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I'm fairly lost in these articles, but slowly assimilating the lessons. I know this is a significant turning point in my life and I'm thrilled I don't have to navigate it blindly. Really looking forward to the consult tomorrow, Robert! Thanks!


Hi Robert,

If the eclipse is conjunct Neptune, and Neptune just happens to be conjunct my natal Saturn in the 1st house at that time (and all those other planets in Aquarius are in my 1st house), what kind of impact do you think it will have on me? Plus Neptune conjuncting Saturn is square my Mercury in Taurus, my progressed Venus in Taurus, and my natal Neptune in Scorpio. So, do you think the eclipse is likely to have a fortunate impact on me, a tough impact on me, or both?

Thanks, as always, Robert for your help.


Hi Robert, aquarius rules my seventh house and co rules my 6th of course. I did not see it or I missed it but can not seem to find what degrees the solar eclipse will be at in aquarius. I thought i read somewhere at the early degrees which means that since my dc is at 23 it may not affect relationships but affect 6th house matters....but i guess i should look at my secondary progressed chart as well. since most of aquarius is not in my fifth house and i am on the border of critical degrees in cap and moving into a progressed aquarius sun....fitting is not....oh and wow the tokyo ac at 22 is right on my north node...very interesting


Hi, Robert, sorry I did find out what degrees this annual solar eclipse is at.
It is at 17 degrees in aquarius and I looked up my transits via and found that it is 4 degrees approaching my descendant(well four degrees appraoching my ac in leo and in opposition) in aquarius which is at 23 degrees. Oh. Boy. Well, whatever happens happens I guess and I will learn from it. I am bit blue today. I kind of know the reason why but I don't want to deal with the feelings. Or even look at them. I always get blue in the January. I also hibernate like a bloody bear. It's a good thing my metabolism is fairly fast. Or I would be bigger then a bear!!!!
So, the focus is on some relationship.
I wonder how I can find out when the last solar eclipse in aquarius which would have been close to my dc in a conjunction was. Of course it all depends on other factors in both secondary progressions and natal charts and whatever other planets are doing in other areas of the natal charts in transits. I am finally getting my head aroundn this idea. The hard thing is finding out what is morst important. Research research research learn and learn some more. oh ya and listen carefully (north node in gemini!!!)



Yeah! This sounds like what I need... I've read other places that sometimes we feel the affects of an eclipse up to one month prior. I feel like there has been a turning point this weekend, any chance I'm feeling the eclipse already?



The more I learn the less I know… Robert, Feb. 6th shows my natal Uranus Gemini 27 and natal Saturn Virgo 5 in a situation? I'll still proceed with the planned “Earth Rat party” letting the lights & losses fall where they may. While in midst of Sat-Return maybe I am blessed with my 2 Mars and 2 Mercury in Aquarius. Last fall took Pavarotti and completely removed Steve Fossett. So, as I see bits of the larger picture I'm hoping that Pluto's arrival (crisis development) might also bring some good and needed changes. Optimist me.


Hi Robert,
This solar eclipse is conjunct my natal moon in my second house. I've been trying to find information about what a solar eclipse conjunct the moon means, but I can't find anything. Are there any books or articles you could steer me toward so I could try to learn more? thanks once again for all the information you so generously share on this site. Toni


Every time I see the words higher self--expression, I think about ethical decisions, honesty about vague judgment calls and accepting the negative consequences for doing the right thing for the right reason. I can think of many things that are going to come to a natural end due to tradition and some things that are going to come to an end due to lack of air signals(analog electronics-Uranus influence)In the personal arena, this past year since Jan2007 I have seen two major life changes that have restructured my perception of forms of my self identity. I am working on these two very hard to gain a new normal it does not look like the eclipse of Feb 6 is going to give us a break for a while does it?


Hello Robert,

As usual I love reading your articles and find tremendous use in them. Quick question - is there anything extra for those to look for who were born on this day? I was born Feb. 6, 1972 @11:26AM, EST.


Hi Robert.

Really it seems since Nodes changed positions that we feel a vague or still subconsciouss need for escaping that "infamous" Saturn/South Node opposition with NN Pisces that most of us experimented as being "overworked" or "overruled". (Well, there's still Saturn opp. Uranus awaiting).

But well, the conditions are not yet set in the material world to "jump" to an UNKNOWN ZONE. That makes me really sick, I suppose it's the Grand Irrationality, it's just rational mind kicks against a wall in the meanwhile...That's how I feel.

But, talking on the matter, that is the Eclipse, it is at 17º Aquarius -if I am not wrong-, it falls between a Mercury/Chiron conjunction and the current placement of Neptune going direct, and the NN. It seems Mars will have started its direct motion again in Gemini, but Saturn retrogrades...a lot of stuff.

Turning inwards to my question, my IC is at 22º Aquarius and -though I know you hate to talk about transpersonal planets on a personal level- I'm feeling very tired, lost and therefore overchallenged in my public work since Neptune began opposing my MC from IC.

I know this is just a comment stream and perhaps it's complex perhaps something breaking up in unexpected ways there in the IC/MC axis with the Eclipse?. It's just 5º from my longest "conflict point", I think, not to mention Saturn in X being really obscure and heavy these times cojoincting Mars/squaring Moon Gemini...

Thanks Robert, I need a little guidance these days...


Dianne m

Hi Robert and everyone,
We have just started 2008 and can honestly say I have experienced some of the most wretched days ever, I cried, was alone, which made it worse, everything seemed to reminded me of death. So I just gave into it, I became misery, I stewed, then something happened, a shift, I crossed paths with a multi Arian (when they are good, they are very good) he spoke about bringing together groups to work on environmental projects, we talked about the skills and idiosyncrasies unique to each person and how they, with principled guidelines and respect can work towards common goals. He cheered me up; shifted the energy.
Why all this? I am thinking of eclipses now, a bit spooked because of tansiting Neputune (12hse) opps moon AND Luna 2 degrees Virgo /Picies, my Pluto again.
I also know the Victorian state government is getting ready to do something stupid in Port Phillip Bay( Melbourne 25 Taurus conj my sun), they are going to dredge it, starting early Feb, this will destroy beaches and environment, now that is Neptune eclipse stuff, but there is a group, (very Aquarian) working on putting a stop to it.
Fingers crossed everything is in the mix!
Dianne m


Hi Dianne m, hope its o.k to reply to you here,Sorry you where so upset, tears are healing, yet its not good to feel isolated , glad you were cheered up. About the bay, I have a positive feeling. They are using the damage this is doing to tourism and trade on the two peninsulars rather than take the environment stand, so it may work. I think our new Environment minister passed the dredging agreement quite sneakly before Christmas. A worry. My ascendant is 27 degrees Taurus conj your Sun and this eclipse in australia is 25 degrees on ascendent. Now we (both of us) may feel the overall energy here. Is that right Robert? I feel I have some link with you Dianne,maybe Robert could pass our email adresses across, Don.t know how that works.
I have yet to ask what will be happening to my chart at the eclipse, Think I can flow, Saturn I think is transiting retro still in my 4th, bit of past creeping in then and again, Hoping Pluto( I respest pluto)can burn out the remnants. Have Faith it is good Aum Shanti Felita p.s and you would understand how hard the doing is when its been 40 degrees celsius, yes.


Robert -- you are spot on. I re-read your article for the Sept07 eclipses and now in Jan08 I can see things have unfolded the way you said -- 'no cross, no crown' and 'liberating ordeal'. I am here in Pakistan and support the pro-democracy people's resistance to militarism and militants. Its a struggle of secular folks for the rule of law, against very strong forces, but I am confident it will be a 'liberating ordeal' because we are cooperating as groups and have a higher vision to reach for.

any thoughts how the coming eclipses in Feb08 may bode for democracy in Pakistan?

Blessings to you, and all the community here. Pray for us and send us 'strong loving vibes' to sustain civil rights activists and peace groups here.



HI Robert,

Studying my chart, this eclipse is going to be opposed my Mercury and Pluto in the 10th. Sextiling my Nep and Asc in the 1st. Squaring my Jup in the 8th. Approaching my fifth house cusp.

Oh, Brother.




Hi S - Hang in there, and eventually you'll assimilate what's offered here on levels perfect to your understanding. It was a great session!

Hi Melika - It will have numerous impacts too great to list here. Could be the end of an illusion, or the showing up of a dream come true when blockages to that dream are shut down. Whether the impact is tough or great usually depends on our responses to what is taken away and what shows up. When Aquarius squares Taurus and Scorpio, be the best Leo energy you can demonstrate.

Hi Micheline - The Solar Eclipse will be at 18 Aquarius. Venus in Cap should bring benefits to your Cap sectors. And I trust the hibernation is helping you gather strength for the coming Spring!

Hi Elizabeth - Well, we don't usually feel the effects of a lunation until it happens, but we've had Mercury heralding the energies, so there may be some signals about things to come, plus Neptune has occupied the eclipse point off and on for many months, so I suppose it depends on our prior sensitivities.

Hi Jan - At least you get to let go of Pluto opposition your Uranus, as it's now semisextile your early Aquarius which should be fairly good over the long run, as long as you make the adjustments shown by Saturn biquintile and then quincunx those planets. Enjoy letting go of what's no longer relevant to your ultimate purpose on Earth this time around!

Hi Toni - The eclipse on your Moon (it's also on mine!) can manifest many ways, usually in terms of old habits, family issues, and ways of experiencing day to day life being shut down so new ones can show up. This will unveil some needs you may or may not know you had. It will bring some wider recognition, while others will find that what's ending is very personal. I know of no books which describe eclipses conjunct planets, since it would be a huge subject with almost infinite possible manifestations.

Hi Mary - Higher self expression can mean an infinite number of things depending on who thinks what is "higher." Old electronics will be ending since this one is in Aquarius. The eclipse should actually help us see what appreciation we've been showing made manifest in clear ways.

Hi Lisa - An old light will be dimmed so other, greater lights can be seen. It will affect the house your Sun is in, and the house ruled by Leo. Expect an unveiling of your light, which could be a very good thing!

Hi Henry - I experienced the change of Node signs very positively! Neptune shows us elements of our line of greatest development, furthering collective awareness, compassion, dispassion, and managing our emotions when we're feeling most vague or dissolved. The trines to Mars will prove productive, and with Chiron in the stellium, it should help us all to rise to some collective occasion within a larger field of aspiration. This should help you let go of vague notions around perception and communication, and could even shut down your sense of being tired and lost in the Neptunian fog.

Hi Diane - That Aries sounds like someone in line with my own heart and larger intention! We Aries can shift the energies fairly quickly, but then it's all in the follow-up, isn't it? The environment will be THE major focus for many years to come, so blessings on all your efforts and the efforts of all our allies in helping restore some degree of sanity in our collective approach to our blessed Mother Earth. May all your efforts succeed beyond what you presently imagine!

Hi Felita - The best way to come out of isolation is to participate with others in the community in some form of service larger than oneself. Interesting how two competing interests may serve to bring forth a greater good despite the greedheads driving things into the proverbial ditch! Your Taurus will be benefited by Jupiter this year, so do whatever you feel you must. If the two of you want to email each other, you can email me if you want and I'll pass them through.

Hi Andy - Thanks for verifying the accuracy of what I've written. Thanks for your efforts at maintaining sanity and democracy in a part of the world where there is such extremism! Eventually we'll all come to understand that "law" is a much better way to run things than the lowest instincts of desire-minds trying to enslave manifestations! Group cooperation will prove the tool to move the world into a much more "enlightened" state of consciousness. Blessings on your every effort! I believe the eclipse may shut down illusions of "democracy" while opening people to their highest intention to actually make democracy into a real form that helps the greatest good for the greatest number come forth. Even in our country, flawed republic that it is, we are seeing the stirrings of people everywhere who know that the status quo is not taking care of business. That is the hope for our world, that in every country people are awakening to the fact that we must hang together and work for the common good rather than separate, selfish interests. Again, blessings on your efforts!

Hi Helen - Even an eclipse can bring a blessing if we don't resist its lessons. Aum Shanti!


Thanks for your answer!.
Well, I think we've all sensed the changing Nodes but there are still forces trying to resist that change and overreacting to that cosmic awakening in a "power-retaining" obsolete style.
Thanks a lot Robert!.


^Exactly, as novelty increases so does habit. People in the position of maintaining habit are attempting to tighten the grip ever moreso as change struggles to be birthed.

(Interesting sidenote, I find this conflict going on within myself. Supposed to start a new job (habit) tomorrow as I find that i'm in need of an ID that i've just lost (novelty))


HI Robert,

Thank you. That makes sense about being the best Leo energy you can be. However, if the eclipse is at 18 degrees Aquarius, that is 6 degrees from the degrees of my Mars in Leo in the 7th house. So, essentially, that eclipse is affecting all fixed planets in my chart except my Sun in early Taurus (which fortunately will be trine Pluto and Saturn). Since my Mars in Leo also will be impacted by the eclipse, does that change the advice to be the best Leo energy you can demonstrate?


"Thus a form of impersonal love will be shut down"

this statement is intriguing to me. can you expand on that.. ?


Hi Henry - We're all learning to make our higher vision of group energy more clear, and learning to demonstrate it through our heart. Many Leo planets in our lives are learning to get over it, submit to the greater vision, and relax!

Hi Damien - Well, humans do tend to cling to the known and familiar, so change is usually regarded as something suspect.

Hi Melika - Just BE your best Mars along with other Leo virtues!

Hi Robyn - Leo is personal love, Aquarius is impersonal love. This eclipse shuts down a form of Aquarius wherever it falls, whether friends, group work, or obsolete visions of how we want to serve our world.


Will you comment on the lunar eclipse soon? I'll be patient. (It will exactly oppose my pieces sun.)


Hi bob - I'll be composing something in the next two weeks. Right now, I have Mercury RX articles to do!


hi robert,
I will have the eclipse in my 11th aqua, I have natal sun,moon venus at, 12 ,13, &15 degrees, it oppose my natal pluto at 11 degrees, how much affect will I have with these aspects,thanks leah


Hello Robert,
When an eclipse happens, how many degrees of orb should we consider for any aspect it is making to some planets or points on our chart? I've seen that this touches quite closely not only something on my chart but also the composite chart with another person I know.
Is there a special meaning to the fact that this will be a sunset eclipse, since most eclipses travel from west to east?
I've found this comment on a website: "According to Fred Espenak, the most unusual characteristic of this eclipse is that it begins and ends along Earth's sunset line. Most eclipse paths travel from west to east, but the 2008 annular eclipse path begins by running east to west and slowly turns north, before curving west to east near its terminus."


Hi leah - Like all eclipses, this one will unveil some things that are over, as well as some things to come. It will shut down your old Sun, Moon, and Venus functions, and help you get a better handle on the requirements of those oppositions, such as letting go of deflective or corrosive relationships that are preventing you from getting the results you want from life. Find a central ordering as you move through the changes, and use your self discipline and deep insights to find the great truths that can make you a pioneer in some future oriented vision.

Hi Alix - Well, since an eclipse involves the lights, I use the broadest possible orb for the aspects. I don't know that I'd use such a wide orb for a composite chart, since it's an amalgam of two beings who may or may not be on the same page, so to speak. But it does obviously affect composite charts as well as individual, national, and corporate charts. While I read on the NASA site about the "sunset line," this will only be a "sunset eclipse" on the west coast of the US; it will be a sunrise eclipse in the Middle East and parts of Africa. I don't know much about "the sunset line" other than what the NASA site says about it. I do know that the shadow is only visible from Australia, NZ, and Antarctica, which puts Taurus and Gemini on the Ascendant, with the eclipse near the MC in those places. Sorry I can't be of more astro-geophysical help, but it's not an area I'm much interested in.


hi robert
I' m a scorpio born in 1966 and had very hard time in my rlelationships about this bloody neptune. Eclipse is in my 5th house and I wonder that this eclipse is good or bad ? thanks a lot..


Hi Robert , just curious to know what actually activates at the Solar eclipse in my chart, I know I have to transmute and accept a new change as I see in my individual chart and as the Aquarian stellium is in my 9th opposing my Venus,Uranus Leo 3rd I embraced the concept of releasing creatively through a Leo vibration, Yet now it seems Mars on the Ascendent 26* Taurus is conjunct placing of the eclipse in Melbourne and I question how to just stay responsive and flow when some direct action needs to be taken now, Pluto Capricorn Sq natal Moon, Some looking how I leave eveything till the last minute and foolish indesicion. Intense Scorpio moon at the moment , I think. Have my foot on edge of precipise financially. am not that much for money and wonder why I struggle? Karma Taurus energy 12th house? Aum Shanti Felita
P.S your quick,brilliant mind constantly amazes me.


Hi Tara - Well, you've been through a Saturn-Neptune "sandwich" which hopefully taught you how to enjoy yourself a little more. The eclipse will take away old pleasures and give you space to embrace new ones. Jupiter should offer major productivity this year, and once Mars moves into Cancer you should be able to focus on gathering what you care about, nurturing your Higher Self (the Grand Water Trine to your Sun in March or April should bring good things!) Be ready to cut loose from old foundations and embrace a newer, broader vision.

Hi Felita - Sounds like you have a new future ahead of you based in a wider vision of truth. Not sure what you mean by Mars on the Asc at 26 Taurus. That's the Asc for Melbourne at the eclipse, but Mars will be in Gemini. Usually money worries challenge us to be more open and creative in accepting opportunities to train and do things that will feed our bank account. We struggle because we'd rather be doing something higher, less mundane. But being willing to do something differently often helps us grow AND make money satisfactorily. We must keep growing - it's up to us to decide which way will feed our bodies or our hearts, and if we're feeding our hearts already, then we must find something to do that will feed our wallets and which won't burn us out or damage our integrity.


Hi Robert. Thanking you for your advice, in reference to above post, My natal Mars on Melbuorne Solar Asc.Mars Gemini running through my 1st house.
Does this burl open my chart by just living here at this moment. Fixed T/square on 30/7/2007 Blue moon Aquarius Bad Knee injury that imposed on my work and my ability to get more physical work , which I like doing, Hoping that this reopening to Fixed T square generates work that is appropriate. Aum Shanti Felita.


Hi Felita - It means that Melbourne's physical "self" will stimulate your Mars however you choose to ride that wave. Something is being shut down there that can spur you to act.


Hi Robert, Thanking you for this. Yes, some support money from government gone by next week. spuring me on to act most definately.some synchronistic links to natural therapies colledge in queensland,will know by after eclipse, This will give me some study money and push me to future,realising forks in road. Glad pluto capricorn practilising that moon Libra of mine. Difficult to take on too much physical work because of knee. Past your web adress to natural therapies colledge ,now on their webpage.
Appreciate your clarity. Aum shanti Felita


Dear Robert, My birthdate is feb 1st 1965 2:45 am. I am still going through relationship issues. any relief in sight ?


Hello Robert,

I've had a rough time of it over the last 6-9 months. Especially where love is concerned. Right now T Saturn is opposing my N Saturn and Uranus is doing a number on me as well. I've had a series of failed realtionships and I'm ready to change this pattern. (T Saturn was opposing my N Sun and will hit that aspect again after it goes forward again..UGH)

On the day of the Solar Eclipse the event will be conjunct my Sun/Moon Midpoint in my 7th House. (also just a degree off of my DC) T Uranus will be conjunct my natal Chiron. T North Node conjunct my N 7th house Venus. Additionally, my progressed Venus is conjunct my progressed Sun.

I know from a logical stand point as a student of astrology that this should all be good, but I would love your take on what I should expect. I feel like a cat in a rocking chair factory right now.

Thank you for your time and energy.



This Solar Eclipse is right on my twin and I's Birthday. We were born Feb. 6th 1982 with a 17 degree Aquarius sun. We're very excited to experience the transformations that will occur!! The solar return chart casted for us is crazy looking. Thank you for the wonderful information that wil help us on our journey.


Hi Robert,
The Eclipse of February 6,2008 at 17 degrees Aquarius is exactly conjunct my natal Saturn in my 9th house (6 degrees from my MC) and square natal mercury in my 7th house (19 degrees Sagittarius). What do you think this is about?



Hi Felita - Good you're moving into natural therapies, since they are the eternal therapies that will continue to heal after this era of "big pharma" has peddled its last overpriced pill leading to horrible side effects. It is said we move from physical labor to physio-mental labor to mental labor in the process of evolving out of the accumulations of ego to the assimilations of our Higher Self. Thank you for the link.

Hi cindyfrances - Well, Remember that ALL relational issues involve a combination of our subconsciousness and learned patterns, and that we can never control another's responses to anything. The stars merely show us the timing on when we're supposed to learn certain things and act certain ways while leaving behind obsolete interpretations and expressions. Saturn is still in your Solar 7th house, and transiting Mars is quincunx your Mercury and Venus while square your Mars. Stop worrying, controlling or being controlled, and adjust! Be of good humor and large vision, be compassionate and forgiving of self and others, get to the core of whatever you need to see clearly stripped of outer forms, and show patience and adaptability. Much will be resolved between late May and late June if you're noble and creative.

Hi Kira - Cats do NOT like rocking chairs any more than they like vacuum cleaners! Just don't flick your tail under a rocker and you'll do fine. Good that you see that you can and should change pattern. Saturn opposition Sun is teaching you maturity around how your light expresses itself to others, and ushers in a period of learning how to be an equal with others, without fear or control issues messing up the dance. Uranus is calling your Chiron to heal you and help you rise to your best self, and your Venus is obviously getting magnetically pulled to a better expression. Yes, and old form will be shut down by the eclipse, but perhaps a higher expression can come forth once the old pattern is released. So beauty is coming to your light, eh? Sounds good to me. It also indicates Spiritual Knowledge is coming to visit your heart, also a good thing.

Hi Michele - I do believe many things will be unveiled for you both that should help you grow and develop for many years to come, given the North Node approaches your shared light. Your SR chart should be a good one, given the number of positive factors now in play. Welcome to a year of discovery, focused multilevel expression, and new ideals. Appreciation and gratitude will bring miracles, and preparing for the future will bring huge opportunities and blessings in late 2009.

Hi Naomi - Sounds like an old pessimism will die in the light of a wider vision of your higher duty, Expect old fears and limits to fall away, revealing a much higher purpose and maturity. However, the eclipse is sextile your Mercury in Sag, which is very productive.


Dear Robert, Thank you ! you have a way of making me calm down and look at the bigger picture.You are absolutely right we can only control our responses. Cindy


Dear Robert,

You couldn't be more on track with what you are saying. I have had some major self esteem issues in realtionships that stem from some difficult past issues. I'm working with a Soul Coach now who is helping me heal those things. The trigger was a relationship that has taken a different, but very similar track as others before it. This pushed me almost to the edge, but in the end, it is a good thing because I'm finally open to really looking at an healing the wounds from the past. I think that the worst of the pain is over since I was able to aknowledge it and start the healing process.

Shutting down the old form and expressing Venus in a higher fashion is a very good thing. What was in the past just wasn't working for me at all. I know that to have a beginning you also need to have an ending. I'm looking forward to ending these patterns and beginning a new life.

Blessings, Kira


i have Aquarius rising along with the nodes which are returning during this eclipse.
also A 16 degree libra Sun Saturn conjunction in the 8th house
I would appreciate any advice or comments.


You're a very beautiful human Robert!!!!! love/light


Hi Robert,

The lunar eclipse, conjunct Chiron and Neptune is on my aquarius ascendant, opposite my leo moon.
What is the meaning?

Many thanks,


This Solar eclipse frightens me. It hits my Mercury in the 12th house almost exact(18 degrees 12')and my Mercury is involved in a T-Square...opposes my Leo Moon(18 degrees 54')in the 6th(Conj Pluto)squares Saturn in the 8th.(21 degrees 9') I could never explain how much turmoil and grief this T-Square has caused me. Recently this T-Square caused problems that virtually destroyed everything I have been toward for the past three years. I have been studying Astrology for about 15 years on and off, but I know little about Eclipses and the effects. My studies have been Natal and Medical Astrology. I have a feeling this is not a good thing. Any advise would be appreciated and most welcome.


Hi cindyfrances - Pass it forward! Always the approach to take is "If not this, then something or someone better!" Aum.

Hi Kira - Glad you're dumping old psychic debris you no longer need to carry. Hitting the edge tends to focus the attention, just as hitting bottom allows us to admit we have problems we haven't been able to solve. Something about an empty hand being able to be filled, but a clenched hand cannot receive anything. Facing our fear allows us not to be troubled by it any more, if Sri Yukteswar is correct. Congrats on arriving at the threshold of a new life.

Hi Iris - You'll be widening your self image no doubt while letting go of old ways of relating to others. The trines to your Libra by the transiting Aquarius and Gemini planets should be bringing you good ideas, perspectives, and info. Also remember that Pluto is quintile your Libra for quite a while, which you can release through the new beginnings shown by Jupiter square your Sun and Saturn. April brings you a T-square or Grand Cross, depending, but it's still good if you can keep the initiative in your own hands, find appropriate forms of self-expression, and a greater way of service.

Hi Michele - Thanks. That's a generous compliment.

Hi Caroline - It shows an old self image will be shut down so you can be called to your highest Self through unveiling that can heal you. It will bring realizations about your relationships, and what you care about and what those who are your equals care about. Take a new look at what you can be grateful for in terms of body and self understanding, find a new way to get a broader view of the contradictory inner factors, and keep growing into a more perfect expression of angelic and idealistic world servant Aquarius energies.

Hi CJ - Well, first thing is stop fearing whatever, since it's unhelpful in getting the job done. Eclipses take away old things to create new space for new things. Looks like you're going to get a different look at "the movie of your life," and re-shoot some of the scenes from a different angle of view. You can get a higher integrated view of things during this time if you open to multiple points of view around what you do and do not care about, and what you used to care about but don't any more. Square to Saturn should bring about new responsibilities that require you to regenerate something repressed up to now. Much of this will bring results of your inner and outer choices during the long Saturn opposition Neptune, especially related to the Mars direct and RX in Taurus period August 2005-Jan 2006.


Dear Robert
i found your website last night when reading up on the eclipse. i am wondering if you would mind giving me some info on how the eclipse would have affected me. It sextiled my Mercury at 18degrees of sag and sun at 23 degrees sag. it squared my venus saturn conjunction at 16 degrees of scorpio and a wide orb square to pluto 26 degrees of leo

thanks very much

Sai Grafio

The U.S. moon in Aquaius ruling women will be galvaized to action (Mars) Perhaps women will relegate their second class citizenship to history, especially with Hillary running for president. The moon is a function of irrationality however and the public will lean their reactions toward a climate of mood.


Hi Jennifer - It should be productive in the areas ruled by Mercury and the Sun while being emergent light and focus on your Saturn function. It opposes the Pluto of hundreds of millions, so that's nothing personal. I would say build the Sag and express through the Scorpio. Put the brakes on an old fear or limitation while gently and joyously welcoming new duties. You can use this to put an end to pessimism forever.

Hi Sal - Women and the young are being galvanized like at no time in almost 50 years. Unfortunately, there are still many who follow the system without seeing they are mentally enslaved by the power structure. This will unveil much in the political system that hopefully will tear down the curtain so we can pay attention to the men and women pulling the levers.


Thanks so much for the info Robert. Love and light!


very much appreciated Robert


hi Robert
we meditated last nite with the new moon and the eclipse. it was a potent experience, and I was taken to a deep realm interdimensionally, and given a sort of vision that was accompanied by energetic transmission and a kind of temple water being poured over my head and body in an underground temple with beautiful Beings doing ceremony on me. I kept returning to the vision to re-experience it, (it has also now become a scene in the film).

by the time I returned home, I felt sick, and today I'm a complete mess, sick in a way I rarely am, because I have a strong Taurus body, and am always in high gear. my sense of this experience and what my intuition tells me, is that the temple ceremony of the water-pouring was perhaps some sort of a cleansing, and may be why I'm so sick today. but then, that's just one level of this awful feeling I have today. If there is anything here in my aspects that indicates as to being related, I would be most interested and ever grateful for your wise comments. thnx R

Sun 18, conjunct Uranus 17, in Taurus
Mars 28 and Moon 24 in Cap,
Pluto 29 in Cancer
Saturn 24, Mercury 22, Venus 16 all in Aries
Jupiter 29 in Pisces
Nepture 20 in Virgo


Hello Robert ...

The lunar eclipse of February 2008 will be almost exactly conjunct my Ascendant. Saturn stations on my descendant at the end of May. What does that mean for me?

Thank you.


i just saw how many people are emailing you and how many emails you have to respond to....
you can delete mine...and you'll have one less to take care off...!!!

all best


Stellium in 3rd house....Aquarius What to expect?

Also....what to expect with Pluto in Capricorn...Capricorn in the 2nd house. Loss of finances? finacial gain?


Hi Robert,

With the stellium all lined up in my First House, transiting my Natal Saturn at 17 degrees, and now this eclipse right on my Natal Saturn too, does this mean my Self is going through changes? For better I hope?!


Hi Iris and Jennifer - You're both most welcome. Love and light indeed!

Hi suz-d - Cleansing often triggers a "healing crisis." The trick is to cooperate with the process, let go of whatever you need to, and take care of your body so you can become stronger as a result of the experience.

Hi cynematik - A lot of things too numerous to list here. An old self image will be shut down, and you can expect a new maturity in your relationships as of Spring.

Hi Precious - New ideas, new interpretations, new neighbors, new ways of relating to those close to you. As for the Pluto in Cap, it could be a thousand things. Long term transformational transpersonal influence.

Hi Tasha - Yes, your self image will go through changes, as will your body and sense of purpose. Expect old limitations and fears to pass away with a broader point of view and greater responsibilities to come. This has to be for the better.


Thank you Robert! I appreciate the time you take to answer questions. You have a very informative blog and I really enjoy reading it!

Thanks your sharing your knowledge and wisdom. It is much appreciated!



Hi Cyndi - You're welcome. There's always more to say, but as it is I'm spending about 2 hours a day answering comments, which cuts into my ability to write articles. I'll be responding to your email today.

Vrigo Rising

This Feb 20th 2008 lunar eclipse falls on my natal acsendant (5' virgo) and I also beleive saturn is there too. I am a 49 f and in grad school away from my family.

Dub Vir Gem Mn

Thank You Robert,
A most informative site, am stoked i found it; PERFECT...Only just found it a few days ago, have been reading to get up to speed.For the last several years have been working under a sidereal system but since got here have had to switch back to tropical, just too much going on and haven't worked too much with septiles, quintiles and deciles, WOW have i been missing, Phenomenal! The Eclipse falls in my sixth house square a mars neptune conjunction in scorpio 3rd house. With T-saturn in 12th square node in 9th. T-Mars in 10th square sun 1st and T-venus in 5th trine stellium in virgo of ascendent mercury uranus and Pluto,,, any insights would be greatly appreciated..
Born: 9-17-65 5:57 am Pasadena,Ca.
Have been studying astrology for about 17 years but don't know much about eclipses except what have been able to glean from your site so far,, THANX!
One thing i noticed which intrigued me was eclipse activity for Tokyo, Japan. With Acquarius Planets in ninth, Mars rising and Saturn in fourth,, We find 2nd most important person in Parliament calling for an investigation into 911,, with that planetary lineup this just might go somewhere...

Dub Vir Gem Mn

P.S. For the Eclipse degree we find 18* Acquarius: A MAN'S SECRET MOTIVES ARE BEING PUBLICLY UNMASKED. KEYNOTE: The difficulty for the modern individual to keep secret his private past or his deeper motives.

Does that mean that that will be a sensitive point for a longer period of time, ie 2 months.. Thanx


Hi Virgo rising - I answered you in another comment stream.

Hi Dub Vir Gem Mn - Glad this site can offer you info that helps you get a more complete picture of what's happening and why. I really can't do detailed analysis in comment streams due to overwhelming work load. Expect friends to come who will be of service to you. Cultivate self confidence from self sufficiency, take a more compassionate view of others, and restructure what you need to of your originality and genius by your willingness to joyously take on a rigor that will pay big dividends by 2009. This is the beginning of completing what you started as a teenager. Take a broader view of what form of practical "world service" you are trained to do. Glad someone somewhere is looking into the fantasy tale of 9-11. Too many holes in the story to ignore. Lots of unexplained things that seem to point to a massive deception for the benefit of the war profiteers. I pray the unmasking of this eclipse benefits the many and helps expose the lie. That point will be active for years to come. May no one suffer ever again as quickly as possible.


How can you seriously believe in this?


Hi Maz - Exactly which "this" are you inquiring about? Do you mean the Eclipse, which is a real phenomenon? Or do you mean the countries on which its shadow falls, which also is an astronomical reality, as is its timing and duration? If you would doubt these things, you better start checking out the NASA site. Now, if you mean the astrological correlations, well, after almost 40 years of study and observation, I would challenge anyone to demonstrate that it has different effects that contradict the ones I list.

This is not a matter of belief, but of study, knowledge, analysis, and understanding of the various factors involved in the field of correlative symbolic mathemathics applied across the 4 levels of experience (physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual) each functioning within the 3 dimensions (personal, interpersonal, transpersonal) of human experience. So I guess I don't "believe in" any of "this," whatever you mean by "this." But I do know something about eclipses, both scientific as well as metaphysical, as a result of study and observation of multi-level phenomena.


The eclipse in Leo conjuncted my North Node and Chiron in my 3rd. house. Can you throw any light on what I might expect from this please?



It was the Aug. 17 2008 eclipse I was referring to.



Hi Ria - It means for the next three months you'll have your Chiron and line of greatest evolutionary development illuminated through self sufficiency and the willingness to face the echoes of "a hostile past," however that is. You'll build through seeing a wider, more progressive future that allows you to choose your responses, rather than just react.

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