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Very insightful. Thank you, Robert. I've been working with the I Ching a great deal lately, along with the violet fire meditation (tricky, that). All the Aquarius planets are in my 10th house, so I'm interested to see what will come of this. Peace - and perseverance - to everyone here.


Dear Robert. "abundant view of circumstances" have been glimpsed by me yesterday. The students regrouped to another class (following me)and a childrens class is forming from out of nowhere somehow.I have been steady and slow(fixed)for years in this area.Am pleased the universe has allowed me to stay on this path.Before I knew astrology or any other ancient philosophies carried my I Ching book everywhere. My endurance linked to Mars Taurus asc is fortunate at times. Still going with flow though.
You truly are insightful of the global directions. Thanking you again.... I'll try and keep my name from being down that side column...feel obtrusive,just a bit curious and enthusiastic. Aum Shanti Felita


Hi Robert and all. This New Moon eclipse exactly trines my stellium in Libra, so I am a happy camper tonight. My wife and I had a sweet New Moon ceremony, mostly prayers of graditude. I definetly resonate with the call to be more calm and centered in these stressful times. The venerable I-Ching is an excellent resource for those of us left brain dominate people. It really gives us "something to think about." (grin)
We are sending Love, Light, and Power to all truth seekers everywhere tonight.
"There is no religion higher than Truth."
With this current new moon in aquarius I might add that there is also no political, economic, or social system that will triumph or outlast the Truth.
The Emperor has no clothes!


the new moon in aquarius was in the very end of my sixth house getting close to my 7th house as i have my dc at 23 d
i know that it is not close enough of a conjuction to my dc but i am wondering what that will bring, i am certainly reviewing my work situation, my desire of how much i want to give of myself to my day time job and in contrast to that, trying to figure out if i want to stay at the same place of work now or try to find something new, not sure at the moment, its not that i do not feel appreciated, it is just that i am not feeling like my boss is getting his ethics right, he does not pay us when we work the holidays, according to the law we are supposed to get time and half, the company is too small and does not have the revenue to pay that extra cash out, and other stuff that i have had to put up with, i know he does charge the clients a lot and the clients are really happy, of course, cause they are getting a super good deal, and our pay remains decent and yet he has not been honouring the contract as was i am not sure what to do right now with all that. I am not giving all the information.
cause there is too much to give. and it is not necessary to bore other people with my problem. which is not really a problem cause i will figure this out by myself.....
i ching is good to learn from and reflect upon i feel



Thank you for the insights. I'm an Aquarian and this early, I can feel the effects of the eclipse. The pressure is tremendous at the office that somehow I'm being thrust into thinking that I need to do something and I need to do it fast. However, something tells me that there would be more harm in giving in to this pressure. This was when I stumbled upon your article. It validated what my instincts are telling me: "slowly but surely", "think before you act", "haste makes waste", etc. So what you wrote is really very comforting. But I want to ask you, should I expect the same intensity of pressure in my office life for the next 2 years? I was born 2-17-78.


Hi Micheline ,

curiously you have the descendent opposite my ascendent!
I have aquarius rising at 25-27º.
So, basically you had Uranus entering your descendent cusp in 2002, and Neptune will enter it in 2010-11, right?
You also had Saturn entering your fist house last year.
Sounds getting serious, restructing life, and getting rid of restricting relationships.

Its curious. I had a Uranus revolution (liberating, drastic personal change) and I will have a Neptune revolution (dreamy landscape). Saturn gave me really a deep serious relationship when it entered last degrees of Leo. The eclipse in your sixth house I guess it is all related to that situation you have told. I would look for change when transiting Mars passes through your MC and tenth house...


Hi Robert & all,
Thank you for all your ongoing articles Robert, i remain an avid reader. I wished to ask to what degree of orb would you use for aspects to natal planets with this eclipse?
Also wondering what may be the general meaning of this eclipse (my 8th House) being in sextile to my sun/moon midpoint (6th house saggi)?
love & light H


Great article. Thanks. I consulted the I-ching after I read this for a personal take on the eclipse (it hit my ascendant on the nose) and got the same hexagram (32)! Classic. The book is always reminding you not to worry it with questions you already know the answer to!


Dear Robert,

since it is my solar return and my sun is on 17degree aquarius, so all these exciting things are happning and seem to directly affect me in a mutitude of ways. i feel some changes happening... but with my sun in the 12th house, i am not sure which area of my life is really changing. is it the inward nature? the 12th house is still a mystery to me... somehow my chart looks as if dramatic changes are imminent, but i am not sure how to best be prepared... and for what... my mercury is on 20aquar and AC on 28aqua. any insights?

Thank you always for your kind and greacious sharing of your knowledge, have also send you an email to see what the possibilities are for a personal consultation in a far away country...

all my best wishes and may your light continue to shine on for everyone! thank you for being a guiding star for us.


Hi Lainie - Without doubt, a new flowering and possibly a new life direction.

Hi Felita - Those of us who have made friends with the I Ching know of its timeless practical wisdom. Be as enthusiastic as you like. And I've got to rework the comment stream somehow, since I really am not able to keep up with so many visiting the site. It probably will take shape as a class people sign up for a small fee, we focus on a topic, I answer the best 20 questions of the week related to that topic, and the whole class gets to discuss and share insights about what interests them.

Hi dcu - This should help you with resources you need, whether material or nonmaterial. And yes, action for its own sake is so much wheel spinning. This should help unveil systems in some good and difficult ways that will lead to change.

Hi Micheline - Welcome to new work, while the motives of people in your life will be unveiled. In fact it is conjunct your Dsc. Research, rehearse, wait for Mercury to give you more signals, and get ready. Maybe you need to build in a time lag before you do whatever you must do in the future.

Hi Carrie - Haste is not a good thing right now. You can expect it for at least a few weeks, and it will show effects off and on for about 30 months. With Neptune and NN on your Sun go for receiving the broadest, most altruistic vision of greatest development as a signal for future direction.

Hi H - For Lunations and such, I allow maximum orbs, since it involves the Sun and Moon. Conjunctions and oppositions, as much as 12 degrees; for Trines and squares, 8 degrees; for sextiles, 7 degrees, for the minor ones, anywhere from 2 1/2-4 degrees, depending on the aspect. Aspects to midpoints must be exact. What you describe would be a productivity related to how your Sun and Moon relate to each other within and without you. Possibly it's close to a quintile to one, and septile to the other?

Hi thisreefaroundme - Why doesn't it surprise me? It's happened to me so many times over the years that I cannot believe it's random chance.

Hi Imke - I'll respond to your email soon. Right now the correspondence is overwhelming. This eclipse should be good for many, given the aspects. While it will take away things, it also creates space for other things to present themselves, and given "Possession in Great Measure," great possibilities are on the immediate horizon for many. You may want to read my article on the 12th house for more insights. You're going to be going through completions and closures opening a much wider view of the movie of your life. And of course, you're most welcome. "And we all shine on, on and on and on...."


Dear Robert!
thank you!!! i have copied the article and will read it straight away! No hurry, i do understand that you are very busy and i appreciate that you still take the time to do all this and help so many. thanx!


Dear Robert. well thats a great idea. The enthusiastic student would be in on that. Thanking you Aum Shanti Felita.


I recieved "Duration" today as well, so there is a synchronocity.

Robert my question comes in the form of asking for advice regarding how to formulate questions specific to time reference? I usually ask in this way 'how to make best use...' and 'what can I expect from....'and of course being a Scorpio I am always emotionally present when I question hence "He is believed even before he inquires of the oracle" lol.

When I recieve the answers I usually am left thinking 'well great answer but I wish I had a better grasp of the time period inherent in the answer.'

Further questions in addition to my time question; does each Hexagram of the 64 represent a specific amount of time? How do we know the answer is addressing present, near future, future, etc?

BTW what copy are you presently reading from? I started with "Begginer's I Ching" and progressed to workbooks and a computer program. Also I find that Yarrow Stalks are very effective and time consuming.



I am struck by the timing of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's exit from his body on Tuesday In Holland in relation to these potent planetary configurations. I believe Yogananda left the body when the Moon's north node was in Aquarius as well. Talk about humanitarian group work! Would love to hear your thoughts on MMY.


Hi Imke - You may want to check out other articles in the archives on things like fear and how to overcome it, as well as the many articles on our spiritual nature and eternity, Divine Mind and Eternal Consciousness.

Hi Felita - Aum.

Hi Don. No doubt! The Ching has done that many times over the years. Stop worrying about time. BE in the moment. Then what will be will be at the correct moment because you will be in harmony with that moment. The time can be seen astrologically, but whether it's ultimately true for us or not can only be seen when we're willing to face the Truth.

No, the Hexagrams are variable, though of course sometimes if a Hexagram is associated with "May-June" things may in fact be headed there. Being the practical application of the Tao, the I Ching is basically about being in the NOW and not worrying about things to come, or so it is said about the "Superior Man." I use the Wilhelm/Baynes version, though I've studied dozens of translations over the years and took notes on my insights about what each commentary could mean.

Hi Nancy - As was noted in another comment stream, "Across the Universe" was broadcast to infinity just as the Maharishi went into Mahasamadhi. I suppose there are good times to go, and NN in Aquarius could be one of those times. Aum Namah Shivaya. Never checked out when the various Saints and Sages checked out for astrocorrelations, but it could make for an interesting study, since there are "good days to die."


As a student of the Tao, I lack one module to being certified in Jin Shin Do, I find the I Ching very enlightening--really enjoyed your article!! Asking your opinion; do you subscribe to the belief that a person looking to interpet their own chart is like a dr. treating himself?? I do not consider myself an amateur astrologer, mearly a student. I have always looked to astrology, and in the past could afford a professional to help me. But at this point in time I am in an extreme poverty phase, which is only a SMALL aspect of this 9 year transformation experience. So, I am looking for the "light at the end of the tunnel", looking to my chart for answers and understanding to help me through this experience. I depend on myself, the books I have and look to articles like yours to help me understand where I am, why, and where I am going. Now with Saturn transiting my 8th house,(my sun,mercury,SN, venus all in virgo, & mars & pluto in leo in my 8th) Pluto conjuncting my assendent and moon, and Jupiter traveling through my first house, and Uranus finishing through my 2nd, I think I am going to see a light. I have to tell you that your articles are the most informative I have found on the internet, the most enjoyable--they are like food to a starving person!!! and most helpful on understanding what is going on in this Universe as a whole.I do believe all on earth is connected--all is like ripples on the water. I hope you are doing well!! Deb in OKC


Hi Robert, that is interesting. My ac in leo is at 23 d exactly. yes, uranus has not just entered the 8th house. I am still trying to figure out what that will bring. Neptune will start conjuncting my dc in march. I hear this is not a good time to start any new relationships. I will check out what you said about mars going over my mc and in my tenth house. I never thought about that. Thanks.
I happene to have saturn at 29 d in the 7th house as well. It has not progressed to 3 degrees in pisces. I hope neptune will bring me a deeply loving spiritual intimate relationship finally. I am kind of an idealist!!! What can I say with a sag sun and venus is scorpio?
Thanks for the advice. It is a time of rebirth for me in a lot of ways and rekindling of dreams swept away that are coming back. Am I finally figuring out my place in this universe? Time will tell if I understood the lessons I needed to learn and am learning to grow and be a better person.


Hi Robert it looks like Mars will be exactly on my mc as of june 18/2009 actually. so, another year at this job!!! its only the kids that keep me there. That is the only thing and the fact that i need a pay check hahahaha aaaaaaaa.
such is life and money and lodging and a roof over my tiny little head and .....


Nearby to my residence is a Kim's Karate that practices "TangSooDo." I am thinking of joining this Martial Arts community. The Graphic Label on there business cards has the Yin-Yang symbol in the middle of four surounding trigrams; water, heaven, fire, and earth. Is anyone familiar with this particular practice?

I am a Scorpio and like to start things with clear understanding from the begginning. Robert what is your understanding of the trigram "Chen the Arousing."? This is my personal Trigram.

Thank you for your answer to my previous question, Robert.



Clarification- "Chen the Arousing" is my personal Hexagram not Trigram.


Hi, Robert thanks for the advice. Yes, I need to build a time lag. With the mars not hitting my tenth house until next year this might give me a time lag. When you say wait for mecury to give you time lag. You mean because it is retrograde now?
thanks again

wild horse running

Hi Robert,

on the solar eclipse there was surprize/suddenness like a blockage was shattered... solar eclipse was on 4th/5th cusp opposing my natal uranus in 11th, conjuct chiron activating a grand square in fixed signs. Much came to the surface about family dynamics...(sisters) and a confrontation occured that was necessary. The Lunar eclipse conjuncts my Pluto which trines my saturn in my natal chart. I understand Lunar Eclipses are about endings....but the solar eclipse felt like major endings.....Is the Lunar Eclipse conjunct my pluto 11th house...trining saturn 3rd house...endings of old ways of communication...beginnings of a new "inner foundation"...which leads to group work?

Thanks WHR
11 15 59 3:22am Tarrytown Ny westchester co...


Hi Deborah - No. I believe that with objectivity and detachment, we CAN accurately assess our inner and outer changes. Some astrologers shouldn't be reading their own charts, much less others, while others with far less knowledge and greater integrity will offer accurate counsel, regardless of other factors. Persevere, and you'll see clear skies at the right time. Thanks for your praise of the articles.

Hi Micheline - Neptune can bring dreams come true as well as illusions. There's never a time when we need to wait 14 years to find good relationships.

Hi Don - They are traditional Oriental ways of marking divisions in space. The "Arousing" forces you to examine whether you are in opposition to the Divine Will, and become so focused that nothing external can make you lose your cool. It's about keeping a cool head in the eye of the storm.

Hi Micheline - Yes.

Hi WHR - Ultimately this will prove to be a great eclipse, as great as they can be. The Lunar Eclipse will also bring endings and liberations that will acquire form by May.


hi robert,
sometimes it's hard to tell what's beginning and what's an ending. i've been having problems with an employer...he's trying to push me into a role that i don't want & generally overworking me because he thinks i have no choice but to stay. in the meantime i've been considering the possibility of moving in with my partner, which would allow me enough financial room to get out of this situation (this job is supplemental income, not my career anyway). advice? in the past few weeks i've been realizing some things about my employer that i didn't notice before. not as nice a person as i thought; very calculating. i'm going to move slowly but continue to ask him for clarity / promises about the future. but maybe being freed wouldn't be so bad? - 8virgo sun/21sag moon/28cap rising. namaste.


Hi dottie - I really cannot advise life altering choices in a comment stream. Saturn conjunct your Sun brings major endings and recognition, and I've tried to address some of those issues in yesterday and today's articles. Extrapolate, since Saturn on the Sun is similar in many ways to Saturn conjunct the Asc. In any case, what's done will be very done by this Summer.

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