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Hey Robert!

How interesting that i just met with a political advisor yesterday, he basically helps people with money translate progressive personal stances into effective political action. There is so much to learn about political activism, both inside and outside the system!

Oy vey, the things they don't teach in school!

I feel that the question we're all asking ourselves is, how do we organize into a coherent wave of change in a manner that doesn't engage us in activities or relationships that are counter to spiritual principles!? I have attended gatherings of social entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers, philanthropists, family systems specialists, wealth inheritors, and sexual liberation types, just trying to get my arms around spiritual and material alignment, within and around.

I've needed to do a lot of personal mopping up to convert sensitivity out of wimpiness and into registry. But WOW, so much ignorance and despair about the possibility that any of our elected representatives would actually DO anything! And what would motivate them to do anything!

So.... keep talking. And yes, a face to face gathering is a great idea. The Noetics people are lining up the usual stars and doing something i believe is called "the wave" or something like that, i just got a mailer about it. Anyway, i would welcome more information about activism. BTW, I have a friend (not into astrology, alas) who has "The Imaginal Institute," does cool gatherings of poets and technologians.



Congratulations on the "million" milestone and for your dedication to a purpose. You've weathered some storms, yes indeed, and we are all glad you are still here. I really enjoy your articles and the other people's responses. It is interesting to know how the site evolved. I guess the mix of politics, astrology and metaphysics is a case of strange bedfellows, but it's fun to watch the politicians and check their horoscopes. Grant Lewi wrote some interesting stuff in "Astrology for the Millions." Metaphysically, however... it seems to me most politicians are far from evolved, or else they keep their esoteric opinions well hidden. Middle America would have them burned at the stake.
The best thing to do is live a life of good example and hope that the wolves don't figure out the scheme.

Well anyway, I hope your site will be with us for a long time to come. Keep up the good work!


yea i can't think of when i actually picked you up, it was when i created a my yahoo page and picked out what i wanted to read about....
i've been readin since i was a freshman in college, and that was back in 1995.

before that it was any magazine newspaper or book.

i remember when i was searching for astrology back then, most of it was 99 cents a minute future shit, not what i was looking for.... now there's so much.. still a lot of $$$ for this... but... good job robert! KNOWLEDGE IS FREEDOM.


Hello Robert,

What a terrific post and how interesting to find that you enjoy politics and astrology. I was friends with Rick Houck, an astrologer who loved looking political outcomes. He felt that he could predict the winner of any political contest if he knew the actual birth info of the candidates and the date of the election. I learned so much from working with him. As you say, the political arena is so strident. Personally, I would love more insight into political trends.

So, is it Obama versus McCain? And, who will prevail? Not serious, of course. — Cyndi


Hi Robert,

Thank you for sharing part of your life's journey via the Aquarius Papers, an inspiring astro blog. Even though I've never met you, you're a big part of my daily life... I check in just about every day. :-)

In light and many blessings, Pepper


Robert and friends,
I feel such a joy in being able to learn and share on this site. I have lived with the "end times" (modified) philosphy since I was born. Each time it came around, 1984, 2000, it didn't happen. (CA did not fall into the ocean). I am reading a lot abt this transitioning time, some practical and some emotional. I like what I read here, it's practical and inspirational. Now...this connection through internet (energies) is real and not real. How do we make it real? How do we really come together? How do we really make ourselves heard?
The Middle East is a boiling pot, full of violence. How do we thwart the use of nuclear weapons? How do we help a third world mentality (uneducated) understand? So many questions and I know we don't have answers right now.
love & light

Lynn Hayes

Congratulations Robert! You were my inspiration in beginning my own blog and your support has been so appreciated and valued. I always refer to your site when there's something that stumps me and always find wonderful things there. Best of everything to you, my friend.


I, too, am thrilled to have found such an intelligent and soulful site. So looking forward to the changes coming here!


Congratulations on your milestone. I can not say that I have understood everything in every article that you wrote, but your articles have given me much to think about during times when I look around and wonder why everything is happening the way it is. Thanks for including me in your readership it is very nice to have challenging works to read.

Robin Jenkins

Dear Robert,

After reading "About the Aquarius Paper," I realize now it was you who inspired me to start my blog, and I was always impressed with everything you wrote. Good luck and happiness to you in your new ventures and thank you for being a fountain of wisdom for us.
-- Robin


Hi Kathy - Eventually the political world will be infused with more spiritual beings when this "spell" passes and the people wake up to the false dualities perpetuated by selfish, narrow minded political animals. Some are trying the fusion even now, but it will take a major upheaval before the way is cleared. Money is indeed the fuel for the system, so wise investment is one of the keys to change. Money does motivate. So would opening the game by doubling the number of representatives, halving their salaries, and sticking them in a dorm. I'll probably become more active in the future, but for now, this blog and my counseling practice eats all my time.

Hi Valerie - Grant Lewi's work in that arena was one of my early inspirations, but of course he evaluated from a distance rather than getting involved in the bare knuckle politics of the 30s. In our present era, politicians cannot show their metaphysics openly, since the system would quickly move to ace them out. The system itself is so corrupt it prevents the best and brightest from even getting to the starting gate, much less actually run the race. And I also hope this site can continue to function as it has in the past, but with changes to make it better.

Hi robyn - Glad you're a member of the community. In the late 90s I had a website dedicated to much the same thing as this one, but it got zero search engine traction due to technical issues. At least it helped get me into a writing groove. And yes, "KNOWLEDGE IS FREEDOM."

Hi Cyndi - I predicted many political races with accuracy, including 2000 over a month before and 2006 over a year before, but ultimately I care more for people's spiritual evolution than the dog and pony show of our present very undemocratic system. Ultimately we the people will prevail, but only after some serious house cleaning.

Hi Pepper - Glad to be able to provide inspiration. Keep checking in! And who knows how or when I'll meet the people who come here, so hold the thought.

Hi Joanne - Yes, the running joke seems to be "the end is near," but which end no one seems to know! ;-) Glad you like the blend of practical and inspirational. As for making connections "real," well, this site is one, there are others, and as I've noted before, my next major project is to create a virtual center (as well as a physical one) dedicated to fostering connections between many people and aspirations across our world in ways not confined to astrology and metaphysics. The world will melt down in some severe ways in the near future, but in community we can find power, connectedness, and effectiveness.

Hi Lynn - Glad you checked in. Glad I can provide inspiration, as do you to so many readers at Astrodynamics. We of the astrological blogosphere are part of a grand shift in how the craft is accessed by the millions, and I'm glad we're colleagues. Truly, the best to you and your wonderful sites as well!

Hi s - Glad you're here as well. We're all in this together.

Hi Mary - Well, in stretching your brain, you're wiring your comprehension neural network in ways neither of us can imagine. I try to write in ways so that anyone can get the gist of it, whether they know astrology or not. And of course, the more you know, the more you understand, so thanks for hanging in there.

Hi Robin - Well, I didn't know it was me who inspired you, but having visited your blog more than a few times, you also write great things at Uranias9thHouse. As I wrote to Lynn earlier, I believe we internet astrologers are offering a great service in opening the craft to the public in ways that don't require a ton of money, but allow people to learn at their leisure. And of course, what each of us contributes helps many, many people to evolve and connect with others, so thanks for your work as well. There is a great group out there, and you're one of the links in the chain across space and time.


Hello Robert
I stumbled across this site a couple of weeks ago and have been back on an almost daily basis to be fascinated with what I have found every time!
So, I thought it was high time I said hello and thank you for sharing your wonderful wisdom.
Your eloquence and amazing ability to weave spirituality with politics and art is a heady mix that I love!
I just wish I had time to read and comment on all the stuff here - I will certainly do so when I can.
A site like this clearly demonstrates the positive side of technological advancement.
What a journey! Please keep writing!



dear Robert! what you r doing is special *Universal* in your journey i pray you grow more and more so humanity can learn from you :)
thanks my friend

good luck


Hi Mary - Welcome to the cantina. Comment when you are called to do so. Definitely intend to keep writing. Keep coming back! Aum and blessings.

Hi AceStar - Thanks for checking in. I realize this site is marginal for most places in the world, so bless you and keep you and may Allah shine His face upon you. Thanks across the continents. Allah en'shallah.

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