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Hi Robert I plan to re-read these articles several times before putting them away. I do have a question. Are there any correlations between Mercury retrograde periods, elections, and eclipses that are beyond coincidence? I am thinking that the traditions of the primaries were started due to communication issues and gathering the electoral college, but is there an additional rhyme or reason directly related to astrology or determined by previous understandings of astrology? Whew a mouthful. I love politics like sports addicts like football.


Hi again Robert, needed to read this, you summed up my brainthought, Thanking you for inspiring our future by helping us honor our past and create in our present and to believe in ourselves and the connection with group. Have a great day..
Aum shanti Felita


Hi Robert. Second comment for me. Thanks for another great article they open my eyes a lot. When you refer to the 'energy mannagement challenges' facing us right now what exactly does that mean? If I'm interpreting that correctly I'd say i've personally experienced it as a swing from one extreme behaviour to the other. I have pisces sun and leo moon and in the last few days (after having passed the previous few weeks in a state of balanced bliss) have noticed that my moon's insecurities have propelled me to try and 'perform' for everyones approval. Would this be the energy management issues?

Thanks so much


I have lost jobs during last 3 lunar eclipses and mercury Rx. Feb 20 2008 is so close – it is frightening. I am depressed, literally. I don’t want to lose my job given present economic situations but I don’t like me job either – talk about the survival mode. Please write about the next lunar eclipse and how it will affect different signs – I am Aquarius, Sagittarius ASC.


Triggering the Grand Irrationality?

Cowering in an obscure corner of the food pyramid

somewhere between tofu and unflavored yogurt

contemplating the juxtaposition of intangibles for all you are worth.....


My birthday is coming on Feb 6th during the eclipse. I have been finding my true emotions coming out all day today (Feb 3rd), and the past few weeks building up to here. Emotionally I am trying to be stable, but I am expressing myself openly and abrasivly with out any one asking for it and it is not me. I can not sleep, I am not even watching the Superbowl right now, my husband and I are both going through major changes, job, moves, etc. I know this will all be for the better in a short while, but the past few weeks, although optomistic, I have berely been able to be patient, or calm, or stop moving. My husband and I both have job interviews on the 6th. I cancelled mine, thinking I would not be feeling ok until the eclipse is over or I might make some rash decision. I usually feel energized during an eclipse, esp solar...what to do?


Posting for the guy who has lost his job the past few luners....

I am Aq. Sag As. too!! The past 12 years I have been in that crazy cycle I don't even want to talk about. This year is supposed to be good for us. Better and new ways of making a living, being more career and creative oriented. I have read tons of great things. Love life is supposed to kick up, new awakenings are in the air. It is not a time to be frightful, because you will attract that to yourself. Instead think of those job endings as a positive and that they lead you to something better. In fact focus on what you want your career to be and not about losing a job, this is going to be the year that the job you need will come to you with out having to seek it out....whhew...finally, hun??? Hope this helps, I can help others better than my self right now. Wait until after the eclipse, the 6th, and see if any good news comes to you before the luner. If so, no need to fret! Write your self a check the 7th (after the eclipse) for any amount, it's not to cash, it is supposed to bring abundance in your life. Good Luck...I am going to do it, and maybe even frame it if it works!


These are exciting and pregnant times for me. Thanks for your continued insight and inspiration. I'm breaking out of winter doldrums by getting some aerobic activity, listening to inspirational music on the ipod, and finding creative outlets. My heart and mind are open, listening and watching for what comes next. Hopefully I will not be overwhelmed by the possibilities and opportunities or stifled by perfectionism.


Hi there,

I'm just curious about something. This mercury aquarius retrograde is different for me this time. People whom I know are aquarius are making all sorts of mistakes, clerical, mathematical, relaying information. These mistakes are not involving them, but certainly are causing me grief as their are accounting errors, which are going to reflect in the future. I suppose some of them I'm not even aware of, which is also a cause for concern. So is this normal for a mercury retrograde, where it's the people whom actually are the sign making mistakes or is this just a fluke or perhaps I never noticed it before.


Wow. This eclipse energy is stirring up some anxiety and weird nameless pressure for me. I have Venus and NN in Aquarius (21 and 24 degrees, respectively - both in House 2) and it has been a long time since I have felt so on edge! I have also been having alot of water-related dreams lately. One more day and hopefully it will peak and I will be able to start calming down...


Hi Mary - You offer a great research project! I've glanced at correlations, but what you suggest could be the work of a lifetime (or at least a major book!)

Hi Felita - Sure. Having a great day and about to vote in the primary.

Hi gigi - Energy management involves finding the self control needed to focus our expressions. Extremes do help us get a grip on how wide we want the pendulum to swing. And yes, it's always a good thing to manage how we are acting or reacting to others.

Hi scared - First, am glad you're now not so scared. Eclipses don't take away anything still valid and useful in our lives, only that which obstructs our future growth into a new light. Why not affirm your openness to finding a better, more fulfilling job you could enjoy and learn from? Fear won't get you a new job, but determination and mindfulness with absolute expectation that something better for you personally will attract something good. It always does, if we don't mess up the thoughtform with impatience or fear.

Hi poetryman69 - Great verse. "between tofu and unflavored yogurt" would seem to be a fermented space - great for digestion! Juxtaposing intangibles would be like placing infinity next to eternity.

Hi Jen - Hope the agitation passed into something productive and/or profound. Perhaps your subconscious is awaiting the shift and as the subconscious is wont to do, is generating impatience and motion for its own sake. Good to start new things after a New Moon, and I doubt any rash decisions could be made during a Mercury RX since little that is rash ever turns out as we think in these times. At least it's now after the Inferior Conjunction, so Mercury is now speeding up, if only a little, each day.

To address "the guy who has lost his job the past few luners," you're finishing up the past 12 year cycle, getting ready for the adventure when Jupiter hits your Sun. Sounds like what you've been reading is hopeful, so nyet problema there. And of course fear does attract more fear, so relax. Write yourself a check, but also stay alert to unusual opportunities to chain yourself to something solid where even a little chance could become a major direction. Expect a miracle and watch it come. Just don't judge it for being not what you expected.

Hi Kristin - Glad you're reawakening to greater inspiration and enjoyment. The fact that you're aware of your perfectionism is a good guard against it jamming your gears.

Hi Colleen - Yes, it's normal for errors to arise due to a lack of attention on the part of those oblivious to Mercury RX. And yes, the effects of this particular RX period are not confined to Aquarians, but to anyone with planets around 15-25 of the Fixed signs.

Hi Christine - Mercury RX can bring messages from subconsciousness that are valuable in the future. In your case, your line of greatest development has been triggered, though it may take a while before you get clear about what the anxiety was about. You should have a lot more clarity in March when Mercury and Venus transit your Venus/NN conjunction. In any case, enjoy the ride, since it promises great growth for months to come.


Was curious about the nature of the mercury retrograde effecting Aquarius in love at this time. My boyfriend is an aquarius and I am scorpio with aquarius rising and he has recently been distant and evaluating his life/job etc... We have dated for 4 years and then broke up right before Valentines Day. Normally I don't look to the stars on things like this, but the only other time we ever were having problems was when venus was in retrograde this year? Just wondered. I feel like change is about to drastically happen from this, and perhaps it was meant to be


Hi violet - Retrogrades usually bring up things from the past, things that have been overlooked, and subconscious factors that were previously lurking deep within but not ever exteriorized. What comes up is either overdue for evaluation, or subject to reversals. You've both been dealing with Neptune and learning to navigate despite the lack of clarity. Also remember that he has had Saturn in his Solar 7th, and you've had it in your natal 7th. Both of these influences have required you learn similar lessons about partnership, so it's not unusual to reset parameters so you can move into relationships more appropriate to your evolved experience. On a separate but related note, I suspect you're going to do very well in multiple areas this year.


Hi Robert - what to expect on a full MOON Lunar Eclipse on February 20th?? in Virgo... Should Aries be concerned? (I have not seen anything about this yet) Tx


Hi Larissa - Well, every sign will have mixed results, and since we're not just our Sun sign, it will affect everyone somehow. The stellium in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini should prove good for our tribe.


thanks robert!
I feel things are about to change, especially career and future projects. I am still heartbroken about the break up, and have trouble completely letting go but know perhaps it wasn't meant to be for now. He seemed to feel trapped and confined, although I never mentioned marriage or gave him limitations of any sort. I am excited about this eclipse!

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