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Thank you so much Robert . . though I feel a little seasick! Could you explain what you mean by saying Mercury at 17 Virgo was in a degree of "volcanic eruption" at the August 2007 eclipse? Thank you and many eclipse blessings to you.


Thanks so much Robert. This time has been pretty intense for me but I am already experiencing internally the yearning and actual elevating of my own soul and other;s around me. My ascendent is 29 degrees of libra, my moon is 1 degree of capricorn at my nadir -- every eclipse for the past two years has conjunct directly something in my chart and with pluto see sawing over my moon for the next year, well i guess selling a home, moving states, starting a new career, handling familial issues that rival doesteyevsky (sp?)

oh well at least I'm not stuck anymore! Best to everyone.


Robert, mucho thanks for especially this article! I always appreciate any/all insight you've shared with us, but since my Sun is at 5 degrees Virgo and Mercury at 17 degrees Virgo, well, life's been interesting to say the least! And your insight is even more appreciated than usual as I hug, well, clutch to my dogs for comfort. :) The eclipses are times for me to have a conversation with the Universe. (Not that I stop generally...hehehe...)
Should you be putting up an article on the next New Moon in Pisces I'll be looking forward to that too, since I think it touches my Pisces Moon, have to confirm the degree again.
Thank you for your continued guidance Robert!


Hi Robert,
Thank you so much for all of this insight, it is very helpful. I was wondering if there was anything I should be watching out for as the lunar eclipse is occurring on my birthday tomorrow.
Thank you,


yes, thank you Robert for your continued guidance and insight... its an interesting cosmos alright - there seems so much to learn. I for one would love an eclipse that shows us all that we are healed and only need to remember how perfect we are and live this into daily experience. I still struggle to integrate the lessons of the past two years eclipses and feel too strongly the dualism around which so much of our world is built.

but there's always hope :)


I like that you say Mars is the harmonizing force in this eclipse as it is conjunct my natal Uranus in the 8th house. The eclipse itself is conjunct my natal Saturn in the 11th house and opposes my natal Sun so harmony is good. I'm reading all your posts on the eclipses avidly and looking forward to the next one. Thanks for your insights - Sue


My dearest Robert,
Thank you for the insights...its marvellous to find encouraging words of wisdom in your article to identify with my situation..Honestly,I dont know what really happening here in aceh,what with all the weird behaviours of people around.At the same time,my personal relationship seems to be in turmoil..all I did is take a deep breath and go with the flow...seems,the more I thought of going of from this place,which I did,but only last 3 days,i had yet to come back to make sure my on going work are on an aries born on 1st april 1968 time;1pm...please advice...thank you for your kindness...warmest regards


by the way,an hour ago,there was an earthquake that shook Banda Aceh..been awhile since this hard of an earthquake happened to us..I shudder to think of what more to come,as the eclipse will be tonite always


Dear Robert
Thank you for your wonderful illuminations on this long dual codimension that became almost a principle in my life the last years. Still confused(at the crossroads), I’m learning to trust intuition or insights coming from nowhere. This lunar eclipse falls on my solar return with few hours difference; feels like a turning point and know the decisions taken now will be in my life for many years to come. Currents almost may lead me to something that it is not right for me- kind of injustice and more and, at the same time I am not able to pursue my dreams due to practicalities- duality. The syndrome of martyrdom is far from me but I am humble as always felt I am lacking meaningful direction. Since 1989, I am spinning around and yes evolved in different ways and now I may have to embrace acceptance and compromise which are virtues but this will make feel big time martyr, narrow-minded in pursuing a dream that makes me a victim and much more. The dream was different and now seems that it is an either or not time. So , I will very much appreciate your insights. My natal sun is Pisces 2°13 on the 3rd house and Asc Sag 15°12. This lunar eclipse hits my 9th house, Saturn is there as well, Pluto conjuncts pallas on the first and squares my moons node (0 aries), transiting note (3rd house) squares mars and Neptune on the 12th house and venus conjuncts mercury on the second. My solar return sees sun, Uranus, pallas, vesta on MC and node on the 9th conjunct MC together with Neptune while Saturn oppose and squares many planets (sun, netpune, mars, asc). Apologies for putting so many details on your forum but will honestly deeply appreciate any feedback. Thank you, Blessings.



How will this eclipse impact on those who have Moon in Virgo(particularly in the early degrees)?

I am a Piscean with moon just in Virgo!




well this full moon eclispe is in my first house (like you Robert), and I know with Saturn there right now, I need to reinvent my self and my life, i need to clean house, I don't feel like my old self party due to age, not that i am really old now or anything, but i definetely feel like i am not excercising enough, and all my bad habits must go, i am not sure how to tackle this....also i must master the new things I want to do and try to make those dreams that are in my soul waiting to much for the work situation, i know it is time to move on....i am a baffled king singing halelujah
but hearing the echo come back.....pluto at 1 degree cap is hitting my moon/sun midpoint also at one degree, this should be interesting...and yes it is becoming easier for me to let go of outmoded and innefctive and unhealthy ways of thinking about relationships and some people are leaving my life....


Dear Robert,

Hope you are doing well. I have Pluto at Virgo 3.4, and I am Pisces rising -- just wondering what does this lunar eclipse at 2 Virgo-Pisces mean in this context for me?

Many thanks, and blessings.


Hi Lainie - The Sabian Symbol for 17 Virgo is a "Volcanic eruption," so it's fairly self-explanatory.

Hi Mary - Saturn septile your Ascendant is no doubt putting you at a major fork in the road of however you've defined yourself since 1982-83, while Pluto is helping you contact parts of your feeling nature you've never explored before. While things probably are extreme from time to time, whatever is in dynamic transformation is leading you to where you need to be during the coming changes, so bless it all.

Hi Jessi - Trust your experience and maturity in taking the long view, and drop everything you no longer want nor need to put up with. The next New Moon will of course accent your Moon, the house it's in, and the house it rules. And of course you're most welcome.

Hi Laura - Yes, check out your feelings, come to realizations, and know that over the next few months you will be liberated from something you no longer need to be dealing with.

Hi danae - Well, eclipses do heal us, if only through removing stagnant stuff we no longer need in our hologram! While our Divine Pattern is in fact perfect, there is much in our body, emotional, and mental patterns that are not in alignment with our Higher Self, and these are what require removal so we can attune through going inward after the withdrawal of external things. Life in form will always be dualistic, but we do not have to suffer from getting trapped in it.

Hi Sue - Mars should have stimulated your genius and uniqueness in many ways the past few months! An old Saturn function will be left behind, so expect old friends, goals, and ambitions to leave, opening space for new ones to come. With Sun opposed Saturn, you need a good challenge from time to time that helps you leave behind lesser purposes and obligations.

Hi ann - I promise we will connect in the near future! Aceh is in an area of the world that will be perpetually unstable for some time to come. When the ground shakes regularly, people tend to get unsettled in many ways. I learned that in California. Many relationships are also unstable right now, since we all are getting repositioned in some ways so we are ready for what's coming in the next 2000 days. Remember, fellow April Fool, the old song that tells us that there are times to hold 'em, times to fold 'em, times to walk away, and times to run. Please take care of yourself in the present so you can take care of others in the future.

Hi Maria - Yes, many of us are making decisions that will profoundly impact our lives for years to come. Affirm your willingness to glimpse elements of "a meaningful direction," and you will surely get them. Do not frame things so extremely ("acceptance and compromise which are virtues but this will make feel big time martyr, narrow-minded in pursuing a dream that makes me a victim and much more.") Find the right point of view on how it's leading you to Dharma and authenticity. You're more indestructible than you think, and even if your life is in dynamic revolution, affirm your willingness to see the ultimate good of the process. As for Solar Return, make sure you're using an Equal House system. Saturn's not squaring anything right now, so I assume you're talking about your natal chart. Narrow your focus to get a better sense of the larger whole of your life purpose and ideals, let go of lesser chains by accepting a greater challenge over the long haul, and re-frame your sense of higher "Truth" by being diligent in the details of how you're learning to serve. This is a preparation for major professional movement later this year into 2009.

Hi Jo - It should help you let go of unhelpful habits and feelings, especially any sense of limitation or bondage due to Saturn also on your Moon. Decrease sentimentality and get on with more important things, and let go of rules and shoulds so you can take care of yourself and others more appropriately, and be taken care of by them as well.

Hi Micheline - Yes, this may take away some routines that are too small a focus. I also am not exercising enough, due to being chained to a computer doing this blog, which is growing by leaps and bounds. That's why I don't know how much longer I can answer comments as I have in the past, and will begin structuring classes to answer such things in the future. There are greater aspects of a larger work beckoning, and there's only so much time in a day.

Hi nandy - You should be liberated from old things through Pluto being nurtured. You can find a greater self confidence through self awareness, and your magnetism with others will go through major changes. Use Sun on your Asc for illumination of a new self image allowing you to leave corrosive or dishonest relationships behind forever. Saturn on your Pluto trine Pluto should be helping you stabilize your Divine Power in grounded practical ways.


Yes, please! Classes! I'm all for the classes! Sign me up!!


Dear Robert,
Thank-you So much for all your insight and work!
Just out of the Mercury retrograde and into this eclipse!
I found you and your Aquarian Papers just this evening, as I was looking for Astrological info on the Ecliplse!
I am Gemini ( 15 degrees) with (0.6 degrees) Scorpio Rising and Libran Moon (24 degrees) , Pluto in Virgo (11th house) Saturn in Capricorn ( 3rd house) I have been feeling the Pluto and Satrunian aspects bigtime!
I was in a relationship with a *man with 5 planets in Capricorn for a nearly a year and it broke up! ( *He moved across the country to be with me and arived on the before the here on the day of the last Lunar eclipse in August 2007)) with promises of Marriage and children and then in Mid-November everything "blew up"/ fell away! He told me of his fear and unwillingness to have children.
I have been feeling heavy-hearted and much emotion (deep sadness)
around loss of the relationship and the possiblity of having children in this Lifetime!
This man's unfulfilled "vows" shocked and hurt me, and yet I have been having a hard time letting go!
And I know that I must go on and forge a new life!
Are these eclipses good times to meditate and pray for release from old patterns of behaviors?
I know I am getting somewhat personal and detailed here...reading your helpful answers to people inspired me to be forthcoming about what I have been experiencing.
Your words are wise and compassionate..a balm! ( and a breath of fresh air!)
Thank-you so very much,
P.S. I want Classes, too!


Thank you, Robert, for your generosity. I like the idea of classes too.


Hello Robert and everyone,
I've been cooking, I think I am almost done. It's a big article and I want to go over it again in my own time, but sometimes things just jump out, "escape from a narrow destiny" was one, the other "feather your nest'. Oddly (or not) I wrote a poem, still "giving form' to it. But it began:

Who knew the heart was unflegded?

and ended:

feathers will give form to shell
so no matter
whether crow or starling
it will fly.

Just working on the middle bit. Not quite hatched, can't rush these things.
Best to all

Virgo Rising

My natal ascendant is 5 degrees virgo. I am a 49 female grad student.
Please advsie re this eclipse.

Thank you


my dearest Robert,
Thank you so much for the kind advice.will take a good care of myself.yup,its shaky this side,relationships too of all kind.. :) life as it is ya...the earthquake yesterday was quite hard,horizontal and evenly rythm...hope to catch up with you for always


Dear Robert,
Good morning from europe and thank you for your healing insights. Comfort my soul, smile for my “drama queen song for the goat” words, feels like where passion bumps into reality and, release of “old” forms seems to be the point for one more time. .. Using the equal system, the planets are rather on the 8th house and yes, Saturn on the solar return chart makes oppositions to the sun and mc and squares mars, neptune and asc. on my natal chart.
Strangely enough, today I feel so much energised…guess is the luna….Thank you again and blessings!M.


Hi Robert, As always you are spot on. Thanks once again. You write that I need a good challenge from time to time to help me leave behind lesser obligations and purposes. Well - this time around I've been co-opted into becoming an assistant producer and script writer of a play! My little introverted world of working away quietly in the background at my own creative projects just got blown wide open. It's a wild ride but just what I need. When i first started asking you questions about my chart you said that the theater was where I was heading. I denied the possibility but it turns out you saw something I didn't even imagine.
My gratitude goes out to you. - Sue


Hi Robert, have just seen the news about the satellite/missile "strike" at 10.26pm last night! Unbelievable? There must be something really important about this eclipse...comments?

Your Enchanted Gardener

5:36 AM
February 21, 08


Just woke up with the moon shining in through my window.
Thanks for sharing information about the Lunar Eclipse
and getting me refocused on 2009-2010-2011-2012.

I was having a Vision about the inportance of
stepping up awareness about theEnchanted Garden
as a name for our Renewed Earth is 2012.
I have been working for more than 30 years on
breaking World Peace down into bite size pieces
many of us can understand. I do believe it is essential
that we can be on the Web and are called to be part
of the Web of Life in real ways.

The Earth and the Soul are Soilmates.

Has been a difficult Mercury Retrograde.
Good to be reminded that this is a time to Let Go.
Good to reflect on those things I want to let go of
so my soul shines through.

I will blog more on this on the Plant Your Dream Blog

Good to have you back.

I welcome your excellent astrological insights and your team
of avid participants in my life.

Your Enchanted Gardener


I thought it worthwhile to examine the sabian symbols for both 2 degrees Virgo & Pisces as follows:

Virgo 2
Sabian Symbol: A simple but impressively large white cross has been set up in splendid isolation on top of a commanding eminence.

Kozminsky Symbol: A waning moon in a sky, half of which is clear and studded with stars, and half of which is covered with dark clouds which herald an approaching storm.

Pisces 2
Sabian Symbol: Almost as if possessed with man's intelligence a tiny squirrel remains watchful on a limb, hidden from the hunters.

Kozminsky Symbol: An old man sitting beneath a leafless tree with bread in his hand and a bag of money by his side.

Kind regards,


Will structure classes and for sure let everyone know how to sign up, etc. in the near future.

Hi Susan - Saturn and Pluto are helping you restructure your life long term for the better, making you more efficient. Glad you got clear about the Cap before having children, since that could be a real drag to be with someone afraid to be a dad. You should feel glad you didn't get trapped with someone unavailable emotionally, and stop power struggling with ghosts. As for kids, well, even if biology is not an option, adoption is. There are also many ways to care for a child or children here and abroad. And then again, if you ever do find a good relationship, it could be with someone who has children, and suddenly you're a step mom! These eclipses are good for moving forward into larger lives. Definitely pray for release, but at some point just forgive and forget! The more you focus on the past and its illusions and disappointments the less time you're giving to the present. Do not give disappointment more power or reality than it deserves!

Hi d3mill - Yes, we're all on track to leave the past behind, whether "win, lose, or draw." Great verse, and definitely describing elements of a larger process for many.

Hi Virgo rising - Leave the past behind, stop worrying, see the light of a greater work/service, and since what's done is done, remember that for some years to come if it works it's true, and if it doesn't work it's not. The past cannot matter, since you're in transition and will experience things leading to a total emotional reset a few years down the road. Things should also get clearer for you later this year and next.

Hi ann - When the ground shakes, we find out who has courage and who doesn't. As an Aries, you need to fly with eagles, and leave the chickens on the ground to cluck.;-)

Hi Maria - Well, life is transitional to begin with, and these times do challenge us to release whatever we need to of lesser ways. When we let go of old burdens we do in fact feel lighter and more energized. Focus on more important tasks to come, and let go of old things blocking your heart.

Hi Sue - Congrats on the play! Now play at the play and enjoy! And of course, you're most welcome. Glad I could see what I did.

Hi daryl - Well, it could portend the resurrection of the ill-conceived "missile defense system" which can only destabilize our fragile political position and further alienate our friends from outer space.

Hi Leslie - Welcome to the cantina. Gardens are the hope of the world, individually and collectively. We must stop poisoning ourselves! Yes, World peace starts at home. There are many analogies between gardening and our own growth. Kiss the San Diego ground for me.

Hi Pamela - I studied quite a few symbol systems years ago, and Kozminsky's can be quite profound, if somewhat judgmental and more specifically focused on individual birth patterns. Still, there is much to consider in that series that if extrapolated and depersonalized can yield great insights. Thanks for reminding me of them.


I have Jupiter and mercury in prominent positions in my chart, so it would mean that this eclipse started with me in way of lessons and emotions in an obscure way, or that those things are about to erupt.

I work for a Pisces male boss, (opposition to pisces) and he’s being very underhanded and subversive about the way he feels about me, he’s been restricting my schedule (Saturn) due to personal feelings (moon) he has about me which he won’t speak of. I think he’s had a crush on me and feels I’ve betrayed him because of hearsay and rumor. His actions have reflected a sort of hidden retaliation. What can I do about this? I’ve been thinking about writing the overhead boss a letter (my mercury in leo) bout him, but I’m sure that would create more drama (my Saturn in leo). But the only thing I want to do is settle this once and for all, and keep my job.

I guess I’m in quandary about that whole, escape from "a narrow destiny" that I’m searching for. Any ideas?


Hi Robert, I think you should set up those classes to have other people to answer these posts. I am sure under your tutelage that they will be excellent.

I think it is really important to have that daily excercise and sitting in front of computers is not natural and healthy.

I wish you good health and peace.


I think the lunar eclipse has rocked my world - not sure in a positive way either. My sun is in Virgo, as is my Venus. My ascendant and Moon are both in Capricorn. My partner has his sun in Aquarius, his ascendant in Virgo, his moon is in Libra.
He went away four days ago, supposedly for one day and still hasn't come back.
I feel shocked and amazed by these events.
I would appreciate any comments & insights you may have on this.
Thank you & best wishes,


Hmm, yes. I hadn't quite thought of that that way before. That's given me something to think about. Anyway, have survived some unusual events the last few days; some stickiness from the past that I can't shed, and new feelings and ideas that I'm trying to integrate. I've got Venus at 13 degree virgo, pluto at 19 degrees and Uranus at 22 (all in Virgo) The only Pisces I can see is 29 degrees chiron in Pisces. I've had a brilliant idea for 2009, but the now, despite some very new and pleasant additions still feels very sticky. Any thoughts on this ref. to the last eclipse would be appreciated. PS. Hope you managed to catch up with all the chores this last weekend.


HI Robert and All,

whew! and an Eclipsed it was! It was also on my birthday (Laura I'd love to keep in touch about your experience with this as we have the same birthday). The biggest thing is that I must leave my Piscean boyfriend who was also eclipsed. It just doesn't work ,I usually get separation anxiety (even I leave), and they usually deal with thiers by embarking on a union with a close friend. I could care less at the moment because all I've ever wanted is my freedom and to travel again and live abroad (Venus in Aquarius etc...). Maybe the eclipse will help me to get to the life that I dream of...because I have not been able to get their on my own.


Hi robyn - Well, I always feel that breaking the "no talk rule" dispels abuse, even though there are consequences for putting things on the table. I suppose much depends on how much you value or need this work and whether your boss is also showing you any consideration for your expertise and humanity. Examine whether this battle is worth the payoff, if there is one. You may or may not be able to "settle" it, since this involves another human being. But if there are laws being broken, or abuse going on, then it's your call if the job is worth it, or if blowing the whistle can be done without blowback. And there are always other options out there that help us remember we NEVER have to endure abuse one instant longer than we need to. Just make a plan, have an alternate, and do what you need to according to your Highest Self, which sometimes requires boldness, other times patience.

Hi Micheline - Well, I suspect that after a class where we examine the issues, all of us together will have answers that are better than any of us individually. Then they'll have to be compiled and posted however it can work for all concerned. And yes, my own health regimen requires that I change some things in the near future.

Hi Tessa - An eclipse generates effects that are always positive, regardless of how we feel about endings, unless we do something that generates unfortunate karmas. Remember Saturn on your Sun and Venus is helping you see what is no longer a part of your life, clearing the decks for future effectiveness. It's also profoundly affecting him. Please reread this article and you'll get a helpful perspective on Saturn transits. Jupiter offers you a new freedom and protection if you'll accept it. From what you write, one or both of you has a communication problem. If it's yours, then it's time to learn new techniques. If it's his, then you need to re-examine that. If it's both, then you both have to agree on a communication form so this doesn't happen again. Blessings on sorting it out, since it's a good thing for you regardless. This Summer moves you forward in major ways, so open to the blessings.

Hi daryl - Sounds like you've moved into your process of surfing the Great Mystery. You may be putting emphasis on the eclipse and not enough focus on Saturn's effect in your chart. The recent eclipses will prove very good influences for everyone over the long haul. Also remember that much is an unknown within the process, and learning how to live with that is a tool for surviving this Age in Transition.

Hi katemccrew - There are many who are moving into a wider, more idealistic view of potential equalness in relationships, which of course means saying goodbye to the old. When we realize something is not working, it's actually very compassionate to both to shift as needed, since it frees both to find more healthy interactions freed from old projections. Jupiter on your Venus next year will prove extremely liberating.


Thank you so much for your valuable comments. I have taken what you wrote on board & am staying positive.I look forward to the summer & moving forward but am also focusing on the "here and now" and making changes to different areas of my life!
Thank you once again & very best wishes,


jesus, my pluto at 2 virgo, ac 21 virgo,

then uranus 7 leo, (11th house)

sun 8 aries (trine solar eclipse aug 1)

let me tell you something, I'm about to eat a gun at this point because of this

I am getting some weird phonecalls know what I mean? I don't know if I'm even going to survive all this grief .... if only I'd known.. (I did, but it
is so unbelievable... you cannot even imagine it unless you experience it, it is unimaginable...) I don't know, easy to be threatened by this opening up,
that would be a shame I guess. But it does make you angry, I mean what the hell is going on? We're all living in some dream? Is that it?
I have some weird stories about this year. Some real messed up stuff. Non- survivable stuff to mind and soul. not the same, not the same,... impossible... ridiculous, what the hell.

So stupid. Aries. Should have known, didn't really know what to do. Was so desperately in need of an atrologers insight, pretty much life and death stuff. Really sucks man. Not too good. Not too good at all. A rage really, not fair- not fair- go to the devil then The devil take it! And perhaps me too!



Hi William - Looks like you're going through some changes. Just decrease overly dramatic responses to general influences, and realize the Solar Eclipse will help you leave some ambitions and people behind while opening up others more appropriate for who you're becoming. You will be more mature, more responsible, and more creative as a result of surfing these transits the next few months.

Grief is the price of love. Where there is love at some point the object of that love is removed for whatever reason, and the one who is left grieves as a function of that love. Don't allow anger to mask or divert your grief, since anger is not usually helpful in feeling what has to be felt.

Yes, we're all living in some dream. Welcome to the Grand Irrationality. Life is indeed absurd at times, sometimes a cosmic joke, sometimes a very bad one. Welcome to the leela, as it is termed in Sanskrit. Truly, life is not fair, but it is equally true there is no "devil" except for the human ego in its limited understanding and function.

Sorry you're having a hard time. I've been there more than once. If you really want to start working with your grief, I suggest you go to the archives on the left hand links and begin reading my posts from January 9 for the past three years. Please try to exercise some degree of detachment, dispassion, and discrimination regarding your ego impulses, and learn to generate as much "will to good" as you are able in these very irrational times. Your chaos will pass. It's your job to make sure that your trajectory is as helpful as possible to your future growth and well-being. You may also want to read my article on Saturn transiting your Ascendant in the archives. Use the site google.


Hi William,

I hope it is okay with Robert if I make this post. If you are a reader, there are a few books that might help you work through your grief. I haven’t personally read any of them but had a former instructor and friends make the recommendations.

Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames - Thich Nhat Hanh's

I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye: Surviving, Coping and Healing After the Sudden Death of a Loved One

How Then, Shall We Live?: Four Simple Questions That Reveal the Beauty and Meaning of Our Lives - Wayne Muller

I don’t have to experience the situation in order to encourage you as you move through this. Remember you’re not alone, “when you cry the whole world cries with you!” Stay Focused On The Good!!

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