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How timely for me is this writing. Our time speaking and writing these past months has helped me so much. I am building habits of contemplation that my fast Mercury has hindered in the past. My anxiety during difficult times is yielding to calmness and then "poof" my soul is able to envision ways to move forward. I am in one of those moments now. I used to freak about "cleaning my plate NOW IN EVERYTHING" including work projects. The clear path now shows me that the work will still be there tomorrow, the time to complete it will be there, and if necessary I just need to communicate with others clearly and often so they are not surprised by delays and frustrations. This "normal" way of American living is so dysfunctional. Thank you friend, love and peace.


Robert--finally got an opportunity this past weekend to listen to our session from last month! The check IS in the mail, I promise! Wanted to drop by to say thank you thank you thank you. You've given me loads to think about and much encouragement. And as you rightly noted, Encouragement is one of my divine gifts, but one I don't offer to myself enough. 12th house Neptune seems to be driving that message home to me in dreams these past few months. Lots of subconscious rumblings there. Better pay attention.

Again, thank you for your passionate service to us all. Peace to you (and peace to me, too!) --S


beautiful article dear Robert! your true words of wisdom :)

Man, absorbed from morning till evening in his occupations which engage his every attention to the things of the earth and of self interest, remains intoxicated. Seldom there are moments in his life, brought about by pain or suffering, when he experiences a state of mind which can be called soberness. Hindus call this state of mind sat, which is a state of tranquility. Man then begins to become conscious of some part of his being which he finds to have almost been covered from his eyes. When we look at life from this point of view we find that an individual who claims to be a living being is not necessarily living a full life. It is only a realization of inner life which at every moment unveils the soul, and brings before man another aspect of life in which he finds fullness, a greater satisfaction, and a rest which gives true peace.

hope you enjoy this quote
thanks :)

good luck


Hi Robert,
Wave length----
Finished my practice today, The Prajna
Paramita. Got on line, and laughed when I opened your peace/piece today.
So good to know you!!


Loved this piece! Thanks.


Dear Robert and others, After enthusiastically running with Mars transiting first house and confidently following practical descisions to get on in the outside world .I looked with some anticipation to the Solar eclipse and (the ego doth think it has some answers) Of course since the event, I have questioned the words anticipation and expectation to clarify the difference.
I was playing with my dog like I was an overactive child in the yard ,outside , under a eclipse, looked like a clean bite out of the sun. When I tripped myself up and landed quite forcefully flat on my back,wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Have had my spine readjusted since then. Then came incredible amounts of emotional pain,cried for days when alone. Saturn opposition my Chiron/9th. Cried for world,I felt the difference between being servile and being of service and humility and humilation which I beleive this old pain generated from 4th as Saturn retro back to 3rd. Should have heeded The hexagram,Rats and 7's both forget others advice and learn foolishly hard. As chron is on my M.C in pisces,I relate to the just wanting to live in an ashram.The world seems hard at times to some."all of us have a 12th house"and that Mars on asc cusp it feels through me from my 12th flat on my back to the first.
Woke up,crying again off to start a new direction,at my childcare course. Read your beautiful essay that reminded me to go with the flow and have courage in my faith. P.S Just as a note of amusement for those who know the Medicine cards . After eclipse incident...turned over coyote and that's funny. Thanking you kindly, very grateful. Aum Shanti Felita


Robert- you always amaze me with the synchronicity and wisdom of your writings. The conundrum you present has been in the forefront for me this year, since Pluto changed sign and is now almost exactly sextile my own Jupiter in Pisces. The "Universe" has scheduled an unplanned, unexpected break for me from my work that I love and value very, very much- and the messenger of my leave was quite unpleasant and unwelcome (an intimidating & creepy stalker who followed me from my favorite local hangout, a Barnes & Noble w/Starbucks, to my place of business where I do my healing work). However, I realize that he was what it took to get me to stop the steam engine of workaholism I was conducting long enough to see just how imbalanced my life had become. Having time to work on healing myself, reflecting upon my life, and restructuring the entire way I "do" relationships (several friends and a few family members, to my dismay, have not made the cut- but I have faith that it is for the best) has been priceless but leaves me wondering when/if I should go back to work. Should I keep my office? It is a very tough question and right now I feel torn and pulled equally in both directions. In the long run, I suspect the lesson is about the balance and equilibrium that I will hopefully be able to acheive on my own and without the "help" of a secret admirer of the obsessive sociopathic kind, LOL... I pray every day he gets the help that he needs. Thank you for sharing this with us today! You are truly a blessing. Namaste, Shelley


Hi Richard - Yes, well, it's something we all confront as we move through the world while trying to stay on equilibrium. Glad you're in a better groove than your previously abusive working situation. And yes, sometimes things must wait while we do other more important spiritual work. The world with its obsession with deadlines and more and more productivity faster and faster is what's truly dysfunctional in our global "reality." Glad I can be here to assist.

Hi s - You'll get more each time you listen to the session, so enjoy! And of course, you're welcome. You should offer yourself more encouragement, since that way you can hear it better when others offer it, and cultivate the ability to offer it to others.

Hi AceStar - Beautiful quote. We are truly intoxicated by the sweetness of life, though many wind up drunk with envy and sorrow at knowing they must eventually leave this vale of tears. I learned the quality of "Soberness" through the Agni Yoga spiritual works where it is called "Solemnity," a quality many avoid since it's easier to put on a meaningless face to entertain others and protect from their judgments, which of course ultimately don't matter to the Soul. It is a good thing to find "fullness, a greater satisfaction, and a rest which gives true peace." Again, loved the quote. Many blessings.

Hi Cathy - Prajna Paramita is a great thing. The study of the Heart Sutra always yields extremely beneficial effects! Aum gate, gate...

Hi Jennifer - Sure. Glad it offers food for thought.

Hi Felita - Saw a dead coyote the other day. Thought it could herald the death of the trickster for many, especially those with Pluto in middle and late Fixed degrees. I believe this Solar Eclipse will ultimately turn out great for many! Of course, I too have felt some very deep things connected to the larger passages we're all going through. Here in America we've had a lot of death lately, triggering 2 minutes' worth of Soul searching in the media as we prepare for the next distraction. Also am feeling the sadness connected to the acceleration of our rendezvous with destiny re: global warming, which concerns me greatly. It's time to begin preparing for the next phase coming at us like an express train. "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feeeeel fine....."

Hi Shelley - Glad you took note of the stalker and shifted course. Have had to do that a few times in life and it's never pleasant, but helpful in reassessing life in the jungle. I also know how difficult (yet necessary!) it is to cut some people from the life for however long due to us singing in discordant keys. As for returning to work, we all need something to do to keep home and hearth together. Just don't unnecessarily expose yourself to the stalker, and take measures to stop potential mischief. Something about "trust God but remember to tie up your camel" comes to mind. Please don't underestimate the determination of obsessive-compulsive types to persist in their error until stopped definitively by whatever authority has the power to do so. That's a hard lesson for those of us who default to compassion, and I learned it in spades a long time ago. We cannot dally with inferior anything that is fixated on us, nor underestimate its destructive potential when frustrated. Don't fear, but don't tolerate mischief makers either.


Hello Robert,

I don't usually ask direct questions, but is there anything going on "upstairs" today that might be causing a really big effect "down here"?

I don't know if you remember the conversations of February 2007 about my sister and myself feeling the 'head pressure' thing at the same time but in very different locations. Well it is occurring again and it's the middle of February again.

Just wondering...



I second Juliet's comment, Robert. Can't put my finger on it, but I expected it and warned my mother about it as she is very sensitive.
Something tells me tomorrow onwards it will become easier.


J. Sue Gagliardi

Everytime I finish writing my Tonight's Sky notes, I come to your site and read. Then I have to STOP and think of what I've written, how I felt, and what was wrong with it.

Ye gods, Robert, You always seem to straighten me out. Thanks, I needed always. When I go wrong, it's always about compassion and who and what is my own.


Any thoughts, Robert, on the building Saturn-Uranus opposition which is exact on Election Day?


Hi Juliet - You mean besides Sun conjunct Neptune septile Pluto activating the Grand Irrationality, along with this year's Mercury triseptile Saturn and Venus triseptile Mars as Mars quintiles Saturn? This time last year the Sun also conjuncted Neptune in the Grand Irrationality, so that may explain the wave phenomena.

Hi Aditya - Yes, the conjunction to Neptune can create interesting subtle manifestations as it powers up the next year's Neptunian cycle.

Hi J. Sue - Perhaps you're doing a dance of journaling between inner and outer, past and future? And thanks for the work you do on your site. You fill a gap in people to people connections. Glad I can remind you of what you need in the moment.

Hi Anne - Well, expect massive voting machine failure, and a sense of polarization due to the mouthings of insincere people bought and sold by corporate interests. It's Idealism versus Pragmatism, as well as those who are willing to focus on a workable world opposed by willful deceivers who believe themselves wise. There are many who long for a better future that have been shut out of the political process. The Kucinich and Paul supporters only represent a part of the disenfranchised. This election also features a Venus T-square. While releasing the "productive" energies of Jupiter trine Saturn sextile Uranus, it also shows some very hectic fragmented energies driving the polarization. Jupiter will assist in knitting together some sense of connectedness, while Sun septile Saturn marks a turning point. Overall, it seems that cooperation will be stressed while the powerful political class will consolidate its grip on the present deluded dysfunctional system. Expect signs of the shapes of things to come in the last half of July and early August, again around August 19-24, and the first half of September. Beware the superficial gloss in September and October. Oh yes - expect the next presidential term beginning with extreme polarization since the opposition happens again January and February 2009, and since that would be strong in both the election and inauguration chart, I suspect we better get used to it while getting beyond it.


Ever since the eighties I've been wrestling with the push-me-pull-you. How wonderful to sit on a mountain top and be with spirit. Now I've been so wrapped up in worldly things, the past 20 years or so, how I miss the mountain top. I have a 12th house north node (Capricorn) but 5 planets near or after the 6th house cusp (Cancer). I've been serving but not leading, for one thing. Not sure how to get back on top of that north node. Anyway, it's good to know I'm not the only one with the push-me-pull-you.

Also, I have a lot of death around me too. One of my female relatives died when Pluto crossed into Capricorn (on her sun). My son had two of his friends die recently- we're talking young men in their twenties. He's freaked out. And one of my colleagues has terminal cancer, doesn't look good at all for him. My state of mind is pretty good at the moment and I'm not depressed. But I sure am having alot of synchronities, strange thoughts and wild dreams at night. The Grand Irrationality is in full swing! Rock on... :)


Hi Robert, I feel for America at the moment. There has been some tragedies locally here too.Young adults,and can sense much grief around. Wrote this night of eclipse.Threw it out as my adult children laughed at it and perhaps I felt humiliated.As I believe this was inspired , it took 30 sec to write. Uranus/Venus leo was in my 3rd. Hope in sharing this it has meaning for some.

I live to learn
I live to love
I live to learn to love
The world abounds in blue crystals,scattered in purple haze.
Raining sparkles on heavenly hearts, surrounding here and now.
Embrace the heavens eternally, dawning on earth children.
Crowned in glory by golden sun of orian.
Come seek refinement in joy and bliss,
Accepting solitude as fewer mortals can.
Removing fortitudes and grasping no boundaries.
Everlasting in the hew. Aum Namah Shivaya Felita


Hello Robert,

"You mean besides Sun conjunct Neptune septile Pluto activating the Grand Irrationality, along with this year's Mercury triseptile Saturn and Venus triseptile Mars as Mars quintiles Saturn?" - LOL LOL LOL LOL

I got complacent and all I thought of was Grand Irrationality! :-) Thanks for the reminder of what's really happening.

"This time last year the Sun also conjuncted Neptune in the Grand Irrationality, so that may explain the wave phenomena." - very possible. Thanks for the info.

Juliet :-)


Hi Valerie - While I used to miss the mountaintop, now I've decided that when I'm there I'm there, and when I'm not I'm wherever I am, doing whatever work Spirit/Dharma dictates. Focusing on worldly things can ensure well-being for self and others, so that's a good thing when it's appropriate. I would think that if you welcome intimations of greater authority and do meditations in a disciplined, structured way welcoming responsibilities yet to come they'll show up. The Cancer SN cautions you not to clutch at familiar habits, whether of work, service, or expressions of discipleship. As you embrace the NN, your SN will show as forms of caring and nurture appropriate to your evolved responsibilities. You could become a behind-the-scenes power in your world. As for the deaths, I'm sure your son is having a hard time, since before the first Saturn return there is the illusion of immortality. When our peers die, it's always rough on the ego. My condolences to him, and to you on the death of your relative. Glad you're not depressed, since you're probably the witness who can care for those who suffer. When Mars goes back into Cancer, expect the pace to quicken, preparing you for whatever is coming when it crosses the Dsc. Yes, am rocking on....

Hi Felita - Pay no attention to your children's response to your verse, which is great. You need feel no humiliation at expressing your heart. Eventually they'll learn to live, and love, and embrace the ideas you offer in your verse.

Hi Juliet - Well, there are things going on that we overlook accelerating the subtle fluxes enveloping the entire world. Your sensitivity will no doubt continue to reveal things beyond the ability to explain in so many words. We stand on the threshold of an era of miracles and wonder, and the fluxes of the magnetic fields show signs of greater things than most imagine. We just have to get to the other side of the mess created by retrograde politicians in every land who are caught in a monstrous delusion of fear, separateness, greed, vanity, and squandering resources in armaments and obsolete energy forms.

shellrae garnes

"If Love is the universal binding force, from one point of view even our form of "Transcendence" is but a product of our Higher Love attracting all that we desire about that Way."

I am attracted to and confused by this parlticular sentence. Would you say more here? Usually when I get stuck its something I cannot see clearly. And does it need to be Higher Love, could it just be undifferentiated Love?
Apart from that I thoroughly got and enjoyed this article in particular. Thanks for your many thoughts and ideas.
Shell Rae


Hi shellrae - I will do an article on your question, since it's a natural progression from ideas presented here. Expect something soon.


Oooh, I like that "behind the scenes power in your world"... that sounds exciting, what with Pluto there on my Mars and all. Until now I haven't been able to conjure up the image of myself as ambitious, driven, power-seeking, etc. (Meek passive little Cancer...) But I see the possibilities now with the NN. Very cool. I'll have to meditate on that.

And Felita I like your poem, very nice. In keeping with the spirit of it... happy Valentine's Day everyone.


Hi Valerie, I am happy you like the poem. Happy Valentines day to you and everyone also. Although to me everyday should be a celebration of love, well that's my idealistic view.We need to see the dualites first to gain the wholeness, I think!
Aum Shanti Have a beautiful day.


Thank you so much for posting the link to this article. The words are as if they were born of my heart and soul. I have been fortune to have been able to spend some time on the Buddha path preparing for what seems to be my Bodhisattva path, a path that is opening in front of me (slowly but decidedly surely). It is clear that I would not be prepared for my newly emerging destiny without having spent time paying attention to the spirit within.




Hi S - Given the larger threshold we all confront, I figured it would be useful to remind everyone that our "Way" is often found by blending both the paths we are inclined toward, as well as those that complement that "natural" path. To use a great descriptor given to us in the article related to this one (10 Feb 09) by a wordsmith friend of the site, sometimes we must look "everyward" to get a larger, well-rounded perspective on the process. I do believe the inward way does lead to the outer way, and vise-versa, if we have any desire for experiencing that which is beyond our own phantasies and the mundane affairs of life. Since most of us have at least ONE itch that we yearn to scratch, and have little to no understanding of why things are as they are, we usually find openings if we're willing to get out of our own way.

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