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Here in the Nashville area this month we had tornadoes and then a week later, snow and ice.


Wow! so much bad news to come, don't know what to do. What do we do, Robert? Carry on as usual hoping for the best and never give up on our dreams?


Hi Robert What's frustrating is Environmentalist warned of this 25yrs ago, and many fought to get this information through, yet money ruled the outcome.Australia was always known for drought and flooding rains,now it's extreme. Victoria and Tasmania also deal with a hole in the ozone,The sun even burns in winter here when it's low on the horizon. Cyclones have moved down lower on northern coastlines,and closer to coastlines as sea temperatures rise.30 yrs ago I was at uni was going to be an ecologist and save the world(so I thought). I think mother nature will sought it,as for the inhabitants of this planet we will have to act soon and pray earnestly that world leaders see their past folly towards the environment. I live in hope and positivity, yet reality still tells me to be cautious in all ways. Appreciate this renewal of information. Thanking you Aum Namah Shivaya Felita


It's at least curious than some people are making business on this:

Well, only for you to know.

Felita very informative.


Normally our February and March is a journey to hell with no seeming respite. Temperatures up to 40 degrees in the shade. Today, when it should be its hottest I am sitting in long pants and a warm shirt. The whole summer has been like this.
Robert, I know absolutely nothing about astrology but am drawn to your writing and your sense of the larger essence. Your by-line is "move and groove through the intersection of fate and free-will". Now I know this is the most argued issue in history about which one is true and only one can be true. At this moment in time I am in two very separate camps. One aspect things I must just blast out for change and the other aspect urges me to be present, in the moment and accept completely everything as it is.
I know there is no answer or solution, it is just about a happening - and then again perhaps I tuned in here to hear something that might be to my highest benefit.


Robert, timely article. You know we had to heavish snowfalls in Tokyo and surrounding areas this last month. It never snows at this time of the year... since, I have lived here for the past ten years we will get a snowfall the day or so after new years day and thats it.
It is so cold. Not normal at all. I also noticed that cherry blossom viewing happens earlier and earlier every year here. That is not good i feel either. Last summer it was so hot, that in Saitama city, it went up to almost 50 d c. Thats super high. Not to mention a few people died.

Did you know that when Ford came out with his gas combustible engine way back when that there were a group of scientist who protested the engine telling that it would ruin the environment and guess what has happened!!!!


Hi Jilly - When you see the funnel clouds, head for the storm cellar! Hang in there!

Hi Aditya - Well, I don't think it's bad news per se, but just another big step in some old things shutting down. All of us are learning not to give up on our dreams and persevere despite the outer disturbances.

Hi Felita - I was trained in Oceanography and Marine Biology back in the late 60s, and yes, it's been known for decades that fluctuations in temperature would upset ecosystems and mess up the balance between higher and lower level sea organisms. We just never thought it could happen so quickly. Where once we calculated sea levels rising at a rate of about 1 inch per century at most, now it's all been blown wide open. The ozone hole is gradually shrinking due to the phasing out of CFCs, but that will just allow us not to get skin cancer as the oceans rise, which is more due to particulates in the atmosphere trapping gases like CO2. It certainly sounds like Australia is a lab experiment in global weather shifts! World "leaders" will soon have to address the larger needs of their people everywhere rather than argue stupid points of view positing false dualities (jobs vs environment and other such ridiculous arguments.) Saving our Earth will be THE cause of this century. The site link was interesting. I'll have to explore it further when I have some time.

Hi Henry - Yes, weather control experiments and technology have been part of the toolkit of the major powers for several decades. It was the primary reason for the Falklands War. And the profiteers are always looking for a way to make a quick buck however they can, while conveniently ignoring the downside of their activities.

Hi Susannah - Yes, years ago I KNEW it was good that I had left central Texas when it hit 100 degrees F. the following February! As for "fate and free will," they coexist. Both are true simultaneously, but each operates in their own specific field. Everything is "free will" except two things - one is to be born when and where we were, the other is the timing on when we have to make certain choices to act or not act. Not what choice we make, but the necessity to confront choice at critical moments. Our choice is free will - that we must make some choice at a certain time is "fate," or "destiny," itself the result of prior choices made at times that helped to create our future.

Hi Micheline - I suspect the weather patterns will become more extreme as the global ice continues to melt. Didn't know about Ford, but it doesn't surprise me. He and Rockefeller conspired to thwart alternative fuels, and this is the result.


Its not just what you mentioned Robert!
Look at more on 2007-2008.
Heavy snowfall has hit Iran and Iraq for the first time, extreme cold and snow in Turkey and Greece now, very cold and disruptive snow in China last month, very abnormal warm here in Portugal and western europe (seems like May), it was -60ºC in Greenland last month and it continues, it snew for the first time in Buenos Aires last july, it snew heavily in Jesuralem, and there was extreme hot in eastern europe last summer and cold and heavy flood in western europe last summer.

I am confused about the origin of this.
Humans have for sure one impact. The sun has another. Solar activity was highest for centuries during last years and now is low. And dont know for sure how much greenhouse do humans contribute if they are or not comparable to the ones release in vulcans.
One thing is for sure, we must care much more about earth, starting living with a ecological and humble lifestyle, and away from the consumeering, profit-making lifestyle. This is not politics but a question of our survival.
Fore sure, Pluto in Capricorn will bring more extreme weather, it will want to dismantle the rubish side of our societies. I believe Earth once in a while passes through such hard cleanings and now its one of those times.
I guess we will see a part of our society at least disappearing in next years, in not a significant part. And as a scientist said last month, I think we are underestimating the predicted sea level rise. Earth sometimes rises or falls its sea levels in dramatic ways and in short amounts of time, and the same is for huge weather shifts, even with no human intervention.
I believe at least in Gaia and her kind life-supporting spirit, even if it implies big changes.


Hi Popplagid - Yes, I know there are many more things that are happening - it just seemed this was so succinct that it gave a pretty accurate picture of what's up globally. Everything is in fact getting more extreme by the month, and despite the naysayers who insist that it's not humanity's fault, "you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows." Our obsession with industrialization has in fact altered our ecosystem in countless ways, regardless of other "natural" factors. At this point, it almost doesn't matter what combo of forces caused it, since regardless of causes we MUST alter course and implement corrective actions any way we can. And yes, the Earth has its own corrective measures it IS taking, much to the chagrin of humanity.


Hi Robert and others. Good Lunar virgo action released today around eclipse time. Garnauts report on Australia's response to climate change.

A positive thing! Aum Shanti Felita


Hi Felita - The link doesn't take me to a current article. Perhaps you can make sure of the address, or at least summarize the main points?

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