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Do you feel that sun in aries or others with strongly placed or afflicted mars have a harded time with mars retro periods?


Robert, the Paths we walk along...

Mine is something like yours, where you learn from others of what the true meaning of life is, through observation of the elements presently known, and we share with our friends and loved ones. In their times of doubt and insecurity we are their rock of perspective. In turn we gain perspective and an understanding greater than that could ever be explained in a thousand languages over a thousand lives or lands.

What we know will someday help others see the balanced picture of what is cast in front of all eyes as illusions. For those who are willing to learn are those who are willing to love. These are people i call my friends who come to pass throughout the world and its lifetimes because knowledge is eternal for we have deemed it so.

Wisdom is a gift that comes from knowing and experiencing what is and always will be.

The future is something not to be worried about but to be created. For we are all headed there, and our journey's are all quite different yet richly laden with experiences beyond what can be understood at the time because, well, when you are in the eye of the storm you sometimes forget which direction you were headed.

Seas turn tides and moons transit other worlds of thought, this window lasts but mere seconds and i hope that i've expressed myself justly.

If you can create the freedom of another day then the sun will most certainly be assured to show its face to the creator for another day.


Hi Robert,

... and Mars will oppose Pluto one last time, what would you say about this?


Hi ian - Well, I have Sun conjunct Mars in Aries elevated, and I definitely experienced Mars RX as a momentum killer (but so did everyone else I corresponded with!) I think everyone has a hard time with Mars RX, since the nature of Mars is inner and outer hassles, as well as doing what it takes to resolve them.

Hi robyn - Yes, it sure seems like we've learned some parallel lessons involving perspectives and "an understanding greater than that could ever be explained in a thousand languages over a thousand lives or lands." Knowledge is eternal, as are our true friendships forged through Soul bonds of loving kindness, strength and mutual support. It's a pretty mysterious thing to be alive as an Eternal having a body, feelings, mind, perceptions, and apparent reality that shifts moment to moment. And love is a really great glue that holds everything together!

Hi Alix - It's time to bring things to the surface that were put on hold last Autumn. Use energy wisely to bring forth seeds of a higher awareness, transformative power, or personal authority. This is a huge turning point in life for many people, and can help us all focus the energies streaming to Earth from the Galactic Center through a higher, more "perfect" standard of measurement.


Robert, a major turning point indeed, in mine and many other people's lives that I know. Thank you.

 Isabel Nobre

I can relate very easily to what your are ponting out. In a way, we can sense the wisdom behind the workings of these RX periods: it is as if, if everything "changed" from a minute to the other, humanity would be left breathless and not really have the time to absorb new values... With RX periods, one if given the chance to really "review" whatever ares of life are in geopardy or need to be tunned to new - more healthy - forms of reaction from our part.

Congratulations on your articles! Already left a comment in the Article on The End of Age.



Hi Alix - You're welcome. With knowledge comes the ability to steer the process.

Hi Isabel - Welcome to the site. Yes, the RX periods are sort of a time of "digesting" whatever new higher awarenesses their prior forward motion symbolized. Then we get to use the two-fold experience to move forward with confidence.

melanie Gibson

wow,ive just fallen into the poetic words of your site & conversation.How beautifully,and perfectly you capture a moment i have recently felt.shine on you beautiful,light and blessing.xx


Hi melanie - Welcome to the cantina. There are some interesting, intelligent, and gentle Souls here who check in from around the world. Glad you like what you find here. Aum and blessings to you as well.


Hi Robert,

I just experienced a very emotional weekend, which seems (in hindsight) related to being too anxious about wanting to find a partner, and also about "mis-reading" whether men are possibly interested in a relationship. I feel very vulnerable and find this all very painful. I left my last (14 year) relationship in June 2007 and this occurred in connection with a man I met September 2007 with whom I have had a good friendship since we met, so it's not like we skipped over the friendship part. I mostly missed out on the dating part of adolescence, and also went to an all girls boarding school and so there weren't guys around much, and I know I am lacking some of the skills/insights that most people usually acquire at that age. This weekend coincided (exactly) with the first of the three oppositions that transiting Chiron will make to my sun (Leo, 18 degrees) ... and I just now found that the third of the three times Mars squared my natal Chiron (Libra, 2 degrees) occurred today, the latter obviously part of the Mars's retrograde period. I read that Chiron is related, at least in part, to healing our deeply wounded parts. It seems like I am getting a double dose! Any help on how to navigate this time (the next year with Chiron opposing my natal Sun twice more) while keeping my heart open rather than shutting down, but not getting hurt unnecessarily?? Born Aug 11, 1945 (you did a reading for me in May 2007) Thanks and blessings. PK


Post script to above comment... I think I just got what that was about - I was looking outside myself for "something" (a relationship, or whatever) that would make me feel "whole" and "complete".... but I am finally beginning to "get it" that that feeling can only come from inside..
Blessing as always, PK


Hi PK - I figured you might be breaking through some stuff so you can get clear about inner baggage you no longer need to carry. Old causes create effects that move us into our future. Our task is not to carry that baggage one moment more than we need to. It's 100% internal, since the external mirrors our internal hologram, some of which we're aware of, some of which we need to become aware of if we're to move beyond our old blind spots and fears. When things seem "very emotional," it's probably a mood seducing you, perhaps an echo of a memory of a perception of an echo of a memory of a ..... We CAN have good relationships, but only after we break/brake old habits that lead us into a proverbial ditch. Saturn over your Sun ushered you into a new long range life, illumination, and integrity. Now you're just pounding out the details.

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