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2008-Rocketing into another dimension of thinking, previously unknown in it's existence. How exciting can you get...?
I invite liberation from material consumerism and finding that Mind (where God exists) is all there is. Thank you one last time, for steering me via many difficult 2007 aspects and for being my favorite astro-metaphysical coach! Wishing you time to complete your book this year ... and Besitos en su Cabeza!


Hi Jan - May you rocket into higher realms safely, sanely, and with profoundest altruistic intention on behalf of all sentient beings! Hopefully this isn't the "one last time" I'll be your astro-metaphysical coach!;-) And yes, finding time for the books is becoming a real necessity, given what's coming and what many have expressed. Blessings for the new year.


Happy New Year.
Thank you Robert for your on-going generosity, your gift of knowledge and spirit.

Happy holidays everyone. May you all be filled and surrounded by love, walk in health, happiness, safety, knowing that all is well no matter what happens.



Happy New Year Robert!
2007 was a difficult year for some helped me a lot.Thank you.
All the best for 2008!

jude (in jerusalem)

Dear Robert,
I have been following your column for some time now
-and want to bless you and thank you for the depth, wisdom and great generosity that shines through your writing!!
What a remarkable help it has been for me!
Aum and blessings to you too....and to all who find their way here....


Dear Robert,
Blessings to you and all who find community here as we start the New Year. Hope you were enjoying the fireworks in the clear New Mexico skies tonight in shared heart connection with the ones you are with!

And I echo Jude: "I have been following your column for some time now -and want to bless you and thank you for the depth, wisdom and great generosity that shines through your writing!!"

Thanks for your gifts shared this last year and I look forward to 2008 and paths crossing sometime along the Rio Grande.



Thank you again for your insights. I do wish you would expand your comments regarding what broader views, taking responsibility for, and maturing in, means. Is this a spiritual reference, or a mundane one or both? I would guess it is both, however, with the earthbound sign predominant this year, would this be more tangible this year than abstract?


Hi Victoria - You are most welcome. And I echo everyone's best wishes for health, wealth, love, perfect self expression, freedom, safety, peace, abundance, and community.

Hi anca - Yes, I'm sure all the mutable signs got jammed from time to time, but at least Neptune was "in your corner," preparing you for a beneficent Jupiter transit next year. Mars has prepared you for a whole new cycle, which should be good for regenerating and attracting what you need once you achieve focus.

Hi Jude - Thanks for checking in and offering your praise of the work. Glad the Holy Land is still somewhat calm, given the generic upheaval in Africa, Asia, and other places, and that your own light and love are a presence in that flashpoint of Eternal worship.

Hi Terry - Thanks for your blessings on the work and the community. And of course I look forward to meeting all those in this community whenever we can come together.

Hi Mary - It's both, of course. There is no taking responsibility unless the inner Self knows what "taking responsibility" actually is. Maturing is also both inner and outer, since all outer manifestations are but the expression of what is the internal state. Taking responsibility and maturity are both functions of Saturn, thus involve experience, knowing boundaries, willingness to be selfless in relation to "the work," and other such Saturn virtues. Thus one cannot practice maturing unless one IS mature.

Integrity is Solar. One cannot practice integrity unless one IS integrity. The inner Spirit expresses itself through outer behaviors and attitudes. That is why the planets are termed "the inner Lights." They are the symbols of how we express our inner nature, functionally or dysfunctionally. Thanks for the suggestions, though, since these virtues probably warrant an entire article. And you're right in that this year our Jupiter function will work in mundane and practical ways, the results looking like however we are in accord or discord with our Jupiter expression. Happy New Year, everyone!!!


Hi Robert,

Happy New Year! What a real pleasure to read your thoughts so lucidly put on the meaning of Jupiter in Cap for 2008 for us all.. Makes me really look forward to using these earthy expansive energies with real awareness now that you have pointed me in the right direction.
Like many of the 'posters' above Id like to thank you for your generosity in sharing your wealth of astro and other understandings with us thro your site and send you love and blessings for 2008,mary



may you have much love, prosperity and abundance in your life

I feel this year is going to be one of very wonderful year....
I feel a really positive vibe coming my way. Last year was so intense for me. Could it be that my vertex, my mercury and my moon and pallas and my sun/moon midpoint all in the fifth house have something to do with that (oh an lilith is there too)....? Not sure. No, it is an intuition. Also, a decision. You are what you think and you create your reality.

Thank you again for you wonderful insights and may you walk in peace.



Dear Robert,

What a beautiful expression!
..."flashpoint of Eternal worship"
Thank you!

Only resting in ever-present awareness of this will help me/all of us through it all!

Am waiting (with bated-breath LOL)for your analysis of the upcoming Feb.7th Solar eclipse- which will be 'smack' on my birthday(Feb.7th 1951 @6.20am London, England)

-A 'prelude' to the Spring Equinox'08
-when, on the same day:
Jupiter will conjunct my Asc....
Uranus conjunct my N.Node...Pluto square my Saturn...Mars conjunct my Uranus....and Mercury/Venus conjunct my natal Venus (& Mars/Jupiter) stellium....
oh, and also, Chiron conjunct my Sun opp. Pluto.....

Need I say more..?!

Much love, and God Bless! Jude

padmaja venugopal

2007 was a bad eyear for me. how will be 2008? my date of birth is 1/10/1965 6.15am cochin,kerala,india


Hey Jude,

The days around your next birthday will indeed be rather interesting and filled.
By its own way, Jupiter entrance on the ascendent is a very good and expanding time, life tends to expand, grow easily and opportunities and optimism abound. Curiously, you will have a eclipse at your birthday! Powerful event, which may trigger a strong activation of any transit you may have now to your natal sun, and even without any important transit, it will mean a strong activation of your 12th house aquarius sun.
Well, with your aquarius sun in 12th house, and with capricorn rising, that may be very well represent a sort of spiritual event happeing that day. I tend to see it as good. Meditate at that day to receive answers and connect yourself.
You had in recent years, Neptune transiting your natal sun (which I calculated by head to be around 15ºAqu)
POWERFULLY ENOUGH, you are also just around your second saturn return. Uuh, that in combination with this transit is a sign of powerful changes, but more of a spiritual interior nature, I think you are used to these strong transformations, since you have a natal sun-pluto aspect.
Again, Uranus is coming to your north node, meaning a revelation/awakening of your own fate and mission.
Pluto is also telling a strong rebirth of your fundamental structures, which will form this aspect to your returning saturn, around the years 2008-10, which by just another coincidence, is your capricornian ruler!!
So, examine anything related to your job, mission on life, going to another place. This is a powerful time, which I think you may bring from inside out your divine nature, your fateful mission, and bringing outside (saturn), through the wisdom and experience (saturnian qualities) of your 56 years of life.

Believe in yourself, and go ahead
Much Peace and Love, anything further, just mail me segurelha AT gmail COM


Jude, I appologize, but I have made a mistake. The eclipse will not happen on your 12th house, but on your 1st house.
So, although still it may be like any other event, a spiritual event, it will be possibly a more expressive outwards-related, and overall event, since it happens in the first house. Not a so introspective, meditative event as I told you before, but a more clear and visible one.
Furthermore the powerful transits to saturn, the saturn return, transit to the north node and jupiter entering in first house means some sort of realigment, of life direction, and bringing some powerful personal changes.
Sorry for my mistake, once more.

By the way, Jude, the 15º aquarius next solar eclipse, will also trigger (by quincunx) once more my uranus-opposition-to-moon transit that I start having in 2006-7.

For the world in general, I see some sort of change (aquarius), happening arounf February and possibly some months further on, it may be of a scientific of technological, or global/mass media nature.


Hi Robert, Happy New Year to you and to all the wonderful people who visit this site.
I have been looking forward to Jupiter entering my second house (5 Capricorn).
The last time it was here in December 1995 I made a lot of mistakes by feeling like a millionaire even when I wasn't. My salary jumped 1600% and I spent and spent. Ofcourse Saturn came in October 2005 and gave me a solid kick on my backside and I became bankrupt.
Do you think that Jupiter will make me feel like a millionaire again this time around. What can I do to make this influence positive for years to come? Hope you can help.
21 March 1974
2325 Local Time
Dehra Dun India


Hi Mary - Happy New Year to you. Will gladly accept the love and blessings on behalf of all of us in this together.

Hi Micheline - Well, being a Rabbit/Cat meself, though supposedly we don't get along that well with Rats, I have found that when it works it's great, though occasionally we watch and watch and then pounce when their supposed smarts are not producing good results. This should be a good year for those of us who are willing to work, adapt, and take responsibility.

Hi Jude - Seemed like an apt description of the place where three great religions all come together to pray (and unfortunately, fight!) Yes, our worship, or dharma practice, will actually get us through the current insanity of violence, along with our wits, adaptability, wisdom, and community. Will be composing something on the eclipse in a couple of weeks. Jupiter in Cap on your Asc promises a grand adventure, if you remember to regulate excess and stay optimistic. Of course, it will RX back over, then finally move forward later this year, so look at Spring as a dress rehearsal for the Autumn.

We share some similar transits. I have found Uranus on our NN has been an interesting challenge to be innovative in closing out old states of being with compassion. Sometimes it reminds me of the Paul Simon line, "you just slip out the back Jack, make a new plan Stan, no need to be coy Roy.... no need to discuss much, just set yourself free." Pluto square our Saturn is putting the brakes on a lot, and with Mars RX also in there, it seems like late Pisces is so strongly accented that about all there is to do is hang out in the vastness of Divine Mother energy and forgive a lot. New Uranian initiatives coming in March, and Jupiter conjunct our Chiron should actually be a great influence.

Hi padmaja - Sorry 2007 was difficult. It was for many. You should do well as you allow your maturity and experience to shape your originality. 43 will teach you "the rules of the game" in this life cycle, and marks a point of shift in both resources and relationships. What ended in 2007 opened karmic space that can be filled by a greater promise and larger possibilities in 2008. The guest is at the door, but it is your job to go over, open that door, and invite the guest in. Get a new view, a greater education, or something that allows you travel or greater freedom to see larger things. Given Jupiter's name is "guru" in Sanskrit, and it's visiting your Sun, perhaps being less pessimistic and embracing more spiritual things will help you turn your life around very quickly.

Hi popplagid - Much of what you say is true, BUT he cannot have Cap rising with a Sun in Aquarius in the 12th, unless you're using a Leo clockwise system. You're probably right that an eclipse in Aquarius will bring forth tech shifts, since eclipses shut old things down, allowing space for new things to come forth. Tech innovations are related to Aquarius.

Hi Aditya - Well, now that you know what Jupiter in the 2nd can bring in the way of excess, this year the trine to Saturn can help you use that experience to be more discriminating and less extravagant. Jupiter can bring you great rewards and increases of resources. Your job is not to waste the promises Jupiter brings. Since you've already learned the lesson, perhaps this time you can earn abundantly but hold on to as much of it as is appropriate to secure your future.


Hola Robert and Happy New Year to you an all the visitors of this site.
I am a Pisces (march 13, 1973) and I have been on a dry season for years now in terms of a relationship, is there anything exciting coming my way this year? I am a bit down about it, but can't loose hope.
Many thanks for all your comments and advice, I have learned a lot in the past few months that I have been reading it.
Blessings to all.


Robert: Thanks Robert for the notes.
And noticing my mistake :-)

Jude: Actually, Jude, you have indeed Cap rising but your sun (18º Aqu) is in your first house.
I made a mistake by calculating the rising by mind, instead of by software (uranian rush!)
Jupiter will give you a boost here, during entire 2008-9.
What it certainly look curious is that your saturn return will happen in your 8th house and it will aspected by transiting Pluto which will square it, from the 12th house, so there will be lots of introspective emotional stuff, here. In 2009-10 I will be having my first saturn return also in 8th house, so you can already tell me what it feels like. This is your second, you had your first return at age of 28-30.
But dont feel less optimistic. You will be having this at the time when Jupiter is still transiting your first house and conjunting your 1st house aquarius sun! It looks like it will also happen with some second house issues, since you had a stellium there, and uranus will be conjunting your north node there and neptune just entering this house cusp.

Any way, the next solar eclipse, will indeed happen over your natal sun and conjunted also by a RX Mercury, which seems to tell some communication issues around for most people in the world, and especially for you.
Finally, let me say to you that I had the intuition that all these transits you will have seem to be related to some sort of spiritual and material and emotional notion of resouces, due to the nature of the houses involved: the 1 st, 2nd and 8th, and a bit of the the 12th. Who knows you already feel what it can be!
Sorry for posting so long!


Robert, I kindly ask you two extra questions, and sorry for going off-topic.

Regarding the analysis of natal chart for following the evolution of a nation, one may use a chart for its birth (such as like the birth of US for instance), but does it also functions using a chart for important changes of regimes, lets say, from dictadorship to a democracy state (such as in East European countries), or from monarchy to a republic state (such as happen in other countries)?

And, does it exists anything like a natal chart for the world, for humanity, or shall we solely consider, by now, just the astrological eras (Age of Pisces, Age of Aquarius...) and planets/signs cycles (Pluto in Sag, Pluto in Cap...; Saturn-Uranus cycles, ...)? I remember Alice Bailey guessing that in the future, Astrology would trace and study the natal chart of man kind.


still trying to decide whether to leave tommorrow and go down to my apt in SMA, or wait till mars goes direct on the 20th. Either way it will be opposition. it's in gemini now opposing in pluto in saggitarius, my 2 courses start monday, jan 7, or wait till january 20 when it moves back into cancer and opposes the planets in capricorn while course are in full swing.
I am still going back and forth and maybe feeling like i can wait, not as anxious about losing all my possessions to my landlod playing in my apt, while i continue to pay the rent.

in retrospect i should have gone in september. feels like i missed a window of time to mobilize, decide and move.If not tommorrow then later and i will still feel split. I hate this going back and forth.


robert, it solved itself tonight. i have to learn to be more patient and trusting.


i was born 18 sept 1964 at bombay 3.20 pm.
my boyfriend was born 8 sept 1961 in new delhi 3.45 am.
he is second decanate leo rising with virgo sun and leo moon.
i am capri ascendant, virgo sun and aq moon.

we are married to different people.
Do you see us marrying?
he has broken off even our friendship as he calls our affair a shameful unthinking regretful mistake and that he loves his wife immensely. i on the other hand cannot forget him. will i remain married to the same man?


dear robert
wish you a fruitul productive 2008.i know many o our deep good wishes for you do waft off to you every day.


Hola Gaby - With Saturn approaching your house of relationship, you are no doubt maturing in that area, and should be able to attract someone older, wiser, more mature, or in some way well established. Because Saturn is ruler of your Solar 11th, make sure they are your friend first, group coworker second, and everything else third. The past year has been the edge of creative change and promise; the year beginning on your birthday should bring centering and higher awareness. Just remember that as Uranus crosses your Sun, freedom is all important to you at this time in your life.

Hi popplagid - Now you know the peril of rushing into things before you check the data. Saturn return in the 8th challenges you to let go of whatever you need to creating "emptiness" that will be filled later with more appropriate forms to assist fulfillment as Saturn moves into the 9th, and regard yourself as a custodian of that which the collective values, releasing any sense of possessiveness. As for a nation, you use the time of the constitutional ratification, or the beginning of a particular form of government. For ex, the USSR was "born" at the Bolshevik revolution, but Russia was reborn at the time of the new constitution. We don't know when the US was actually born, and there are very strong points to indicate it was when the Articles of Confederation were adopted, creating the working blueprint for the national government, NOT July 4, 1776, which was a declaration of 13 individual colonies they were not going to take it any more. Regime changes don't count as long as the form of government doesn't change. Thus a change from monarchy to republic, use that chart, since it's a new form of government. Not sure what point you would use for the world chart. Perhaps the birth of the World Teacher for an age would work. When was humanity "born?" If there is a chart for humankind, it would be the moment when the Kumaras first brought the Wisdom to infant humanity and humanity's spiritual evolution began.

Hi victoria - Glad it's worked out. Email me when you want me to mail your tape. Patience and trust are good things to cultivate.

Hi Supra - Difficult situation. It take two to make a relationship, and we cannot compel another to do anything, even though it breaks our heart. You will marry if you both choose to do so, and for now he is clear that isn't happening. Leo Moon is very loyal up to a point. You will remain married to your present husband if you both choose to remain married. Better to turn your attention to higher practices for now, allow Saturn to help everything mature over time, and affirm Truth and willingness to grow spiritually through all ways and things. We can steer Dharma to some degree in certain directions at crucial times. And please detach and find dispassion about your friend. Generate genuine goodwill in all contacts, and you will surely find the way suited for you. If God is all there is, and we are brought just what we need for higher growth, then there is no need to worry or clutch.

Hi anu - Thanks for your blessings. I do try to pass all good wishes forward for the benefit of all sentient beings.


i have ben thinking about your chart analysis and the more i thnk about it the more it feels so right. I felt that something opened up and that all is possible without all the chaos and confusion of the last few years. I am now happy for the long retrogrades, it has helped me to slow down and stop the panic and worry about the future, and resolve and put away the past.I've learned so much. I am a very, very lucky person.

I am waiting to go down when it feels right, i am going about getting ready, not pushing myself to do so, and preparing to travel and work down there for a few months.
And maybe viewing the world and my life a bit differently. Thanks Robert, the session was like talking to someone, my sister, who knows me so well, and from that knowledge provides loving advice.


Dear Robert, I also wished you a pleasant new year of 2008, with abundance of good moments, joy and fullfillment.


my dearest Robert, Happy New Year....the turning of the year I was over in Tokyo Disneyland,watching firework display with my children and sending prayers to all for peace and love....we had arrived in the morning of 31st for our first holiday just the four of us...and I had wonderful and reflective time there for the past 6 my sons had grown up and so independant..,how my life had been thus far... :) hope the days ahead be filled with joy and love for all of always.....


Hi victoria - Well, I did tell you that you'd get more each time you listen, even 50 times down the road. As I have Pluto rising, usually my sessions become catalysts for clarity and right action for who you uniquely are. It also helps to reorient the view so that it is easier to resolve things from the past, seeing the present clearly, with possible futures that would be more fulfilling than whatever chaos dominated the past. Always good to slow down, stop panic and worry, and forgive the past. Glad you experienced our time as "loving advice."

Hi popplagid - I figured you were in harmony with the many here who wished all good things for our entire community. Will definitely welcome your wishes of an "abundance of good moments, joy and fullfillment." Aum and blessings to you as well.

Hi ann - Welcome to another year of many opportunities to do spiritual service! It's always a good thing to be able to witness the growth of one's loves ones into a greater maturity and self-sufficiency. Glad you had such a great experience.


Hi Robert,

In the next two new moons, in 7 Feb and 7 Mar, both occuring at 16º Aqu and 18º Pis will be closely aspecting (by 1º) in the axis of my transiting Uranus opposing 7th house natal Moon.
I ask you: Is it a good time to start living together with my girlfriend during that time? She returns from abroad and we are plan living together. She is now having her 21 years old Uranus square Uranus/Jupiter since 2006. And the new moons will also aspect her Uranus-Uranus/Jupiter transit.

For me its the third hit of Uranus to Moon transit, since 2006. At that time all went fine, we were solely with very uranian impulses in our professional lives and seeking a house solution for us (we have been reading a lot on self-sufficiency and green living, and law of atraction).

What do you think?
We were planning to join together by March, and we have the two options of staying together in a place in our birth country or going abroad together. In either case I still keep the same job.

Curiously the other full moon following in March, will also trigger the Pluto-Mars/Mercury transit I am having, also by 1º


Anyone suggesting ideas/alternatives for the Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Capricorn we have ahead?
I suggest trusting less in powers that be, less in corporations and big business, and trust more in local economy, sustainable economy, and that we thus aim to seek practices like these.
When someone or our inner voices replies us that we still need money to live and endure, we shall recall the teachings from the Law of Atraction, but choosing a professional life that goes well along these spiritual truths and ideals, is a far more dificult thing to do, at least it has been in my case. Most carreers either contribute to corporations, pollution or do not as much freedom as we would like to...
I also suggest that people start grouping together, resourcing themselves in this capricornian time that when Pluto arrives to Aquarius we are fully transformed and ready to endeavour in new big group endeavous and ideals.
Any ideas from anyone?


Hi popplagid - Why wouldn't it be a good time? Either the conditions are right or not. I would suggest a favorable Moon position and aspects harmonious to both charts to initiate living together. Uranus opposed Moon brings revolutions in living arrangements, as well as opportunities to individuate.

We have no reason to "trust" corporations, since they are entities without conscience. Even the best publicly held ones have a fiduciary responsibility to the stockholders to maximize profits over social responsibility. Therefore the only corporations to "trust" are privately held ones with people who actually show they care by putting green corporate policy into actuality.

I've been publicly advocating much of what you're saying here for many years. In this transition era in human evolution people all over the world must consciously create a global "group of groups" where people of similar intention with diverse skills can come together and make a difference on whatever levels they can. That's the focus of my own work of creating a center in the future where people from a multitude of disciplines can come together to achieve what synergy is possible in their work. We will continue to get trained and connected this year as prelude for greater group work in 2009.


Hi Robert- thanks for your kind replies :-)
Yes, it looks like Uranus is more of a rush of ideas for new house settings and for promoting our own self-development than actually bonding us. However, I look with faith fowards the future, since this summer Saturn will also hit our moons by transit. Anyway, as with anything in life, I look for the right decision inside myself, above everything.

2009 should be a great year I believe. At least for people working already with spiritual awareness. Jupiter will conjunt Neptune, and in Aquarius! and then Uranus in late Pisces! I look forward for higher humanitarian, ecological, nature-living and spiritual developments that year and ahead.
I also believe cities can become better places to live (with more ethical and human jobs, after the passage of Pluto through Capricorn and Uranus through Aries)

Thanks once more for your sharings Robert :)


Yes Robert! You're so right on usual(!)
The Paul Simon lines: "you just slip out the back Jack.....just set yourself free..."
-is EXACTLY what's been coming for a long time -but is reaching a head and happening now.....

...and YES.....
".....that about all there is to do is hang out in the vastness of Divine Mother energy and forgive a lot....."

....but grounded and practical, step by step with what unfolds!



Hi Popplagid - Uranus does NOT promote bonding, except with the uniqueness of Infinity and Eternity! Willful, eccentric, unique, specializing, and moving in rotation and revolution somewhat contrary to the predictability of the other planets is not exactly bonding material. More like plastique explosives! Saturn is better for long term everything. 2009 will be very dynamic and stabilizing at the same time. Definitely good for those who have done their spiritual homework. Maybe that's when my and others' intended virtual and physical centers will acquire form since it's a very big job I see ahead for all of us, given what is and what's not and what's coming. I doubt the large cities have the ability to change due to vested power interests of all stripes, but smaller towns and villages still show promise.

Hi Jude - Uranus is definitely bringing me peculiar episodes of slipping out from old situations, staying quiet in the face of others' rude motives unexpectedly intruding in harsh ways, and feeling completely unique in the midst of a vast field of uncertainty. Jupiter/NN in Pisces has compelled my learning a continual practice of compassion and forgiveness this lifetime, trying to let go of getting too Virgo'd out with Saturn/SN there. In other words, I'm surrendering and praying as fast as I can! ;-)


Hi Robert,
Yes Uranus is truly revolutionary. I had in 2003 Uranus entering my ASC while it squared natal Uranus, bringing a huge consciousness awakening during my 21st years old. Everything seemed new at the time. I even experimented with mind-altering plants at the time. And I started into astrology after being a skeptical for many years! Like Uranus loves, it was nearly over 4months that the radical changes took place.
Now in 2008 Uranus will continue to oppose my Moon while Saturn will conjunt on the other side, and in 2010 these will do the same but for my natal Mars, both natal planets in my 7th house. I understand the cause: Uranus is freeing from my life limitations, awakening to a new purpose, while now with Saturn I am in a deep and serious relationship. While the two things are complementary and truly happy for me, I am still trying to rush for a more unconventional lifestyle (without beeing dependent on bosses for example) (Uranus in 1st house) while retaining some stability necessary to what me and my partner are planing for a family life (Saturn in 7th house). Curiously the axis will shift into 2010 into 2-8th house, and it is so peculiar to trying to bring to my life exactly the same revolutionary effects that I think Uranus will bring to mankind in two years from now, namely a less dependence on old structures of living, money and lifestyle and beliefs. After all, Pisces risings shall be feeling identical stuff to this that I am feeling, as well, I guess.


Hi Robert,

Real quick question: Jupiter in Cap is going to be in my 3rd house for most of 2008(my Nadir is at 21 degrees Cap.) How different is the Cap energy than the Sag energy in the same house i.e. writing?

Thanks for all you do.




Hi Helen - MUCH more organized, methodical, patient, mature, and willing to do the CRAFT of writing rather than just get by on inspiration and vision. Take the fiery openings of 2007 and be a good blacksmith, hammering each concept into strong and powerful words that are a tough as iron and as pointed as swords. Be utilitarian, economical, and trust your experience.


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your insight.

I hope that using my chart as an example, I show how important it is to consider the house placement and the aspects that the transiting planet makes.





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Hi "webmaster" - I note you did not list my Blog title, nor any accurate description of my website. And, it seems like I'm lumped in with a hundred other sites of dubious worth. If you want to put me on your front page on the left hand side of the page with my title and name, then I'll reciprocate. I must note here I have greater search engine traction than you, so you will benefit infinitely more than me by the listing. And I do expect a personal email from the owner of your website as a professional courtesy from one global professional astrologer to another.


Hi Robert,

Can you tell me something about 3 degrees of Capricorn? This is showing to be like a sensitive point on my chart, maybe even on other people's charts too. Some events happened, of a Jupiterian kind so to speak, when this degree was activated last year by the Sun, then Jupiter, something again will happen I know, when the sun will again next December touch that point, and Black Moon Lilith will pass this point in the beginning of 2009, in the beginning of February, and that's when I have my Jupiter Return. Later on in 2010, Pluto reaches that degree and is then joined by the North Node which conjoins that point. The sensitive point I've noticed is 3 degrees 35 more or less. There's something there for sure.


Hi Alix - Well, I'm not sure what you want to know. 3 Cap is a synthesis degree, 3+ (or 4) is a technique degree. 3 is about the Soul's yearning for tangible manifestation, 4 shows how a group functions when it moves into unfamiliar realms. They are both in the Actional phase of Crystalization. And of course, every degree is to some degree sensitive in many people's charts. 3-4 Cap noviles my Moon, binoviles my Jupiter, trines my Mercury/MC, opposes my Uranus, and quintiles my Neptune. So it does probably activate something somewhere in your chart. Look to the aspects to see what's being triggered.


thanks Robert :)
This will happen opposite my Mercury at 3 Cancer 02 in H12, and I've got Sun in 9 Gemini 47 in H11. Mercury only makes soft aspects to all the other planets on my chart. When Pluto entered Capr. I had some prophetic dreams and glimpses on things to come, on how my life will be, all of that shown to me by the North Node and the Yod formed by transiting Jupiter/Uranus to my natal Uranus in 22 of Leo. But as you know, one can get so intrigued with something to the point of making things complicated! :D I thought that apart from the obvious: the aspects to the natal planets, there was "more to it" :) Trying to see too much in it maybe?


Robert - can i expect the same effect of Jupiter trine my ascedent during its retrograde as when it finally goes direct? Or should i expect to have to wait FOREVER for a decision to be made? Yes i know the reward of patience is patience but i've waited so long already.
And i feel i'm taking advantage of your good nature but i feel i need to put off a reading until after the decision about my salary and title have been decided. And i WAS being patient until i heard today that if my bosses weren't happy with the pay grade level that HR determines that they would appeal which makes me concerned that all of this won't be decided until December when Jupiter conjuncts my MC.



Hi Alix - Regarding this specific influence, Jupiter biquintiled your Sun in late July and will again in late September and early October. Whatever sacrifices and adjustments are going on in August and September will make space for the gifts. Regarding looking at your chart, you may be trying to put too many vegetables in the same soup. Learn to isolate specific patterns and their influences, since a lot of things go on simultaneously but are not necessarily related to each other's influence.

Hi donna - Jupiter RX trine Asc gives a new point of view on the understanding you got when it was in direct trine. The RX helps to take into account unconscious factors, or external factors not glimpsed when direct. You'll synthesize the two approaches during the third trine. Not sure what decision you're waiting to make. It may or may not be related to Jupiter. With Jupiter in the 9th, it prepares you for the 10th, so I doubt you'll have to wait till then. More likely decisions will be made during the next few weeks when Mercury and Venus trine Jupiter followed by the Sun making the perfect conjunction to Saturn trine Jupiter in early September. Look to the ruler of your 11th to be involved.


Robert thank you so much. Wow. What you write about the RX and external factors not glimpsed when Jupiter was direct makes so much sense. I sincerely appreciate your kindness and generosity. I will be more patient and rest in the faith that the best possible decisions are being made for my highest good. Peace be with you.


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