in Scorpio at 17 ontop of my natal mars, conjunct my sun 22 scorp/activating the opposition of my natal moon 21 taurus, and activating my Grand Square in Fixed signs... testing????.....Old ways of "agression-communication" forms of communication (softer-stronger)
It has started and I have noticed the "mirrors" I am looking into...and that as I am slowly implementing new ways of communication...their's is changing toward me....I feel like this last 2 years I have become much stronger within...but i didn,t realize it was happening...untill now as things that I have had no control over, all of a sudden I seem to. Does this new Moon as it activates that square of mine represent "subtle testings"....which the full moon in Gemini (choices) brings to a peak? And uranus is trine my MC for next 2 months..till the winter solstice....sudden new directions/ I finally upon culmination time?

11/15/59 3:22am tarrytown (westchester) NY



Beautiful! I had been re-reading The Power Of Silence by C. Castaneda since yesterday and just as I felt an urge to give a break and look into here, I found your article speaking in exact same terms in exact same waters. Thanks Robert, for adding this shot of wonder to my bliss :)


Hi Larisa - I thought you might like this article. Enjoy re-reading it as often as you need to.

Hi WHR - Enjoy the breakthrough of a New Moon on your Sun-Mars! Awarenesses, dynamic release of things previously put on hold, enjoy the Solar Return you're about to have. (Venus quintile Jupiter - WOW!) You'll definitely experience increasing power, especially as Jupiter enters Cap and begins to configure productively with your Scorpio. You have a Fixed T-square now constantly dealing with transiting Neptune, so you're already constantly aware of what to do. This will begin the next step.

Hi fidant - Well, all legit roads lead us home, so to speak! And of course, there is truly only one game in town. Glad what I can offer here echoes another spiritual source, since we're all doing the dance together. Miracles and wonder indeed!


Hi Robert - Yes. I will be re-reading it again and again. It goes deeper each time. I am so glad you know what I like.


Hi desperately need to do a reading with you...please let me know how to ya?thank you


Reading this has been as if my mind's frequent wondering (and mindless wandering) regarding the question of how to know, what to do and when, while 'doing my being' the best i can, found it's heart's knowing here.

Thanks Robert. Am hoping to continue my baby steps towards being 'Lovingly Wise and Wisely Loving'.

In Love, Light and Peace,



I saw 'higher destiny' as 'higher dignity'. And the mistake my eyes made struck me with some kind of awareness that there is something essentially pure and worthy, in the best possible sense of those words, when our heart engages.

Thank you for this. So rare to read something that rings true.


Hi Larisa - You share your desire with many others. The stronger the person, the stronger the desire. That's why when we position ourselves correctly in how to view desire, miracles occur.

Hi ann - Email me again at the address on the left hand links and I'll answer as soon as possible. We can figure something out for where you are.

Hi Freewheelin' - Keep practicing the heart's knowing, and eventually you'll find genuine peace of knowing how to be with whom and when. I don't know that we ever attain the type of "perfection" we seek, but at least we'll know we are perfectly human.

Hi severin - "Higher Dignity" is certainly a quality of our heart and Soul, which grow through appreciation, respect, and honor. Our hearts ARE "pure and worthy," since they are the doors to our Souls. Of course, there are some "black hearted" people, but that's really ego expressing habituated and massive ill will. There are very few sentient beings who don't respond to veneration, respect, and good will, though I will admit that it takes a lot of patience to deal with those who choose to respond in hurtful ways to Love's promptings.


Hi Robert,

Visit; also check out her book Hands of Light. She is a former Nasa scientist turned healer. It's amazing how much goes on energetically in the etheric that's not always seen with the physical eyes. So much goes on with the chakras (of which there are many more than the usually spoken of seven and in the hands and feet). There are other energy centers within the body and above the head as well. There are the energy cords and the condition of the energy bodies, energy centers and chakras within the many layers of aura that extend and connect with self, with others, with those in spirit and with God, all that is.

All is interconnected. (one light, many expressions of that light) in addition to the physical. Speaking of relationships when one thinks in terms of these energy dynamics going on, it makes alot of sense. Especially with clairvoyant sight. A lot of wisdom to be garnered from Barbara Brennan.

This is why her work gives greater understanding to self and to the dynamics of relationships with others.

Having been clairvoyant since childhood (but no better or less we all have the potential to express these abilities)I've seen many of the energies that she speaks of. For example one day at work a couple months ago, while focusing on my work I noticed my 2nd chakra kind of effervescing orange with my sight while I worked. I just sort of passively observed. I'm so used to these things after 47 years (since I was 3) that it doesn't faze me - it's natural. Like breathing.

What I'm getting at is that there's so much more to each one of us and our energy dynamics than we think.

I learned long ago what the masters mean by "To know, to dare to do and to be silent". To learn when it's okay and otherwise not approprite to share what I sense.

For example one day at work as I sat doing my work I saw a co worker walk by and a black and white spirit cat was chasing after his ankles and feet as he walked. I felt the word "MAX" as he passed but didn't say anything. Later I found out that my co worker saw the spirit cat also with her clairvoyant sight. Later he came back and told us that his cat had passed away the day before. The next day he brought pictures - a black and white cat and lo and behold - the name was Max. Max was trying to let his Dad know that he was there and still the same Max ... just in his body of light.

The other co worker who knew him much better than I said he'd not be open to hearing about what I'd seen, so I didn't say anything.

I really like Barbara's work, it is natural to me. Each one of us are amazing ... if only everyone could see (wh their eyes) the beauty of the energy existing in and around self in addition to the physical that goes with - every where you go.

The soul has abilities as well - so many virtues. For example there is the physical sight and the sight of the soul: clairvoyance or higher sight. There is the physical hearing and then the hearing of the soul which is clairaudience ... and the sense of the soul which is clairscentience. Some have all of these and some one or two. It's all special and unique ... never compare self to someone else

Barbara's work is great because it adds extra perception to self, those around us and our connection with all that is and our loved ones in spirit ... on an energy level.

We're all amazing. The language of light is amazing. We each also have "symbols of light" within the auric field. I know this having seen my own perhaps six times. They used to be pyramidal in appearace (lots of Egyptian past lives) and over time, the last time I saw ... looked like tetrahedrons. Sacred geometry is a part of the language of light, that is a part of each of us. The learning never stops.



Dear Lori!
Really,live and learn!
Everything, connected with the energy of the person,seen and unseen etc. is of utmost interest and significance! We are all interconnected via cells\organs\chakras within ourselves and with other systems,not only human beings,but other forms of being(s) in the Universe,including planets, stars,galaxies. It is always breathtaking to thinK about such thin thinGs! And they all are interconnected with one language of mutual understanding-Heavenly Word of God.Language of Light,Life,Love.With its own Table of Tenses\ or Energies...


Hi Lori - Yes, there are many abilities to be cultivated as we walk our walk of opening our hearts to a greater compassion for all that is, ourselves included.

Hi Svetlana - Truly the atom is a solar system, and the solar system an atom. By seeing all as a grand system of mysteries within mysteries, we can come to know things we don't even have language for.

Here I Am

Hi Robert,

I've been reading your articles for some time now. I've learned a great deal about astrological influences, about how much I don't know, and continue to wonder if I'll ever understand the significance of being born at exactly 1 a.m. on the cusp. It's always seemed important to me, even though I recognize it's no more unique or specific than being born at 4:36... Still, I like to think about it.

I had to let you know though, after reading and pondering this piece, how truly grateful I am that you've written and posted it. Language seems insufficient to express what I feel each time I come across something that states so eloquently what I have always believed, always known. Unlike validation, verification or even vindication, it's rather like coming home after a long sojourn...

Thanks, Robert.



Hi Anna - Being born on the cusp of whatever shows you "walk between worlds." Glad the article helped you "come home."


Robert, this piece of writing so mirrors what I've been writing about. It is a 'process' to learn how to listen to your heart. I wrote a small pocket book of poetry and prose on this very subject. At least half of the book is available to view free as a pdf on the site Ive given here. My perspective comes from a lifetime of study and by reading the books, Love Without End... Jesus Speaks and The Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green. They are not about religion, in fact the information therein is so pure one can more fully understand spiritual laws and our creative abilities. With your permission I'd like to post your article on one or two blogs that relate in tandem with the announcement of a newly designed website for Love Without End which I had to opportunity to design -

I also should say anytime Ive ready something specific to your astrology information... it's been dead on with what I have been experiencing for myself to what I observe around me! - Thank you.


The address to my poetry on the subject is - Thank you again for posting this.


Hi Alecia - Sure, you may post this article elsewhere as long as you make sure to post my name and site along with it. Poetry is food for the Soul. Will check out those sites. Thanks for your praise of the accuracy of what I post, and of course, you're most welcome.


Dear ladies!
The 8th of March, or International Women's Day is a good reason to meditate about the role we women are endowed by the Creator,or main script-writer,or\and Producer of life(in its core and essential meaning:)
This formerly political holiday transformed into the holy day of Spring and Love which Woman inspire and bring and bear in our country.And here it is even an official day off(from routine everyday duties and a day for male reverance:)
On such occasion the philosophical-religious and spiritual-astrological site
posted the translation of this evergreen article by our commonly beloved Robert.Congratulations to women and gratefulness to the author!

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