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uhnngg, Pluto I love you (I really do) but wow. LOL


Love you. Keep it up!

carrie ann

what does this mean to this Sagitarriam and Cancerian rising fire - water cross?


I like reading everything you have to write and I'm happy you say you have lots more to write. Thanks Robert! Happy New Year :) It feels like its going to be a good one.


O'happy day! I've been looking forward to my personal earth-trine solar-fiesta for quite awhile. Yet, you continually bring some moment up from the past that blows my mind. Becoming clean/sober in 1988 I can now recognize my Virgo-Sat spanking my Gemini-Uranus. Robert, you never fail to gift me with your connectiveness. Now, seriously...let's dance! Feliz ano nuevo, Juanita

Donna Faber

Hello Robert ... I just love your divinely inspired work! Saraswati has blessed you in the most fabulous ways! I've been looking for an astrological blueprint like this for a long time. I look forward to your articles, and see my own life in them frequently. Take care and Happy New year!


Hi Jilly - Well, there's a lot more, and we're all being called to get in shape for what's coming not that far down the road.

Hi Damien - Thanks. Keeping it up despite almost impossible time constraints. In 2008 I intend to maintain and expand the work the best I can. And of course try to find time to get the first draft of my next book done.;-)

Hi Carrie Ann - Will be composing more for the signs over the next few days and weeks.

Hi Toni - Your faithful reporter is pleased that there is ALWAYS more to write about! It's just a matter of time, time, and time.

Hi Jan - I do believe that if we all danced more and made less war, everyone would be much happier (except the arms merchants!) People with Uranus in Gemini are actually in an interesting situation, given the trine or tredecile from Neptune which can now be released in new forms through Saturn's waxing square. Jupiter gave you the humor, truth, or vision last year while Uranus is bringing your individuality or genius to the attention of your world. Of course, a most happy year to you, and may you dance as much as possible in coming times.

Hi Donna - Glad you found inspiration in what I post. Thanks for your praise of the Source. Will take care and most definitely have a good 2008.

Dianne m

Hello Robert and everyone,
I remember 86 and 87 - 89 as the beginning and end of everything. Where were you during the Harmonic Covergence?
I remember travelling to a place where a bush fire had burned through a few weeks prior, a large white cross was on the mountain (the sabian symbol is not lost on me, it is my Pluto degree). A group of us, all ages and nationalities meditated. The next day I remember walking up the mountain, through fog, finding a clearing and seeing signs of regeneration, new green growth, after the fire, a red robin sat on the log beside me and sang, when I walked down the mountain, it was clear and the sun was shining.
A couple of days ago I read in the newspaper that three galaxies, two spiral, the third irregular are colliding...some say the image looks like a celestial bird, others, say a fairy. In a millions years time, their combined gravitational pull will cause them to merge into one body.
I'd say the portents are good, I have always believed that 2012, held a key.
Things to do before then, each one working in their own way.
Cheers and Happy News Year to you all, stinking hot here.
Dianne m


Of all the astrology writings on the cyber highway--I get more out of your insights! You write so well,and your communication skills are so eloquent!!! You give so much more detail and analysis of the Universe and astrology!! You are so helpful to all with your giving of your talents, and have helped me allot!! I wish you a very Blessed New Year, MUCH LOVE & LIGHT to you--and all that visit your site. I send Love & Light out everyday in my meditations, as my hope is that more and more of us can "go" inward and find the light of the devine that is in us and project that energy out. A special HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU, ROBERT, MAY YOU BE BLESSED WITH GOOD HEALTH OF BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT!! Deborah


Hi Robert I haven't written much over the last two months, if at all. But, I have read. I am coming out of the 2007 stupor, and have many hopes for 2008. I wish you well and I am looking forward to all you write. A dear psychic friend who has passed on says that earth and water(cancer) can combine to make growth, or mud.... Here's to growth this year...


Dear Robert, In regards to Neptune and Uranus in mutal reception and the nodes have shifted to Aquarius/Leo . How or does this effect group consciosness in its relationship to Neptune in Aquarius and also Chiron with the nodes. Hoping this question is not distracting from the topics at hand.
Wishing you and others here a happy and healthy new year. Interesting, 2008 International year of the Frog. Cleansing and letting go. I love frogs.
Thanking you again. Aum Namah Shivaya


Hi Diane - I led some of the talks/discussions in Austin for that event. The Fire Trines of the August 1987 Harmonic Convergence were a powerful liberating force, as were the closely duplicated Fire Trines of August 1988. As an aside, there was NOTHING in common between these major Convergence events and the later so-called "Harmonic Concordance" which marked nothing of astrological significance. This year we have major Earth trines, which hopefully will ground some of the fiery inspirations and adventures we glimpsed in 2007.

Hi Deborah - Thanks for your blessings and praise of the work. There is a lot to explore, you know, and since we never know if tomorrow will come, I try to do as much as I can today.

Hi Mary - Whether a person comments or not, it's all good. Yes, Earth and Water make clay for building blocks, or mud that bogs us down. This year should be very productive.

Hi Felita - I'll try to compose something about the Nodal shift, including Neptune and Chiron, in a future article. Right now, I'm trying to compose as much as I can for 2008 AND January-February, since they quickly approach! Frogs are a very good thing, as they are "gatekeepers" to show us subtle changes in our environment we need to take note of. And when they collectively sign, it's an awesome thing.


Hi Robert, nice article
For Aquarius and Pisces people like myself, 2008 promises to be a greatly idealistic year, the start of a great change in the years ahead, since Jupiter travels through our 11th house of hopes and collective dreams, as well as is Pluto, and prepares to join with Neptune and Uranus in our first house between 2009 and 2012. Luck seems to await our personal and professional expansion! Besides that, our relationships are restructuring and will go deeper(Saturn runs through 7th house and prepares into 8th house).
Anyone wanting to share their experiences?
Happy 2008 for all*


Furthermore, 2008 like you said Robert, seems to be a highly practical year, with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter coming to Earth signs.
I expect a more realistic approach to life from humanity itself. Less dreams, fears or unrealistic plans, but back to real world, plain and simple.
Not wanting to mention politics, but I do hope for a good soul coming to presidence in US and the world getting commited to create and promote global peace, abundance, and resolution of environmental and climate issues.
I expect transformations to go the easier and the smooth way. For sure, (material) resources will this year be much spoken of (as well as jobs and governments).
Pluto will surely transform things from 2008 on.
In the end of the year, we will see the first cycle Saturn-Uranus showing signs of tension and then on. It is very curious that the coming opositions and squares will hit the suns of several i mportant world nations and perhaps the most important points of the zodiac (0ºaries, 0ºcapricorn, 0ºlibra)!


Hi Popplagid - Well, Pluto just barely enters Capricorn, then retrogrades back to Sag, and it will take quite some time for it actually to move any significant distance into Capricorn. You're right in that the "critical degrees" of 1 Cardinal signs come into play beginning this year, especially given that 1 Cap was where the Sun-Jupiter conjunction happened, which set the year cycle into motion. As Pluto crosses it, we should see major seeds begin to sprout. Jupiter in Cap will give signs and signals of what is to come, and the trines to Saturn in Earth will prove very stabilizing wherever they fall. Don't know how "lucky" it is, but with work, perseverance, and other Cap virtues, it could very well turn out better materially for many than it's been in a long time. It should help ground the promise of Jupiter in Sag, and definitely prepare us for higher group work and global views in 2009.


Certainly Robert.
I will have Jupiter transiting my Aquarius rising next year. Meanwhile Jupiter is in my 11th house, after transiting my natal sun! I also have my south node in late Cap :-)

Maybe it is Christmas, but in December was much less alarmist than previously. Even in the news or magazines. Maybe its Saturn in Virgo, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, grounding people, telling us to get real and down to earth. Wasnt it back to 2000 Saturn and Jupiter were together in Earth signs?


Hey Robert,


thanx for heads up re: your talk on jan. 20th--will be there-looking forward to it.
also, to having you back on awakenings.
btw, you can download archive of your interview @
it will be there so no rush. :-)

also, looks like a lot of creativity and restructuring for more play/expression in 2008.

i like what you said about grounding the fiery transformations...yes, some grounding to fly high would be nice and welcome...both is a good combo

THANX for being a Bright light and a calming site of insight :-)

Aum Peace & Namaste

Michele :-)

a fellow traveler on the path


Hi popplagid - Yes, Jupiter and Saturn conjuncted at 23 Taurus in May 2000. Don't know that December was "less alarmist" given the amount of bloodshed that happened all over Africa and Asia, and the severe snow storms that disrupted life and travel all over North America, but those events and others are definitely preparing us all for "getting real."

Hi Michele - And a big happy to you as well. Will do the download thang. As for flying high, it takes someone on the ground to get the kite to go a few hundred feet up. It takes a good pilot to get the plane 8 miles high and then touch down safely. And of course, you close with great wordplay. Something about "please pleas me" comes to mind. (And isn't it great that "fellow traveler" is no longer code for being a Bolshevik?)

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